Trump Names The Bloodsucking Parasites

As he campaigns in New Hampshire, Trump is amping his rhetoric up a notch and becoming more stridently populist and nationalist:

“In a nearly one-hour speech, Trump railed against pharmaceutical companies. He railed against oil companies. And insurance companies. And defense contractors. And he set himself against a political system that he said allows big-money corporate “bloodsuckers” to control the government with campaign contributions.

“Whether it’s the insurance companies, or the drug companies, or the oil companies, it’s all the same thing,” Trump said. “We’re never going to get our country back if we keep doing this.” …

There were portions of Trump’s Plymouth speech that sounded like Bernie Sanders, if Sanders had Trump’s sense of showmanship. In fact, Trump mentioned Sanders favorably, saying they agree on trade. Trump also said Sanders is correct in his charge that Hillary Clinton is compromised by the big-money contributions she has accepted — a charge the billionaire developer aimed at his Republican rivals as well.

Trump began by discussing Saturday night’s Republican debate. He claimed that instead of students, the hall at St. Anselm’s College was filled with big Republican donors. “I’m looking at the room and I see special interest guys,” Trump said. “That’s why we pay so much.” …

The only way to clear the mess in Washington, Trump argued, is to elect a president who is so rich he doesn’t need anybody’s money. “I think self-funding is a big thing,” Trump said. “I’m the only one that’s self-funding, Democrat or Republican. everyone else is taking from — I call them the bloodsuckers.” …

But all that misses the bigger picture. The man leading the Republican race is doing so on a platform that would blow up the Republican Party as it now exists in Washington. If Trump is bringing new voters into the party, he’s doing it by promising to make the party virtually unrecognizable to its members today. If he were elected president and did what he says he will do — and many, if not most, political insiders cannot get their heads around even that possibility — Trump would be an astonishingly disruptive force in Washington. Of course, that is exactly what his voters want.

And despite various reports that Trump is moderating his style and presentation a bit, the fact is, his views remain absolutely radical in a Republican context. That is the Trump who is leading the race in New Hampshire. And the candidate who played “Revolution” a second time as he left.”

RU-B-0 is unacceptable purely for his position on immigration, but even if you have the stomach to look beyond the Gang of Eight bill you would have to swallow his positions on trade and foreign policy and all the big donors circling around him. Even beyond that though, you probably don’t know that RU-B-0 wants to scrap all taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains from stocks for Wall Street.

Michael Brendan Dougherty points out that the GOP has nothing to offer the White working class. Like RU-B-0, Ted Cruz is an “opportunity conservative” who is cucking the evangelicals to abolish the IRS for his donors. Rod Dreher has two good blog posts on how Republicans signal to the evangelicals in elections only to milk them for their votes and legislate the agenda of the donor class once in office.

Like Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse, Erick Erickson is a puppet of the Club for Growth which exists to milk the evangelicals of their votes in order to get things like tax cuts, free-trade agreements, and deregulation of Big Business.

Update: Jonathan Chait picks up on Trump’s shift away from “true conservatism”:

“One of the important underlying facts of American politics is that rich people tend to have more socially liberal and economically conservative beliefs than the country as a whole. The elite criticism of the structure of party politics usually boils down to demanding that the parties reflect elite beliefs even more closely than they already do. Hence the endless demands for a socially liberal third party that will reduce spending on retirement programs, or the fantasy that America is entering a “libertarian moment.” The truth is just the opposite: The underserved political market is voters who want less libertarianism. They oppose free trade, want to keep every penny of promised Social Security and Medicare, distrust big business, think immigrants hurt the country, and generally distrust the rest of the world. …

The clearest sign of Trump’s intentions is the conscious fashion in which he has tried to co-opt the appeal of Bernie Sanders (who, like Trump, has opened up a populist attack on his party’s consensus). Trump’s argument is that he agrees with Sanders on trade, but only Trump can put his critique into practice …

Here is the significance of those words. Trump has been promoting himself as a critic of existing trade agreements for a long time, but he has not been tying his ideas to those of Bernie Sanders. That’s because Sanders does not have a lot of loyalists who are thinking about casting a vote in the Republican primary. But what if Trump is not thinking exclusively about the Republican primary? What if he is moving toward an endgame of a third-party run on behalf of a constituency that extends into both parties?”

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  1. I have also heard Trump say that he thinks he can win over a lot of Sanders supporters in the General election…so we see where this is going.

    • Back to business for Bubba. He tried using the race card against Obama in 2008 only for it to backfire on Hillary. Now, they’ve got Chelsea up in New Hampshire trying to scare old people into believing that the socialist in this race is going to take away their Social Security. Scumbags.

    • Ms. Albright–“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

      Zephyr Teachout could have used a Hillary Clinton endorsement in her NY governorship candidacy, but instead Hillary back Andrew Cuomo.

  2. I’m will cautiously vote for Trump to get the nomination, and for POTUS if he receives it. And will otherwise not vote.

    That said, I have no problem with Rubio’s position on eliminating taxes on dividends, and reducing them on capital gains.

    Lots of rank and file Americans wouldn’t either. That’s not solely to the benefit of Wall Street rich guys.

    • “Lots of rank and file Americans wouldn’t either. That’s not solely to the benefit of Wall Street rich guys.”

      If it were not to their financial benefit, they wouldn’t be supporting it. In any case, a large majority of the white working class wouldn’t really benefit to a noticeable degree from reducing those taxes – perhaps a few but not an overwhelming number. So, why is that in their top 3 priorities?

      The donor class also supports eliminating the estate tax – a tax that affects no property worth under about $10 million dollars – as well as replacing the income tax with a flat tax that would massively reduce taxes on the rich while shifting the burden of financing public services on the poor and working class through hikes in property and sales taxes…among others.

  3. He’s pitching for Sanders’s voters.

    Sanders is like 65%? Many will feel inclined to have a laugh.

    Yep Trump wants them.

  4. Marxism in a nutshell:
    Joe Six Pack – “Bernie Madoff sure is corrupt!”
    Karl Marx – “He sure is! You know why? Because he is a capitalist! And do you know who else is a capitalist? Henry Ford! C’mon, everybody, lets go lynch Henry Ford.”
    Marxism is a red herring. When Jewish ethnocentrism causes massive damage, Marxists redirect the anger at rich gentiles.
    Unfortunately, it looks like Trump is doing something similar. Instead of letting the focus remain on the small number of Jewish billionaires like Adelson, Singer, Soros, Shaban etc. who’ve brought us to the brink of disaster by lobbying for invade-the-world/Invite-the-world, Trump is now attacking everyone who lobbies for anything.
    Oil company lobbies for Keystone pipeline? Good for them.
    Soros lobbies for regime change in Hungary so that he can flood Europe with rape-fugees? Soros is one of the names that should be named, and if people start noticing a pattern, so be it.

  5. I watched and hour long discussion between the Jew York Slime’s S.E. Cup, and “conservative” blogger Matt Lewis, yesterday, on the Book Channel’s “Afterwords” show. (Yes. That is the type of thing I watch, besides the Southern Version of “Say Yes to the Dress” wedding porn, that became addicted to when I was planning my wedding). Lewis just wrote a book on the GOP. The show seems to have been recorded this past Friday.
    Cupp and Lewis totally represent Conservative INC, and the GOP Donor Class.

  6. I appreciate the completeness in describing other candidates, but the only options for white nationalists are supporting Trump or sitting on our hands.

    The argument against Trump is his erratic, untrustworthy nature which combined with his past positions suggest that he may just be playing on the heartstrings of a desperate populace, only to “evolve” during the general election or in office.

    The further argument is that he undermines the organic growth of white nationalism and essentially carjacked the movement and is taking it on an exhilarating but potentially fatal wild ride.

    The overriding argument in favor of supporting Trump is parallel to that: were he to be defeated it would be a devastating set back and might mark the high water mark of white resistance as we go into eternal darkness (much like Crazy Horse for natives).

    The cuckservatives will have an “I told you so” weapon to use in perpetuity, and the anti-whites will run roughshod over a demoralized white community until there will not be even the physical capability to resist genocide – the electoral capability having been lost for decades.

    Perhaps the best outcome is for the nomination to be stolen from Trump and we then use it as a springboard to Partition, as thinking whites realize that there is no inside-the-box solution to the problem of demographic destruction.

    • Have been following your posts for awhile now, and though you’re clearly a Trump skeptic, you make reasoned points and I believe your skepticism is coming from the “right place”.

      One issue I have w/the above characterization, though– you talk of Trump “undermining” White Nationalism as if “White Nationalism” has something to lose. Yet prior to the Trump phenomenon, was the WN movement gaining any ground or achieving anything… anything at all?? I mean, were there any positives, any traction or real gains that we could point to and take heart in? If I’m not mistaken, the position of most on “our” side was sort of a smug powerlessness, a “sit back and watch the multicult go to hell” type of attitude. Even the quasi-leaders of the “movement” (if you could even call it that)– people like the publisher of this blog– oftentimes seemed negative, pessimistic, and outright defeatist in their analysis of our plight.

      The tone has unquestionably changed with the rise of Trump– thinly veiled White identity politics is creeping into the mainstream in ways few thought possible six months ago. This may only be temporary, as he could lose or– as you rightly pointed out– he could shift to the left once in power. From my perspective, though, White Americans have absolutely nothing to lose. Trump couldn’t possibly undermine or set back the WN movement, because the WN movement was at square zero six months ago.

      • At the present moment, there is nothing to lose from striking a potentially fatal blow against mainstream cuckservatism. We have months to see if Trump changes his tune for the general election.

    • Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread for the remainder of the primaries. Then we will take stock of whatever happens next. Does he win the nomination and cuck for the general election?

  7. There is always loop holes for the super rich. Capital gains tax should be eliminated for the middle income guy that makes a few thousand on the stock market. Payroll taxes can be reduced if corruption is slowed down.

      • Focusing on the republican nomination, I like Trumps idea that candidates for president should be self funding.

        • Not all can afford it though. I think the best constitutional fix would be to ban campaign contributions altogether and give them all a modest, equal funding from the public purse. But that would require a limit for the number of candidates that can run.

  8. All these cuck clowns would have to say to the Evangels is that they will use the executive branch’s power to protect them from lawsuits and other thuggery by the left, but they are so literally in thrall to the Left intellectually and so in thrall to an over used dog eared script for the greedy oligarchs that they cannot even make that small jump.
    Hang the cucks

  9. There is no downside to Trump at all unless he’s a very well thought out scam to destroy the last of the Whites. I’m not so sure I can buy that as the things he’s saying now he said decades ago. Even if he turns more liberal. Still no downside as compared to…the complete end of White control of the country.

    As for capital gains. Let’s do a simple thought experiment. Guy develops a software program all by his self. Makes it big and profits of $10 million on which he pays high kick your ass style taxes on.

    Capitalist hires people, makes same software, makes same amount of profit…pays less.

    Capital gains taxes should be taxed the same rate as labor or any other profits indexed to inflation. The whole special tax rate is a scam to keep the newcomers from ever being a threat to the large corporations. They like high taxes…they don’t pay.

    This is how the wealthy remain wealthy. They pay less for everything. They get deals far above the average person because they can sit and wait a lot of times. All the people who think capital gains are some kind of special money as compared to labor are wrong. Say they won’t invest if they don’t get special money rates? Well let them invest in bonds. See how that works out.

    I’m not so sure there should be extra special money for bonds either. We don’t have to let the FED tax us to print money. We can get the treasury to do it. Not to mention what kind of profits would we, the nation, get if all money creation paid interest to the treasury instead of the private FED? I bet it’s a bigger number than you think.

  10. As a Gen Xer, I’d be happier keeping my looted SS for myself and paying down my modest home. SS was a fraud from the beginning.

    If we could abolished the federal reserve, slash taxes and most government, we could all be doing a lot better. Anyway, I may just give Trump a chance.

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