Live Thread: 2016 South Carolina Primary

Here we go.

I’m feeling good about our chances tonight. We’re about to see if South Carolina votes for Trump and uncucks itself. Aside from Red State boasting about a Rubio surge to second, the cuck sites are quiet this afternoon and turnout appears heavy which bodes well for Trump.

It will be a big deal if Trump decisively wins South Carolina. He will likely win Nevada on Tuesday where he has a much larger lead in the polls. Given that momentum, he will be poised to do very well on Super Tuesday in both the Northeast and the South.

If you are in South Carolina and still on the fence about voting today, check out the latest Rich Lowry article on Trump. Destroying the Republican Party and the reigning cuckservative elite should be all the motivation you need to vote for Trump.

That’s why I boarded the Trump Train a few weeks ago. Seeing Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio and Tim Scott parading around on television as “the future of the Republican Party” removed any lingering doubt. A Trump victory in South Carolina will be a decisive blow to these people. If Trump were to win the nomination, it would rip the Republican Party apart in the South. Killing off that bloodsucking parasite is the prerequisite for anything good happening here or elsewhere.

If South Carolina goes our way, it makes Trump’s path to victory much easier in the other Southern states on March 1. We’re ready here in Alabama to take our swing at this. See y’all tomorrow or later tonight depending on my WiFi situation.

Note: I expect tomorrow we will discussing ¡Jeb!’s political funeral. I’m still hoping ¡Jeb! beats or ties Rubio though.

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  1. You’ll notice that the left is not cheering the destruction of the GOP. Only a few people on the Left create the political rhetoric and talking points and they I think are rather concerned, never mind the left’s masses, pure robotic morons. Even if they think Trump is the easiest candidate to beat I still think the talking points and rhetoric would be in favor of the GOP destruction

    • Does Trump do a successful hostile takeover?

      That’s up to the Cucks. They used to slave for blacks, hags, lesbians, fags…jews.

      Will they slave for other groups? Or are they just perverts anyway.

    • Jeb especially. I think Kasich will fold soon, but I think Jeb might have more underlying grit than is apparent from his placid demeanour.

      Jeb came in a little low for my liking in SC, but I think he’ll safely stay in the running past Super Tuesday. Anything after that is a bonus really.

    • Actually Cruz is a problem. He should be forced out, driven into a ditch, drowned, cut apart etc.

      He’s still attracting hard right voters. He must be ripped apart and soon.

  2. Voted this morning in upstate SC. Process was smooth and minimal line. There seemed to be a lot more Trump signs upstate than in Columbia so maybe that will bode well. Hard to tell about the liberal capital and the coast which has a bunch of liberal Yankee transplants.

  3. I looked at the county map of the 2012 election and noticed a blue belt inside SC:
    I haven’t spent that much time in SC, but I’m guessing the blue counties are due to Blacks and transplants.

    The only other option would be unions. Do you guys have strong labor groups down there? They push some counties in WI and MN left (central MN is red but the arrowhead is solid blue due to the unions).

  4. HW’s statement is excellent. For our purposes, we need to help Trump destroy the Republiscam party. Best for us if he arrives at the convention just a few votes short of the majority, and then the Cucks steal it. Republiscam party then fissures along Judeo-globalist vs. White Nationalist lines and collapses. Mrs. Clinton heads for the WH, USA accelerates toward the debtberg, and more and more Whites head for the gun shop

    • For now it seems like all upside. Either Trump wins and – miracle of miracles – the cucks throw in their lot with his faintly pro-white (or anti-anti-white) populism, or the cucks revolt and the party is destroyed. Or if Trump fails, the bitterness creates a lasting fissure between cucks and nationalists and the Republican party is destroyed anyway.

  5. late deciders (40%) went overwhelmingly against Trump. This because of his high negatives: stupid, narcissistic vendettas with MSM talking heads (Megyn), threatening lawsuits over perfectly average campaign ads (Cruz’s), and etc. He is going to have to clean up his act and stay on message…can he do so?

  6. Looks like the vulgarians are going to win.

    Another sample of bitter saltiness from TheRightScoop:
    Jeff Thompson •
    I am officially disgusted by my fellow Americans. Not sure what future they want for this country any more. South Carolina, you are a major disappointment. You have shown the rest of us you are very low information voters. You are swayed by screaming, rudeness, vulgarity and pandering. You have no principles. Sad day for America to see a Southern state vote this way. I am just amazed at the level we have fallen to.

    • Oh. So now he’s upset.

      Where was he 4 years ago?

      Where was he 8 years ago?

      Where was he when G.W. was creating an environment for Barack Obama to sweep in and wreak havoc?

      He can go suck his thumb.

    • Well, he’s probably right about SC being low info voters. After all, they keep electing Lindsay Graham.

      But who knows? Perhaps it’s true that you can cuck some of the people all of them time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t cuck all of the people all of the time.

  7. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    This is the immigrant governor’s 1st election since she self-righteously ripped down SC’s Confederate symbols.

  8. The White Man got a third of the Republicuck vote, of the “holders-on” of the Republicans that are needed to make the Empire run and even live. Big Rickie the dry weasel-snake and Little Rickie the faggy Pool Boy wet weasel-toad each got a fifth. And the coronation from the Republicuck-mongrel Establishment.

    Let’s understand something. For years I’ve worked to destroy the Republicuck Party in Missouri by taking away their overtly racist base of five percenters by throwing the general [s]election to the Dem[on]ocrats. So in the primary [s]elections a racist “Republican” will be loathed and hated by the Republicucks yet when the general [s]election when the margins are within one or two percent why they “forget” what a racist asshole you were and hope you won’t cause trouble for their slim margin of victory. However, in Moronsouri, the one-term of Matt “Runt” Blunt was like the reign of Dumbya, bringing in a two-term rulership for the Dem[on]ocrats.

    So good-bye Jeb! to a promised consulship in Mexico. For the future there is a gonna be a small migration to the greaser Rickies of a few percentages, while Trump maintains around 30-40 percent in the states ahead because everyone loves a winner. Yentle Ben is going to stay in because Yentle-Ben is a nigger with under a ten whigger-cucks. Kasich sticks in. So Trump gets less than 40 percent and the two greaser-Rickies, both the wet-little and dry-big Rickies, get a third each heading into the wiener-take-all states.

    Meanwhile Swillery got 53% to Commie jewboy’s 47% and nobody wants to talk about how Swillery one sick bitch when even nearly half the Dem[on]ocrats can’t stand the bitch and will bolt to some Republicuck or Trump.

    Breaking noose: Jeb! is dead meat as Twinker-bell Lindsey anusanounces the end, cum-cum, cum-cum. I will so much miss the Big Pussy trying to get a punch in at Trump.

    “Gubbermint by the Cucks, for the cucks, and disowned by the lumpen Trumpertariate anti-cucks, cum-cum, cum-cum!!! I’m screwed and a gone goose. “– Jeb!

    “Poor little low-energy, low-t Dumbya-critter run as fast as it could and as long as it could and now is all done in. End of the Bush-leaguer Die-nasty. A very nice guy & connesewer of midget mestizo coontang who didn’t lie as much as serpent-weasel Big Rickie and was thriftier with the water than gay Pool Boy Little Rickie. I’ll make Jeb! Ambassadork to Mexico and have Jeb! help make Mexico pay for the Great Wall of Trump, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!” — Der Trumpenfuerher.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt

    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  9. Partial list of losers for the night:

    Señor Jeb Bush
    Señor George Bush
    The Bush family
    Ted Cruz
    Goldman Sachs
    Fox News
    Roger Ailes
    Rupert Murdoch
    Megyn Kelly
    National Review
    Rich Lowry
    Jonah Goldberg
    Dana Perino
    George Will
    Charles Krauthammer
    Steven Hayes
    Kevin MacDonald
    Trey Gowdy
    “Nicky” Haley
    Karl Rove
    The donor class
    The pundit class
    John Hagee

    • Exempt ‘Goldman Sachs’, ‘Israel’, and ‘The Jews’, from this list, Mr. Samsa, because they win no matter who wins; and don’t you dare think that Mr. Trump ain’t in thick with those banks, and do not allow yourself to think that Mr. Trump is anything but in very very tight with the Jewish community.

      The rest of the list looks good, though!

      • No offense, but I don’t really need anyone to guide my thoughts. I’m very well informed on matters, and I am simply grading on the curve.

        • I take no offence, Mr. Samsa. I was just pointing out the miscomprehension of Mr. Trump, vis-a-vis the Jewish community, exactly as Mr. Griffin did, several weeks earlier, here.

          All the best to you.

          • “I was just pointing that, in this rare case, you are mistaken about Mr. Trump, vis-a-vis the Jewish community.”

            I gave no assessment of Trump and his relationship to Jews, so I don’t know where you’re getting any of that.

          • Dear Mr. Samsa,

            Thank you for your thoughtful and civil response. I was referring to your premise that Jews, Israel, and the Jewish Banks were ‘loser’s’ last night.

            To the contrary, Mr. Trump has long time deep deep long-held associations with the Jewish community and with Oligarchal Jewish bankers of Wall Street – as any man who is a rock star in Manhatten must have to be so, because that town is Tel Aviv West.

            Mr. Trump has, as Mr. Bonaccorsi has pointed out, ‘a certain genius’… and part of that is not dampening those supporters of his, who, not all that fond of Abraham’s Tribe, would be dismayed if Mr. Trump corrected them on the impression they have somehow gotten of his relationship to Jews.

            Lastly, let me state this ; my daddy’s family were Manhattanites (transplanted Hungarian Ashkenzick Jews) and professional throroughbred race-horse people. They always placet bets on both sides, or, in the case of horses, systemically bidding on many at once, in amounts shaded by the odds.

            Mr. Samsa, my daddy’s community did not get to the top of the Yankee food-chain by playing anything but both sides, one against the other, all the while yanking the chain tighter and tighter.

            Anyway, if you cannot believe any of this, then, please file this information in that grand capacious noodle of yours, and accept my sincere apologies.

            I am trying to spare you a big disappointment in the event of Trump presidency, and that is evermore a more likely thing.

          • You’re putting way too fine a point on my list of people who did not enjoy last night, and I think you’re presuming far too much about my expectations.

      • Trump smoothes The Tribe’s ruffled feathers and plays games with some of them, just like Putin does.
        Both have ZERO delusions about what the Zio freaks, Left or Right, are all about and what they want; which is World Conquest masked by the euphemism “Tikkun Olam”, “Fixing The World”…smearing Zionist Totalitarian Scumbaggery On The World.

  10. I am glad TRUMP WON!!! I cannot wait to go to his rally tomorrow in Atlanta, looking forward to hearing him speak.

  11. This has been another l- Kristolnacht – Ha ha.

    Bill Kristol ?@BillKristol
    Bill Kristol Retweeted Donald J. Trump

    Here’s @realDonaldTrump’s tweet during the funeral. How about shutting up & respecting the memory of Justice Scalia? Bill Kristol added,

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

    ‘I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go!’

    He wasn’t disrespecting Scalia you neocohen dolt.

    • … and open borders.

      In an exclusive Q&A with Breitbart News, Immigration
      and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane provides
      never-before-heard details about the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration
      fight that are likely to shake up an already tumultuous presidential

    • and open borders anti-White insourcing, free trade job outsourcing, and Israel ueber alles. More wars for Israel = more gubmint, not less. Rubio is a Cuck owned by Zionist billionaires. In fact, Larry Ellison just pumped another $million into Rubio’s PAC

  12. 7:25 PST – 5 of the 7 SC Congressional districts now called for Trump, so he’s got 29 + 15 = 44 delegates. 2 Districts (6 more delegates) still to be called. Nice clean 50-delegate sweep if he gets them

    • Thats important because the GOP rules as of now are that a candidate needs to get a majority of elected delegates in 8 states to have his name placed in nomination. So Trump has 2 of the 8 and no one else has any. Cruz didn’t get a majority of elected delegates in Iowa.

  13. A decent night: the prediction I made that Trump would perform as polls showed New Hampshire night was dead on, and the “close race” was a New World Order mirage.

    With Bush out, The Establishment probably wants Cruz and Carson in to dilute Trump, making Rubio the plausible number two going forward. Remember the scoffing at Trump’s lack of ground game? It may prevent him from going from 40 to 50.

    Still scoffing? A brokered convention doesn’t go to Trump. Which may be the best outcome for Partition, so I don’t mind much.

    Bernie has a glass jaw and will be out after Super Tuesday. That is good because Clinton, while nursing a structural advantage over Trump, is a tremendously shaky candidate.

    Anything can happen as long as Trump’s hat is in the ring, but there is something ominous about either a Trump or Clinton America that has me unsettled.

  14. What were the odds of Trump winning by 10 in SC which is/was Bush country after slamming the Iraq War and ripping George Bush for not keeping us safe?

    Also, the SC GOP establishment machine brought out the big guns, Gov. Haley, Sen. Grahamnesty, Rep. Gowdy and the negro Jr. Senator to assassinate Trump and prop up Rubio.


    Not to forget that NRO, Fox, Rush, Levin, Beck and a host of talk radio hosts and legions of cucks were spitting fire against Trump.

      • Tonight on Fox, Rich Lowry looked like he’d been hit by a truck. He was trying very hard not to look uncomfortable. He still insists that Rubio is conservative, but won’t explain why letting the U.S. get overtaken by foreigners is a conservative position.

        Megyn Kelly was plastering a smile on her face to cover up her disgust and embarrassment.

        Steven Hayes and Karl Rove are gritting their teeth.

        The gloating from the Cruz crowd two and a half weeks ago is but a distant memory.

        There was cuck RINO establishment bastard, whose name I forget, making smart ass tweets during last Saturday’s debate. Expressing his glee that Jeb is “putting Trump in his place tonight,” and laughing at Trump’s supposed “meltdown.” Where be thy jibes now, dickhead?

        I want to see an explanation for that outlier poll that showed Cruz ahead of Trump. And I want to see another explanation from the news whores who were promoting it, while not mentioning that it was an outlier (Carl Cameron).

    • It’s an impressive showing, for sure. The top position in SC went to warmonger cuck McCain in 2008, so this is a significant turnaround.

  15. I called it.

    Trump won every county except Charleston, where the Jews have always been influential.

    Generic Yankee transplants vote Trump, Sephardic Jews whose ancestors have been living in South Carolina for 300 years vote Rubio.

  16. I’m more interested in the Democratic race in Nevada tonight. Bernie won Hispanics but Hillary’s lead and lock with blacks is overwhelming. Whats that going to mean to the Bernie voters, who are largely young whites? They have the best of intentions towards blacks; they are sympathetic to the totally antipathetic Black Lives Matter folks. But they can’t get through to black voters. Its hopeless. Throw up your hands hopeless.

    They’re starting to hate Hillary. She’s a big phony. She’s not the the “First Woman” anything; she’s Argentina style politics where the wives of former presidents become president.

    Meanwhile, Trump is clearing out the stumbling blocks for them to come over to the Republican Party where they have a future. He kicked the Bushes good; he’s not going to start WWIII over who gets to be dictator of Syria. He’s not going to whack Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid. He’s going to tell college to cut their costs and pass along the savings (which makes more sense than Bernie’s free college). He won’t let people die in the streets (amazing that other GOP candidates fight him on that). He’s against the trade deals that most Americans think have hurt people at the bottom.

    • Bernie won Hispanics but Hillary’s lead and lock with blacks is overwhelming.

      That’s not something I’ve thought about, but it certainly makes sense. Hispanics can’t be happy with all the pro-black pandering. This issue could definitely help split the Democratic party. This presidential election could potentially destroy both parties. Wow. That’s an earthquake.

      • Mexicans in general are not in favor of women in positions of power. They are very patriarchal people, I can’t see many Mexican men showing up to cast a vote for her in the general election.

    • Exactly what I was just thinking! I was just writing about that when I saw what you wrote! I noticed this phenomenon a while back when I saw that many of the White SJW types loved Sanders and absolutely HATED Clinton. The things they hate about Clinton are the same things many of us hate about Clinton and the brand of politics she represents.

      I’m convinced that many of the SJWs are either just far too young/naive about the undertow of blacks and other non-Whites once they are allowed to shape the political landscape, or they are just too self-absorbed and egotistic to admit that they might not be as smart and educated on race as they think they are.

      • How fast do the Bernie folks get it that the Democratic Party holds no future for them? The Democratic Party has to give 35% of the goodies to blacks even though they’re only 13% of the country. Obama would give blacks 80% of the goodies if he could.

        Black machines control statewide Democratic nominations in a whole lot of states. Look at the Congressional Black Caucus out endorsing Clinton this week – they look pretty old; ideals aren’t what motivates them; probably a lot of them are crooks. I find it hard to believe that young white people are all that gaga about John Lewis.

        • The cognitive dissonance on the white-left.

          Interesting subject.

          Why do nogs vote in candidates that thwart Social Democratic reform?

          • Because they are Nogs. It’s not mere low IQ. they are demonic in nature. They enjoy inflicting pain, misery, and disaster. Are you familiar with African Creation Myths? It’s nasty.

      • The SJW’s are not deranged due to mere youth or naivete. They are religious acolytes, and they are HIGH. Don’t forget the drug addiction element.

    • Blacks are not going to vote for Jews in large numbers. The black Jewish alliance, which ended with the black panthers movement in 1968 has not been put back together again. Although George Soros is trying. Through the funding of black lives matter, It is not going to be in enough time to save Bernie

    • Who was dying in the streets before? Did I miss something?

      Trump needs to shed the socialist aspect of his platform.

  17. Great night.

    Our good Southern folks like Michael C carried the day in SC.

    This breaks a long losing streak for our people in the GOP South Carolina pres Primary.

    I m frankly shocked that Religious Right Evangelical Christian Zionists haven t been $&@@ everything up like they usually do.

    Great work everyone.

  18. South Carolina is redeeming itself from the Second Reconstruction. Lt. Gov. McMaster supported Trump, while Nimrata Randhawa Haley, a pro-Amnesty turncoat who appeased ‘the siren calls of the angriest voices’ clamoring for the flag, and appointed African Tim Scott – is repudiated, along with Lindsay Graham.

  19. Congratulations to y’all, Mr. Griffin, Miss Denise, and all y’all Trump supporters. It was a decisive win for him, and bodes well for him heading into Confederate Super Tuesday.

  20. Just watching CNN Inside Politics. The Democrat South Carolina primary is going to be all about blacks, all the time, both Bernie and Hillary featuring blacks. Furthers my theory that Bernie’s young SJW white supporters are headed over to Trump eventually. If they are sending him their small donations, they are following every day of the campaign. They are going to watch Bernie get nowhere with black voters. If the Democratic Party is so enthrall to black voters (a long time coming that its this much out in the open), they have no future in the Democratic Party.

    Catering to blacks to the extent of parading the mothers and daughters of criminals as Democratic Party saints and still not winning their votes – Throw up your hands. You don’t really believe this bunk anyway.

  21. Jeb dropped to give Rubio a boost in Nevada. A pathetic last gasp for a scion of WASP America.

    It might be better for Trump for Rubio and Cruz to pick up a win or two. I think they need to stay around to continue to split that Cuck vote (religious nuts to Cruz, globalist business types to Rubio).

  22. 2/21, 8:38 PST – RealClearPolitics just called last 2 SC Congressional districts for Trump: 50 out of 50 delegates. Well done DT

  23. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 3h3 hours ago
    Just found out 30% of voters in SC were Democrats but Trump got only 35%. Looks like some naughty Dems were trying to deny Trump the win.

    James Andrew Fern ?@1nonextreamist 3h3 hours ago
    And where did you find that statistic? on Twitter?

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 3h3 hours ago
    Rush said it today.

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