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  1. You nailed it when you pointed out that Rubio and Cruz have more or less the same backgrounds and history as Sanders.

  2. Rubio has stalled and is beginning to drop. Media Blitz after Iowa is wearing off.

    After tonight and after Christie gets done with him, he should be licking his wounds.

    • Well Christie dealt with him and better than I expected. Rubio is finished in NH and probably from this race all together.

      What shocks me is how the Rubio campaign did not see this coming or didn’t prepare properly. Anyone who was paying attention could see that Christie was sharpening his claws for Rubio all last week.

    • I hope you’re right about Rubio going down, but I doubt if enough people watch Scarborough for whatever he did to make a difference.

  3. We have people in the middle east that some think are our (((greatest allies))) who support ISIS…….. ~ Trump

  4. Cruz’s description of waterboarding is lawyer speak BS.
    If he was waterboarded he would damn well think it is torture.
    Whether appropriate or not is another matter.

  5. “My two priorities are repealing Obamacare and cutting the tax rate.” ~ Rafael Cruz, cuckservative extraordinaire

  6. Trump did very nicely here. No errors and everyone else echoing his policy positions.

    He even managed to sneak in a new observation. The (((((media))))) is driving the cop hatred among blacks.

      • I don’t know. I’d be willing to put the Betty Friedan crowd on the front lines in a proper war. The likes of Gloria Steinem, Gloria Allred, Sarah Silverman and Sandra Fluke would all look pretty good getting their asses blown to smithereens.

    • Keep in mind that they will probably lower standards to get more women into the roles, because 99% (if not 100%) of the women won’t be able to meet the standards, thus lowering the quality of the soldiers we send into combat, and making our military generally less effective.

    • Sam, I remember watching women perform in the army. Only the bulldykes were adequate, and, even they, only barely so.

      Women are such a godsend, but, they have no place in combat, or, even, in the military.

    • The so-called American Military should not have men in combat, since 99.9% of combat has had NOTHING to do with defending AMERICA for nigh on 100 years.

  7. I am much more impressed with ABC’s moderators than their Fox counterparts. ABC moderators actually asked substantive policy questions of the candidate and didn’t go out of their way to ask “gotcha” questions like the Fox idiots did.

    I saw an article written by a woman. Not Geller, but a South African ex-pat who criticized Megyn “Me, Me, Me” Kelly, saying that a journalist should report the news, not BE the news.

    Fox should have never allowed their enfant terrible to moderate the debate the Trump skipped. Rather than demonstrating that she could act professionally, she and her videos were all about trying to trip up and discomfit every candidate whose last name was not Bush while she preened and mugged for the cameras.

    • Her flirting with the camera during these debates as if she’s instead on an e-harmony date tells me she’s a narcissistic airhead. It’s highly inappropriate. She is just as happy as a clam sitting in the catbird’s seat. I wonder what she did for Roger Ailes to “earn it.”

  8. MARK SIMONE @MarkSimoneNY
    Confirmed- debate audience stacked with donors. Trump camp only given 20 tickets. New RNC trick.

  9. Unlike Democrat debaters who blame systemic racism and white privilege Trump did not excoriate cops and did not defend niggers after being questioned about the rift between law enforcement and criminals.

  10. Kasich did the best among Trump’s rivals, which may work out well, as Kasich will not be as strong in the South. Jeb is just too much of a goober.

  11. Katie McHugh ?@k_mcq
    In the spin room, Kasich gives credence to malicious SJW narrative that cops murder random black people. Crime victims wept.

  12. TrumpHat ?@TrumpHat
    November 8: Trump wins election, names Carson Sec of Pyramids, Christie Sec of Donuts. Cruz, Rubio, Bush & Kasich all deported.

  13. Jeb?! was trying to smear Trump with false allegations about using eminent domain against some feisty widow owning some run-down boarding house in Atlantic City. He offered her close to 2 million dollars for her property, but egged on by certain interests, she turned him down.

    Atlantic City was behind the eminent domain action. Her place was an eyesore and naturally, they would have preferred Trump’s revenue-generating casino in its place. She successfully fought it off at the time and Trump walked way.

    Trump later admitted that he was happy she had won, because he had been prepared to raise his offer up to 5 million dollars. In any case, the property values in Atlantic City plummeted and she and her family finally sold the property for about a half a million.

    So glad that Trump stuck to his guns on eminent domain, pointing out that it is necessary for any governments to build roads, etc. Had he squirmed and hemmed and hawed, he’d be painted as big a heartless capitalist as Mitch Romney with Bain Capital.

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