Trump Dominates South Carolina Debate

I don’t care how it plays in South Carolina.

This was the best debate I have ever seen. Trump absolutely unloaded on ¡Jeb! and W. over the Iraq War. He passionately denounced the free trade deals that have sent jobs to Mexico. He denounced the corrupt donor class in the audience. He walked all over politically correct taboos. He hit every note on immigration and the border. He came across as a heavyweight champion of populism and nationalism.

It was like watching Ivan Drago destroying Apollo Creed. It was that good. Seriously, you have got to see this. Watch the debate below.


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  1. But he’s such a meanie! I guess they’ve completely worn out their McCarthy missile of “have you no shame”.

      • The longer Jeb and the other cuckfags stay in the race, the longer it keeps the cuck establishment vote split.

        • Definitely. You figure the cuckservative establishment has to be aware of this and may attempt to pressure whomever they identify as the weakest cucks to withdraw, so here’s hoping that the egos of the cuck candidates keep them in the running to the point of no return. (ie the point at which Trump has too many delegates for a cuckservative ganging up to matter.)

          It’ll be interesting to see the redistribution of support once the first big name cuck throws in the towel. The support of withdrawn candidacies so far has been to small to judge this effect.

          • only poll I’ve seen on this matter shows that, on the average, each withdrawing candidate has 1/2 his vote going to Trump, 1/2 to “others”.

        • And that is why the NH results were just about perfect. They encouraged Bush and Kasich to stay in, and derailed the momentum of Cruz and Rubio.

  2. I agree with you. But there seems to be some concern from Trump supporters on social media that he bloodied himself a bit.

    • That is because they are wrongly listening to the chattering class about the idea that South Carolina loves W. and the Bush clan. Of course, they forget that Jeb is tied right now with Ben Carson for 5/6th place.

      If George W.Bush is so beloved, why is Trump at 42% to Jeb at 6% in the latest CBS poll?

      • I suspect his numbers among “true conservatives” are higher than that, but Trump has activated so many new voters and independents that the conservative base are a much lower percentage of the total electorate.

        • The “Conservative” label has actually expanded to become a representation of a much larger base of energetic voters, with a much broader array of views and positions. The Liberal base has somewhat contracted as far as I can tell, or at the very least it has stayed exactly the same.

          Weren’t Conservative Inc. Cucks always talking about expanding the base and getting ahead of the Democrats and their growing coalition of non-White voters. It seems like that’s not really what they wanted after all.

          Everyone can thank Trump for this phenomenon of making Conservatives much more interesting and energizing than the old farts on the Democrat ticket.

          • Groot is embarrassed for you. Groot always has a laugh at people who can’t even compose an intelligible insult because of how angry they are.

            Groot advises you to take a siesta in your local Home Depot parking lot to chill out, and try again later.

        • We also know that this is nothing new for Trump – it is just that he really drove the point home in a forceful way at last nights debate. Trump has been saying these things since June.

          Everyone who has been supporting Trump has known what his positions were in regards to the Bush family and the Iraq war. It is part of the appeal.

  3. Ÿeb? and his utterly retarded brother Jorge are quite possibly the biggest fucking traitor-goys this country has ever suffered. Worthless chickenhawks unlike their father. I hope and pray that the Trumpenführer is preheating the ovens for both of these detestable neokikeservatives.

  4. Here’s are some perfect examples of how Cucks at National Review are trying to suppress Trump support:

    Most of the ones I’ve come across[Trump supporters] in real life are very respectable, intelligent, intuitive and average middle class Americans who actually work for a living.

    I’ve seen more and more Trump signs around my area and the surrounding areas. I even saw some in a few spots that were more likely to be black/democrat areas.

    See anything there that warrants moderation or deletion?

  5. It was definitely the most entertaining debate so far. Get rid of the Mailman’s Son and the Magic Negro, and leave just Trump, Big Ricky, Pool Boy and Jeb!, for the remaining debates. Then grab the popcorn.

    • John Kasich is a blowhard, who has wildly exaggerated his economic successes. Granted he has been good for the Columbus area, but, he has really done nothing for the rest of Ohio. I seriously doubt he could even come close to beating Trump in Ohio.

  6. Why the heck are there two Cubans in the mix of candidates. Cubans are a tiny minority in the USA—some are refugees, and some are criminals & the mentally ill dumped here by the Communist regime in Cuba.

    One of the Cuban candidates was born in Canada. Does that make the crown prince of Jordan eligible to run. His mother was an American citizen too.

    Anyway all four, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio and Bush have all spent their entire careers sucking on the taxpayer’s tit.

  7. Interesting piece here:–brilliant (“Why Donald Trump’s vicious attack on George W. Bush was so brutally effective — and brilliant”)

    Trump is a political Karl Wallenda: always on the highwire. As I said here, at Occidental Dissent, several months ago, after I erroneously concluded that his first rally, in Mobile, was a bust, I will never again doubt his decisions. My hunch is that last night, he was positioning himself to draw even more of the independents and white Democrats than he’s already pulled his way. Cruz, Rubio, and the others are still fighting for the Republican nomination; but Trump, confident about his securing that, is positioning himself for the general election. He knows as well as anyone does that nothing is certain. Even Karl Wallenda eventually ran out of luck—but he could never be charged with a lack of daring.

    • If Trump is able to form a new political constituency that takes him all the way to the White House, I think we will have seen the most significant realignment of the last 50 years.

      • I think you’re right. In my amateur view, the elections over the past several decades, as the white share of the population has declined, have involved appeal to an electorate imagined as follows:

        45% Republican
        45% Democrat
        10% In the middle

        The elections have turned on that middle ten percent. Each party has tried to hold onto its own forty-five percent and win a majority of that ten. This, incidentally, is why Obama’s popularity has never really sunk below forty-five percent: he has retained the favor of that Democrat group and suffered only variation in his appeal to the middle ten.

        Trump, I think, sees the electorate in a different form:

        50% Center
        25% Committed Democrat
        25% Committed Republican

        He’s targeting that center, with which his sympathies naturally lie. He’s willing to do without some of the true partisans on each side.

  8. Take memes and arguments around to other webpages. It’ll marginally assist Trump if you are funny charming and determined.

  9. J_Bonaccorsi_Philadelphia
    ‘My hunch is that last night, he was positioning himself to draw even more of the independents and white Democrats than he’s already pulled his way.’

    A few times I thought Trump should cool his jets because he was in danger of being perceived as a hot head unable to control his temper.

    I have a sister in law who believes Trump is a brute. She likes Carson because he is nice. His positions are less important to her than his demeanor.

    She is an air head but there are certainly lots more of her kind who are turned off by Trump.

    Question is how many voters did he attract with his aggressive stance pulling the rug out from several cherished GOP narratives.

    Saying Bush did not keep us safe must be causing massive cognitive dissonance. He is correct of course because 9-11 happened on Bush’s watch. Towers pulverized, 3,000 killed. Huge lapses in intelligence and security agencies under Commander in Chief Bush,

    The loud booing certainly had to have made an impression on the viewers who can easily be swayed.

    Interested in post debate poll numbers.

    Personally, I loved how he went full bore Buford Pusser on the establishment and Bush.

    The other main candidates also bloodied themselves and didn’t look all that presidential either.

    • My reaction is the same as yours, Sam: I’m looking forward to the results of the first post-debate poll. Even Charles Krauthammer, who, I’m sure, is no Trump fan, has acknowledged that, last night, Trump “didn’t sit on a lead”:

      PS I myself am rather like your sister-in-law: I like gentle persons, like Ben Carson—but there are other considerations.

    • Women are mostly the ones who don’t like Trump because “he isn’t nice.” It’s a female thing.

      The entire combined superstructure of government plus politicians plus the media has been insulting me and people like me (White men), our values, our culture, our accomplishments, and our civilization for my entire life. They ridicule us. Hold us in scorn, derision and contempt. They could not care less what is good for us and seek only to acquire power and wealth at any and all costs. But when Señor Jeb has to put up with the same kind of crap his kind have been dishing out for decades now, suddenly it’s time to be nice.

    • He is a brute and it makes sense for the decent among us, daft or not, to come to that conclusion. I wouldn’t underline that for a normie but, since it’s settled that all of us on here that are able are voting for Trump anyway, I think we can afford to be transparent here.

  10. Yeah that crowd was believable. People are just naturally passionate about defending the Iraq war because of all the many positives that came from it.

  11. The debate was absolutely delicious. He hammered them. One thing I noticed was how the cucks kept saying we were needed to save the world while Trump wants to save the US. I can’t be the only one that noticed this.

    Trump gives me great joy. I’ve been skeptical about him. That maybe he’s a ringer to scoop up all the Nationalist votes then betray us but I’m really starting to believe that he’s not. That he’s exactly what he says he is. If so we should rejoice.

    • I’ve been rejoicing since the first month of his running. Thank you Donald Trump, my GOD the happiness he’s brought so far is almost immeasurable 🙂 I just pray he stays safe, these cretins are going to really be out for blood now.

      • Speaking of staying safe, the news out now is that Scalia was found with a pillow over his head. At a secluded ranch. No security detail.

        Of all the people to go on Obama’s watch, and on the same day when everyone is distracted by the Republican debate.

        Why’d it have to be Scalia? Ginsburg already looks like a friggin’ skeleton for cryin’ out loud, and this she-devil just keeps forging ahead.

  12. Good stuff in an exchange.

    Bush: While Donald Trump was building a reality TV show my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and I’m proud of what he did.

    Trump: The WTC came down during your brother’s reign. Remember that. That’s not keeping us safe.

    Bush: My mom is the strongest woman I know.

    Trump: She should be running.

  13. Trump is right on the money when it comes to who is being invited to watch the debates. The constant booing by the donor class Jeb! fans is a pathetic attempt to sway voters away from Trump.

  14. Yes, Sir, Mr. Trump made some points that resonate wonderfully well, but, all in all, I thought it was his least successful debate performance, and I’ve watched them all.

    In this debate I did not see clear winner. They all made points and took hits.

    For those as of yet non-aligned, I believe that the exchange between Mr. Trump & Mr. Bush was the salient feature of the debate.

    If Mr. Trump survives Mr. Cruz’s ads, (remarks concerning abortion, the 2nd amendment, and his support of liberal politicans – vis-a-vis the picking of a justice) this week, then he will be absolutely unstoppable to the convention.

    As to the convention : that is very unpredictable.

    This campaign has taken on the tenour of the Jefferson/ Adams election of 1800 – where darkie mistresses provided the main theme.

    • Sir – you are not a fan of Trump. Those of us that are supporters LOVED his performance. LOL! The Darkie Mistresses issue – that’s funny. Human Nature is what it is…..

      • You’re quite right, Miss Denise – as a Tarheel gentleman, the last thing that would please me would be a rancorous Manhattenite.

        That said, I remind you, M’am, that, if Mr. Trump, is the party nominee, or, if he runs on a 3rd party ticket and Senator Cruz is NOT the Republican nominee, rest assured I shall declare for him.

        Though he is not near conservative enough for me, I recognize in him a man of great vitality, sincerity, and innovation; a man of genius, if you will, as Mr. Bonaccorsi would be quick to point out.

        I’m so very glad you enjoy my humour, M’am – some accuse me of being vilely anachronistick and inexcusably dark in my witty broodings, but, I cannot change how I think…

      • Allow me, however, M’am, to state this : I thought that which was most successful about Mr. Trump’s debate performance was his expression of state of mind – of hostility and represst frustration.

        That brings me back to my original point : I do not think this debate was his most successful, in swaying those unaligned, but, happily cede to you and Mr. Griffin his success at bringing joy to his followers.

        Rush Limbaugh was analyzing that Mr. Trump was already after the democrat voters, this because South Carolina is an ‘open primary state’.

        Further, Mr. Limbaugh quoted a leakt Bush inside camp poll, which, just today, shows Mr. Trump at 26 and Mr. Cruz at 24.

        I think Mr. Cruz’s ads are beginning to swing the conservative electorate in his favour, not to mention his ground game.

        That notwithstanding, I still stick with my prediction that Trump will win this primary.

        • ‘Further, Mr. Limbaugh quoted a leakt Bush inside camp poll, which, just today, shows Mr. Trump at 26 and Mr. Cruz at 24.’

          Why are all the other polls contrary to the insider Bush poll?

          Rush has been showing his true stripes lately.

          • Sam, I have no earthly idea. I can say this, however : as it does the Bush camp absolutely no good to get a skewed poll, or to skew it, after the fact, I would tend to rely on that; – particularly in light of the fact this is exactly the same pattern as Iowa – Trump was out front, Cruz closing – Cruz wins by a nose.

            In my daddy’s terms (a thoroughbred racehorse owner) Cruz is a long distance runner, and a hard finisher.

            As Rush’s stripes – he is for Cruz, that is so clear. It has been clear since the national press askt him about Cruz, some months back, and he glowed about him.

            Have a good night ,Sam.

          • Sam – it could be a ruse, of course, but, we don’t know.

            As to this link you sent me, I don’t think it reflects well what I am sensing.

            Further, the other polls I have read show Mr. Trump solidly in command, but, with Cruz closing, with at least 20%.

            With several days left, I expect the Cruz ground campaign to continue to make a difference. That said, I still don’t think Trump will lose, because SC is an open primary.

            I believe that a noticeable minority of negroes will cross over and vote with disgruntled blue collar workers, white nationalists, and evangelicals to give Trump a 5 point victory.

            My gut?

            Trump 32
            Cruz 27

          • I don’t put too much trust in polls but here is another after debate.
            BY JAMIE SELF

            Donald Trump still is leading the S.C. Republican presidential race after the weekend’s explosive GOP debate in Greenville.
            But the race for second place in Saturday’s primary appears to be narrowing.
            Behind Trump, who has 35 percent support in the poll, U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas are tied for second place — at 18 percent each, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released exclusively Monday to The State.
            Ohio Gov. John Kasich is in forth at 10 percent support, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, tied with 7 percent support each.

            Public Policy interviewed 897 likely GOP primary voters Sunday and Monday – the first look at how after Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate affected the race. The poll has a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points.

            The GOP poll suggests Trump’s debate performance – in which he criticized former President George W. Bush for the 9/11 attacks – may not be hurting the front runner in a state that has deep ties to the Bush family.

            The poll also suggests Rubio could be closing the gap on Cruz, who has finished second to Trump in seven out of the eight S.C. polls taken in 2016.

            Read more here:

          • Sam,
            If this primary were not open, I think it would be neck and neck between Mr. Trump & Senator Cruz, with Senator Rubio in a very respectable 3rd; but, it is not, and that has to favour Mr. Trump.

            Rubio seems to be benefitting with the endorsements, and active campaigning of Senator Tim Scott and that popular SC congressman, whose name fails me.

            As far as policy articulations, I certainly don’t think Trump’s debate performance hurt him. Personal decorum is another matter.

            People who otherwise might be quite attracted to Mr. Trump’s positions, are going to shy away from him because he seems so bellicose and vitriolick – he, all week long, whining with, even for him, incredible acridity.

            For those, as of yet unaligned, who are not pisst off, to the inth degree of pissitivty, with the direction of the country, I think they would prefer any other candidate.

            Frankly, I’m surprised that Bush continues to do so poorly, when, to my lights, his personal comportment is the very best in the field.

            I’d like to vote for such a man, but, his policies are just far far afield from mine, I will only do so if he is running against Clinton or Sanders.

            You know, Sam – all polls show that Mr. Trump would get pasted by Miss Hillary, so, it leads me to think that a better route for him would be as a third party candidate. In such a case, his solid, indeed, unmoveable 1/3 of the electorate would prove the winning ticket.

            At the rate things are going, I no longer think that Mr. Trump is going to be the nominee of this party. To many in the establishment dislike him, and they will try to sabotage him, which will make him bolt to an independent bid.

          • No, Mr. Flitz – I am a Tarheel. I simply am an admirer of the late 19th century Russian writer, Nikolai Leskov, whose stories most often were centered around Russian Orthodox and nationalist themes.

  15. Carpetbaggers have looted the store, they have stolen 20 trillion dollars. They used the magic negro to look elsewhere. Trump will make them return the booty.

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