South Carolina Heartburn Polls

There are two new polls out today which suggest Trump is losing ground in South Carolina:

Augusta Chronicle/Opinion Savvy – Trump 27, Rubio 24, Cruz 19, Bush 11, Carson 8, Kasich 7

NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist – Trump 28, Cruz 23, Rubio 15, Bush 13, Carson 9, Kasich 9

This race IS NOT in the bag. Don’t assume that South Carolina will be a blowout like New Hampshire. If you have the opportunity to do so, make sure to vote because it could be pretty close.

Note: Check out the RealClearPolitics site for the latest updates. All the other polls suggest Trump has a much larger lead in South Carolina. Don’t take it for granted though.

Keep calm and vote for Trump.


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  1. One would think, of all states, South Carolina would be a shoe in for Trump. But then there is Lindsay Graham and of course the Indian Govenor.

  2. Are there any South Carolinians (coughMichaelcough) who know if there have been in recent major as buys for Crubio?

    • I dont know. I have been preoccupied with personal stuff, though I have tried to keep somewhat up to date.

    • We’ve been getting Rubio, Bush, and generic antiTrump (not in favor of a particular candidate, just antiTrump) ads in Southeastern NC. We’d probably be getting more Cruz ads, but the pornstar fiasco at the last minute probably cut that out.

  3. Don’t know why Trump didn’t attack Rubio, or Nimrata Randhawa Haley, more. Even if Cruz is closer – in the long run, if Rubio is well ahead of Jeb, the latter may drop out, consolidating more of the cuck vote.

    • I don’t think he has attacked Rubio to any great extent. Curious as to why he hasn’t. He might want Pool Boy to bloody Cruz for a while.

    • Plenty of material in this Breitbart interview.

      In an exclusive Q&A with Breitbart News, Immigration
      and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane provides
      never-before-heard details about the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration
      fight that are likely to shake up an already tumultuous presidential

    • Rubio is a weaker target than Cruz. Cruz is sitting on Trump’s votes. The majority of Republicans oppose amnesty- all Trump has to do is slam Rubio with the gang of 8 thing over and over while waterboy sweats profusely and his campaign will be over. Cruz is trying to be diet Trump and is sneaky and a strong debater- he is the greater threat because unlike Rubio he doesn’t actually or figuratively sweat when put under pressure and can give as good as he takes. Removing his credibility will ensure his 20% of the vote moves to Trump, giving Trump a solid majority to take the nomination without problems.

      • Cruz is the competitor for Trump’s votes, but Rubio is a long term threat as the one the Establishment is most likely to rally around. But I thought Nimrata Randhawa Haley and her pro-Amnesty and flag shenanigans are just as worth discrediting as the Bush/Neocon Misadventure in Mesopotamia, and Trump didn’t go for it.

        Part of the reason Trump didn’t go after Rubio seems to be that Marco did not go after him. But Nikki Haley did. Also, at the speech Friday, Trump seemed mellow – talking about reaching out to African-Americans and with a more subdued tone. Part of this may be for more reserved Southern audience, but part may be playing to parts of the Establishment which will consider him acceptable.

        Regardless, Rubio is the greater long term threat and keeping him close to Bush/Kasich divides the vote. I wish he went after Haley on flag as much as Bush on Iraq to define the Party Position.

        • Unfortunately I think Trump probably shares Haley’s view on the flag. He is a Yankee, after all. As has been said many times, he isn’t one of us and he’s not going to be a “white savior”… he’s ignited White Identity Politics in the 21st century, though, and that alone should win him the support of every right-thinking white man.

          • Trump is an opportunist. When the issue arose, he said ‘Confederate Flag – You’re Fired’. Shortly thereafter, feeling the winds shifting, he said that Only an idiot would take down the Confederate Flag and it should be flying from public buildings everywhere.

            His policy decisions are often not policy decisions at all, but designed to make him the spokesman or toughest for the issue. When he noticed Ted Cruz hesitate and be uncomfortable over question at debate on waterboarding, he jumped in to project strength by doubling down to be the alpha candidate.

            Yet we can thank him for mocking political correctness, clearly identifying and counterattacking enemies, putting immigration on the Table, and going after the arcane appeasing Establishment. To complete the Revolution, we need to follow on his heels.

  4. heartburn? Over what? Did you silly White people actually believe you were going to vote your way out of a Judeo-globalist deathtrap whose jaws are already 2/3 closed? Trump or no Trump, by the late 2020’s Whites will be a rapidly-shrinking minority in ‘murka, facing a burgeoning majority amalgam of Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Muslims run by lethally-hostile Jews. Naturally, I’d like to see Trump “win” just to spite the Heebs. But overall, it is better for us if Trump narrowly misses the nomination, then splits and destroys the Republiscam party. Whites will then have no alternative but to accept extermination…or go to a politics by other means

    • The remarkable thing is Haley was openly interpreting her endorsement as the New Face of Conservatism. So Conservatism at least in that sense is a dead letter.

    • The only people who advocate accelerationism in America are overly comfortable white middle class people with the mentality of teenagers that would normally join the army “because fighting is glorious right?” and then get PTSD after seeing their buddy get blown away by a sandnigger suicide bomber.

      Only South Africans need accelerationism because their country is already lost demographically and because they’ve been prepping for so long and the blacks are so reliant on the white minority for survival that a race war will see probably 30 million dead blacks to 1 million dead whites, with the blacks dying more from fighting each other, starvation and disease than from white bullets. And the whites who would die would be the most libtarded of them so the resulting white-ruled society would only include redpillable whites.

      We do not need this kind of thing anywhere that can actually be salvaged like America or Australia or Canada. Being in a position where enough foreigners can be deported and welfare cut to discourage wanton minority births is enough to unfuck society demographically. Until we are in the same position as the Saffers where society is entirely dependent on a hated white minority there is no reason to want accelerationism.

  5. A “close race” story in the media helps Trump, as he could be hurt by lackadaisical working class voters. I’m going to wager that Trump does about what he was predicted to do in SC on the night of New Hampshire, and that the alleged fluctuations are Establishment shenanigans. People that vote in primaries aren’t the type to sway in the wind like reeds.

  6. I bet I’ve seen “the new face of the GOP” or “the new face of the South” with photo/video of Haley, Rubio, Scott, Gowdy at least a half dozen times on TV. Indians/Asians and Hispanics vote 70% for Democrats and blacks vote 90% for Democrats but they are to have 25% each of the Republican Party.

    Obviously, Haley and Scott were “mentored” into where they are; the daughter of Indian immigrants doesn’t become a governor in her late 30’s without intense affirmative action from rich people on her behalf. Did the GOP let anyone run against Scott in a primary? He was appointed to DeMint’s seat.

    There’s only a finite number of spots and in both parties, these ethnic/race minorities are getting more than their share. That cannot hold.

    • Nice insight. Haley, etc. were definitely groomed for their roles by wealthy, business-oriented cuck whites. Just like Obama and the Castro brothers.

    • I know. That’s all I’ve been hearing – the Jew face of the JEW-OP. A brown Cuban Twink, a coal back fudge pacing Congoid, and a shekel-grubbing Bindi Whore.
      No. J’refuse.

  7. The SC House GOP poll that came out today is the best because it polled 3500 people.

    Trump 34, Cruz 19, Rubio 18, Bush 12, Kasich 8, Carson 5

    This lines up with most of the polling. I predict it winds up a lot like NH

    • If it lines up like NH then Trump will get at least 33% and at least 15% higher than the next chump. Which will be great going into the Nevada Caucuses where Trump leads by 20%. If Trump gets a good ground game going in Nevada in the next week or even just focuses hard there and keeps his numbers at 20% (instead of dropping like happened in Iowa) then it will be pretty great going into Supertuesday with a superlead.

  8. The NBC/Wall Street polls are bullshit. Every single one has given Trump lower numbers than all the other polls. They are straight up bullshit. The SC Republican Party just released their final poll and they gave Trump 35%. Emerson gave Trump 36%, Fox News 32%.

      • If you read their methodology in the case of 2/3 it becomes readily apparent that they fudged it so that they wouldn’t be polling people who are landsliding in favor of Trump. The third poll itself doesn’t even explain their methodology clearly, but the fact that it was the greatest outlier (has Rubio in second when most others have him in third, has Trump only at a +3 advantage) suggests that it is utter bullshit in some way. That obviously doesn’t sound very scientific now that I type it out, but with a poll that runs that far out of the norm I’m not sure there is any need to treat it with any kind of respect.

  9. On the bad side Whitaker predicted this, he says SC voters both black and white are obedient so much so that dogs are jealous.
    On the potential good side remember that polls are news themselves so always ask “why is this information produced?” No one will get canned for being wrong in this instance.

  10. South Carolina is very cucked unfortunately. Most people have an agenda, are carpetbaggers/scalawags, or just aren’t informed to the mechanisms of globalism like they should be to realize that who the media hates should be the first dog whistle as to who to support. I’m about to go vote and have been trying to get the word out to folks, especially women, that their kids future depends on it. I’ll update OD on the situation on the ground later today though! Hopefully when they see that one syllable name they will know what’s right in their gut. Names ending in o and z should be foreign to them.

  11. Whatever the polls say, or the pundits WANT them to say, today, OD readers….


    God can change the hearts of men. God can overrule the Jews. God is in contol, but will not force Himself on us, while we still have a chance to repent and change, ourselves.

    Avail yourselves of the one thing that matters. Ask the Lord God, YHWH, and His Son, Jesus Christ, to give victory to Donald Trump.


  12. Almost everyone I know here voted Trump. Both my Dad and I talked people who were leaning towards Rubio or Cruz to vote for Trump.

    • Yes, thank you Michael.

      You’ve always done what is right.

      I remember when I was with you, Hunter, Dr. Hill in Middle TN protesting Tyson Foods flooding this nice area with low wage Bantu Somalian Muslim workers.

      One Anti was yelling at us that we were outside troublemakers

      “How many of you people are from this town”.

      I asked her if she felt Somalian Bantu Muslims were real locals as they practiced polygamy, female genital mutilation. She recoiled in horror and was fleeing to her car.

      I thought I was doing great, but you gently held my shoulder and instructing me that “We don’t engage the Antifa”.

      And you were right.

      God bless you brother Michael.

  13. Yeah, vote and pray…..

    But our folks in South Carolina should start making some accurate lists, Blacklists.

    Paint Black Xs on the doors of known cuckservative traitors.

    Publicly confront traitors and make a bid display of throwing 30 pieces of silver.

    learn to dox.

    This do nothing except stockpile guns, guns, guns – no it hasn’t worked.

    Practice throwing rotten tomatoes. That Lib sort of Christian convert Indian governor of South Carolina always looks so pretty and fresh in her PR stories as she is signing legislation taking down Confederate flags and monuments – I’d like to see her hair messed up with a well thrown water balloon filled with some fowl smelling substance.

  14. If this is the face of the “New South” do you feel disenfranchised yet?
    I’m thinking SC does after the flag flap where they were not given any say in the matter. I guess we’ll see this evening.
    Deo Vindice!

    • If Trump were to lose SC I hope it will be over his comments about the Confederate Flag and not because of some cuckservative’s personal appeal to the people of SC…

  15. I seriously doubt that White Americans in South Carolina will vote for either Cuban, including the one born in Canada. Won’t happen.

  16. Whatever happens, Bush is gonna leave SC in the top four. He’ll steadily climb till he takes the nomination. Trump has a lot of money, to be sure. But he has no social currency. He’s also not accepted by the official establishment. The Oligarchs aren’t gonna tip their hand. They won’t show contempt for the electorate, by running a ridiculous clown against Mrs Clinton, like they did in the last two elections.

  17. What was the purpose of ONE bogus poll in the universe showing Cruz in the lead?

    Cruz campaign e-mail

    Ted Cruz is now leading Donald Trump nationally.

    This is a big deal! We’re gaining momentum all over the country at just the right time. We have a big day Saturday in South Carolina, Nevada is on Tuesday, and more than 25 contests will be held across the country in March. Can you donate $5 or $10 to the South Carolina Victory Fund before midnight and help us turn out more voters?
    This movement is real. We need your help to continue to bring our conservative message coast to coast. Chip in just $10 and help us reach voters all over the country. We cannot and WILL NOT let the Washington Cartel dictate the outcome of this election. Tell them you’re with Ted – the one true conservative in the race.

    Contribute today and help us keep up the momentum.
    Chris Wilson Director of Research and Analytics

  18. Light Division:

    Unfortunately I think Trump probably shares Haley’s view
    on the flag. He is a Yankee, after all. As has been said many times, he isn’t
    one of us and he’s not going to be a “white savior”… he’s ignited
    White Identity Politics in the 21st century, though, and that alone should win
    him the support of every right-thinking white man.

    I’m a Yankee, so I hope this gives you an idea of the Yankee POV which has
    been shaped by our Yankee media. Mom is from NJ and Dad is from OH. A paternal ancestor was drafted onto the Union side during the WBTS. The Confederate Flag may have been a huge news topic in the South, but was just a three minute blurb or two on the evening news, but all coverage was dropped after the SC legislature agreed to strike the flag. The subject never really came up again. It wasn’t our culture under assault, so there wasn’t any emotionalism attached to it.

    Trump was like the rest of the North. When questioned about his initial reaction to the flag flap, Trump admitted it was one of complete indifference. As he pointed out, the whole thing went down before he started his run for politics. He was still too engrossed in his business concerns to give it much thought one way or another. He’s a New Yorker, so he felt that it had nothing to do with him.

    Brent Fraser:

    Trump is an opportunist. When the issue arose, he said ‘Confederate Flag – You’re Fired’. Shortly thereafter, feeling the winds shifting, he said that, “Only an idiot would take down the Confederate Flag and it should be flying from public buildings everywhere.”

    Yes, Trump may be an opportunist, but I don’t think his shifting position was motivated by so much as opportunism, but ignorance. We have seen some slight shifts in revisionism where the Holocaust is concerned (like the reduction of recorded deaths at Auschwitz and the debunking of human soap and lampshades), but to date, the history of the war between the states is still very much written by the victors who have only double-downed on their propaganda.
    We won, so that naturally meant we were the good guys, right? So our side of the story prevailed. It was all about freedom.

    Before we spent a year in South Carolina and toured a lot of Confederate
    landmarks, my immediate family believed every Uncle Tom’s Cabin trope about the
    evil South abusing slaves and how great and noble the North was for defeating
    their evil system.

    It was only when we toured the slave auction and saw what African slaves
    were sold for and how much tax the Boone Plantation had to pay for slaves that
    our eyes were opened. It made no sense to us Yankees that Southerners of that day would go into hock and pay huge amounts in real money for a slave only to starve, beat, and kill him.

    Trump’s “firing the flag” nonsense was probably based on his MSM-created
    perception that, aside from a small handful of fanatical White racists, most
    Southerners in “The New South” have become more cosmopolitan with strong SJW
    leanings and are perfectly fine with striking the flag and putting it and the
    other Confederate memorabilia in museums.

    Trump may have had business dealings in the South, but what does the
    Confederate Flag have to do with casinos or real estate? Maybe he became close friends with his Southern business associates. But when and where would a discussion about how Southerners truly felt about an issue this political in a strictly business venue.

    I honestly don’t think he realized how proud the Southerners are about their
    Confederate heritage until he decided to enter the political arena, visit the
    area, check out the Confederate memorabilia and monuments (just like my family
    did), press the flesh of and talk to the Southern people. From a Yankee business POV, he had to realize that touring these landmarks provides a lot of revenue to the South, so it would make no sense economically for the South to permit itself to be transformed into another Mid-Amerikwan strip mall.

    So, I don’t think Trump is a classic flip-flopping politician, but someone whose initial opinion of the Confederate flag was ignorant and uninformed thanks to the Yankee media, but which then evolved after he visited the REAL South, not the “New South” and talked to real Southerners.

    It was rotten luck or an incredible coincidence(?) that some zombiefied emo
    like Dylann Roof decided to appropriate Southern symbols rather than Neo Nazi
    symbols when he shot up a church full of black people during the historic term
    of the first black president trying to double down on his own Black Power agenda.

    In Trump’s victory speech, he thanked the people of South Carolina for their
    support and kept reiterating and emphasizing that he would “not forget South
    Carolina.” Trump is not only “in it to win it,” but he wants to be re-elected if he does take the White House. I strongly suspect that not only a lot of anti-South rhetoric is going to go away if he wins, but we are going to see a lot of historical revisionism about TWBTS during his administration.

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