Live Thread: 2016 Nevada Caucus

Nevada has a crazy sounding caucus system where votes are counted by taking a photo of the ballot and sending it in with a smartphone. That is how I have heard it described on television.

It is going to be a long night. We probably won’t know the results until after midnight in the East. Good luck to all our people on the ground there and let us know if you see anything unusual.

Keep calm and vote Trump.

Note: In the meantime, the cucks and neocohens are still having meltdowns, with most vowing never to vote for Trump in the general election. Check out the latest from Rick Wilson, David Harsanyi, and Noah Rothman.

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  1. You would think this would be a perfect opportunity for the cucks and neocohens. Didn’t they always tell us that they didn’t need White men and that the future was Hispanic? This is the time for them to build that coalition. Perfect opportunity!. Now that they can break away from us old xenophobes and uneducated losers that were holding them back – they can build a new party by bringing in Hispanics using “principles” such as lesser government and tax cuts. Should be a real winner! I’m sure they will be signing up left and right!

      • It looks as if Trump’s the one riding the Hispanic wave, just as he said he would be. Fox just showed exit-poll info: 41% of Hispanics for Trump. Rubio in second, with 29%. Hispanics were one-tenth of the voters.

        • Interesting. In other words, hispanic republicans support Trump at more or less the same rate as white Republicans. More grist for cucks to choke on.

    • Haha, Trump train.

      Reminds me of the old Cat Stevens song “Peace Train”

      “Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a Trump train
      Oh Trump train take this country, come take me home again.

      Oh Trump train sounding louder,
      Glide on the Trump train.”

  2. Rick Wilson: ‘With God As My Witness, I Will Never Vote For Donald Trump.’

    Now it becomes a religious crusade.

    As if God cares who this cuck votes for.

    • Wilson is a Florida political consultant for Latino politicians. Whites would never higher such an obnoxious jerkoff.

    • Isn’t it creepy how Cruz has a cult? They worship the holy Constitution and holy Israel…

      That’s what has driven Christians away from Cruz.

  3. The Establishment is in full panic after the route in SC. Line up behind Rubio ! Tell Kasich to drop out ! No, Rubio is blocked by Cruz and will finish 3rd in the South Super Tuesday ! Get rid of Cruz – Rubio can win one-on-one ! No, Trump will eat Rubio alive if they go head to head – get Kasich ! Support Cruz – No, he’s as bad as Trump and less electable ! Meanwhile, the Trump Train Rolls.

  4. Mona Charen ?@monacharenEPPC 3h3 hours ago
    I find that I am feverishly clicking on any story that offers a glimmer of hope of Trump losing.

  5. Rothman compares modern day GOP Establishment and wants all out War on Trump – not Democrats. The essay ends citing Lincoln empowering Grant “I can’t spare this man he fights”. But he has the wrong enemy (if one considers the Conservative vs. Neocon kosher heresy) which should be the Democrats

    Shouldn’t we echo Lincoln about calls to remove Trump with “I can’t spare this man – he fights” – ironic I say this as an Unreconstructed Southerner.

  6. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 18m18 minutes ago
    Make sure you get on the Trump line and are not mislead by the Cruz people. They are bad! BE CAREFUL.

  7. Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii
    Lol, Donald Trump just walked into a caucus location as Glenn Beck was speaking on behalf of Cruz! OMG, great theater!

    • That sound you just heard was Rich Lowry’s testicle being crushed inside Trump’s gold-plated vice grips.

  8. The Trump train is rolling tonight.

    Word is the white working class turned out big because they have had enough of being screwed by business and immigrants.

    • Pretty much. Trump has huge support in Nevada. As things stand now, in the general election he will easily take Nevada.

  9. Could someone remind me who won Iowa a few weeks ago? It’s all so fuzzy now, and I can’t recall the fella’s name.

  10. The cuckservative sites have begun attacking Trump supporters after their attacks on Trump failed to sway Trump supporters. Cuckservatives have sucked on the billionaire teats for so long they are impervious to economic justice for all Americans.

  11. Trump is grudge fucking Megyn Kelly on the Oval Office Desk while giving cucks Glenn Beck & Roger Ailes a “dirty sanchez”.

  12. Victory victory victory. And record turnouts.. looks like a genuine political revolution. Betcha he’ll become the Vegas favorite to win the general before the end of March.

    Greatest thing about this whole campaign is that nearly everybody who supported him in the beginning– myself included– thought he was going to shift further to the center as time progressed. But the opposite has happened– nobody could have predicted the “total ban on Muslims” idea that has been so popular, and along with his wall/deportation policy it makes him the most unabashedly pro-White candidate since George Wallace. And the media has noticed, cried 6 million tears about it, an it HASN’T MATTERED ONE BIT. It’s been glorious.

    Best potential policy idea: free college or forgiveness of student loans for all who sign up for an 18-month term in the Deportation Force. Steal Bernie’s thunder in a way that sickens all the leftists!! Hail Victory!!!

  13. Holy mother of God it wasn’t even close. He taunted the Jew Steve Winn [sic] in his victory speech, and BITCH SLAPPED Rafael Cruz, and the MEDIA!!!!
    My HERO. My life for you!!!!

  14. I guess I’m a cruel person, but I went to Fox News, NatRev, and TheRightScoop to witness the pain, suffering, denial, and gnashing of teeth.

    It’s delicious. I feel like Caligula.

    Megyn Kelly keeps saying that Trump has very high negatives, especially with women. She and her guests even began brainstorming for the GOPe to figure out what Rubio and/or Cruz could/should do to bring down Trump.

    In primary seasons past, you’d just watch the returns come in and then the winner eventually declared. There was never an effort by the media to try and fix “what went wrong.” It’s surreal watching them all act as if something is broken and they need to fix it. Perhaps they can get Frank Luntz to do one his phony “focus group” thingies and ask the pretend “conservatives” to list the ways that they hate Trump. They really can’t get over their shock and dismay that the electorate is not doing what they went them to do. How dare the people finally have a mind of their own!

    It’s the same over at NatRev and TheRightScoop. Complete meltdown. One cuck-writer at NatRev saying that Kasich and Carson “must go, because their actions are ruining the country.” At The Right Scoop they’re running hit piece after hit piece on Trump, as if they actually have any influence, and they’re predicting the doom of the country should Trump win.

    Some negro named Deroy Murdoch at NatRev has a piece that begins with a group pic of Rubio, Haley, and a negro politician from South Carolina whose name I don’t know and don’t care to. Murdoch says in his article that whenever liberals accuse “conservatives” of being racists, someone should show them that picture! The non-ironic title of the article is:

    “The Republican Rainbow Coalition”

    And he’s serious!

    And to think that they hate being called cuckservatives.

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