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  1. Rubio isn’t a robot. He’s actually 3 midgets in a spic costume, trying to prove that they are the world’s greatest actors of all time.

  2. THAT was hilarious! I was on Twitter, during the debate. Ricky Vaughan was tweeting the BEST stuff! Along the lines of “Rubio is a sex robot from the future” – and people were riffing on it.
    Ya had to be there! HAHAHA!

        • No. EVERY-ONE gets the “Pool Boy” imagery. Also -a pool boy is a lowly employee. The Foam Boy thing is strictly sodomite, and won’t resonate with most folks, until the understanding of what a Foam Party is becomes common knowledge. Which is gross.

      • I don’t know. I think I did. I don’t remember hearing from any-one else. The really funny thing is that Fr John posted a clip from “Legally Blonde” above – and that is exactly how Rubio struck me. Not at first, but in one the debates, Marc-ee-yo got pissed about something, and he got snappish and bitchy, an the “Street Spic” jumped out. His bitchiness is PURE FAG. Christie is a fat bully – but he does not come off as a FAG. Conrholio does. THEN I learned that Marc-ee-yo is funded by Jew homos – and the Pool Boy imago just struck me. I think I began using the descriptor right here, on this site

      • Wasn’t it a riot? I was literally choking on the stuff that was popping up! HAHAHA!!! We may as well have fun, as Western Civ crumbles to dust………!

  3. Not a good night for Rubio, but I don’t trust the polls. Anything can happen, the American electorate is extremely stupid.

      • Could be. I guess it would be Trump or Cruz if you are correct. If Trump gets NH, should be easy sailing from there on out. He has Nevada and South Carolina in the bag.

        • I’m still worried about SC. Clearly Rubio was (((the donors’))) pick until this bomb went off. (((They))) are probably going to try Cruz again. The evangie stuff and all, ya know. Still, Trump should pull it off.

          • that’s why Bush is hanging around. Trump will be blocked at the convention by the Talmudic “8 state rule”

          • The damn carpetbaggers and scalawags are the problem in my state. Columbia is full of Bernie fags, but I think Trump will take the blue collar vote, maybe even get some of the minority vote.

  4. Trump should buy a Krispy Kreme Donuts franchise and give it to Chris Christie for the epic smack down of Pool Boy.

  5. There’s a school of thought that says a good looking, charismstic minority with a thin resume makes for the perfect presidential candidate, and an even more perfect puppet once elected.

    Which school of thought, you ask? Billionaire Judaism.

  6. Thanks, all, for the comments. Didn’t watch this supreme waste of time on Talmudvision, which somone else said, boiled down to two spic wetbacks and Donald Trump. It would appear that Christie was doing damage control, however, on ‘pool boy.’ Which reminds me of ANOTHER gay spic who had that job, in the movies….


    Spent the evening with my wife, having a nice meal at a restaurant, and then watching “Far and Away” for the first time in about a decade. White People, with dreams, conquering this land. To remind myself of why America matters. What Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have turned into, since then, because of Jewy-wood is their own fault.

    In this film, ( F&A- directed by Ron Howard) the actors were fresh, open, honest, young, and quintessentially WHITE. Not one nigger in the woodpile. Begorrah.

    Now, if we can only ‘make it so,’ in the nation.
    Trump, 2016.

  7. Some billionaire oligarch trolls Grindr and comes up with a presidential candidate named Rubio.

    Yes kids the Empire must die

  8. The really funny/tragic thing about the programming, is that Rubio is correct about Obama. Obama DOEs know what he is doing.

  9. Some Negro Homo named “Tim Scott” is on Faux News right now, blathering about how Marc-ee-yo will be ready to be the Commander In Fabulous on DAY ONE, Sistuh!

  10. It’s a shame that nobody is paying any attention to the content of Marco Roboto’s talking point. It was a great talking point that bears repeating. Actually, we need to imitate him and keep making the same point, over and over, until smoke starts coming out of our ears.

    The race-replacing policies of jew-owned people like Marco Roboto and Obama are not a glitch. Those people know exactly what they’re doing. They are deliberately trying to destroy the White race. Or they are working for Jews who deliberately want to destroy us.

    So far, most White people still refuse to see that “their own government” wants them dead. They still think that accusation is over the top. As if they couldn’t see the race replacement taking place in the street and everywhere. That’s why the message needs to be repeated until it sinks in.

    In short, let’s dispense once and for all with this fiction that Marco Roboto and Obama don’t know what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing!

  11. You can tell he has no policies. Only a short list of inspirational speeches. No substance which is typical of politicians and preachers these days. WPWW !

  12. So the Robotio is continuing use of the same phrase on TV today, over and over. If you think about it he has to. To save face, as if he weally weally means it. But he’s digging himself into a hole I doubt he’s going to be able to climb out of.

    IOW, at this point I don’t see any of them posing ANY threat to Trump for the nom. Rubio has exposed himself as a third grader. Cruz’s fake evangie shtick won’t even sell to most Rep voters. Yeb and Carson are both asleep. Kasich is too corny and fence-sitting even for Iowa farmers. Christie, bless his heart for all time, well, has he ever exceeded 2%?

  13. “When I say saturation carpet bombing, that’s not indiscriminate!” – Ted Cruz #GOPDebate

    9:27 PM – 6 Feb 2016

  14. In one corner we have the Socialist, Bernie. In the other we have the nationalist, Trump. Both unabashed in their agenda, and both leading the polls.

    Has the United States finally accepted National Socialism?

  15. Made me laugh.

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    Marco Rubio Glitch ?@RubioGlitch 3h3 hours ago

    I’m glad the Broncos won but honestly this notion that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing is wrong. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    • Doc: Mr. Rubio, tell me where it hurts.

      Rubio: Well, Doc, it’s my hemorrhoids, but honestly this notion that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing is wrong. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      Rubio is the Stepford candidate. “I thought you were my friend. I thought you were my friend. I thought you were my friend…

      Another Fox News experiment blows up in their face.

  16. I was reminded of the 2004 political thriller the Manchurian Candidate where a mind controlled VP candidate can be controlled by means of “trigger words” into performing acts for his handlers. Like the antagonist in the movie, Marco Rubio has been similarly programmed into the acceptable responses when confronted with trigger words by debate moderators and other candidates. The other thing that intrigues me about Rubio is how he has completely reversed the balding process in the last year or so.

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