OD Classic Ron Paul: “There is no clash of civilizations with Islam”

(Here’s an OD classic post about the pathetic father and son Lib Libertarian loons Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Ron and Rand Paul seem extremely eager to lick boots, kiss #*$&# of any and all hostile Blacks, Latrinos, 3rd world people and the latest….

Islamic Jihadist, Muslim migrant rapists)

Populist leaders in Western Europe, Scandinavia and all of Eastern Europe are listening to regular people – they are strongly resisting the Islamic mass migrant invasion of the West. Populist leaders like Donald Trump are now doing the same in our country. Why? Because they are on our side and they are not idiots. Plus, they like to win instead of always losing. Opposing Muslim migrant rapist invasions, that’s a winning issue.

But, sadly we still have lots of idiot losers/cuckservatives telling us we have nothing to fear from Islam.

Ron Paul is making Liberty videos reassuring troubled Americans/Westerners that there is no clash of civilizations with Islam and only a tiny percentage of the 1.7 billion Muslims who are violent.

Ron Paul – no clash of civilizations with Islam.

Ron Paul’s brain pretty much died and was frozen 40 years ago. His brain became fixed that everything in the entire world is about free market economics.

We can find this guy on late night obscure cable TV stations preaching about liberty and silver coins or something – in this RP Liberty video Ron argues Muslims can’t hurt or threaten us because they don’t have armies, air forces or navies.

Do we have any linguists here who can some how communicate with old, race denying Libertarian loons like Ron Paul? If so, ask Ron if Muslims don’t have any navies, then how the hell are 2,000 plus migrant Muslims landing on Greek Island beeches every single day? Was he aware that Muslim migrants sexually assaulted, gang raped 700 plus German women on one night – New Year’s eve? Think RP ever read about the Battle of Algiers or the sack/rape of Constantinople? Please explain how Osama Bin Ladin was living in near open luxury in a Pakistani military city? Was 9/11/01 all an inside job and Muslims were just framed and defamed? Is Islam always “a religion of peace”?

We get lots of Ron Paul cult followers here who insist that Rand Paul’s pathetic pandering and racial treasons (Amren traitor of the year) is a big surprise to them – as Ron Paul was supposedly such a solid, leader of our people.

Yeah, right.

I don’t now what other OD readers think about marijuana use, but m’thinks really old and out of it Libertarian loons like RP shouldn’t be toking up and playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” and then dreaming of a utopian libertarian worlds where the entire world will become one and made wealthy and free by making some free market economic reforms.

Can someone please put a pillow on this old guy’s mouth? Or how about booking him on a Libertarian FM economics lecture tour in Iraq, Somalia or better yet Malmo Sweden? Ron Paul still likes to appear with his Sh** eating smiling son. Though arch cuckservative Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign collapsed (thanks in large part to us) Rand Paul is still a US Senator from Kentucky and can expect to enjoy a healthy, wealthy personal/political life like WI Congressman Paul Ryan. The powers that be like Southern hating, white hating Libertarian cuckservatives who pander to anything and everything that attacks our people and our culture. Rep. Paul Ryan’s pathetic Vice President campaign in 2012 where Paul Ryan lost his own state of Wisconsin – he was rewarded with the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives. M’thinks cuckservative Rand Paul will be similarly rewarded.

As for the father Ron Paul – well these types never really ever go away. Old race denying Libertarians never die – they just…

Never die.


  1. Hunter,

    I posted this one. It’s totally your call if you want to take this down, if you feel it’s repetitive, beating a (not quite) dead horse.

    I feel it is important to do the simply things exposing the truth about the worst cuckservatives – guys like George Will or Newt Gingrich enjoying soft, easy rich lives.

    The race/culture denying Libertarian cult is a huge problem for Americans, much less so for Western Europeans or British people. Libertarianism is presented in the USA as one of the only alternatives to PC, cultural marxism, all powerful Obama/Hillary welfare state. So many high IQ whites, Southerners go for this Libertarian cult when they are college students because it’s presented as the only option available, plus there are so many good, healthy looking White people or wealthy Hollywood people promoting it and it offers young people unlimited freedom, eternal youth without real responsibilities.

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul are just 2 members of this race denying Libertarian cult – but they were the most promoted members of the cult this last 20 years. Both were elected to Congress, US Senate.

    I agree that I/we shouldn’t be obsessed with Ron Paul and Rand Paul as they’ve been driven for the most part off the national stage. But, every once in a while ~ 2 to 3 months, I think it is OK to just present the truth what these 2 cuckservatives are up to, spreading the same old nonsense. All should understand that this race denying Constitutionalist Libertarian cult is always ALWAYS lurking around race realist, Alt Right places like our place. Like dealing with vampires, never welcome them across the threshold in to your/our homes or….

    They will never leave.

    • It’s people like you who fought for Jew banksters against the South, against Europe, and now against the world.

      • You know, Lincoln and his abolitionists talked incessantly about the “clash of civilizations” between north and South. Because they wanted to destroy everything they didn’t control!

      • And you are now fighting for….

        THE WORLD

        Oh dear – might as well have John Lennon and Yoko Ono “imaging” a world where there are no nations, no divisions of races, religions everyone living together in one World, only yours is some Libertarian loon fantasy world.

        No. Don’t think so.

        We ain’t the world

        Islamic areas of Iraq and Syria have child sex slave auctions – worst parts of Paki Muslim areas of not so merry old England have brutal sexually grooming gangs of young English girls.

        We most definitely ARE NOT THE WORLD – we aren’t cuckservatives trying to look the other way when the nastiest Muslims rape our wives and daughters (they also like White boys).

        If you and others want to honestly stand up for the Palestinians and oppose the worst Jewish, Zionists, Finance Capitalist forces, people – sure by all means do so – only try to be effective, don’t back 80 year castled Libertarian Constitutionalist presidential campaigns/crusades.

        • Too late, Jack, the (((cat’s))) out of the bag. We, the people would rather hang your tribe than go to war against the world.

    • “jaye ellis

      3 hours ago


      I posted this one. It’s totally your call if you want
      to take this down, if you feel it’s repetitive, beating a (not quite)
      dead horse.”

      IOW, do you mind me injecting a little GOPe propaganda?

  2. To think I once supported this guy!
    Libertarianism is rendering itself just as irrelevant as cuckservatism.

    • Don’t go hard on yorese’lf, Mr. Whitaker : Ron Paul was, just 4 years back, a thousand miles better than any other candidate, ‘cept for Jefferson Davis, but, he warn’t runnin’.

      • Did you listen to the RP vid?

        RP says that the 1.8 Billion Muslims are no threat to us because Muslims don’t have navies….

        What $&#&*$ planet is this cuckservative living on?

        Muslim navies landed 1 million plus invading Muslim migrants in to Europe last year 2015.

        600 plus German women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s eve – by these Muslim migrant rapists that’s one #*&%# night!

        How can you enable this terrible, lying traitor?

        • They could never get through if not for their acceptance by western governments. So who is the devil, those who take advantage or those who betray?

          And why do they betray? Because they’re on the payroll.

          And who would further their “clash of civilizations” (between an advanced western society and a stone age semitic one) agenda? Jack Ryan.

          • None of that excuses Paul’s delusional position on the issue. How I wish that old nut would hurry up and croak.

          • Ron was a racist, although he would never admit it. His son was a child of anti-racism bullshit. That’s all there is to the Pauls.

            Would we be better off with McCain, Romney or Obama in charge? Me thinks not.

          • He was a private racist, yes, just like millions of other Americans. This is not reflected in any of the policies he has ever supported, however.

            McCain, Romney and other cucks are certainly not the only alternatives to Ron Paul.

          • The heart of the problem and worse than the Jews. The traitors, aka those that look like us but have no loyalty to us, enable the Jews and work hand in glove with them.

          • You notice how these posters didn’t take notice of the shiny new Toyotas that the ISIS combatants are driving. By the hundreds, perhaps thousands no less. Complete with the ISIS logo. And, the weapons, where do they get the weapons these backward Muzzies? Is it possible the West accidentally misses their targets and drops the grenade launchers in ISIS camps? How did they get ICBM’s?

            They focus on the Muzzies raping in Germany yet little hatred against Merkel. What’s the difference between migrants and an invading army? An invading army rapes the women! The army was let in and given top priority. Merkel is the problem and the Muslims are a symptom!!!

            Is it just a coincidence that the whole Western World is experiencing the same thing at the same time? Wow, history has an agenda.

            Perhaps it is the Greater Israel Plan or just the march toward one world government? Or is that just a conspiracy?

        • They’re not migrants, it’s an invading army. Refocus. It’s Merkel. She’s the problem as is Hollande and Cameron and Obama and every other Western leadership traitor. They all work for the same boss. It’s not coincidence. You can remove all the Muslims from the equation and we still have a huge problem. HUGE.

      • Yes I did. I despise the neocohens too but I detected nothing in Paul’s address which indicated that HE would do anything to stop the 3rd world invasion of White countries. On the contrary, If governments stopped war mongering and free markets reigned we would all get along, even as we become a minority in our OWN countries.

        I gathered by what he didn’t address that White Genocide means nothing more to libertarians than it does liberals or cuckservatives.

        • What he explained was that (((those who control western governments))) are intentionally bringing these problems to the west.

        • Tell me which candidate is addressing white genocide? Not one yet you focus only on Paul? Trump is not addressing white genocide. His statements only show a focus on the terrorism aspect of Muslim immigration. And, a subtle hint about the war on Christianity. Could it be on his mind? Of course. I think Trump is fully aware of race issues but I also believe he genuinely wants to help all Americans that are worthy of his help. Not the parasites.

          • Trump knows what’s going on. But they all do. The difference is that Trump is the most likely to change the picture. Not guaranteed or anything but all of the others obviously are owned. It’s worth the gamble.

          • Trump is capitalizing on the massive, justifiable White anger against all political shades. No other candidate is doing this. Trump is not pro-White, explicitly or implicitly. Maybe he will reveal himself as such eventually, maybe not. What Trump is doing, consciously or not, is bringing down the anti-White order. That’s enough for me. It’s something Ron Paul would never do.

  3. The Muslim invasion of Europe could be orders of magnitude scarier than the new years rape fest. We already know that “French”/”German”/”British”/”Euro” citizens are travelling to fight in the middle east and returning to Europe without any consequence. This in addition to thousands of fighters of assorted nationalities coming in with the mass of regular rapefugees. Imagine what 10,000 combat trained muslims could do to a single European country. You could have 500 20-man teams of gunmen simultaneously attack 500 different densely populated targets. If each gunman kills an average of 20 people, you have an attack that is almost 100x as devastating as 9/11. Even worse if they targeted young white women and children, which would destroy Europe’s demographics well into the future.
    Whenever the Syrian war ends it is guaranteed to leave 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of angry young combat trained Muslims with nothing to do, and Europe sitting unguarded and wide open to the north.

    • Unfortunately, most people aren’t listening to common sense voices.
      Western leaders are bringing in more koranimals by the day.

  4. Typical Libertardian Behavior. For these guys, it’s all about economics. It’s almost as if they’re autistic.

    Fortunately I’ve never been tempted by the libertardian impulse, but I notice a lot of Alt-Righters have a libertardian background.

    • There are many reasons for this.

      Libertarianism appeals to high IQ White college students – who enjoy the freedom of being away from their parents without the responsibilities of being a husband, father, member of some community.

      It’s like little children who don’t like bed time rules, rules against eating candy and soda pope and want to throw tantrums or be Peter Pan – the boy who never grew up.

    • Young folks are more inclined to try out all kinds of novelties. Thy don’t want to admit that the wheel turns when it’s round – not triangular.
      The ALT-Rights, from the loony left backgrounds, what saw what’s in front of their lying eyes are the ones that are smart enough to understand that their eyes are not lying.

    • If you read some libertarian literature, you’ll see that much of it is actually quite powerfully argued. It’s not at all surprising that it excites young people’s imagination, as in, “Yes, yes, if only we did this, wow, the wonders we could create in our world!” This effect is exaggerated when libertarianism is the first political ideology they’ve seriously contemplated. Fortunately, evidence abounds that people are capable of outgrowing this early fascination.

  5. Ron Paul is right on the money; although he obviously resents Trump’s handling of his son.

    Do we want Moslems in the west? Certainly not. But what Paul points out is that the invading Moslems aren’t doing it on their own. It is the (((neo-cons))) who have been pulling the strings in the west for the past century. THEY are the biggest threat.

    Jack Ryan, infamous McCain/Romney supporter, is trying to further the “clash of civilizations” narrative. That Jewish narrative is their traditional MO, setting all their enemies against each other. Purposely rubbing them against us (and especially in Europe) in order to get our support for more wars in the middle east is their goal. And Jack Ryan encourages this.

    For a better idea of how awakened Americans feel about this, read the youtube comments for Paul’s video.

    HW, why do you continue to let this idiot write for your otherwise brilliant site? Your essays are outstanding. What’s with this neo-con, race-mixing Republican from Chicago?

    • If (((western leaders))) wanted to halt Moslem immigration they could do it with the flip of a pen. What does that tell you?

      • Thank God Trump understands this and only talks about bombing to get elected. Apparently that’s how stupid Americans are!

      • 85% plus of these Muslim male migrants don’t read, they are illiterate. All of the writing of pens have no influence on them.

        The reality is these Muslim male migrant mobs are mobs of Orks. Did Theoden, Aragorn try to get the mobs of Orks to stop by waiving some piece of paper, a constitution written with the pens of sincere Libertarians?


    • How hard is it for Ron Paul supporters to simply make him stop saying and doing insane, treasonous things about the Muslim mass rape of our women and girls?

      That’s the definition of a “cuckservative” a White man who sits by and allows Blacks, the worst (North African, Turk, Somalian) Muslims to rape their wives and daughters – that is what is so clearly happening now all over Western Europe and the UK. Virtually all Central and Eastern European leaders and regular people see this and they see this clearly and they SAY NO – absolutely NO, we will not sit by quietly and allow a 1 million plus Muslim male migrant invasion of rapists! WT*?

      Are you one of those castrated cuckservatives? What’s wrong with you?

      • See? They can’t convince you that Moslems have superior technology so they flood your countries with shit and expect you to get back on board with their worldwide wars. Get real.

        If any of those countries wanted to stop the rapes and murders they could easily do so. They have the power. What they lack is the will. Because they are subservient to DC, which you empower by reinforcing their “clash of civilizations” war propaganda.

        • Sweden has never participating or supported Neo Conservative wars in the ME, Sweden, Swedish people consistently take the Palestinian side over the Israelies accuse Israelis and American supporters as being as bad as racist White Aparheid South Africa.

          Do the Muslims leave these nice Swedes alone? No the worst Muslim male migrants invade Sweden in highest % of any White country. Sweden has the highest rape rate in any country outside of Black Africa.

          Malmo is a 3rd world Muslim hell.

          OK, so appeasing Muslims, avoiding Neo Con Jew wars it doesn’t make the Muslims leave White nations alone. It doesn’t work.

          the Muslims, Blacks, 3rd world people of color ONLY respect White men, White nations who are tough and fight for their people. ME Arabs respect Vladimir Putin, they do not respect cuckservatives like Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

      • Hey, White Americans: Who are more likely to rape or murder your sisters, daughters and wives, Moslems or your own home grown niggas? So where’s the war call against black Africa?

        Think about it.

        • We don’t like or tolerate home grown Black N**&**( or invading North African, ME afro Arab Muslim to rape or insult our women, girls our people.

          Eastern European Whites (Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians) do not tolerate either group nor do they tolerate mass Muslim/Black migrant immigration invasions.

          Why must we choose either horrible group?

          We are not cuckservatives.

          Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the overwhelming majority of idiot, open border Libertarian loons to tolerate the rape of our women, girls and boys – that’s why they are hated as the worst cuckservatives.

          Life isn’t complicated.

          Start taking your own side. Don’t be a cuckservative.

        • One fun argument used to be that if we have cause to war with anyone, it would be Mexico.

          But warring with Mexico wouldn’t serve Israel, so…

  6. Libertarianism along with liberalism is an ideology of suicide. LIbertarianism appeals to selfish people who do not wish to acknowledge the debt they owe to their ancestors and the obligation they owe to their posterity.

  7. Decades ago I subscribed to his mailer. Liked some of his ideas especially concerning the Fed. However, my sympathies have shifted over the years. His quote about Islam is absolutely insane. His kid also is a total cuck fruit cake.

        • Geez, they are related. What would you expect?

          See, in your simple mind, if they look alike they must be identical in thought. This is the idiotic Americanism that go us where we are today.

          • Do you have any evidence a single statement, e-mail that Ron Paul opposes, rebukes any of the worst ever traitorous comments by Rand Paul?

            I have never seen one.

          • We had lengthy discussions on Ron Paul and his positions here when he was running for president. Some of us were on his bandwagon but jumped off.

          • I was a Ron Paul supporter but didn’t agree with him on a lot of issues. But, he knew what was going on and who was behind it. Doubt he would have been able to fix anything but he was worthy of my vote compared to all the other political whores running at that time.

          • That is my entire point concerning Ron Paul. Regardless of his flaws he was infinitely better than his opponents and the only one who deserved our vote. Not to mention that the Romney people destroying his ballots virtually guaranteed a backlash. Heil Sir Donald!

          • I certainly didn’t vote for McCain. Obama was better than McCain. I’m nobody, but I posted back then against McCain. When he won the nomination, I was… unhappy.

    • Around the time of his bid for nomination in 2008, someone posted an audio clip of him taking a call from a listener on some radio program from the 1980s. The caller was complaining about all the weird and wonderful people immigration was bringing into Los Angeles. Ron gave him an avuncular reproof about the immigration issue that totally avoided addressing a single one of the listener’s concerns. It was cuckservatism avant la lettre. He’s still at it, of course. Unz.com posted an article from him about illegal immigration last year, in which recommended that “liberty be our guide.” IE, open borders. The man is a total maggot who has nothing but nothing but nothing to offer anything calling itself the alt-right.

      • Yes I posted that terrible Ron Paul appearance on CSPAN where Ron Paul tries to reassure some enraged regular White guy in California that mass Mexican 3rd world immigration is just great for the USA

        Any minor problems associated with this mass migration invasion is due to too much US border control

        What a $@@”” loon

        • Another attack you can hit them with is how they want to integrate the global economy.

          1. It doesn’t prevent war. Past global integration didn’t prevent the world wars.

          2. If you want to create an empire, you need to equalise wages and increase diversity of the component parts of the empire. And you also want to tie the economic powers to the larger arrangement, so that their support is to the new empire, not to the smaller polities.

          And the libertarians are pursuing just this. So, when TPP rises looking like the first steps towards a larger empire, it’s natural to blame the libertarians even though they oppose such “managed trade”.

          3. Sam Francis used to call free trade “economic ethnic cleansing”.

          4. Capitalism naturally wants to expand. Marx was right on this, or at least right in what he said about free trade being inherently unconservative, breaking down barriers.

          You’re just like me. You have good arguments. You just don’t always think before you post, and you’re too ready to fight when it comes to politics. Or at least that’s my impression. I don’t mean that to be an attack on you.

          There are also additional arguments one can make against “free trade”.

  8. I can’t believe OD needs a lesson on Jewish behavior, but here goes.

    1. Arrange for the very graphic attack on the World Trade Center in NYC.

    2. Invade the middle east in retaliation.

    3. Once enthusiasm for middle eastern wars has dried up, force feed Moslems into Europe and stage attacks “by them” in the US & elsewhere. In other words, convince White people that they must go to war (endlessly) against these people who would otherwise be no threat to anyone. No, this ain’t the tenth century; absent these Jew provocations neither White nor Moslem would be “crusading” on the others’ territory.

    4. Find Americans, like Jack Ryan,who are too simpleminded to appreciate important details and too used to following the script. Give them a pen. After all, ‘Jack Ryan’ sounds more believable than Schlomo Horowitzsteinberg.

    • Your comment violates OD comment guidelines explicitly prohibiting will conspiracy theory Sci fin lunacy.

      the 9/11/01 terrorist mass slaughter of our people in New York City was done by Mohamed Ata and his murderous Islamic crew foolishly let in to our country to attend flight school in Florida on unsupervised student visas.

      For those of you who want to concentrate on REAL Jewish anti White policies and people, focus on the FACT that virtually all Jewish American elected officials and the Jewish media support, demand near open borders immigration in to the USA, Europe, Australia the West – at the same time these forces work to make Israel a Jewish ethno state.

      We/I wrote about these REAL Jewish policies flooding our country with the worst 3rd world terrorists, rapists etc – and the Jews have been doing this a long, long time like in 15th century Spain – Jews got expelled from Spain for taking the Muslim Moor side against Whites, being usurious tax collectors, supplying White girls for Muslim sex slaves – they’re still doing this.

      So when people like you deny that White Western people have any real problems with Arab/Muslims and any “minor” problems are all caused by secret Jewish plots – we say a loud no.

      Muslims really are invading Europe, the West – 2,000 plus Muslim men use (low tech) Muslim navies to invade, land on Greek beeches EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s nothing new – read up on honest history lessons on the Battle of Algiers the sack of Constantinople or the 700 year Arab Muslim Moor occupation of Spain. 700 years is a bit long for a false flag operation.

      And what more thing….

      Get a life.

      • “jaye ellis

        Marc Bahn

        28 minutes ago

        Your comment violates OD comment guidelines explicitly prohibiting will conspiracy theory Sci fin lunacy.

        Spoken like a true believing commissar.

        • Good old Jackie wanted to have me banned for disputing the lunatic posts of Rabbi JewSpite.
          Never forget.

          • I don’t understand why he’s allowed to post articles here. His writing is nowhere near the line of political thought, much less the quality of HW. WTF?

          • I would much prefer, in fact I would love, if he would have something concrete and applicable. But this is like going after George III in 1787. He’d still be wrong of course but at least it would be relevant.

          • Y’all’re taking this condemnation overfar. No, I don’t follow this site regularly, at all.

            “jaye ellis”, if that is Jack Ryan, just gave you a poorly thought out reply is all. Let it be. Y’all aren’t actually in disagreement… are you? Everyone opposes Muslim immigration. Everyone opposes the wars. Where’s the disagreement?

          • Yeah, Wile E. Hibernigger is the one who is always looking to censor the regulars.

            For example, I got into polytricks as a LibberToon back in the 1990s and was kicked out at the Moronsouri and ZOG level by 1998. I even sued the Missouri LibberToons.

            But Wile E. Hibernigger simply gotta whine about them LibberToons even though they have diddled theyselfs into irrelevancy. This year, as Newton County LibberToon Party Chairman, I got a list of LibberToon candidates in Moronsouri Presidential Primary. None of these tards have ever been heard of before. Since as a “White Supremacist” and thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller I am not allowed to run as a federal, state and local candidate as a Republicuck, Demonocrat, CONstipationalist, or LibberToon, I’ll have to put Roxie back on the ballot as Sheriff and have done with running as a write-in claiming that a vote for me means that you don’t have to pay taxes because they don’t allow representational government. I’m thinking of selling “tyranny indulgences” to the Russians, Chinks, and Africoon niggers. Why should they listen to ZOGshit about holding open, free, honest [s]elections when Mo-ZOG doesn’t allow “White Supremacists” but allows niggers to run means that nobody needs to obey government laws or pay taxes because it is not theys’ criminal regime.

            The entire point in supporting Trump is so that Trump can diddle the System in general and the Republicucks buttt good. Whigger Nutsionalist pages should advocate no solution other than letting things run further off the rail.

            Wile E. Hibernigger is simply bitching about something which happened several months ago to pretend to be one of us. If he was one of us would he be threatening to censor you Denise, or somebody else?

            The LibberToons imploded as LibberToons do all the time. Jack Ryan / Wile E. Hibernigger had nothing to do with it. He’s like the cockeral who crowed and thought it made the sun cum up. It didn’t. Nothing wrong with the crowing, butt still, it doesn’t mean that the lil’ critter gets to dry-hump your leg and tell you that it is gonna bring down the rain as well.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Chairman, Newton County LibberToon Party

          • Thank you. you are correct. “Libertarianism” is a niche boutique faction. This would work wonderfully in a nice, middle class, White social order. But alas we don’t have that sort of world.
            Old Jackie allowed the psycho-Hebe to insult every-one, an call me all kinds of names. I fought back – and Jackie called for MY banning. Immediately. Over nothing. Kikespite was sucha relentless discourse-poisoner, and so insulting of every-one, including the owner of this blog, that Hunter had t ban him. AFTER a vote. I didn’t get the benefit of a vote. I was to be banned. Period.
            How totally Commie.
            I haven’t forgotten – and won’t.
            You are totally correct about Trump’s raison d’etre, as well. Thanks, again.

          • I’ve run as a federal or state candidate in every single political party with ballot access in Missouri since 1994, starting with the LibberToons. When I ran for U.S. Senate in 2000 as a Reform Party candidate I was denounced for racism by Pat Buchanan. The thing to rememiber is that all these political parties are full of politicians. The minor political parties are full of old senile whiggers who just gotta worship niggers in order to show that they “ain’t racist.”

            So whenever an open racist like myself shows up, they just gotta put theys’ peckers on the scale to show that they don’t agree with what at least half of their actual membership thinks. The end result is being purged. The only reason that I’ve not been purged from Newton County Missouri LibberToon Party is that I’m the only one who bothers to run at the precinct level. Upon being elected by default, I promptly re-elect myself and Roxie. Since Roxie is a woman, they don’t dare kick her off the ballot.

            Let’s understand something: There is no way that less than five percent of us are going to keep the rest of the whigger ass-clowns from going the way of all mighty Evil Empires which destroyed their founding stock and were destroyed. Rather, come the collapse we must simply take power as a ruthless minority seizing power and take advantage of using our superior abilities to establish a series of Ten-Thousand petty dictatorships, much like happened in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. There shall be a collapse, and we should not gainsay the conditions which will lead us to revolution, chaos, and balkanization — which is a good thing.

            Anyone calling himself a White Nationalist should gloat about the inevitable collapse which will save us — and only us — if we be ruthless and determined enough.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
            Chairman, Newton County LibberToon Party

          • Right again you are! I am active on a local level. I was at a meeting tonight FYI – I am known as an open racist. My hubby is very well known and respected. A few of the politically active woman loathe me – one of the local Big Wigs HATES MY GUTS – but she’s a stupid crazy beeyich and every-one knows it. She tried to embarrass me once, over my “racism” – and it didn’t work. HA! The guys think I’m hilarious, because most folks are very sedate, sober, Upright Citizen types. I’m known as a useful Political Pitbull – I’ll say things and take actions that the reasonable types won’t. I’ll useful for being sicced on political rivals. I don’t run for office because I am simply too busy in 3D world. I don’t have the time to be consistent. Should my time ever free up – I’m sure I’d have no problem getting elected to local office. So good on you for running!
            You are correct on what’s going to happen. I watched a bit of the Sanders/Clinton Gibs Me Dat Townhall fest, hosted by Telemundo. The audience consisted of every type of shit skinned Orc that’s crawled here, from their slimy hole of origin, babbling en espanol, and Whitish Hebe-ish fags. Bernie the Jew and Shrillary couldn’t grovel deeply enough – promising one more lavish and hallucinatory Gibs after another. All oppression is due to RAAAYCISSM!
            Ruthless, merciless Black Flag War fiefdoms ahead, built in the rubble of Civilizational collapse? Yes. Please. Thank you.

          • I’d love for the political climate to change drastically enough so that afternoon talk shows would be filled with listeners echoing these comments.

            I watched a bit of the Sanders/Clinton Gibs Me Dat Townhall fest, hosted by Telemundo. The audience consisted of every type of shit skinned Orc that’s crawled here, from their slimy hole of origin, babbling en espanol, and Whitish Hebe-ish fags. Bernie the Jew and Shrillary couldn’t grovel deeply enough – promising one more lavish and hallucinatory Gibs after another. All oppression is due to RAAAYCISSM!

          • Wow, I wasn’t here then. But I should have suspected.

            I love HW’s writing style and more so his thirst for historical knowledge. Still can’t figure out where JR comes in. Maybe from the blade days.

          • Jack Ryan s got a point. Crazy conspiracyconspiracy theory believing dogs and pigs talking abt non existent entities wouldn’t be able to differentiate. These pigs are better off posting in daily stormer and other lunatic sites. No place here in sensible areas like this one.

          • I just want to point out that the libertarian movement is neither a creation of Jews or a mechanism controlled by Jews. As to why, that part is easy. It’s anti-monopoly for starters. That alone should have free-minded white men flocking to it.

          • Oh, Denise, I am so sorry I missed your responses to his banishment order. It must have been hysterical. I didn’t come here for a while because of all the attacks by our supposed like-minded warriors.

            I was attacked for conspiracy angles a few years back. Hunter defended me. I think I was posting under Joanne Dee back then.

            I often visit the website “The Irish Savant” (I see you there, too) and the Europeans are so much more civil with each other. Disagreement without the low blow attacks and ridicule. Of course, they are also more awake and willing to learn why others believe what they do. They actually do research. And, they know who the real culprits of our problems are.

          • I remember you! Welcome back.
            My response was not terribly outré, at the time, because when I get REALLY pissed I go silent……and wait.
            Jackie outed himself but good, on that one. I awaited Hunter’s reaction. I think he was out of town, at a wedding, when the exchange occurred. I thought Hunter was playing a little game, waiting for Jew spite to really make every loathe him, and he did. Celestial Time even began making pointed comments regarding ovens, to the Zhid. Jack began to walk back his fawning, but by their bagels and lox ye shall know them.
            Then – the Trial.
            Hunter did not fail the Stalwarts of this site. I knew he would not fail.

            PS – The Savant – I agree 100%. I wirte comments occasionally, but I get so involved in reading and then research the content of the regular Commentors posts that I forget to actually write something. The Savant himself is a gentleman, a scholar, and a graceful, pithy and witty diarist. I adore him!

          • Thanks. Yes, Hunter is very fair and loyal. He may disagree but he doesn’t banish his followers. It is a very wise decision on his part but I think it’s just a genuine fairness in him.

            Yes, The Irish Savant is an oracle of sorts and a true gentleman. I’d love to meet him. They are just different on that side of the Atlantic. I see Fr John comment once in a while as well. I post comments anonymously because I often don’t register on sites or sign into Disqus, etc.

        • “Your comment violates OD comment guidelines explicitly prohibiting wild conspiracy theory Sci fin lunacy.”

          Just like a Leftist. They don’t argue a point, they shut it down. Salivating for a “good boy” moment.

          Defending the sniveling Southern apologist, George Wallace, and relentlessly attacking a candidate who wanted to restore our Constitutional freedoms. I don’t get it. If Wallace was in office today, he would take down the Confederate flag.

          In this day and age, it is impossible to understand why anyone would not see that some conspiracies are real. I wouldn’t even call a lot of them conspiracies. They openly state what they’ve done, what they are doing and what they plan to do. Go read James Clapper’s comments on smart appliances. The ones he made in February 2016. BTW, he’s the Director of National Intelligence.

          It’s not a war on terror, it’s a war on us and our freedoms.

          Muslims are a tool. Our problem is much bigger! Follow the money and the people that print it out of thin air.

          Jack isn’t simple-minded, he doesn’t like dissent.

    • I assume Jack Ryan opposes meddling in the Middle East. I think Jack Ryan’s argument is we shouldn’t allow so many Muslims to immigrate into Europe and America. Europe is supposed to be… European.

  9. Where was this “inevitable clash of civilizations” 30 years ago? It didn’t exist!

    When Donald Trump is elected, you want to see how quickly this “inevitable clash of civilizations” is brought to nought?

    • Marc Bahn writes:

      “Where was this “inevitable clash of civilizations” 30 years ago? It didn’t exist!”

      I respond no it was definitely in some places you just weren’t paying attention to these places

      Study up on the French Algerian conflict – all out race/culture war between White European civilization and Arab 3rd world anti White Islam.

      1 million plus White French Pied Noir were ethnically cleansed (those not killed) from French Algeria – virtually the same thing happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe – and these horrors where our side actually fought had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with US support for Israel or free market Libertarian economics.

      • What about America? Or did you forget that?

        I’d be happy to debate things like the ridiculous capitulation of French Algeria, but let’s do that on it’s own. IOW, no sidetrack.

        • Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan, Hunter Wallace and I, Vladimir Putin, Jean Marie Le Pen and his daughter, beautiful grand daughter understand the Jewish problem(s) clearly. We are not naive or soft on this issue.

          We also understand the Arab/Turk/Black, mongrel Muslim problems and how they relate to the Jewish problems.

          We’re on the White side.

          Race denying, Libertarian Constitutionalism now is completely irrelevant and counter productive to the survival and revival of our people on planet earth.

          Any White man who now insists that there is no clash of civilization and we really shouldn’t have many, any problems with the 1.8 billion non White Muslims if only we were nice to them and didn’t make a big fuss when millions of Muslim migrant men invade our countries and rape our women, girls and boys….

          Cuckservatives – and expect to be outed and doxed. We must make it a reality very, very soon that the Ron Paul, Rand Paul cuckservative Libertarian traitors must stop having safe, easy, soft, rich lives – no let them share their space with the worst Islamic rapists, cut throats.

          • Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan, Vladimir Putin and Jean Marie Le Pen ALL deny being racist. I don’t know about HW. So what’s your point? Pretending to be a tough guy? You’re as scary as Lindsey Graham!

            BTW, SC is going much heavier for Trump than did your plains Amurricans in Iowa. At least SC has a history of being shit on by your beloved government. What’s the farmers’ excuse?

  10. BTW, I’m not a libertarian. I consider myself much more a Hitlerian! But Paul is trying to point out the works of the devil to you, however imperfect he may be. Jack Ryan is delivering the message of (((the establishment))). Sure, they pronounce their compassion, in public speeches. But they encourage your hatred by deliberately importing them. Wake the fuck up! It is your own (((leaders))) who deserve to be hanged from lampposts rather than sending your sons to fight another enemy of THE JEWS!

    • Vladimir Putin doesn’t send Russian boys to fight Jew wars – another reason Jewish Neo Conservatives the Jewish Lugenpresse “lying press” hates Putin.

      Vladimir Putin also, doesn’t let the worst (chetnian) Muslims rape Russian women or girls or slaughter Russians. When Islamic terrorists put bombs on Russian commercial and military airplanes, Vladimir Putin meets with Russian military leaders, Russian intelligence to identify who did it and also who their friends and relatives are – those responsible are killed or exhiled to forced labor camps in Siberia.

      Google the image that happened to the worst Jewish Olicarch of Yukos Oil who tried to set up American Jewish media in Russia, challenge Russian nationalists. Putin put this Yid in a public cage and then sent him to yes, forced labor camp in Siberia. His the photo:


      Ok, understand Vladimir Putin, Hunter Wallace and I are real White men, not cuckservatives like Ron Paul and Rand Paul.

      If you want to barf your lunch, look at the videos of Ron Paul on CNN with ex AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer where Ron Paul cries that he wasn’t in any way racist and that he never wrote or even read his own Ron Paul newsletters where there were mean things said about Black rioters, rapists, MLK Jr. and the Israeli Lobby.

      What a pathetic sorry excuse for a Whiteman, the ultimate cuckservative – to break down and cry, give up just because Marty Peretz the homosexual, Jewish Zionist editor of the Lib Dem New Republic called RP a Racist.

      Pathetic and rather typical.

      • Donald Trump denies that he is a racist. Everybody in America, especially political candidates, does. So what’s your point? This ain’t Russia, it’s TV America where writers like you blame Ron Paul for something or other. What, exactly?

        • This post of mine was altered. Not by me.

          In the first sentence I included Donald Trump, Vlad Putin, Pat Buchanan and Jean Marie Le Pen.

          Why was it altered, Jack?

          You’re no different than pretend-conservative Rafael Cruz,

  11. Muslims are the shock troops of the NWO. So are blacks. So are Hispanics. All are used as weapons against Europeans/Western Civilization here and abroad. How come no focus on who brings them in? Was it a Muslim who changed our immigration policy? Did Muslims benefit from 9/11? Do our presidential candidates have to kiss the ring of a Muslim to get elected? Rest assured Muslims are being shown we are their enemy.

    Successful warfare is void of petty emotions. Critical analysis, absent of others’ influence, is a necessity. Step back and take a good look. Muslims are merely a tool.

    Jack won’t say it but I think another tribe is the mastermind of it all.

    Jack, your attacks on Ron Paul are old. Real old. Father and son are history. Time to move on to today’s problems. Certainly there must be a present day villain that you can set your sights on?

    • “Jack, your attacks on Ron Paul are old. Real old. Father and son are history.’

      I respond:

      I agree that they are their cult have been pushed off the stage a bit, at least off the presidential campaign stage – but they aren’t dead. Neither is the cult, it’s mostly all talk in this cult. But this terrible race denying, Constitutionalist, economic conservative pandering talk is still one of the best ways some Cuckservative get secure a rich, easy life in BRA.

      Look at cuckservative economic Conservative Libertarian WI Rep. Paul Ryan. He was recently made Speaker of the House of Representatives! That’s the second most powerful office in the United States!

      So this Libertarian Economic Cuckservative Cult isn’t dead – lots of folks want to be like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and really the founder of this cuckservative BRA pandering cult

      Jack Kemp.

      I agree we/I shouldn’t waste too much time on Ron Paul now, just understand this cuckservative Libertarian cult isn’t dead. It will be around to haunt us.

      • Every political post you write is an attack on Ron Paul! Give it up.

        Obviously there’s something about Ron Paul that you cannot get out of your hate-zone. Covering it with GOPe propaganda explains a lot.

      • Oh boy.

        Hey, Jack, George Wallace, for most of his career, was a Democrat. Does that put him on board with Obama?

        Your attempts to destroy Ron Paul’s message, however imperfect, in favor of McCain/Romney bullshit is so transparent I can’t believe you have the chtuzpah to post it here.

        Is there anybody here who thinks Rand Paul or Paul Ryan are anywhere near Ron Paul’s position of disemboweling the Empire? Guilt by association has long been a favorite of (((you know who))).

        • from the 1850s to the mid 1960s the Democrat party in the South was the pro White Southern party. Wallace was right to be a Democrat then.

          Things change.

          Sometimes things change for the better.

          Eastern Europe and Russia have changed, they are now on our side, pro White, pro West, jew aware, Islam resisting good leaders, solid people.

          Why can’t you change – and just admit that this Ron Paul Libertarian Constitutionalist, race denying cult isn’t now on our side?

          What’s wrong with you?

          • I’m not here to defend libertarianism, Jack. I don’t particularly care for it. But it beats Jew government.

            Why do you beat this horse, if not as cover for reviving GOPe worldwide warfare?

    • We’re written honestly about REAL, not wild, crazy J conspiracy theories.

      Yes, Virginia – American Jews do really suck on immigration. They suck so bad that they’re working to flood the USA, Europe, UK the West with the worst 3rd world Muslim rapists.


      So, are we all clear on the simple basic fact that flooding Europe, UK, Scandinavia Australia, Alabama with 1 million plus Muslim male rapist migrants a year – that that is a bad thing?

      That seems rather basic to me and it’s also reality that the worst anti White Blacks, Muslims and yes anti White Jews all support the mass Muslim rapist migrant invaders of the West.

      Jews got kicked out of Spain in the 15th century for doing exactly the same thing – taking the Muslim Arab Moor side against local Whites.


      The worst anti White Jews in the USA/the West are doing exactly the same thing now:

      Debbie Wasserman the head of the Democrat National Committee

      Mort Zuckerman – publisher of the New York Daily News

      Neil Steinberg writer for the Chicago Sun Times

      Why are the Jews backing, enabling the worst Muslim migrant invasion of the USA/The West?


      They hate us.

      Ok, I think that’s not too hard to understand, It’s more than a bit scary that that is the program, that’s just reality.

      But I ask:

      Why do Ron Paul, Libertarian Constitutionalist cult followers not see that this is the reality, why do they deny that mass Muslim migrant rapist invasions are a bad thing and that all of this is supposedly the fault of US middle Eastern policy?

      I repeat virtually all Eastern European countries, regular people have sound, principled, firm but fair policies towards Muslims and Jews.

      Why can’t we?

      Why do we tolerate idiot, lunatic traitors like Ron Paul and Rand Paul?

      Again, this idiot Ron Paul is still now insisting that there is no clash of civilization between the West and Islam.

      • That’s easy, Jack. Why advocate world war to solve the problem of an easily defeated migration insurgence when imprisoning a few dozen Jews would not only solve the migration problem but most of our other existential problems?

        Even it you lack the guts to hold (((them))) accountable, western governments are more than capable of completely obliterating, in a split second, any third world invasion. If they’re allowed to do so.

        In case you haven’t noticed, libertarianism isn’t in power anywhere. Why go after it?

      • Notice that Jack Ryan identifies understanding of the Jew problem with “conspiracy theories”. He doesn’t do the same for the conspiracy theory that Moslems are more capable of taking over the western hemisphere than our gov’ts are to repulse it.

  12. Ron Paul is spreading insane, pro Muslim migration propaganda now, in this year.

    Ron Paul assures us that only a tiny percentage of the 1.8 world Muslims are violent or mean us any harm, plus the Muslims supposedly can’t harm us because Muslims don’t have navies….

    HELLO! Muslim low tech navies are currently landing 2,000 plus Muslim male invaders on Greek beeches every single #*$&#@ day!

    Can someone please put a pillow to this old crazy lune traitor and then do the same to the new Liberation theology open our borders CINO Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis.

    Pope Francis and Ron Paul are preaching the virtual identical message of Western suicide.

    • Here we go again, associating RP with the Pope. About as hard to do as anything but never discount their attempts.

      I’m not a libertarian and I’m not a Catholic. But I have to ask, what do these two opposites have in common? Nothing!

      You’re reaching, Jack.

      Dear OD folks, Jack and his people want you to militarily occupy the world for them. Don’t bite! Look after your own instead.

      • Marc Bahn writes:

        “Here we go again, associating RP with the Pope. About as hard to do as anything but never discount their attempts.

        I’m not a libertarian and I’m not a Catholic. But I have to ask, what do these two opposites have in common? Nothing!”

        I respond:

        OK I’ll answer – both the new Liberation Theology Pope Francis and Ron Paul Libertarian loons push insane, suicidal open borders immigration policies on the USA/the West.

        The Pope flew is Pope Lear jet to the Med Island being over run with Black, Muslim boat migrants. The Pope blessed the Black, Muslim boat migrants.

        Ron Paul has been pushing insane, suicidal Libertarian loon immigration policies for at least 25 years.

        • So what’s your point? Anything relevant? There are no libertarians running for USA prez.

          Again, what is your point?

          • Here s my point:

            Don t support or enable libertarian cuckservatives who deny or promote the mass Muslim rapist migration invasion of the West.

            Just stop doing it.

    • I despise the neocohens, traitorous jews and their lackeys, but Islam is one hell of a cesspool comprised of barbaric koranimals. Islam has been a smoldering pile of sh%t since it’s inception.

      Bill Warner shatters the myth of the peaceful muslim. His videos are very informative. I don’t agree with everything he says but on Islam he is absolutely correct.

      The name Kafir

      • Sam, you have to understand that those stone age Muslims would have no port of entry to western civilization if not for our treacherous “leaders”. Fight forever against the symptoms or eliminate the virus.

        • Why not both?

          With or without treacherous leaders Islam is a formidable threat.

          Islam made massive assaults on Euros in it’s long history and very well could have taken over much of the world if not for forces fighting against it.

          Watch 12:12–15:05 for a quick overview. Gets into more detail after that.

          • But Sam, that feud ended, practically, several hundred years ago, via western technology. Only since JEWS have taken over our governments has that long decided fight been reJEWvenated.

            We don’t need to destroy the world to defeat them again. We only have to depose the cockroaches who control our governments.

          • When I was a kid we didn’t have problems with the Arab world for the most part. They were largely contained in their sand traps. However, the establishment of Israel and the subsequent wars changed everything.

            The neocohen policy in the mideast of ‘Greater Eretz Israel’ caused the chain of events Trump has been talking about.

            The genie is out of the bottle. It’s like we whacked a hornets nest with a stick and all hell is breaking loose.

            If Russia managed to nuke the mideast including Mecca and the Temple Mount in Israel I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

            The way the Dope has been talking it wouldn’t bother me to see his ‘crib’ go up in smoke just as well.

          • This is the way Americans thought when they had a confident self-sufficient society of their own! When it wasn’t necessary to prove their superiority by policing the world.

            Alas, this was circa 1860.

  13. Ron who? Didn’t he have a son who just ran for President but was only getting 3% in the polls, so he dropped out?

    Seriously, the liberTARDian cult discredited itself quite some time ago. Lamestream conservatism is turning into the same kind of cult, and it’s also going the way of the dodo bird.

    • Thanks for the link. This speech dovetailed with my belief that the objective of Ayn Rand and other Jewish libertarians who advocate individualism has been to make a world that can be dominated by a people who work together to pursue their group interest (a Tribe which will go unnamed). The irony of libertarian individualism is that the more individualistic a society becomes, the easier it is for it to be dominated by The State. When a society is more voluntary collectivist, it can act as a bulwark against The State.

      • Ayn Rand was, in all likelihood, controlled opposition. The probability of a Jew out of Russia during the early part of the 20th century not being a Bolshevik is slim to none. I saw a fraud. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

        Even the John Birch Society was compromised. Welch got his money from Chase Manhattan (Rockefeller) and Revilo Oliver exposed that as did Eustace Mullins. And the control probably existed from the beginning.

        • Yea, Ayn Rand is very bad news. Rothbard is supposed to have been nice though. I don’t follow his ideas, but he comes to mind here.

    • Great piece Harold. Greg Johnson is a great speaker. He’s organized, well-spoken, and adds bit of entertainment to break the silence.

      • To add on, Greg Johnson is most likely very well aware of what is going on. His interview by Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Radio was also great. But Henrik believes in conspiracies….. I’m betting Greg believes in them, to a degree, too.

        redicecreations DOT com/radio/2015/05/RIR-150529.php

  14. I’m still willing give RP some credit for bringing up issues over the years that did not get discussed elsewhere. If we stayed out of the Middle East and a lot of other places we have no business staying around at, the world would run a lot smoother. I certainly have no interest dying for Israel or some other place so the banksters can make money.

    He is for abolishing birthright citizenship and said as much over the years. He is firmly against the welfare state which has allowed the irresponsible among us to procreate. As a US Congressman, he certainly did not become wealthy from his political office.

    • If Ron Paul was really against birthright citizenship then why did he and his son Rand Paul make such a huge fuss over the US military taking out the Al Qaeda terrify leader in Yemen with a drone attack?

      Both Ron and Rand Paul insisted this nastiest of the nasty Afro Arab mudslime creature was a full US citizen based on yes

      Birthright citizenship

      His ugly nasty parents cranked out this monster baby when they were students in New Mexico or someplace

      Again I ask woukd the Japanese do any of this nonsense?

  15. Talking to some of the more radical Libertarians is indeed a frustrating experience, just as bad as arguing with Communists used to be. Their faith is essentially unfalsifiable since no actual, genuinely 100% libertarian society has ever or can ever exist, and therefore no real world experience can refute their arguments. I was once, long ago, influenced by libertarianism but I guess I just wasn’t sufficiently stubborn, or autistic, to ignore reality. Tribalism is an unavoidable reality, and you either take your own side or you lose. Ideologies are not ends in themselves and when the consequences of those ideologies are clearly contrary to your interests it’s time to ditch them.

    • Agreed

      And the j tribe is heavily involved in the creation and propagation of communism Marxism and libertarianism,

      I note that creatures like Tamar Jacoby jump in and out of these cults without losing their enthusiasm for non White non Western immigration.

      • Yes, and it’s difficult to escape to suspicion that Jewish promotion of these ideologies is an example psychological warfare.

          • I’m sure it that may be unintentional, in the sense of not consciously thought out for many individuals. However, that there is an organized, deliberate, and even coordinated effort to push these ideas is undeniable. Weakening the cohesion of your ethnic competitors by convincing them that such cohesion is immoral is a perfectly rational act, and possessing a virtual monopoly on the means of promoting such ideas provides a huge advantage to the group possessing it. Allowing such an organized, aggressive, and cohesive ethnic group as Jews to gain such control over us in the name of the “free market” may have been the greatest mistake in our history.

          • I don’t think allowing certain Jews (Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Tamar Jacoby, Wall Street Journal) to push free markets on us was the biggest mistake we ever made regarding jews – it’s just one more nasty J head of the J Hydra snake.

            Other heads are as bad, worse – Debbie Wasserman DNC BRA Lib Leftism is really bad.

          • Jews had already gained control long before Friedman, Rand, and modern Libertarianism. The idea of the free market was around long before that and was originally an integral part of the Liberal ideology. Jews didn’t necessarily create these ideas, we inflicted them on ourselves, but they took advantage of them. In fact I don’t think that many Jews are naturally attracted to individualism as such, certainly not for themselves, they just see the advantages for themselves in promoting it among us.

          • Translation: Though Jews like to condemn us as cattle, they also fear when we (or anyone else) behave as other than cattle; and they encourage us to become more like cattle.

            They want us to mix, and they want to be in charge of the mixed, identitiless herd.

            And they like how Jews seem to “naturally” rise to the top in Anglo societies. Libertarianism means Jews ruling over Anglos, with proud Anglos boasting how Anglos are house slaves and not field slaves like the blacks and Latinos. Jews explain their position as their simply being very capable when freely allowed to be. Though in truth, part of their success is chutzpah, group-organisation, urban location, their belief that they are special, their willingness to act on society to change it as they will, and related comments could be made.

            Also though, Jews are more-outsiders. So, they’re attracted to non-Christian, non-European, universal-type groups, meaning as said before that their actions aren’t entirely intentional, and some Jews are certainly not anti-European or even anti-Christian.

    • Libertarianism is totally racially worthless. But I think a lot of white ‘patriot’ types feel that they are being tribal by espousing libertarianism. The reason is that libertarianism has a great deal in common with the kind of classical liberalism that played such an important role in the American founding. These patriot types therefore feel that they’re being loyal to their ancestors when they proclaim libertarian ideals. The point seems completely lost on them that those very libertarians ideals can only contribute to the ongoing destruction of their country.

      • There is an irony in this fact. It is exactly the same with Liberals as well. Their beliefs are a form of tribal signaling. Most often, trying to engage them in rational discussion is a waste of time.

        • Yes I agreed.

          Better to take them for rides, drop them out in the worst non White, Arab/Paki/Black slums – wish them lots of luck talking their way out of getting raped and murdered using free market theories etc.

      • Libertarianism makes some sense when seen as a defense mechanism by whites in an increasingly multicultural environment – the more things are decentralized, the longer you can stave off minority involvement in your personal affairs. It’s just that libertarianism only really appeals to whites to begin with so even that’s a failing strategy.

      • “The reason is that libertarianism has a great deal in common with the kind of classical liberalism”

        i respond.

        That’s another reason that “Libertarianism” sounds a lot like “liberal”.

        Under post 1965 BRA – Liberal and too a large extent “Libertarianism” just translates as anything and everything that attacks, hurts White working class people.

        Or also Liberal/Libertarianism is anything that excuses the worst Black rioters, rapists, gang members Black crime – it’s supposedly never the individual Black criminal’s fault for his crimes, it’s “the system/society’s” fault. True believer Libertarians are as heavily invested with this idea that society/the system is at fault for everything and if only their true way was implemented, everything would be fine so we wouldn’t have many, any problems with tens of millions of low IQ Black underclass individuals – they would all be successful, productive individuals under a reformed Liberal or Libertarian system.

        For those of us who are race realists we know all these kinds of Liberal/Libertarian utopian societies are just that – imaginary fantasy worlds that have little or no relation to the brutal real world we live and the future looks more and more like Brazil.

  16. Pontiffs behind giant stone walls should not cast stones about Donald Trump’s proposed wall … is how some people see the Pope’s holy war of words with the Donald.

    It’s been pointed out that Vatican City — Pope Francis’ HQ — has been surrounded by a massive protective wall for centuries. In fact, the wall was first built in 852 A.D. to fend off Muslim attackers.

    It was expanded to its current size in the 1640s. The wall, in all, measures 2 miles … surrounding 109 acres.


  17. Ron Paul is controlled opposition. His cuckoo bird story of Auditing the Fed is Bullshit. The Fed doesn’t keep honest books, the evidence is shredded and burned. Ronnie or Dr. No is leading them on a snipe hunt that leads nowhere. He’s getting you all to believe all you need to do is look at the books. No. You have to close it down. The US Dollar is a National Currency that should never have gotten into Private Hands to begin with.

    • Ron Paul’s primary appeal was his foreign policy. After a decade of senseless (((middle east))) wars riding alongside the erosion of our inherited rights at home, people were sick of it. Auditing the FED and other libertarian concerns were laudable but had little to do with his appeal, other than to distract from charges of “racism”. Cowardly, yes. But not traitorous, as per McCain, Romney, et al. no.

  18. I would love to follow all this, but unfortunately, I have exhausted all my data and won’t be tuning into the comments much until Wednesday. In the meantime, I have to update the site from McDonald’s.

  19. Hunter I thought the comments were solid

    Just one Ron Paul cult follower trying to deny change the subject

    Maintain the cult

    All in all a solid post

    • What is the point of your article, since there are NO libertarians on the presidential ticket? What ‘cult’ is being maintained? Who changed the subject?

      I think all here are avid Trump supporters. Why mess with that if not for some other reason?

      What in the hell do Ron Paul, Rand Paul and libertarianism have to do with anything now?

      Wouldn’t you be more comfortable writing for Free Republic?

      • The presidential campaign is just one political campaign

        There are thousands tens of thousands of other places , jobs , schools of thought etc

        This race denying libertarian cult lives on – it s presented as one of the only alternatives to politically correct ant White BRA cultural Marxism

        Traitors like Rand Paul and his assistant jack hunter (did I get that right?) still have good jobs

        Cuckservatives usually have good jobs.

        George Will lives in a $900,000 home in Chevy Chase MD

        Real leaders of our people get slandered abused and often end up homeless

        That has to change

        • What the hell does George Will have to do with it? In case you haven’t noticed, his ilk is more in line with your neocon policy than with anything Trump or Ron Paul.

          Your attempts to change the subject and shift blame are very transparent and unworthy of even a Dick Cheney.

          • George Will is one of the very many cuckservatives who have personally profited by being presented as the false conservative alternative to PC Liberal Leftist, cultural marxists.

            George Will was one of the winners/losers of Instauration Magazine White renegade traitor of the years, American Renaissance has resumed this year end booby prize for the worst White American traitor of the year.

            Others included:

            1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

            1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

            1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glen Miller

            1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

            1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

            1990 “Conservative” TV talking head George Will

            1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

            1992 “Conservative” TV talking head II Fred Barnes

            1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

            1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

            1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

            1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

            1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

            1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame

            So what the hell George Will and Rand Paul/Ron Paul have to do with it is that we call them out for being traitors.

            We promote those people/leaders that promote and defend the legitimate rights of our people and we call out, shame those who have betrayed us.

            Why don’t you do the same?

  20. For any visitors, this thread is dedicated to Jack Ryan (jaye ellis) visiting his guilt over having supported John McCain and Mitt Romney in the last two presidential elections. He hurts so bad he’s still going after Ron Paul, as if RP was at all relevant to the upcoming election.

    He wants you to all jump aboard the ‘invade-the-world, invite-the-world’ JEW policy of bombing people on the other side of the world that only enriches the Jews and their flooding the west with Asians.

    Ask him where his woman is from.

    • Ridiculous nonsense.

      I took out full page advertisements opposing the first J Neo Conservative wars in Iraq under George Bush Sr. in 1991. I took out these full page adverts in the Nashville Tennessean and Chattanooga Times. I got on talk radio, local TV (Teddy Bart) and presented the principled Pat Buchanan, Charles Lindberg, George Washington opposition to American foreign wars for foreign interests, one of those foreign interests was/is the Israeli lobby.

      This/your principled opposition to the Neo Con Invade-the world, invite the world Jewish Neo Conservative program – that’s not the same thing as endorsing, enabling the worst cuckservatives who enable, deny the mass Muslim migrant rapists invasions of Europe the West.

      Your economic positions, Paleo Conservative foreign policy positions are find.

      Just stop enabling Libertarian loon cuckservatives.

      It’s a simple move, but a very necessary move.

      Come home to your/our people

      Kindness means being kind to your/our own kind.

      14 words

      • Did you take out those ads under /’Jack Ryan’, ‘jaye ellis’, or some other alias?

        Seriously, what’s the point of your article anyway? You write as if it’s still 2012 and RP is a direct threat to your beloved GOPe.

        • We are together now

          She ‘s White Hispanic from Venezuela

          We just watched John Ford’s , John Wayne, Maureen O Hara “the Quite Man”

          No cuckservatives, pussy cowards , libertarian loons none in our happy home .

          What s your excuse?

      • Explain to me where Libertarians are responsible for the mess we’re in. Or, the entire world for that matter.

        They don’t control anything and are not responsible for any of the damage. They had nothing to do with the Federal Reserve Act, The Immigration Reform Act, The Civil Rights Act, government corruption, corporate greed and protectionism, national lawlessness, same sex marriage, any of our wars or interventions, polar bear hunting, the VA fiasco, black lives matter, white dispossession, Affirmative Action, nuclear weapons, water fluoridation, family farm destruction, mandatory vaccines, Monsanto, desegregation, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, The Frankfort School and its impact on American schoolchildren, the attack on the Confederate flag or the Southern people, The Military Industrial Complex, offshoring of jobs, NAFTA & GATT, The Cold War, ISIS, pollution, corporate greed, 9/11, bank bailouts, the end of the Gold Standard, the Great Depression, political correctness, media control, Homeland Security (which has nothing to do with protecting the homeland or us), the JFK assassination, the police state, airport scanners, Supreme Court appointments, transgender bathrooms, the welfare state, the war on Christmas, the war on white men, the war on men, feminism, property taxes, or income taxes, etc., etc. (to name a few).

        I supported Ron in 2008 but I am not what I would call a Libertarian. I just don’t see them as the real danger to myself and my nation. Letting most decisions be at the state level would be wonderful.

        • I tend to attack libertarians as well. I dislike how they limit thought. It’s a cult. Once a person joins, he loses the ability to think clearly, to put first things first.

          As an example, Ron Paul can’t endorse Trump. Why not? Because Trump wants trade tariffs, or at least would want such in particular situations. Another example, movement conservatives could never support a minimum wage even if it helped thwart immigration.

          A huge portion of the right-wing is libertarian or libertarian-leaning. Maybe that’s less true today. But in the 90s libertarians were racial, catering to the racial target market, or so I’ve heard.

          I’ve always seen the British attachment to libertarianism as what is killing us. We’re like these vain, overproud dodo birds who declare it’s not simply culture but genetics that drives us forward to march to our doom. To save ourselves would be unBritish, and everyone, America, Australia, Canada, we’re all doomed, because of these stupid political traditions. That’s how I see things anyway. If we could but follow Russell Kirk a bit by putting first things first, striving for goals rather than worshiping ideology, we might win occasionally, might even enjoy a glimmer of hope at surviving as a people for a bit longer.

          And for whatever reason, in each of these British/post-British societies, it’s always Jews who dominate us via the “free market”. We’re like house slaves who brag about holding superior positions to the field slaves, pretending we’re our own masters.

          Maybe it doesn’t have better solutions, but I like the third position / distributist ideas. And I admire the successes of the Asian Tiger states who *rejected* classical liberalism. Asians win. Brits lose. Is it truly in our blood to lose?

          • You don’t understand true Libertarianism. The whole concept is missed by many on this site. It would never work or be accepted by most in a controlled society. And, we have a very controlled society.

            Would Trump endorse Paul if their positions were switched? Doubt it. I did not like Rand but I liked Ron’s unwavering commitment to his beliefs. The very act of not compromising on principles is honorable whether you agree with someone’s principles or not. When candidates endorse other candidates they fall in line with that party’s establishment leadership. It’s all a game and we always lose. People bash the Pauls yet look who they pick…..who they end up with. We end up with establishment people who will never change anything. You’d never end up in an internment camp with the Pauls or lose your guns with them either.

            I don’t pick a party, I pick a candidate. The concept of getting endorsements from other candidates is only an attempt to get their voters.

            Jews don’t dominate free trade, they create monopolies for themselves. Most of them despise free trade for this reason. The term is used loosely and rarely used correctly. We have crony capitalism and haven’t had free trade for decades, if not longer. You can’t have people changing laws to benefit themselves or their companies at the expense of the greater good and call that free trade.

            I don’t care what other people think of a candidate and I certainly don’t subscribe to mob mentality.

            Rand was a sellout, that I agree. But, I think he thought it would help him navigate the party yet it cost him his father’s supporters.

          • Snowhitey Quote: “The very act of not compromising on principles is honorable whether you agree with someone’s principles or not.”

            I’ve very much wanted Ron Paul to win the presidency, but I’ll always see libertarianism as a cult.

            He’s very honourable, worthy of respect; but all I ever ask is one thing: Does a candidate serve my First Things? Is Paul good for what it is my life exists to serve?

            Snowhitey Quote: “I don’t pick a party, I pick a candidate.”

            And so you should. I could also support Sanders over Rubio, and I’m being serious.

            Snowhitey Quote: “The concept of getting endorsements from other candidates is only an attempt to get their voters.”

            Yes. I’d hoped Ron Paul could also knock off some of Trump’s edges, bring him more into a Pat Buchanan shape on foreign affairs and the police state.

            Snowhitey Quote: “Jews don’t dominate free trade, they create monopolies for themselves.”

            Free trade is just a concept. Politically it’s useful if it helps you obtain a goal, for example knocking down an opponent’s trade tariffs so you can exploit his markets, rob him of his resources and capital. Trade should be seen as a form of war. Also, if you integrate two economies, you can then begin to amalgamate them, merge them into a larger empire, destroying the previous smaller component polities.

            I don’t think free trade has ever existed in the US except among the states within the US.

            Yes, Rand could have done extremely well had he followed his father’s formula more closely.

          • Although I liked Ron, I never thought he had the spine to say what needed to be said and do what needed to be done. However, since we are on the outside of the political platform we truly do not know what really goes on behind the scenes. I am sure it is really ugly.

            Every movement that has teeth the Jews either vilify, commandeer, or duplicate to subvert. Look at how they destroyed the real Tea Party movement. Ayn Rand was not a Libertarian.

            These people should be attacking Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh followers more than Libertarians. Talk about cultists!

          • Snowhitey quote: “Every movement that has teeth the Jews either vilify, commandeer, or duplicate to subvert.”

            Yes. And I’ve wondered if our “English political traditions” don’t have some Jewish mark on them to make them in some ways bad. I don’t assume Jews are to blame for everything, obviously. But I think it’d be interesting to research.

            Ayn Rand is very bad, indeed.

            “However, since we are on the outside of the political platform we truly do not know what really goes on behind the scenes.”

            We see some things. Or well, I don’t, because I don’t seek them out. But I think a good bit of the truth is in plain sight for the seeker to find. Paul Craig Roberts writes some interesting things. And it’s amazing to read how Soros funds even churches in order to pressure more immigration.

            And btw, my own dream is this: A polity designed to endure, not expand, just endure – forever. I tend to want a small polity, but I realise a polity can be part of a larger organism in a sense, at times. My goal though is to preserve things. I’m tired of everything beautiful in the world dying. And I like the ancient, the archaic, the mysterious. These things don’t endure the creative destruction of the modern world.

        • “Explain to me where Libertarians are responsible for the mess we’re in. Or, the entire world for that matter.”

          I respond:

          First – I insist that you STOP posting nonsense about “The World” , this place does not exist. There are different countries, different regions, different types of peoples and places. The people and society in say Japan – that’s not the same as in Rwanda or some ISIS terrorized place in Iraq or some No Go Arab/Muslim zone in France or not so merry old England.

          I’ve exposed race denying libertarianism and the various Ron Paul/Rand Paul cults as these Lib/Libertarian cults spout lying nonsense that they alone have the secrets to SAVE the entire world.

          No they do not. They haven’t a clue of what to do to save Liberia, Somalia, Zimbabwe or some Black underclass area in Chicago, Memphis, Selma Alabama.

          John Lennon and Yoko Ono spouted ridiculous nonsense that they had some vision to IMAGINE the entire world living as one. Race denying Libertarian loons spread the same meme, only with some slightly different spin of equally impossible Utopian fantasy world WHERE the entire world will live in freedom and prosperity by embracing their impossible free market, individualist philosophy.

          • Race denying Libertarianism? Is it worse than race-denying Democrats or race-denying Republicans? I can’t respond to your comment because I don’t understand it. It’s incoherent.

            Wow, just wow.

          • Just get out away from all race denying ways of thinking, organizations that deny racial realities.

            Again the Japanese do not go in for any of these, including race denying libertarianism.

            It s similar to not hanging out with various forms of sexual degenerates. Why try to split hairs on which is worse, all are bad and there are healthy alternatives, just listen to Donald Trump.

  21. Re-reading these posts I see that Jack Ryan (jaye ellis) is trying to tie cuckservatives to the Ron Paul movement, largely based on Rand Paul’s idiotic behavior.

    1. Rand Paul in NOT Ron Paul.

    2. Ron Paul, however imperfect, was in no way a cuckservative. His son is, yes.

    3. Ryan is attempting to re-enforce the Jews’ program of killing their enemies, by flooding them into the west to aggravate us and further demolish our society, that we should bomb the world for Izrahell.

    We could go on until we are extinct fighting these Jew-imposed infidels, as Jack prescribes. Or we can seek a final solution, so to speak.

  22. Well, Ron could have a point. Lots of Texans have wanted to bring back public executions ever since they stopped stringing folks up on Main Street. A little bit of Sharia Law would make that happen in pretty short order. Vending, merchandising and broadcasting revenue could bring a ton of money into the Lone Star state.

    Not only that. Texas folks love to hunt anything that walks or crawls. I’m pretty sure that it won’t take those boys long to start a Dune Coon season.

    No, I don’t see too much of a culture clash down in Ron’s old district.

  23. “Clash of civilizations” is a cliche used by Jews to get your sons to fight and dies for Greater Israel. They enforce it by importing savages into the west, thereby destroying our societies and fooling the simpletons like Jack Ryan into attacking everything that moves, to the advantage of Greater Israel. It’s right out of the Old Testament. “Every man, woman, child and beast of burden….”.

    Problem is, our sons die for it. Endlessly.

    When we wake up and again call it “Clash of Races” and segregate by continent, then I’ll buy it.

    If you want to prevent atrocities against your people, call your government. HAH!

  24. “Libertarianism” has NOTHING to do with current politics! Why is Jack Ryan beating a dead horse?

    Because he is a cuckservative who supported McCain and Romney, that’s why! He is either terribly ashamed or still working the same old republicuck theorum – demonize to destroy, via your sons!

  25. Let me approach this from a different angle. Regardless of his libertarianism, Ron Paul, and the very obvious political machinations directed against him, prepared the way for a no-holes-barred character like Donald Trump.

    How can we not appreciate that?

  26. I can’t get over the facts that this author of non-stop attacks on everything related to ‘Ron Paul and libertarianism in general are completely out of place in 2016. Libertarians don’t control shit in 2016! Nor does Ron Paul. Where are the warranted attacks on Cruzman-Sachs and pool boy?

  27. Marc and others – we/I do not wish sincere patriots ill will, I understand their positions, their principles – many, most are good.

    I do get accused of focusing too much on Ron Paul, Libertarians, Constitutionalists – it’s a fair criticism as you are correct, Libertarians are not major players in Presidential politics.

    We/I do not believe in physically harming, shooting RP Libertarians with guns or anything – as a I feel that guns are a huge waste of time and $ as they are rarely, really never used for our benefit.

    The Lib Left, BRA, PC, cultural marxists and very forms of the Jewish snake use other weapons to get what they want to attack our people and our culture.

    BRA, BlackLiesMatter didn’t get what they want at the University of Missouri, Dartmouth and Yale by using or even displaying guns – instead they used other weapons/tactics – mob protests, doxing University presidents, personnel.

    My argument is that various cuckservatives like Ron Paul, Jack Hunter say and do the terrible things anti Southern, anti White, anti Western civilization because they are simply bowing down, submitting to these anti White forces – they want to keep their jobs and noticed all the people who think and act like we do were purged from places like National Review.

    It’s very Stalinesque – constantly looking over one’s shoulder in fear about who is going to be purged next for saying something “racist”, “islamaphobic” and anti Semitic.

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul like to be allowed on TV, like to be invited to college campuses – they instinctively bow down to the powers that be to be awarded these personal privileges.

    Our goal should make it reality that they get doxed for saying and doing these insane, idiotic things like denying there is now a mass Muslim migrant invasion of Europe, the West and that this is a very bad thing.

    The success Donald Trump is having – it could be similar success for thousands of other leaders – sure it helps that Donald Trump has his own $ billions and doesn’t have to kiss arse to various “donors”.

    So my point is simple.

    Just be kind to our own kind. It’s called “kindness”.

    Stop bowing down, “submitting” to Islam, political correctness, BRA, the lugenpresse.

    Show some courage and have some fun in your/our life. If you are depressed by American politics look to Eastern Europe. I do this all the time.

  28. How many Muslims does Ron Paul live around or deal with on a professional level? How many Muslims does Ron Paul interact with on a personal level?

    This is like the Midwest farmers lecturing us on tolerance and how “racist” it is to not want to live around blacks and the destruction and chaos that they bring with them. Yes, it’s easy to sanctimoniously preach about the tolerance of others when you’ll rarely, if ever, have to deal with the crap you claim to tolerate.

  29. I wouldn’t condemn Ron Paul so harshly. Paul called out Ted Cruz, called Cruz a libertarian fraud. That’s a pretty huge thing.

    I like yelling at libertarians as much as the next guy, but they’re in some ways allies. It’s just bad when they start converting our guys to their cult. And it is a cult. Paul is right in fearing we’re moving towards socialism, servitude. He just has no understanding of how to oppose that trend.

    • No. Not interesting.

      Your comment violates OD comment guidelines strictly prohibiting wild, paranoid conspiracy theory nonsense.

      “8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories. This isn’t one of them.”


      9/11/01 isn’t hard to understand. A healthy nationalist country/society doesn’t have many/any problems with nasty Saudi mudslime terrorists like Mohamed Ata being given unsupervised student visas to attend flight school in Florida.

      The Japanese would never do this in 6 million years.

      If you want to focus on REAL jewish issues/problems than focus on the real problem of the American Jewish power elite promoting insane immigration policies that bring in these mass murderers/rapists.

      Donald Trump is now polling #1 for advocating easy to understand, common sense immigration/visa policies. He’s not promoting wild, paranoid conspiracy theory nutcase nonsense about 9/11/01 or anything else.

      Either respect OD comment guidelines or …

      Take a hike.

      • What are you talking about? Did you see the clip? Trump mkles a valid point. He was speaking the Saudis in particular. Could be he was signalling about jews, I don’t know.

        So, Trump is a wild conspiracy theorist now?

        Man, you are just getting weirder and weirder.

        • Please just stay away from 9/11/01 “theories”.

          The Saudi involvement is not secret, the bast majority of the terrorists were Saudi Nationals. Saudi Arabia the origin of this anti White death cult.

          Trying to enlist Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the war on (Islamic) terror is like trying to enlist the Gambino Crime family in a war on Mafia organized crime.



          Ok, I’m sure you didn’t mean well, but we don’t want to open Pandora’s box to 9/11 conspiracy theory loons.

  30. There is certainly a clash going on in Europe at the moment. If someting isn’t one to halt the flow now it’s going to end very badly.

  31. This comment violates OD comment guidelines.

    Do not try to hang out here and spread this #*$&*#@.

    Perhaps you could go hang on in Yemen or the tribal mountain border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan or some no go area for Whites in Algerian french slums.

    Take a hike mate.

      • OD comment guidelines are simple, straight forward

        No conspiracy theory Sci Fi nonsense

        Don’t post this #*$*# here.

        Take a hike

        • Note that my post contained not a conspiracy theory, but rather expressed contempt for those that believe in the conspiracy theory of 19 Arabs armed only with boxcutters. And, I might add, the insane, almost preternatural flying skills that their race is renowned for.

          A conspiracy theory of my own, however, was never presented. As you can see by reading my above post again at your earliest convenience.

          But that’s not what you’re doing, is it, as you attempt to defend a wild conspiracy theory involving 19 Arabs primarily armed with boxcutters. But also, I would have to suppose, the mad preternatural flying skills that we all know Arabs to possess.

          If so, someone should have told you that sort of talk isn’t allowed here. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned it to you.

          You never answer my question Jackie, is this your web site? Or are you at least a moderator or staff member.

          • But, again, you never answered my question lol. And you’re still promoting wild conspiracy theory in violation of the very same website rules and regulations that you just cited. If your really think 19 Arabs with boxcutters took down WTC7, a building that was not hit by any airplane.

          • Arab/Muslim terrorists, Paki/migrant Muslim scum are doing nasty, murderous things to our people all over the world from Paris to Cologne to Rotherham England – things like sexually grooming gang raping young English girls.

            Hijacking airplanes , putting bomb on airplanes is something these nasty Arab/Muslims do all the time. They recently did this to a Russian passenger airplane. The Russians are tracking down the terrorists and the relatives, friends of the terrorists who do this to kill them, destroy their homes.

            The Russians do what we want to do here in the US and all over the world.

            The Russians do not promote, tolerate ridiculous conspiracy theory lunacy trying to deny obvious things like nasty Arabs/Muslims/Caucus Muslims raping our women/girls and murdering our (White) people.

            We want to be like the Russians.

            The Russians are on the right side in Syria, the Middle East. The Russians and Eastern Europeans are on the right side regarding the mass 3rd world migrant invasion of Europe, the White West.

            The Russians have the right policy regarding anti White Jews. This is one of the reasons that the American Jewish Lugenpresse “Lying Press” hates Putin and the Russians.

            OK – so I hope that clears things up.

            Do not make any more comments posting ridiculous conspiracy theory nonsense trying to deny or excuse nasty Muslims/Arabs/Pakis slaughtering our people, raping our girls.

            Take a hike.

          • But Jackystein, I never said anything that denies Arabs slaughtering people or raping women. What you just tried to do, that’s what non-Jews call a “strawman argument”.

            And when you hear one of those it’s often a clear sign that you’re talking to one of Satan’s little chosen ones! Cause it’s just a damned jewey thing to try to do.

            They too tend to use such weaponized catch phrases as “ridiculous conspiracy theory nonsense”. Say it, out loud. No, Jackie don’t argue, just do it. Do it, you’re acting like a schlemiel.

            There, that’s better. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like something some Jew would say, of course it is.

          • Nah. We write honestly about real Jewish problems, like near 100% American Jewish support for the worst immigration (including the worst Muslim) immigration to the USA/the West at the same time these #*$&# Jewish pols, Jewish media elites support Israel as a Jewish only ethno state.

            Opposing the worst immigration (muslim terrorists) is our best issue – our League of the South No Jihad in TN were overwhelmingly receipted by regular folks in Middle TN – these weird conspiracy theories re 9/11/01 just cloud the issue, make regular White folks think we are nuts, kooks, crazy. In too many cases this is true.

            So just read, re-read OD’s comment guidelines #8.

            If you can’t respect OD comment guild lines you’ll be banned.

            Have a nice day.

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