Live Thread: Super Tuesday

As voters head to the polls in the Super Tuesday states, House Speaker Paul Ryan held a press conference this morning about … but, but, but muh white supremacy!

Note: Within a week of losing the 2012 election, Paul Ryan was working on the Rubio amnesty with Luis Gutierrez.

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  1. I find it interesting how OD goes through phases. First it’s white nationalist, then it’s anti-jobling / anti guy white, then it’s anti vanguardist, then it’s southern nationalist, now it’s pro trump.


    In spite of the fact that Mr. Trump has been constantly reported as being inseparable with Mr. Duke and, even, the Reconstruction Era lynch-itchy Klan, he won, anyway:)

    It’s a phenomenon unlike I have witnesst in my life.

      • Well, Miss Denise, I hope you are right.

        Still, after having lived through so many decades of an ennui ridden populace, my heart can’t quite wrap itself around that notion. It seems that most of us have grown to care for our own individual lives, to such an extent, that whatever happens to the community we will simply accept, rather than risk anything – even just in the private mental realm.

        Good to hear from you, M’am. Have a fine day!

    • It’s been demonstrated that candidates who are smeared with the Mussolini, Hitler, Klan brush, always garner far more votes than they ordinarily would have done.
      The exact opposite of what the Bolsheviks expect, happens. More people will vote for Klandidate Donald Trump, than not.

      • Interesting, Mr. Owen.

        Apparently those who are attempting to create the new Trump/Duke Candidatehead, do not think like you.

        Further, Mr. Owen, I have wondered about Dr. Duke’s timing and endorsement of Mr. Trump. It seems to me that as savvy as the Doctor is, he would know that his endorsement could hurt Mr. Trump – particularly in the General election; which leaves me to wonder if he was paid.

        I suspect that, as desperate as the GOP is to sabotage Mr. Trump, that this would be a likely probability. That suspicion, however, has the weakness of Dr, Duke’s character, which has always been straightforward and plain-spoken at significant cost to his life, and the difficulty of living it.

        If the GOP cannot sabotage Mr. Trump from getting the nomination, I am looking for them to surreptitiously launch a 3rd ‘conservative candidate’, in November,’ to make sure that Miss Hillary wins the empire crown.

        What do you think?

        • It’s quite possible. However, I don’t know much about Mr Duke, even though he’s a neighbour of sorts. There are phony combat cells out there, akin to Red Army units who disguised themselves as Whites or Greens.

  3. Kristol Lays Out Strategy to Give White House to Hillary Clinton: Trump ‘Shouldn’t Win’

    ‘In order to defeat Donald Trump, The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol admits he is prepared to hand Hillary Clinton the Oval Office. On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” the Republican Establishment leader laid out his plot to deprive Trump of the 50% of delegates necessary to secure the nomination. From there, the idea is to go into a brokered convention and cut a kamikaze deal that awards enough delegates to an “acceptable” candidate (who will have won far fewer votes, states, and delegates than Trump).’

      • Nobody will go for that provided Trump acts Presidential and reassuring (he’s been doing better at that) and maintains his momentum. Several Jews have pooh poohed the idea (eg Krauthammer).

        They value the two party hustle more than denying Trump the nomination. Demographics are still on their side after all.

    • Their babble suggests such is exactly the case. They know Crubio and Ruz can credibly loose to Hillary. With Trump, she’ll have to steal the election. For which, there are contingencies in place.

  4. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    Considering Northern VA is practically 100% GOPe, Trump’s win there was nothing short of miraculous.

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
    We have the best of possible outcomes. Trump won the Southeast and Northeast but Cruz, Rubio and Kasich will stay in. Perfect script.

    Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 49m49 minutes ago
    Face it. Texas and OK were Cruz’s last hurrah. We’re moving into Trump territory from here. 🙂

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