Trump’s Populist Coalition

According to this new Rand Survey, there are clear differences in policy preferences between Trump and Cruz supporters:






If you believe “women who complain about harassment cause more problems than they solve,” that immigrants threaten American customs and values, support raising taxes on the wealthy, have a favorable opinion of labor unions, support raising the minimum wage, a single-payer healthcare system and overwhelmingly believe that “people like me don’t have any say,” then it is highly likely you are a Trump supporter.

Note: There are far more populists than political and business conservatives in the United States. Among other reasons, this is why I criticized Trump’s tax plan last fall, which caters to Jack Kemp types like Mort Kondracke.

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    • The pure free-market, free-trade, open borders set that controls the GOP – the business conservatives – are less than 5 percent of the electorate, but set the Republican economic agenda on account of their wealth and donations.

      • But Trump doesn’t rely on their wealth and donations so you have to wonder why he uses their tax plans. Unless it’s all self-serving since he’s part of the 1% after all.

      • They represent the ‘true’ Republicans whereas the other represent people who are just voting for lesser evils. If you take away free trade and big business interests it’s like removing antisemitism from Nazism.

    • Trump’s immigration plan:

      Step1: Build a wall
      Step 2: Deport illegal aliens
      Step 3: Open a beautiful door in the wall
      Step 4: Let applicants back in through the legal process
      Step 5: ?????
      Step 6: Profit!

      Trump also suspects he will be more popular among blacks than Barack Obama, and that Hispanics will support him more than Hillary. Will the be the result of his pro-white agenda?

      Not that I don’t personally hope for Trump’s success, I do. In many cases “worse is better”, but President Trump may actually kindle Partition sentiments on the other side, which would be wonderful. I just think he and we would profit from more criticism of Trump and less adulation; get him ready for the Big Game, so to speak.

      On a sad note, Giuliani, one of the criminals involved in 9/11, is out stumping for Trump, and you can hear the echoes of neocon foreign policy sneaking into Team Trump’s rhetoric, especially vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is not something to be happy about. But the conventional wisdom is correct: immigration Trumps every other issue – we just have to hope Trump won’t “evolve” once he has the nomination, or the Presidency.

      Does Trump have a track record of “evolving”? I may have to look into that.

      • Even if Trump cucks and evolves, which I agree is a real possibility, which is why I am waiting to see which Trump emerges on the other side of the primaries, he will have still crippled the GOP establishment and stirred up so much anger that it will only further alienate and radicalize his followers.

        • Pandora’s box has been opened. I do expect him to veer to the left after he gets the nomination to pick up more votes.

          Afterwards I hope he gets back on track.

          • Tonight at the Iowa rally he has Heckle and Jeckle AKA Diamond and Silk doing their act before he speaks.

            Should snag a few darkies and a lot of cucks.

            A vote is a vote. He needs all he can get.

      • We all hear you. The general election will show us the real Trump. He will either make a sharp turn to the left or continue in his populist/nationalist mode. The general will tell us the tale and then we will react accordingly.

        Right now he is warring against the Cuckstablishment which is leading to their total defeat and for that we must support him. They MUST be driven out no matter what.

      • @Afterthought:
        Trump also suspects he will be more popular among blacks than Barack Obama, and that Hispanics will support him more than Hillary. Will this be the result of his pro-white agenda?

        I suspect Trump is right about getting more Black and Hispanic support than the Democrats.

        I remember watching online this news broadcast of a tent city that was teeming with homeless Whites. These were not alcoholics and drug addicts, these were families headed by adults who had lost their jobs and then their homes.

        The city under pressure from home owners who were worried about the near by tent city making their property values plummet was under pressure to tear it down. They were talking about trying to rehabilitate some abandoned mental hospital to house these families.

        Several people were interviewed, but the person most visibly upset and shaken by the plight of these families was the Black councilman. The rest of the council was composed of Whites, interestingly enough, and they seemed more concerned about preserving property values, go figure.

        I think there are more Blacks and Hispanics who would get behind a Pro-White candidate. When Whites thrive, they tend to be more charitable and engage in telescopic philanthropy which they benefit from.

        The sharper knives in those drawers recognize that if a prosperous White class is replaced most likely by a prosperous Asian class, then Blacks and Hispanics don’t get diddly. The EBT card will be turned off without hesitation and many of them will be told to pound sand.

  1. Bullshit poll. If Republicans were in favor of single payer and higher taxes, Trump would be out in front of it.

    • It makes sense.

      FDR won the entire South four times. Alabama, for example, had the most “liberal” congressional delegation in the country until the Brown decision. The only reason Barry Goldwater won states like Alabama and Mississippi is because of the Civil Rights Movement. It wasn’t until the 2010 election that Republicans captured the Alabama state legislature.

      Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ destroyed the New Deal coalition. Nixon co-opted George Wallace’s followers and Reagan brought them into the Republican Party. These people have been progressively alienated by George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, McCain and Romney.

      More on this from Sean Trende this morning:

    • When you look at Trump v Sanders polls, Sanders blows him out, so perhaps many will just vote for Sanders.

      Perhaps we can conclude that Trumps support comes for the classic Reagan Democrat.

      I will give Trump kudos for not staying much stupid shit recently, instead he has channeled his inner Trump into stunts like skipping the debate. In one fell swoop, he created a second “kiddie table”.

      If Trump can just stay disciplined, there is a chance his general election opponent will implode, or the economy will tank, propelling him to victory.

    • I don’t entirely fit the profile. I don’t like high taxes which are spent by bureaucrats. Those that think we should pay more could voluntarily give more to Uncle Shmuely if they want to.

  2. This is just a hunch.

    But I think Trump is holding back on his populism (as hard as that is to believe) just to be able to make sure he can win the Republican nomination.

    If that happens, or at the very least after he wins the Presidency, I predict Trump will “come out of the closet” and start pushing for these things, among others:

    1. Some sort of health care reform that’s not ObamaDontCare but not what it replaced, something that may or may not be universal Federally exclusive Medicaid, but maybe close.

    2. A one time or an annual small percentage marginal tax on very high net worths. Back in 2000, he proposed this very thing, but he proposed an untenably high rate.

    3. He’ll announce that the “catch” with his lowering income tax rate proposals will be that most if not all tax free trusts and foundations are eliminated.

  3. Well, after the Fox smackdown and the Trump Wounded Warriors telethon I think Trump rolls through Iowa’s cornfields like a threshing machine next week taking all the ears of corn and leaving the husks behind for Cruz.

  4. The “worse is better” is not a good idea. It presumes that your average White person is able to overcome great adversarial conditions. Remember that Muslims used to drag White people off the coast of Europe for hundreds of years and enslave us. To the point that the coastline was abandoned. Only because of the industrial revolution did we overcome that.

    I’ll never forget I was talking to friend of mine whose relatives came from Italy and I said that if so and so was elected we could claw our way back up and he said,”Rome never did”. It struck me very profoundly. It’s true. At some point you’re just done and for some reason you never are capable of rising again. Many volumes of books have been written about this but I haven’t dis concerned that they have answered the question as to why this is so.

  5. Montel Williams ?@Montel_Williams 17h17 hours ago
    ‘I would rather slit my throat while@getting run over by a train than watch trump hold his little KKK rally Montel Williams added,’

    Hahaha. I bet he watched it. Trump train rolled over that maggot.

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