What Has Cuckservatism Ever Done For Us?

Charles C.W. Cooke has a new article in which he lists the accomplishments of cuckservatism:

“Among these alterations are the tarring and feathering of the reflexively technocratic mindset that obtained from the outset of the New Deal to the end of the 1970s; the marginalization of wage and price controls, and of other centralizing tools; the lowering of destructive tax rates on income and other forms of wealth; the deregulation of a significant number of major industries; a renewed focus on national sovereignty; the successful reform of the welfare system; a consensus around free trade; a much lower minimum wage; a focus on both the text and the original meaning of the Constitution when discussing limits on government power; the restoration of the right to keep and bear arms; the stronger protection of freedom of expression; a national partial-birth-abortion ban; the death of speech-killing “campaign-finance reform”; and, lest we forget, the peaceful dismantling of the Soviet Union …”

Oh, and saving us from “the false promise of free college.”

We have cuckservatism to thank for free trade, cutting the top marginal income tax rate in half, Iraq, Citizens United which handed elections over to the donor class, policing the Right to enforce political correctness, failing to enforce immigration laws, the Reagan amnesty and all the various failed amnesties.

Note: In each and every case, it was populist rebellions which blocked amnesty in Congress. Conservatives like Marco Rubio repeatedly pushed for amnesty in the House and Senate.

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  1. Dissidents such as Solzhenitsyn, Walesa and Orban toppled communism.

    You know, the people National Review refers to as “anti-semites”.

  2. Mr. Wallace,

    I know it’s completely off topic but I was wondering if you’d consider writing an article explaining how Southern Nationalists can work with other ethno-nationalists inside America. In particular, there are some pro-Whites in the Midwest who want to create a pan-Germanic ‘Vinland Nation’ and I think that such a nation would be an excellent ally of a free South.

    The reason for this is that one of the biggest dangers an independent South would have to face is a wounded America that doesn’t fully collapse. Chipping a few states in the breadbasket off and letting them form their own country might be a good tactic. It could create a corridor which cuts America in two, making it more likely that the Western states would also splinter and form their own nations.

    It’s just an observation, but Germanic culture ‘sticks’ better with the folks in rural Wisconsin and MN than White Nationalism does. In other places, like northeast Ohio, pure White Nationalism might work better.

    • I recommend Alaska.

      Separately, no one remembers Thor Heyerdahl, but he used to argue (with his purported evidence) that white bearded men had been to the Americas a *very* long time ago. I doubt anyone wants such evidence preserved.

      Heyerdahl’s famous Kon Tiki book actually involved whitish red-haired travelers to Easter Island, where they might have become the Long Ears. Heyerdahl is currently not viewed as correct on this, but in his book he includes a picture of the living Easter Island natives. So either Heyerdahl was totally dishonest, or his arguments and evidence are suppressed.

      Reading Heyerdahl’s books was incredible. Whether fiction or nonfiction, they are a fun read. The Ra Expeditions is very good and costs like 36 cents on Amazon. Anyway, these books would give us more of a justification for our belonging in the US, not that we really need more justification. I stake my claim as being native regardless. I just want some corner of the US to tolerate Southerners. A reservation with a casino and liquor store will do nicely. I’m not in any way a threat to anyone.

      • I can’t believe that I forgot to mention the Alaskan Independence Movement. They’ve got a great political infrastructure in place and could be good allies.
        I also want to say thanks for the info on Heyerdahl. I don’t think he understood exactly what happened in the ancient era, but he was onto something. I’ve even seen the ‘Moche bearded dolls’ when they were on display along with many pictures of bearded statues in South America. Here’s the Moche dolls:

        I’ve known full blooded Indians and they don’t look like those little guys…

        As for the South, I see no reason why multiple White ethnostates wouldn’t be able to get along. I’m not a Southerner myself and I have nothing but respect for you guys. I support Southern Nationalism and Vinland Nationalism. I think we could work together.

        • Wow that is really neat, had not seen that before. There’s an old wall image that’s popularly shown about a white being sacrificed by darker Amerindians.

          I’m deeply Southern, but I have nothing against Germans. Y’all are kin.

          I actually dislike many of the English political traditions everyone else likes nowadays, though, no, I do not have all the answers.

          A book I recently read highlighted how the Asian Tiger states are *not* “capitalist”, did not at all rise on Adam Smith and Austrian Economics. I am sick to death of Neoliberalism. I don’t tend to like German thinkers like Nietzsche either though.

          I say that, because the divide between Germans and Southerners seems mostly about political ideas. Perhaps religion and culture are another divide, certainly the latter two are more important.

  3. Hi, I have some Trump propaganda for you. I assume you haven’t seen all of it. I’m concerned with how things are going in SC. Cruz is succeeding at tarring Trump.

    Trump would defeat Sanders and Clinton: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/02/17/usa-today-suffolk-poll-whos-more-electable/80452560/

    Trump’s healthcare plan is conservative: https://csteventucker.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/no-senator-cruz-donald-trump-does-not-want-single-payer-health-care/

    Trump signs Sessions’s “Sessions Test”: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/02/08/exclusive-donald-j-trump-first-candidate-reply-sessions-test/

    Trump defends himself from Cruz: https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10156647104280725

    Raimondo defends Trump (mostly): http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2016/02/14/gop-frontrunner-bush-lied-people-died/

    Evidence that Trump did oppose Iraq War days after it began (so it is likely Trump opposed it earlier). Also, elsewhere Trump praised Bush 3 months prior, so Trump was not anti-Rupublican prior to Iraq failure.

    I dunno how much more y’all’d want. Here’s a pretty good article on Trump: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/02/donald-trump-2016-gop-republican-party-213642

    Here’s a video on Trump: https://youtu.be/gB4VSs8N6Ro

    I actually have loads more, mostly from Twitter. Ann Coulter is exceptional.

    I expect this campaign in SC is it. If Trump wins at least 33% in SC, he’ll go on to win everything. Because Trump’s campaign is coming together and activists have more accurate and complete information now. Originally we were all holding our noses a bit with Trump, and truly I don’t entirely trust him of course. But Trump has revealed himself to be much better than I realized. And Cruz has revealed himself to be much worse.

    I don’t simply want to defeat Cucks and Neocons. I want Trump to win.

    And Cruz on TPP: https://t.co/6c10gvbx7w

    Cruz also was not perfect on immigration, but I don’t have all the details atm. Anyway, I hope something here helps. I’ve never spent so much time (and money) on a campaign.

  4. “Successful reform of the welfare system.” … is he being sarcastic?

    Yes, “consensus around free trade,” they did manage to successfully destroy the American economy. Congratulations.

    • And notice the “lower minimum wage”. That way we can flood in more unskilled workers. The GOP ideal seems to be to have us all working at $1/an hour, “competing” with third world labour.

      If the minimum wage were higher, we couldn’t take in 2 million unskilled immigrants a year. And no, I don’t make minimum wage. The idea that Americans only ever advocate for their personal economic benefit is insulting. I only advocate for my ethnic benefit.

      And their “free [managed] trade” TPP is a nightmare, much more than a trade deal.

  5. Definition of a cuckservative is someone who never has and never will exploit the weaknesses of the Left. Their scam is to write endless essays in response to the Left without once exploiting the glaring weakness in front of their face, Noble Losers to the end

    • Really, they only want our vote. I don’t believe Cucks are in any way conservative. Maybe some of their supporters are though.

      Buchanan claims we’re now 4 Americas, and the Cucks are in a different category from us.

      I always hated how Republicans would tell me “you have to vote for us. The Democrats are worse for you”. Not always…

  6. Isn’t Cooke the Cuckservative that cautioned not to judge child rapists too harshly, or something? He looks like a pedo….

  7. “…the deregulation of a significant number of major industries…”

    Like the California public power company that went from being the best in the nation to having rolling blackouts and 3000% price increases? This is of course the “exact” same playbook used by Goldman Sachs in other third world countries as noted in the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. We’re becoming just another Judized third world country.

  8. At one point, they reformed welfare to provide for a time limit for how long one can receive cash payments and a “work” requirement. What has happened since is that many of the underclass have switched over to being “disabled” while the Government has simply changed the welfare scheme to a sort of spendthrift trust, i.e. pay for the persons house, phone, utilities, food, etc. Many of these costs are directly subsidized by consumers in the form of fees (utilities and phone in particular).

  9. Republicans were busy “deregulating” by supporting and in some cases creating “anti discrimination” laws which create expensive, bloated government administration agencies who hound businesses in Federal Court and are a boon for the trial lawyers. It appears that they have completely abandoned the claim of “limiting government”, “controlling spending” and “reducing the deficit and national debt”.

    • That all ended with their god Ronald Reagan – nearly tripling the national debt, sexdecupling (!!!) the federal workforce, and raising taxes eleven times.

      • Hate to admit I’m a yankee, albeit not unfriendly to Southern Secession. And just for the record I’m no relation to the real Bob Whitaker.

        • Okay, Copperheads are okay by me. Thank you for your forthrightness.
          I ask you to consider Northern Secession, and to talk about that with your friends and family. A reconfederation of this land is the best, and really only viable, solution for all concerned – though, there is no perfection with anything.

          • I fear we should all move to Alaska to get secession there. The demographic trajectory of the US is dire. Bring your battle flag.

            If but 100K of us moved to Alaska, we’d get our secession. I realise there are tremendous differences within “the movement”, but regardless.

          • I respect your suggestion, but, I am standing my ground in the South. No retreat, no appeasement, and no passivity.

            All the best to you. Keep thinking your secessionist thoughts!

          • If Trump doesn’t win, we’re going to need become bilingual: Spanish and Chinese.

            I’ve been politically asleep until I learned what TPP entails. I realise it won’t likely pass this year.

            I’d previously declared how I’d always stay in the South, but the areas where Southerners are a majority are rapidly shrinking. And it’s politically popular to flood the US with immigrants. If we can’t get Trump elected, I think we’re pretty much ethnically cleansed. Rubio wants something like 3 million immigrants per year legally. I think that’s what the Gang of Eight bill called for. There’s no water out West. Those immigrants I fear are coming to the South, where there’s water.

            I’ve never seen an election like this. It’s like the last stand of America. Well, Pat Buchanan was better than Trump, but Buchanan wasn’t so popular.

          • Mr. Weaver, I thank you for your interesting reply.

            I already do speak Spanish comin’ & goin’. That said, where I am, in northeastern North Carolina, they only come for a short period, and then leave. The only ones of them who stay, run the restaurants, because we have all grown fond of their food.

            In the region where I live it is old plantation country, and, thus, it is 70+ negro and the rest is us. That said, we all live according to Tarheel traditions, which is to say that we are kind and help to each other, when meeting in grocery stores and restaurants, but, we don’t mix with each other beyond those happenstances.

            We also live apart – some necks of the wood entirely negro, and others entirely white. Some would like to change that, but, the overwhelming majority of both races would not. In town we are pretty close to each other, but, how we manage that is still no different than when I was a child.

            I guess what I am trying to say is this : there are spots, in North Carolina (Greenville, Fayetteville, Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Jacksonville) that are not Southern – this because of military and others because of massive immigration – from the north and from south of the border.

            That said, if you are out of these areas (85% of the state territory) you are in the Deep South – polite & religious people, churches, fields, forest, and our traditional customs. I say this because I don’t feel any demographick or cultural pressure here.

            As to protecting our lands, all I can do is what I do do : which is to talk to practically every white Southerner I have any doings with, beyond happenstance, about the need to secede. I spread that seed as attractively and coherently as I can.

            I agree with you that this election is vital, but, I am hoping that it is vital in awakening my fellow Southerners. I loved, and love, Buchanan, too.

            All the best to you and yours.

          • That’s a really impressive reply. Well, where I live we are increasingly integrated, not only socially as you say but also within the wider US economy. So, we’re being reconstructed and absorbed. We’re essentially conservative Yankees who speak with a Southern accent, if that.

            Women are especially hard hit by this. They’re more inclined to be left-wing. And the public schools and universities are an essential part of this reconstruction, which is probably why so many on the Left view “education” (brainwashing) as progressive. Rather than teach students how to think and good values, they teach students propaganda which then has to be undone with time. It’s like they’re attending a cult temple.

            By what you’ve said, you might be more important than Trump… I don’t expect we’ll necessarily secede, but if Southerners gave up their individualism and came to embrace the idea of being a group, of striving to exist, we might have a future. Jews exist; we could surely be the equal of Jews if we but tried to be their equal. We used to fight to survive, used to pass laws athwart miscegenation for example.

            Anyway, I have a book on the Basque. They have their own language and genetic tradition, yet even they are struggling, according to the author. The French like to retire there, tourists like to visit… And the Chinese now make the shoes in factories, which the Basque were famous for hand-making. Perhaps hand-made shoes aren’t the best foundation for an economy, but the idea is the Basque long existed yet despite all of their cultural distinction are having to struggle to exist. So, survival is a very difficult thing. Only those who fight very hard survive. Everyone else gets absorbed.

          • Dear Mr. Weaver,
            Concerning Jews, I would say this : that I agree with Prime Minister Natanyahu’s declaration, a few months back, that it is time for all Jews to go home. In my mind, if your primary identification is Irish, then you belong there, and not here.
            Concerning your note about Jewish culture, and gentiles not being their equal, I had an unusual opportunity to observe both backgrounds as a child, (my mama’s parents were Freewill Baptist subsistence farmers from western Carolina, and my daddy’s I have, hithertofore, already described.)
            This is, in a nutshell, what I think…

            American Jews are fundamentally urbane (rural Southern Jews having died out in recent decades because of the Yankee government destruction of small Southern towns – thus, they moved their stores) and most white gentile Southerners are fundamentally rural.
            This means that, on a field, whether battle, or farming, Jews would not often be competitive with Southerners, BUT, in the realm of psychological warfare, white rural gentile Southerners cannot often compete with Jews.
            The problem is that it is the urban areas which are forming this nation, as this point, (as opposed to previous centuries when it was in reverse) and this is where Jewish culture is most strong at asserting itself.
            That said, I think Southerners have commencet to awaken to the game.

            To my mind, the hugest obstacle Southerners have to overcome are the psychick obstacles the Yankee government, in partnership with the Jews of Hollywood, have placet to a Southerner’s recognition & acceptance of their own interests; because, the way the argument has been framed : if you are white, and if you are a good person, then you will split like a zygote : on the one hand denying that you are white, yet, on the other hand, undertake the atoning guilt for all your forbears, who were too evil and ignorant to not break away from the cancer of being white.
            After that, the next obstacle is to realize that we are a colonial possession of the Yankees, and that, as such, most of everything we are taught, is to keep us in servitude to them.
            Southerners, as a lot, are a pretty trusting and faithful lot, and, it is hard for us to come to terms with the bad faith, that is underlying those dealings we have with those who claim to be ‘us’, and a nation ‘with us’.

          • Let me say this, Mr. Weaver : we, Southerners, have grown lazy. We want to do our highly specialized job, come home, and enjoy the Yankee empire entertainment of diabolical Ziowood or highly skilled negroes beating up on each other, in the arena.
            We don’t want to take responsibility for our society – anymore than we want to can our own vegetables and wring the necks of our own chickens, and pluck off the feathers with our own hands.
            Until we are ready to pay the price that comes with sovereignty, we will continue to be slaves to the Yankee Empire, and, yes, the TV will continue to be the poison that keeps us in servitude.

          • If women are ‘ more susceptible to being left-wing’, I think it is because of the highly effeminate form of conditioning that the culture presents – it is baset upon feel good things, that, often, are not true; instead of what is right and Godly.

            That said, Mr. Weaver, let me say this : I know a lot of women in our church, and, while they are a jovial and good-natured lot, they are very strong and hard – not at all like city girls are, nowadays.

            So, maybe the impression you have is because you are in, or around, the city.

          • The South is not lost, however, for it is an idea, and ideas, unlike bodies, cannot die, they can only seem to vanish.

            When we are ready to forthrightly take up Southern Nationalism, The South will begin to rise, and no one will stop us.

            It is waiting silently, Mr. Weaver, blowing in between the limbs of the large Red Oaks and Pines, and glistening in the dew by the graves of our forefathers, who built it up with their own sweat, blood, and toil.

          • *yawn*

            We can reconquer the entire continent later. First we need to secure our genetic survival. One generation raised to manly hardihood in the Northwest Republic would be sufficient to the task of total reconquest.

          • Everyone should agree with you here: “First we need to secure our genetic survival.”

            And you once wrote you’re pro-life, in the wider sense, that the definition of right-wing is essentially pro-life (if stretching the term). And you wrote that you aim for the preservation of the genetic diversity of the world, though first come whites.

            And you were never bogged down by the classical liberalism nonsense that plagues the British obsessed. British success was likely due to our giving assets to the productive classes, after, for example, looting the monasteries (not something I praise). And the Asian Tigers thrived *because* they rejected classical liberalism, not in spite of it.

            End praise. But it sounds like you haven’t changed a bit, which is good. And I still disagree with you over reconquest. I just want survival. I say the weak shouldn’t overplay their hand by talking so big.

          • The Brits have foreign colonies. Why shouldn’t the Jews?

            GK Chesterton proposed secession would help keep Jews distinct. And Russia has a theoretical Jewish state.

            The choice doesn’t have to be between Diaspora and Israel. There could be a third option: Israel and small colonies.

            I wonder what Israel would say if the residents of Kiryas Joel sought to “return”. And Israel would need to expand to be well defensible in the dangerous region it lives.

            Anyway, my focus is on preserving my own people. I simply believe a world that is ordered partly into groups, where people have homelands, a place of belonging, community, elites tied to those they rule over rather than separated and distant; that the world would a better place. GK Chesterton’s Patriotic Idea.

            I wouldn’t advise every Jew to gather in a single location though. I’m aware others call for this though.

            I love the phrase “good borders make good neighbors”. Provided there’s no environmental or demographic catastrophe, secession could perhaps create a pleasant order for parts of a diverse world. Small polities seem most likely to care for their inhabitants in the modern world.

          • ‘Ama a suo vicino, ma non tagliere il siepe’

            Italian for,’love your neighbour, but, don’t cut down your hedge’.

            And so we are agreed, Mr. Weaver, that the basis for sanity is a space of land, just as in the case for a person, a house, a flat, or a room, at least…

            By the way, you are extremely well-informed. Most people have no idea about the Jewish state in Russia, formed during Lenin’s reign.

            I like your analogy of smaller conglomerations. I belive that, that at which youare implying, an end to the ‘Federal Period’ of history, where many smaller entities are unified ‘swallowed’ into one greater whole, is not working well – too prohibitive.

            I appreciate that you are ‘not idealogical’. Idealogy (values) is important,, though, you can reach a point with it, if you wade too far into it) that you become paralyzed by a loss of flexibility.

            As to defending itself, I don’t think Israel needs to expand, as it did in 1967, to become defenceable. of course, I am no expert in this matter. Though,. it does seem to me that they have plenty of unoccupied space to place new settlements or simply add on to establisht towns. Even if all self-identifying Jews migrated to Israel, it would only be what? 7 million?
            I think Israel could absorb this. If not, then it begs the question why Netanyahu would make the suggestion.

            I agree with you about G.K. Chesterton’s national idea. It makes sense to me.

            A very good Saturday evening to you and yours!

          • While you sit stewing in your self admitted ‘extremism’, Mr. Weaver – are you a Southern secessionist, or merely pondering the notion?

          • I’m one of the stuck up descendants of the original colonists. My folks helped curse this land with slavery. Am I a secessionist, am I not, I’ll say: I’m for what serves my First Things. I actually haven’t yet read all you wrote. I will do so though.

            I don’t see merit in declaring oneself a “secessionist” or any other “ist”. The argument for secession tends to be that the US will collapse of its own dead weight, and then groups of citizens will be forced to band together to fend for themselves.

            If someone declares himself an “ist” though, well that could be recorded as his wanting to actively force his way to secession. And that’s not me.

          • Open your eyes, Weaver. America is finished. The “South” is finished. All Trump can do is stick his finger in a hole in the dike. He cannot forestall the coming tidal wave.

            But so what? Let it be that the death of one entity begets the birth of another. The only hope for the survival of our people on the North American continent is the creation by force of arms of the Northwest American Republic.

            Let the niggers have the southeast. Concede the southwest to spics. Our people will live on in the Northwest.

          • I am indeed The Captain.

            No worries. I don’t get easily butthurt.

            Google “harold covington” and “northwest american republic” if you wish to be acquainted with The Plan.

            Covington is, incidentally, a son of the South, for what that’s worth.

  10. I’ve seen this guy on Red Eye a few times. He’s smugly anti-Trump (a shocker, no doubt), and is British at that. I could really do without Brits lecturing Americans anymore. My history book says that we fought a war to be out from under their thumb. If I want the opinion of a Brit on American politics, I shall ask him.

    • What I especially dislike about Brits is they take such pride in their empire. Honestly, who cares about an empire? They should be proud of setting up colonies, but empire?

      Anyway, the Brits ruled the world, but they free traded it away. When they were at their peak, they were busy investing in other polities, such as the US. I expect the British could have preserved their dominance had they put state over individual profit by continuing to invest in Great Britain and protected technological secrets. I realise GB is small, but perhaps it could have expanded into Canada for space.

      Also, we’re frequently told how classical liberalism gave us the Industrial Revolution, but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. The Brits are obsessed with this idea that Marxists are out to get them, and indeed Marxists probably are. But Capitalists are generally with the Marxists.

      The Industrial Revolution came about largely I think because Cromwell looted the monasteries. Aristotle said something about how every part of a state should be functional. And Plato said something about how a state should be built for war. My point: After the less productive (though many praise British monasteries of this time) segments of the state were taken and put into the hands of the more productive, profit-oriented, the state thrived. I am not saying nothing was lost. Much was lost with the monasteries.

      My point in all this: Brits haven’t a clue how to defend themselves. They are overproud and flat out wrong about what needs to be done. It’s no wonder the Celts fight with the English. The English embrace the free market overmuch, and the Celts clearly need help. So, it’s no wonder the Disunited Kingdom is readily divided and conquered. Do I have the answers? No, but I do see the Brits getting annihilated. They march along, tell everyone how superior they are, and they’re like the dodo bird. Only the BNP, Nick Griffin, and a few others like that have sense. And I’m aware Griffin has his critics, but I believe he gets political theory at least.

  11. My, my. Cucks being pilloried all over the internet today.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter

    Quick Quiz: Btwn Trump & the Pope, which one runs a huge multinational that protects subordinates when they rape little boys?

  12. EXCLUSIVE– Pat Buchanan: Donald Trump’s Rise Is Rejection of a Quarter Century of Bush Republicanism

    In an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, Pat Buchanan declared that Trump’s rise represents a rejection of 25 years of Bush Republicanism— an ideology which Buchanan says has destroyed America’s once-great manufacturing core, flooded the country with low-skilled workers, and drained the treasury with ill-advised foreign adventures in the Middle East.

    “In the GOP nomination race, the chickens of a quarter century of Bush Republicanism have come home to roost,” Buchanan told Breitbart. “Trump’s triumphs to date are due to his recognition of, and identification with, the Middle American revolt against Bush family ideology and policy, and what it has produced.”

    Buchanan explained that “America is rejecting the Bush immigration policy,” which has “proffered amnesty” to “12 million illegals… because it said the United States is helpless to do anything about their presence here.”

    “America’s establishment has failed America,” Buchanan said, “The single clearest message in the presidential campaign of 2015-2016 is that the American people would like to cleanse our capital city of its ruling class.”

  13. Zero on reversing demographic disaster, securing borders, arresting homosexual marriage, blocking Liberal Supreme Court Justices, saving Christians in Iraq and Syria or manufacturing in US.
    But 100% in securing cheap labor and sacrificing American blood and treasure for Israel and appeasing Democrats on political correctness.

  14. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    No wonder white men are committing suicide.Rubio runs anti-white men campaign & their wives & daughters support him!

  15. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Ann Coulter Retweeted Jennifer?Bossypants

    “Diversity” = nonwhite; “White supremacist” = Not anti-white.

  16. Cuck tweets.
    Erick Erickson ?@EWErickson Feb 20
    Marco Rubio is now more likely than not the Republican nominee.

    Cheri Jacobus ?@CheriJacobus Feb 20 Manhattan, NY
    Amazing how many Republicans are saying tonight they will never vote for Trump under any circumstance

    The Resurgent ?@resurgent Feb 20
    South Carolina — Trump Meets His Ceiling

    David Limbaugh ?@DavidLimbaugh 12h12 hours ago
    David Limbaugh Retweeted Wolf Man NYI

    This is the kind of statement that deeply concerns me. Did you see him in the debate on Bush and WMD? David Limbaugh added,

    Wolf Man NYI @WolfManNYI

    Hey @DavidLimbaugh, @realDonaldTrump is doing something no one else has ever done in politics and America loves it. He’s telling the truth!

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