Cuckservatives: Becktown

I think the dawning realization that Ted Cruz is not the next George Washington combined with Trump going on to win the Republican nomination might be enough to finally send Glenn Beck tumbling over the edge into Jim Jones territory:

“Glenn Beck hosted a studio audience on his television program last night, where he revealed that he has ordered his staff to find a location outside of the United States from which he can continue to broadcast his programs once American society collapses and the government shuts down his network.

Beck fielded a question from a woman who had relocated her family from California to Texas based upon Beck’s warnings of a coming social collapse and wanted Beck’s advice on how best to prepare her children for what is to come, to which Beck responded that he and his wife are going to start reading the apocalyptic “Left Behind” series to their own children in preparation for the End Times.

Beck revealed that he recently had conversations with two different people who warned that the American economy and social structure are on the verge of total collapse, which prompted him to tell his staff to get to work finding a location in Israel to which they can flee when it happens.

“We have to pick up our pace on finding another place to broadcast,” Beck told his staff. “I need to know if I can get to Jerusalem, where they won’t shut this down and we can be able to broadcast into the United States. This could end quickly.” …”

Note: In other news, The Blaze is collapsing.

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  1. Very good call Hunter. I knew it was bad, but didn’t think it was going the way of Jim jones bad.

    Anyone recommending the “left behind ” books by Bverely LeHaye – this pushes the idea that all is hopeless , the good people get rapture and what everyone should do is send in their saving to the Christian Zionist hustlers and then go off the grid… Yeah that’s rally bad.

  2. Are there any Sam Kinneson fans here?

    Sam used to do great impersonations of televangelist Jimmy Swaggert “we need your help, we need your $ , we need to tell people who Jesus is”

    Sam responded that he felt most people knew who Jesus is and that frauds like Jimmy Swaggert should get real jobs.


  3. I read some comments Beck made in an article at BB and it seems to me he is trying to paint Trump as the anti -Christ or something. Really weird, off the wall, loony stuff. Even for him.

    • I have it on good authority from a Jehovah’s Witness that Trump is the anti-Christ. As a matter of fact I just saw him on TV and I could swear two horns were sprouting out of either side of his forehead.

      • Funny, Mr. Whitaker – for, just yesterday, a man at a urinal in an antiques mall, just told me that President Obama is the anti-Chryst…

  4. This is super weird! Beck’s a Mormon, yet he’s reading the fundamentalist-Evangelical fantasy end times series “Left Behind” to his kids to prepare them for the future? Glen needs to read “The Incredible Scofield and His Book” to get a real historical perspective on this dispensational b.s.!

    • Maybe not so weird, Mr. Dalton – because, if you look at Judeo-Christian history you can see an awful lot of ‘borrowing’ and ‘miscegenizing’ – ‘religious multiculturalism’, if you will.

      In fact, it can be downright spooky to find elements of one in the others.

      • Nick, I’m not surprised by Beck being a Judaizer. Mormonism is a Judaizing sect. What’s surprising to me is that he would be reading a series of books written by two guys who are basically Anti-Mormon.

        • Well, Mr. Beck has an inquiring mind; and, usually those sorts of folks will examine all sorts of evidence. We get his radio show, out here in the Tarheel boonies, and I enjoy it; though, I had no idea of his mental instability until Miss Denise averted me to the fact. It often that people who are weird and imbalancet have special gifts and make good entertainers of various sorts.

          Anyway, Mr. Dalton, thank you for the thoughts.

    • Has his geneology really been looked into?

      At some point a goy would just admit it’s the Jews or just become a conventional liberal.

  5. Maybe he means the American Empire collapsing, that I can kind of see and it needs to happen. Some good will be lost and it will probably make the Soviet’s collapse look orderly but all empires collapse ours will be televised.
    And the Israelis do not need Christian Zionism they need diversity (see Anti-racist Hitler)

      • And without America to leech off of, the mask will be ripped away and he will see exactly how Israel feels about Americans and all other goyim. Some people just have to learn the hard way, and Mr. Beck is one of those people.

    • Many of the Albanians (who held to a similar eschatology as modern Beckish Dispensationalism), converted to Islam, back in the first millennium. That is why we have ‘White Albanian Moslems’ rather than Christians in that formerly rabid Bolshevik Communist country. All three systems lend themselves to doctrinaire Arianism (not to be confused with Ayran-ism.) It’s basically Judaism, without the ethnic supremacism of a bypassed race.

      “Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.” -Rabbi Wise, 1930’s.

  6. Fantastic article sir. When I read that beck was preparing to escape to israhell I laughed until I nearly cried. Hopefully he can take the wetback cruz and his goldman sachs wife with him they should be right at home in israhell, that satanic and fraudulent nation built on genocide, lies, deception, and the almighty power of the shekel.

  7. So exactly what would a cuck like Beck accomplish by broadcasting to a Left Behind America from Israel?

      • I have my doubts that Beck is for real. He makes huge piles of dough selling his snake oil, and his poison depends on crisis, fear, doubt, and near panic.

        Maybe I’m just having a hard time believing that he would read the Left Behind series to his family “to prepare them for what’s ahead.”

        His schtick has made him mega-rich, and I really think that it’s all just a pose – even if he doesn’t admit it to himself.

  8. PLEASE GOD make Beck and his Cucktatds Extreme to Jizzreal, or Guyana – or ANYWHERE. They are mental, yet they still vote. Go. Get OUT GO GO GO.

  9. Re: the take down of “The blaze” – some Israeli Hebe named Jonathan Schreiber “talked his way in” to Beck the Chrishtun’s outfit ,and took ove.r He’s replacing Beck’s staff choiced with Hebe names.
    Weird! That sort of thing has never happened ever before ,clutch the pearls!

  10. Here’s ex Southern Christian street preacher turned 80s comedian Sam Kinison explaining away the lying, $ hustling religious frauds like Glen Beck.

  11. “Beck responded that he and his wife are going to start reading the apocalyptic “Left Behind” series to their own children in preparation for the End Times.”

    Dispensationalism (the basis for these LaHaye pulp novels) is a HERESY. Considered so by Roman Catholics, Orthodox, historic Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian confessional churches as well. ALL ‘orthodox’ Christian bodies consider it utterly DAMNABLE as a method of exegesis of the apocalyptic parts of Holy Writ.

    Scofield’s “Reference Libel” is the major organ of dissemination of this garbage eschatology, and Scofield is NO SAINT! Dallas Theological Seminary is the ‘Death Star’ of this cult, and is without grace, and moreover, has given OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to the Neo-Cohen-servatives, for over 35 years, starting with Falwell, Swaggart, Robertson et alia.

    But Beck using FICTION as a means to determine his future? He is utterly beyond the pale, at this moment, and forevermore. HE’s a WHACK JOB. Anathema sit.

    He’s worse than Jim Jones. He is Cerinthus. FLEE FROM HIM.

    • Father, thank you for the information. I was wondering about ‘dispensationalism’.

      Some people, close to me, have it bad.

    • The Scofield Reference Bible was published by the Rothschild-owned publishing house, Oxford Publishing, which began to flood the market with this demonic crap starting in 1909. Copies were given to seminaries, and promoted heavily to same. Then 1948 happened, and the Dispy crowd said, “This is it! This is the beginning of the end!”

      Dispensationalism – not Communism, not Socialism, not Fascism, not Liberalism – has been the most effective assault on Christianity since it became fully systematized by Darby in the 1830’s.

      • You are substantively correct. But the rot goes all the way back to 1054, when Rome split from conciliar Orthodoxy. As I learned when I first began to investigate Orthodoxy upon giving up on Rome, they see ‘Rome as the first protestant.’ And this chiliasm of the Dispies was making great headway in the Roman Church, centuries prior to this Scofield business… just sayin’.

        • Yes. Scofield didn’t invent it. He just “fleshed it out” and presented it in a way that – in all blasphemy – placed the mere words of men (himself and Darby) upon the very pages of Holy Scripture itself.

          Darby is of course considered the “Father of Dispensationalism.”

          His work was based on that of two Jesuits before him: Ribera in the 16th century, and Lacunza in the 18th. Lacunza wrote his futurism crap under the Jewish pen name of “Ben-Ezra.”

          It’s a tangled mess.

  12. Anyone sober a while understands Glenn’s current status: Untreated Alcoholism. The man is losing it, and methinks he’ll be getting very thirsty when President Trump takes office, poor fella 😉

  13. Beck is so far gone now, that any day I expect his head to just explode like in the 80’s movie Scanners.

    • It’s already done that several times now, but he’s got assistants that come along afterward and glue everything back together.

  14. Is he a Jew?

    It’s not unusual for Danish Jews to carry that name.

    He’s a seriously anomaly.

    I recall Stewart mocked him about his Dogwhistling on Soros.

    How can a white man Cuck quite this hard after getting fired for anti-Semitic dogwhistling? He must be partially hebe.

    • Stewart know what all Jews know: Jews are above criticism. Way way above. Like, beyond the earth’s atmosphere above. And any criticism of anyone who is a Jew, is a “dogwhistle” that says, “Look! There’s a Jew. Fire up the Zyklon-B smoke maker!”

  15. Fat pig, crybaby loser, Glenn Beck upset with Trump supporters.

    ‘A leading conservative talk host railed against the “dehumanizing” language that Donald Trump and his supporters use against a wide array of people.

    In a Friday night interview with Fox News, Glenn Beck warned Republicans against going for a candidate who would forfeit constitutional freedoms for safety.

    “You look at Trump supporters and they’re dehumanizing anybody who stands against them — ‘they’re fat, they’re pigs, they’re losers, they’re cry babies,'” Beck told Megyn Kelly, echoing references Ted Cruz made to Trump at the GOP debate Thursday.

    The syndicated radio host referred to comments Trump has made about instituting a religion test for incoming refugees, as well as bashing certain ethnicities.

    Beck said unless Trump and company are called out for this language, the country is headed for massive troubles.

    “When you dehumanize people, you’re one step away from the jungle,” he said.’

    • “Beck said unless Trump and company are called out for this language, the country is headed for massive troubles.”

      Well at least he’s warning us. Preventing this country from getting itself into massive trouble. Because right now we’re definitely not in massive trouble. And if there’s anyone who can guide we lesser lights through the murky haze of the future, it would have to be Glen Beck.

    • NR is pathetic. They just got through bashing populists, aka Trump supporters, for months and now they can find room for them in the “big tent”. I suspect their anti-Trump vitriol lost many more subscribers than it won. Now a condescending article will fix everything.
      I look forward to the day this rotten rag goes under..

      • NRO is pretty shameless. I think the overall goal of the GOP establishment is to co-opt these types of movements. They were successful at co-opting the Tea Party movement because there was no established leadership. Within a few years they were successfully rolled back into the Republican fold. I don’t think this is possible with nationalist/populist leaning Republicans. They cannot put a lid on Trump. He’s such an egomaniac he would not allow anyone to control him.

  16. 1. Look for the stab in the back, by Trump

    2. Assassination of Trump

    3. The slim chance of salvation, as a result of Trump

  17. My oh my. Well, cuckservative cucktians , this jewess tells you what she would like to do with your privates. You worship them, they hate you.

    Little does she know that you’ve already been castrated.

    ‘On Tuesday, Laura Levites, the liberal comedian who recently said she wanted to “rip out” Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodger’s uterus, proved yet again that liberalism is an ideology of hate and rage when she went on another profanity-laced Twitter rant saying she would “personally like to castrate” every male conservative Christian.

    “I would personally like to castrate every Male Conservative Christian so that they have NO reproductive rights,” she said, using the hashtag “#HobbyLobby.”

    “I’m just going to stay broke so that Republican Conservative Christians have to pay for EVERYTHING!” she added in another tweet.

    She also expressed her hatred of Christians in a tweet calling conservative Christians “scumbags,” claiming they are “really trying” her patience.’

    • She might want to concern herself with the fact that her people have been trying everyone else’s patience even longer. Perhaps she should study a little history and learn what happens when Jews finally wear out their undeserved welcome. Then again, maybe we can just surprise her.

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