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  1. Just hoping the idiot Religious Right Christian Zionists under direction of Glen Beck don t $&@&$ everything like they always do.

    • Glenn Beck is losing credibility. Cruz numbers with evangelicals have actually gone down since Beck’s endorsement.

      • Beck has zero credibility or integrity. He is such a blatant fraud it amazes me anyone actually takes the man seriously.

    • Who do the CZ’s have as ‘their’ candidate? No one, from appearances. First it was this person, then it was that person, then it was the ‘magic Negro’ Carson, who shot himself in the foot. Now we have two Spics (Cruttttthhhh and Rubio’s Fish Tacos) acting like they are White Evangelicals. NO CREO YO!

      So, when Santorum et al. jumped aboard the Trump Train prior to Iowa, I think FINALLY, the Evan-jelly-goos realized we/they will NEVER have Jesus Christ as our Presidential Candidate; (thank God!)

      And that the best we can hope for is either a latter-day Charlemagne or Constantine -a public man barely literate, barely christian, who YET cares for the future of Europe/Christendom/the West… and will at least turn us from the Hell of the Bolshevik state Obummer and Hitlery have planned for us.

      Trump, 2016.
      God wills it…

  2. I hope the only area he moves to the left on when he gets nominated is economics. If he does that, he will beat Hillary pretty easily.

    Trump has put out clues that he might do this like when he talked tariffs a couple weeks ago. We will see.

  3. People should pay heed to the words of that song.

    Brilliant way for Trump to get he message across.

    Cuckservatives, SJW’s and the donor class hate him for it.

  4. the poll(s) is w/o predictive significance. Many – whatever their candidate – who say they are going to vote, do not show up to vote…especially in a caucus situation. Second, as Comrade Stalin pointed out, it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. And in Iowa (and subsequent primaries), that’s the Republiscam Cuck establishment. If Trump had a lead in double-figures, the theft might be too obvious, but his lead is sufficiently small for the Jew’ing to be successfully covered. So don’t be surprised if cuck Cruz “wins”. And – given his phony Judeo-MSM positioning as an “outsider” – don’t be surprised if Cruz is the eventual nominee, quite possibly via invoking the “(Trump didn’t carry) 8-states-by-more-than 50%” Talmudic stipulation at the Convention. In fact this is what I’d like to see happen, as it would rupture the Dead Elephant party along Cuck/Populist lines, and bury the stinking corpse once and for all. Putting all this more economically, I continue to be amazed at all the otherwise intelligent Whites – here and at other WN and hardRight platforms – who still think they can vote their way out of the Judeo-globalist deathtrap

  5. ” it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. ”

    Stuka’s correct. Had Ron Paul mandated an independent hand count of votes, he might have changed the outcome of the election.

    Trump DARE NOT TRUST THE FEDGOV stooges.

    He either wins, or there will be mass disturbance ‘in the force.’

    Trump, 2016
    God wills it.

    • This comment violates OD comment guidelines against promoting wild, weird conspiracy theory lunatic nonsense.

      Promoting pandering, Libertarian loon old castrated Ron Paul has some savior who was denied the election of a President of the Unitd a States because of fraudulent vote counting – no, that ‘s a comment violation.

      • Stop it. There has been loads of documented issues, with voting fraud, in LOTS of States. Local AND National. I agree WITH Stuka, and Fr. John. I hope Trump does win big in IA, and everywhere else – but I’ll wait until it HAPPENS. The excellent thing about The Donald is that he will not sit back quietly ,and accept getting screwed. Either will his supporters. Hell will break loose if FedZog tries any funny business.

        • Denise, Occidental Dissent has some very simple, basic comment guidelines. One of the guidelines is #8 prohibiting comments spreading wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories – it s the bane of the American Right wing.

          There are many places on the Net to indulge in this stuff, OD isn ‘t one of them.

          In this case it s a double whammy – spreading wild conspiracy theories that some how race denying, immigration traitor Constitutionalist Libertarian loon Ron Paul was somehow cheated out of winning the republican presidential nomination by some secret conspiracy of voting fraud.

          Why do so many people make these wild conspiracy theory charges regarding Ron Paul?

          I think the main cause is that Ron Paul supporters/enablers have mostly dropped out of mainstream society and spend most of their time on the Net talking with each other. Most everyone they knew strongly supported Ron Paul so it simply had to be the case that most American voters also supported Ron Paul as RP was speaking

          The truth

          And maybe in many ways he was/is.

          But the reality has been for over 75 years that economic conservatism , Libertarianism simply does not sell well or at all to voters in Presidential elections. Old people in Florida like Social Security. Voters in San Diego like massive federal funding of the US Navy. Blue color union workers associate Libertarianism and economic conservatism with selfish rich corporate guys that want to cut their pay and make them work like low wage illegal aliens, and these blue color union workers, Reagan Conservatives are mostly right – look at the likes of Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg – what sane hard working union a White guy wants to turn his fate over to these guys and free markets of labor and capital?

          No folks it wasn’t all a conspiracy to deny Ron Paul and the Libertarian TRUTHS from winning the presidential election and saving America, restoring the old republic.

          Ron Paul’s Libertarian Constitutionalism is a small cult no more than 5%, the cult only appeals to White Americans. Rand Paul is now the public face of this cult, he s just trying to repackage the cult as the savior of BlackRuledAmerica, MLK Jr etc – it s not selling well either ~ 5%.

          My recommendation is to simply get out, get away from this cult.

          In any event, please do not violate OD’s comment guidelines spreading wild conspiracy theories , especially CTs alleging that Ron Paul, Rand Paul or Garry Johnson are actually winning presidential elections . They most definitely are not.

      • Jay, pardon me, but WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? I know the moderator of this blog, and have been commenting here for YEARS.

        I remember what happened back in 2008 and in 2012. I mentioned online more than once, (when Paul was running as a viable Candidate) how he seemed to be just ‘accepting’ of the Iowa outcome. I wondered why he didn’t fight.

        This time, with Trump clearly articulating a nationalist and an implicit White Identity politics, I DO DARE to call sane Americans to do what needs to be done, to ‘take back our country.’ Hell, they (Cucks) have been using that phrase for over twenty years now. This time, I want fellow Whites to MEAN it. Thomas Jefferson stated that, in order for this nation to survive, we NEEDED a revolution every twenty years or so. I’m not promoting Paul, I was using him as an exemlar of how the RINOS castrate the American PEOPLE, which is far worse!

        • So volunteer on your local trump campaign . Get off the net and work to get to know so e like minded people, get active in local campaigns where we can compete well and win.

          One thing you most certainly should not do is hang out in internet drop out society places and succumb to paranoia that everything is controlled, nothing is possible except Presidential crusades by old and out of it Libertarian loons.

          Just say yes to life. There is life out there away from Presidential politics.

  6. GREAT VIDEO. Can’t believe the first one only has 274 views. I know it’s only been up there for a day, but we’ve got to get that thing spread around. Sending it to all the people I know.

  7. The translation of Trump’s recitation into German leaves no more doubt the contest is now Western wide. It’s not Trump versus Clinton or Sanders; it’s Trump versus Merkel.

  8. Hi all.

    While Trump isn’t the Messiah he’s some sort of precursor. He’s also symptomatic of what is going to happen to the American right.

    • As someone said, he’s like another Constantine- helpful and useful for the residents of Christendom, and a scourge against the ‘goyim’ (Jews, Ay-rabs, blacks, etc.), but not necessarily ‘a true Christian.’ I am fine with that. I don’t expect a holy Tsar until/unless America becomes Orthodox….

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