Hillary Playing Identity Politics Card

Hillary Clinton’s whole presidential campaign amounts to “muh vagina,” vote for me:

“Not everything is about an economic theory, right?” Clinton asked her audience of a few hundred activists, most of them wearing T-shirts from the unions that had promoted the rally. “If we broke up the big banks tomorrow — and I will, if they deserve it, if they pose a systemic risk, I will — would that end racism?”

“No!” shouted her audience.

“Would that end sexism?”


“Would that end discrimination against the LGBT community?”


“Would that make people feel more welcoming to immigrants overnight?”


“Would that solve our problem with voting rights, and Republicans who are trying to strip them away from people of color, the elderly, and the young?”

“No!” …”

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  1. Hillary playing anti-white identity politics. I hope the Dems ramp this up even more – it’ll give plenty of ammunition to Trump, who has a demonstrated willingness to use it.

    • I suppose she and Sanders believe that race pandering happens in a vacuum and whites don’t hear it.

      Or perhaps they believe that ALL Democrats share the view that all other Whites EXCEPT themselves are racists and they must be talking about someone else.

      That’s naive. People are sick of hearing about how evil they are based on their white skin color and that how they must DO MORE to atone for their sins.

  2. Did Slick Willy presidency ended … infidelity? No!
    People don’t change overnight, she got that right at least. Looking forward Bernies retort…

  3. The Democrats are the party of blacks and black interests. If Sanders can not suck up sufficiently to blacks, then he has no business being the leader of the black party. Time is running out for Sanders, South Carolina could spell the end. If Sanders does not take a stand and forcefully demand reparations for blacks it is over for him.

    • It’s also the party of naïve, young trendy Lefties who don’t have to worry about buying groceries or paying bills. Or being victimised by blacks.

      • Our politics has split along racial lines. There is going to be a black/Jew party and a white party. Latinos, Asians and all other must decide weather they want to be with blacks or not. Those Leftist you speak of are either white hating Jews or future white party supporters duped into hating and aligning themselves against their own kind by Jew college professors.

        • Yes, you got it. They didn’t become that way on their own. They were lied to by their teachers and Hollywood.

  4. That dumb jew Colonel Sanders is promising them jobs – JOBS! What a joke. He should be offering them free chicken or something, but that dumb Marxist shill has some Libertarian style socialist swill that he passes around like a doobie, but its not the doobie these dolts smoke.

  5. Today I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read:

    “A woman’s place is in the White House.”

    Isn’t that just too-clever-by-half?

    Upon seeing said sticker, I gunned it and passed up the douchebag beta male driver and his douchebag beta male vehicle. A man’s place is cutting off douchebag beta males in traffic.

  6. Hillary is lining up the non white and looney left vote, no surprise. What rankles me are the millions of “white and normal” votes she’ll get without promising anything except more anti-Whitism.

    • Dese nuts are doing your job for you, Bob. These dumb niggers, which is all of them, are going to Starfucks and wino bars and saying they want all Whites dead. Never bet on black, its as stupid as red. Better dead than red or black, cause the only NWO that was COOL was with Hogan, Nash and Hall in WCW. The real NWo is a dumb jew giving ropes to niggers that HATE them and want them dead. Good luck with that schlomo. Always do what I wouldn’t do, schlomo. It makes me Happy.

  7. Taylor Swift is 100 times more effective at dealing with the black clown posse than anyone in ‘Murka, she is epic and these two old white fools are setting blacks up for an epic fall

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