Billionaire Class Dominates 2016 Spending

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Here’s the key line: “…the super PAC allies of Cruz and Rubio are circling like vultures around the megadonors who have supported rival GOP presidential candidates …”

“The 100 biggest donors of 2016 cycle have spent $195 million trying to influence the presidential election ? more than the $155 million spent by the 2 million smallest donors combined — according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance data.

The analysis found that the leading beneficiaries of checks from the top 100 donors were Jeb Bush’s floundering campaign for the GOP nomination (a supportive super PAC received $49 million from donors on the list), Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton (super PACs dedicated to her raised $38 million from top 100 donors) and Ted Cruz’s insurgent GOP campaign ($37 million).

In fact, despite his attacks on his party’s donor class and establishment, Cruz, the Texas senator who won last week’s Iowa caucuses, appears to have locked down the support of four of the top six donors ? the Wilks family of Cisco, Texas (the No. 1 donor on POLITICO’s list), New York hedge fund tycoon Bob Mercer (No. 2), Texas energy investor Toby Neugebauer (No. 4) and Illinois manufacturing moguls Dick and Liz Uihlein (No. 6) ? but only one other donor on the list.

Conversely, a super PAC supporting Cruz’s GOP rival Marco Rubio raised just $22 million from POLITICO’s list, but the Florida senator appears to have the support of 14 of the top 100 donors, suggesting his ultra-rich supporters might be willing to spend even more to support him if he survives his widely panned Saturday night debate performance and emerges as the establishment’s best bet to knock off Cruz and national GOP polling leader Donald Trump.

The findings explain why, on the eve of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, the super PAC allies of Cruz and Rubio are circling like vultures around the megadonors who have supported rival GOP presidential candidates whose campaigns are floundering, like Bush, or those who have already dropped out, like Rand Paul. …”

It’s funny because Hillary Clinton is actually their second choice behind ¡Jeb! whose campaign is imploding and has no chance at this point. For some reason, Hillary won’t release the transcripts of the speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs.

Note: BTW, Ted Cruz gets his healthcare through Goldman Sachs, or at least was doing so before he had to drop it to run for president.

Update: Let’s play count the Jewish billionaires on this list: the Wilks family (Assembly of Yahweh, weird Judeo-Christian cult), Robert Mercer, Hank Greenberg, George Soros, Norman Braman, Paul Singer, Tom Steyer (1/2 Jewish on father’s side), and Haim Saban. Of the top eleven 2016 donors, six are Jews, one is half-Jewish, and one belongs to a religion that mixes Judaism and Christianity.

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  1. This is how Racial Reality works in 21st century America.

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    Imagine if a pack of wolves enslaved another pack of wolves and denied equal rights to the enslaved wolf pack. That would be bad but not totally bad. Once the unfair laws are removed, all wolves would be equal.

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    Nature pays no heed to PC.

    In a way, SJW shrillness and hysteria reflect their desperate efforts to repress the obvious that they are not capable of processing.

    SJW, especially the males, have been led to believe that race is just a myth and that all races are the same. They’ve been made to believe that equality is attainable IF white males atone enough and give back enough. PC has brainwashed them from the cradle to believe this is true and must be true, and if you disagree, you are a terrible ‘racist’, OMG!!! And SJW want to believe this.

    But they see the reality in the post-civil-rights world, and things are not playing out as was promised.

    Racial differences permeate into every facet of life. In sports, sex, academia, music, science, law, and etc. And these differences are the products of nature than society.

    But SJW have been so brainwashed that they cannot make themselves to believe this. SJW complex isn’t so much a matter of having wrong facts or theories. Facts and theories are about research and reason, and they can be proved or disproved.

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    So, it is difficult for the SJW to abandon their views. It would not only be a matter of changing ideas or views but akin to abandoning faith in God or even killing god. They have a quasi-religious attachment and faith in ‘progress’ that has become associated with holy Negroes and the sanctimony of ‘white guilt’.

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    If we take MLK’s message, it was the same old same old stuff that’s been said many times before by the likes of Gandhi and others. MLK holds a special place because he’s been turned into a holy icon.

    One cannot discuss anything with SJW because their mind-set is essentially ‘religious’. They hold some things to be not only true but holy. Indeed, the truth is inseparable from the holiness as far as SJW are concerned. They’ve been made to revere certain icons so much that the latter’s espousal of certain ideas renders the ideas true. This isn’t rational, but it is how the SJW mindset works. Since MLK myth is holy, the things he said must be holy.. and true. And anyone who says otherwise is a heretic.

    I wonder if Anglos achieved so much more than other people because they found a means to turn off the emotions and sanctimony. Muted emotions allowed more freedom of discourse since even controversial or unorthodox view could be voiced with reason, pondered, and then accepted or rejected on the basis of factual or rational merit. In contrast, more emotional cultures often tended to shut people down or carry them away.

    PC has made the new UK less controlled and temperate.

    • Andrea, I see you just won’t quit your Negro-worship, will you? Always trying to coat it seemingly pro-white rhetoric.

      How long have you been spewing this black superiority on white nationalist forums noow, three years? White women will still prefer their white men, and they won’t be going in droves for blacks. Only the least desirable ones are doing. Get over it, and go spew your cuckold fantasies somewhere else.

  2. Sir, recently I did support your lauding of Jeb Bush’s integrity, and I stand fast on that.

    That said : his beliefs continue to blow my mind. Here are a couple of his gems from the last 48-72 hours…

    ‘I am really not that big on the 1st Amendment.’

    ‘We need to increase military spending.’

    That last comment, Sir, in light of the fact that we already spend 55% of the budget on such matters.

    A small note : during the 80s, President Reagan was continually lambasted by what many considered to be his insane raising of the military budget to 4-5% of the budget. The Soviet Union, at that time, was routinely spending 25%, and, soon enough, it broke them.

    Those comments, and another older one, ‘I consider myself a Latin American’, are really quite amazing.

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