Nevada Is Trump Country

In Nevada, Trump won the Hispanics, the evangelicals, the women, college graduates, the “poorly educated,” independents, very conservatives, the moderates, and the people who consider the Supreme Court vacancy their top issue.

Note: YUGE victory in Nevada. We’re next here in Alabama!

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  1. Best part of Trump’s victory speech – “I loooove the poorly educated!”

    The class that is most ridiculed and attacked by the neocohens and their cuck slaves.

    Big win tonight gentlemen – right now it is at 46.5%

    • Libertarianism just doesn’t have broad appeal outside of white men and even among them probably a minority agree with positions like legalizing heroin which Dr. Paul defended on the debate stage.

      It’s not equipped to gain influence in a multi-racial democracy. Dead end.

      • I knew a few kids in college who got into “Libertarianism,” their WHOLE initial motivation was simply that they wanted pot legal, but after immersing themselves in this cult for months they ended up buying the whole sociopathic economic agenda hook line and sinker that would turn the country into Calcutta.

    • that’s right. Trump has been giving mixed signals on Zion-in-Palestine, alias “Israel”. Further antagonizing Kikehammer and the rest of the Cucks

      • Krauthammer isn’t a cuck; he actually is pursuing his group interests. The cucks are the evangelicals who think dying in defense of Israel is the highest American value.

      • Mixed signals? Where have you been?

        “I don’t need your money.” – Trump to Jewish Republicans
        “Foreign Nations funding other candidates” – meaning Isra-HELL
        “AUDIT THE FED” – Meaning Jew Bankers.

        Trump was willing to ‘play nice’ with the Yids, Now he’s going for their gefilte fish.

        About damn time.

    • Jews don’t give up that easily. Trump is not going to cakewalk into the Oval Office, and White Americans into the beautiful light of Freedom.
      The REAL fight is only just beginning.

  2. 2/24, 1:59 AM PST: 97% in; Trump more than doubles overall voter participation vs. 2012. Trump @ 46%, just over 2 Cuban Cucks combined. 12 EV for Trump, Cubans w 5+5, 8 still to be allocated

    *bandwagon effect now kicking in
    *deep-tolling bell of inevitability ringing louder
    *desperate Zionists may try…anything

    • 3:40 AM PST: 100% in. 8 delegates still unallocated. Final should be Trump/16, Rubio/7, Cruz/7. This is important re “8 State Rule”. Is RNC up to some evil trickery? If so, DT may go full Visigoth

  3. Donald Trump made an impromptu stop at a caucus site in Las Vegas where Glenn Beck was appearing on behalf of his candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz. Trump entered the site at the exact moment Beck was Cruz. As soon as the word dropped caucus-goers mobbed the door to see the candidate make his entrance.

    “This is an honor,” Trump said as he addressed the raucous crowd. “Thank you for being with me tonight. We are going to have hopefully a historic night. In New Hampshire it was an amazing win. As you know, South Carolina. Unbelievable. Hopefully this will be the same. I appreciate everybody being here. I wanted to be here myself.”

    “Our borders are going to be strong. We’re going to get rid of Obamacare. We’re getting rid of Common Core. We’re going to take care of our veterans, our military… we’re going to make it big and strong. We’re going to be respected again,” Trump stumped.

    “Get over there and vote!” Trump instructed the crowd.

    • The photo of a dejected Glenn Beck in a sports coat that didn’t quite fit, a pair of rolled up skinny jeans, and holding what appeared to be a black Fedora: this was a watershed moment in the decline and fall of the cuckservative movement.

  4. My guess why Trump is garnering evangelical votes is basically because of the class divisions in those churches. From what I see the people who lord it over their congregations usually do so from some economic comfort where they are able to afford to virtue signal and virtue signaling amongst white women is the hammer in which to make their way up the pecking order. And conservatism has delivered nothing but virtue signaling platitudes from adopting non-white babies as godly to sacrificing our country to Israel, great for the SUV new clothes wearing big wigs of any church not so great for those who have to have it shoved in their faces. Anyway that is my guess

    • Trump promised to fight for Christians overseas. Some of the Evangelicals are actual Christians, not Zionists, so that meant a lot, I suspect. “Judeo-Christians” are simply not Christians; they’re a new religion.

      And Trump had the common sense to link Islamic immigrants and tourists with potential terrorism in the US. Since he’s from NYC, it is expected that Trump doesn’t like terrorism.

      Also, people believe Trump when he says he’s “bringing back Christmas”. And Trump says he wants to get rid of the Department of Education.

      If other candidates want our support, they need to at least pretend to advocate for our interests.

      Rubio wants to flood us with immigrants and ship our jobs overseas. Who needs that? None of the candidates are trustworthy, but the idea that voters would support Rubio is outrageous.

      Cruz is a cultist. I don’t think real Christians could support a guy like that. I’d rather take a nominal Christian who is fairly secular. That Cruz stopped amnesty is enormous, but he’s a cultist. That whole mix of Constitution and Bible and Israel is *terrifying*!! Cult, cult, cult!

      It pretty much comes down to Trump or Carson. I don’t know much about Kasich.

      • ‘If other candidates want our support, they need to at least pretend to advocate for our interests.’

        That’s the problem, Mr. Weaver – even those who have pretended, such a George W. Bush, were only doing that:)

        It seem we’re going to find out if Mr. Trump is one of those, right soon.

        • George W. Bush never made an appeal to me. I am a Buchananite. We never liked Bush, never liked the Iraq War. I voted Constitution Party in 2004. And in 2008 I voted for Duncan Hunter in the primary, then Constitution Party again in the general.

          The only choice has been whether to vote third party or whether to not vote.

          And yes, we’ll find out with Trump. I half expect he’ll give us amnesty, but he’s going to hold true on other promises. Trump is at least promising my voting group something it wants.

          • Ditto, I never liket George Bush, politically, and am a Buchananite.
            My voting record is somewhat similar to yours. I have voted establishment on some elections, and on others – for libertarians.

            I am wary of Trump, because he is a Manhatten shark. That said, I do not believe that he hates America, as President Obama does, nor that he (how could anybody be) is a liar like the present president of the Yankee Empire.

            I am chastened by the fact that I have made wrong guesses before, and nobody knows until we live it.

            I will trust to the judgement of The Southern people, and they are quite obviously trusting Trump.

            All the best to you, Mr. Weaver.

          • Thanks. Old Rebel doesn’t trust Trump:

            He doesn’t trust Cruz either, so far as I’m aware. Ron Paul condemns all candidates, might still like Sanders best.

            A great many others though are with Trump. I jumped on when VDARE praised Trump over Cruz, awhile back. Also, I like Trump’s trade and war positions, and he’s become extremely good on immigration.

            Trump is most certainly a shark. Hopefully he does as he promises, serves as a shark for America.

          • You’re very welcome, Mr. Weaver. Thank you.

            Concerning ‘Old Rebel’, I thank you for the link. I am proud to say he is one of my Tarheel countrymen.

            Many white Trump supporters do not realize what negro and Hispanick Trump supporters realize : he loves everybody who loves him; and, though he can be very irascible, he is fundamentally a benevolent and kind-hearted person, without discernment (prejudice) of any kind. – this in addition to being a Manhatten style shark!

            As to Cruz, I can tell you this : if he did not have a proven record, and if his own party did not hate him so much, then I would not trust him, either.
            When people hate someone, it never lies about what that person is.

            I am with you ; I am excited by Mr. Trump’s trade and war positions, though, I do not like his idea of deporting everybody, and then bringing them back in. As a Tarheel, I am prepared to vote out my own Republican senator, Richard Burr, for his support for Latinos replacing us.

            My worries about Mr. Trump come from my feeling that he may turn into an extra-constitutional strongman. This country needs to go no further in the direction of tyranny. It is starting to stink from it, too much, already.

            well, Mr. Weaver, have a nice afternoon.

          • Actually, what we are drowning in is republican democracy, which has never worked for long. The sooner we return to monarchy the sooner common sense and self-confidence will rule.

            Check the Bible. It makes no mention of presidents. It refers to kings, and King of Kings.

          • Mr. Bahn – I certainly appreciate your candour, but, I am a Southern secessionist – definitely not in favour of returning to monarchy, which, by the way, is why I don’t like the modern Yankee Empire – it smacks too much of monarchy, though, it hides the fact under a plethora of misleading semanticks.

            I dislike any form of central control, and despise that sort which is quite unconstitutional.

            I value limits, both personally & politically.

            That said, if you do favour monarchy, then, with the present form of government, you are far closer to your paradigm than I.

          • You comment is well taken, Mr. Bahn; but, that said, Mr. Cruz has 3 years of conservative consistency that is 3 years beyond Mr. Trump’s and beyond Mr. Rubio – who campaigns one way and yet, occupies the senate in another.

          • Old Rebel is where the LOS was twenty years ago, still fighting the ‘civil war’ and claiming Indian ancestry and negro fwends. No doubt he supports Ukrainian sovereignty over Russian reunion, because, well, ALL secession is correct, or some such nonsense.

            Has some good thoughts but don’t forget the salts.

          • He’s a friend of mine. He wouldn’t support Ukrainian sovereignty.

            He’s not a Cuck as you assume he is. I don’t agree with his way of thinking exactly, but he writes frequently of the positives of homogeneous societies, the problems of multiracial society.

            He thinks very similar to how I think, as well as to how Hunter Wallace thinks, I believe. There’s a great deal of overlap.

      • ‘Cruz is a cultist. I don’t think real Christians could support a guy like that.’

        Millions of us, ‘real Christians’ do, Mr. Weaver, but, it will not be enough to derail Mr. Trump.

        I don’t prefer ‘nominal Christians’, Mr. Weaver, but, voting for a president is not just about finding my religion in someone, it’s about hoping that he wold keep the contract that the Yankee government supposedly has with the people it purports to represent.

          • Well, Mr. Weaver, even though I am a highly literate man, I believe only two documents are necessary to know – the Good Book, and the Constitution.

            No temporary gains will be justified by the long term loss of the Constitution and it’s processes. Though, imperfect, and though, scantily noted by the Yankee government, it is the root of our entire civilization.

            All the best to you, Mr. Weaver.

          • The Constitution isn’t obeyed closely today, and the 14th Amendment changes it dramatically.

            I dunno how much longer the US will survive.

            Anyway, take care, and ty for the kind replies.

          • For the sake of all Americans, and the world, Mr. Weaver, I hope this country does not survive, in it’s present amalgamation. As to the all the people who comprise modern day ‘America’, I certainly wish them well.

            Take care, too, Mr. Weaver.

        • The Bible predicts that most Christians will fall for Satan.

          Nothing personal but these millions of Christians are acting out of faith while straining relations with their instincts. Faith in characters who have lied to them, over and over and over again. The Trump electorate, like less successful movements in the past, aren’t buying the sermons any more. ALL know that the contract was long ago broken. Those with healthy instincts are all for burning that piece of paper!

          No bible-thumping politician works for Goldman-Sachs. It just doesn’t happen. GS wouldn’t pay for it!

          • Mr. Bahn, I think you are mistaken about Goldman Sachs and what they would finance. Remember : Rothschild financet Hitler.

            That said, neither you nor I really know.

            I do, however, believe you are quite on target about people tired of those who have lied to them, and that ‘the contract’ (The Constitution) was broken, long ago.

            That is why many of us support Mr Cruz – because he went to Washington and continued as he had campaigned. That said, I think the Cruz campaign is ceasing to be relevant. Winning Texas won’t change that.

            Mr. Trump, however, is a new convert to conservatism, and has no record as a publick servant. We have no choice but, to trust him.

            I will bow to the opinion of my people, and pray that they are much more clever than I.

            I thank you for your thoughtful comments, Mr. Bahn. Have a great day!

          • Rothschild did not finance Hitler. This is out of the “Democrats are the real racists” folly bag.

            You can either look into it, as complicated as it is, or you can ask yourself “why would he?”.

      • And yes, Senator Rubio has still not given up on the Yankee government slave importation/Democrat Party constituency recruitment system:)))

  5. Number cruncher time.

    People are making a big deal of Romney getting 50.1% in 2012 compared to Trump’s 45.9% yesterday. Problem is, turnout. Romney’s total vote tally of 16,486 would have only given him third place yesterday, above Cruz but below Rubio. Furthermore, Trump by himself got more votes yesterday (34,531) than the total number of votes cast for all candidates in this event four years ago (32,961). Last night there were 74,848 votes cast, 2.27 times more than four years ago.

  6. Congratulations to all Trump supporters.

    It is clear that the rest of the primaries will only be superfluous, and now the matter will come down to one issue :

    Will the GOP establishment allow their voters to choose the party’s nominee, or will they prove to to be as undemocratick as the Democrat party, and find a way to cheat their constituency of that?

  7. Hate to pour cold water on everyone’s expectations but if Trump gets the nomination (right now it looks like he will) there’s no guarantee he’ll stay the present course. IMO, he leaves enough room in his positions to allow an abrupt about face to the center left.
    I certainly hope I’m wrong. Even if I’m not the political landscape is being altered in a pro-White direction.

  8. I’m more convinced that Trump will win the election than I am he will be able to change things when he gets there. He’ll be facing the same bunch of Republican Chamber of Commerce cave dwellers and the same fags/nigger lovers in the Democrat party. The system is amazingly dysfunctional.

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