Rand Paul Tanking in Every Way

Selling Ice to Eskimos

Lot’s of great news out there.

German corrupt political elite and Lugenpresse – “lying press” are now taking extreme heat from regular Germans, all remaining sane Westerners for allowing mass Muslim male migrant invasions and organized Muslim sexual assaults, gang rapes of Germans and European women/girls. The Muslim migrant rapists made the extreme mistake of apparently kidnapping and then gang raping a Russian girl who was visiting Germany. The German authorities covered up this terrible crime, but the truth came out and the Russians are getting up close and personal with the corrupt German political elite.

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday sought to lend credence to the girl’s allegations and charged that her disappearance had been “hidden” by German authorities.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Wednesday hit back, saying “there is no reason, in fact it is unacceptable, for this incident to be politically exploited”.

The teenager, identified by Russian media as “Liza”, went missing on January 11, reportedly on her way to school.

She subsequently returned and filed a police report, with her parents telling investigators she was kidnapped by three apparently foreign men at a railway station in eastern Berlin and taken to a flat where they raped and beat her”

M’thinks Russian cossacks armed with whips will soon be visiting both the actual Muslim migrant rapists and the corrupt German political elites who covered up the mass rapes. M’Thinks large crowds of German patriots will soon be marching with large portraits of Russian leader Czar Vladimir Putin.

In other good news, the Presidential campaign of Libertarian loon, 2013 American Renaissance traitor of the year is tanking big time. Rand Paul was denied access to the main stage of the Iowa GOP Presidential debate, apparently reinstated, but banned from the South Carolina mainstage. Ran Paul is now polling his lowest support numbers, he’s approaching that magic 0% of the another loon Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson. Yep, true believer Gary Johnson is running for president yet again.

OD Gary Johnson Traitor to Our People


One might think it just couldn’t get any worse for Rand Paul and the race denying libertarian loon cult, but it apparently has gotten worse.

Out of the closet, flaming poofter queer ex Lexington KY mayor Jim Gray has announced he’s running against Rand Paul for KY US Senate seat. Regular, sane Kentucky voters are apparently so p&$&@* with Rand Paul, lots are backing the poofter. Yep, KY voters are furious over RP’s pandering, boot licking to the likes of the Ferguson MO BlackLiesMatter mobs, Islamic terrorist leaders in Yemen, NAACP leaders who want Black felons to be able to vote (many times) without having to show a state photo ID.

OD generally doesn’t make political endorsements, but – here’s hoping the Kentucky poofter queer Dem gives Rand Paul and the RP Libertarian loon cult a good run for their money.I serious doubt if this poofter, queer challenger has put his mouth and tongue in nearly as many disgusting places as Rand Paul.


  1. Sir,
    The premise that ‘Rand Paul is tanking’ is a little befuddling to me. I mean, how is it possible to ‘tank’ at 3% in the polls?

  2. Rand Paul’s contention we needed to do away with criminal laws that disparately impacted blacks was the biggest face-palm I’ve ever done over politics. As you can imagine, that’s amongst some strong competition, but the implication of that showed me how cluelessly elitist Ron raised his boy or allowed him free rein to grow full retard.

    • Children sometimes turn out wrong in spite of the parents’ best efforts. Parents cannot be blamed for everything. Do you blame your ma and pa for all your flaws?

      • I’ve argued that Rand Paul son of Ron Paul turned out pretty much…

        exactly like his father Ron Paul.

        Pushing old believer Libertarian Constitutionalism, pandering to any and all non Whites, anti Whites then trying to end with some lame libertarian free market spin.

        Ron Paul has been doing this consistently for the last 20 years. Now his son Rand Paul is doing it – it doesn’t sell at all in Presidential politics, but Rand Paul is a US Senator from the very White state of Kentucky – he gets access to the media, gets to go on college campuses and explain that all the problems of Black America are the fault of racist US legal system that puts them in jail for trafficking in hard drugs.

  3. Proof that Randlet was never a serious candidate for the White House. Any idiot could see the vastly under represented white male voting block that has been completely ignored all these years. Rand, like every other politician, also chose to ignore this block and show the world how much of a cuck he is by pandering to blacks and liberals. Literally the same “Mexicans and Blacks are natural conservatives” trope that the National Review types have been saying for years.

    Truly astounding gaff on Rand’s part. He needs to drop this charade and get his ass back to Kentucky.

  4. Ah, I hope that old crazy hag Jerkel who’s all hot for Urkel doesn’t drink any Polonium cocktails. I want her to get a Mussolini sendoff from her people for being a Race Traitor. We need to send a message to these Race Traitors that we see them in a similar way as the Spanish Inquisition viewed Witches.

    • Don’t be surprised when the day comes that “Merkel” will be synonymous with “Quisling”.

      • Quisling was a hero. He saved the Norwegians from the clutches of the parasitic vampires by alliance with Hitler. When this war is over, the Real Story of WWI & WWII will be revealed and the Rat Race will replace Hitler as the Ultimate Evil, as they are.

    • The Spanish Inquisition didn’t for the most part deal with witches or witchcraft. They considered it a delusion and a mental illness. The SI was far more concerned with Crypto-Judaism and Crypto-Islam. It was the Protestants that went hog wild over finding and punishing so-called witches.

  5. Can someone please tell me what’s up with Rand’s hair? A small thing, I know, but it’s always bothered me.

  6. I think this should be used to troll Jack Hunter and other homo loving libertarian fags. Maybe start a “It’s time for Kentucky to have a gay senator” campaign. I’m going to start pinging Jack Hunter’s Twitter account with this meme.

    • Thanks Jeff.

      And I always encourage our activists use humor and have some fun. Why be negative and always promoting gloom and doom, always losing. Rand Paul and Jack Hunter are shameless coward traitors – they deserved to be insulted and made to pay a personal price.

  7. I’ve been a leader in the Alt Right community exposing the lies, cowardice and fraud that is race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist Patriot stuff. It’s not just Rand Paul or Ron Paul it’s virtually the entire cult. We always get protests that in “theory” Libertarians, Constitutionalists can be race realists, can be for sane immigration policies, it’s just reality in real life they all #*$&#*@.

    And all should understand that once you are in this cult, few ever leave or admit they were wrong or that they wasted 40 years of their lives working on these Libertarian Constitutionalist presidential campaigns where they guy never wins 1%.

    I sadly note that Ron Paul is still alive (though he looks like a cadaver, looks and sounds like that old radio guy Paul Harvey “and now you know the rest of the story, Good Day”.

    I see Ron Paul on some obscure late night cable channel going on and on about “silver coins” or something. He still has true believer educational videos on YouTube this one explains that the “Clash of Civilizations” between Islam and the West is all made up and there is no clash of civilizations, the Islamic world is supposedly no threat at all to the West, Europe/USA as Islam doesn’t have any navies or any way to hurt us. This #*$*#@( old piece of (*#($ Ron Paul is apparently in deep denial that 2,000 plus Muslim male migrants are using their navies to invade Greek beeches EVERY SINGLE #*$*#@ DAY IN 2016 and this is January when the seas are roughest.

    Ron Paul are we in a Clash of Civilizations? Ron Paul says No – it’s all about free markets.

    Please stop by and make some comments.

    • I suspect that Ron Paul, underneath all the libertarian bloviating, is not only very much racially aware but probably racist. Remember the newsletters from the 1970s? After that debacle, he thought he’d reinvent himself as an antiracist. He has been waiting and waiting for something magical to happen that would allow him to out himself for what he really is. But nothing is happening, things continue to go down the tubes.

      Also, anyone recall when the guy who owns stormfront donated $500 to RP’s campaign? RP was asked if he would refuse and return the donation; he kept the money and gave a clever excuse for doing so, i.e., “it’s better I have it than he (Don Black)”. If it was Rand he’d have tripped all over himself returning the money.

      Ron is on our side, he just ain’t showing it.

      • Nah. Ron Paul has always been a whining, castrated, sorry excuse for a White man. He never wrote any of the race realist articles in his RP Newsletter that was Murray Rothbard.

        Look at this pathetic TV appearance of Ron Paul on CNN with ex AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer where Ron Paul denies he wrote or even read the terrible Racist, anti AIPAC articles in his RP newsletter. What kind of White man on our side denies he wrote or even read his own newsletter. Pathetic.

        I was public school teacher in a tough Brooklyn junior high school Ron Paul wouldn’t last a day there.


        Sorry, you wasted at least 20 years investing your hopes and our survival in a pathetic, cowardly, pandering pussie.

  8. I can’t stand to look at Rand Paul. Every time I see his mug it’s like looking at a homosexual crackhead, or amphetamine junkie.

    Maybe the CIA put mind probes inside his head and some sadistic jerk likes zapping him at odd moments. That would explain that really odd expression he often wears.

    • Agreed. And well said.

      But, understand we at OD were one of the first to see what Rand Paul was – we shouted “Watch Out”, but the Libertarian Patriotards denied, enabled.

  9. I dropped Rand for Trump. That having been said, Paul is not a complete enemy. He wants to audit the Fed, keep checks on government spying, and resist Neocon wars. He could be useful.

  10. Rand Paul: ‘There are a lot of us that are alarmed by having Donald Trump as the nominee. I’ve been one who says we have to have a bigger, better, bolder party, and that means a more diverse party. And I think Donald Trump will make us, sort of the lily White party, which is not going to win any elections, frankly. And I worry about him scaring people away based on sort of ethnic generalities, which I don’t think are good for our party or good for the country.’


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