The Deep South Is Trump Country

Last night, we had a test in the American South: how would White Southerners respond to preening lectures about “racism” from two Cubans running on an extreme “pro-life” platform with the full-throated support of the Republican establishment, Conservatism, Inc., and the vast majority of evangelical leaders?

And the result?

1.) In Alabama, Donald Trump won every county in the state and beat Ted Cruz here by 22 points.

2.) In Arkansas, Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz by 2 points. This is almost certainly due to the fact that Arkansas had a closed primary and far more voters who are registered Democrats and couldn’t crossover to vote in the Republican primary.

3.) In Georgia, Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz by 15 points. Cruz didn’t carry a single county in Georgia. Trump beat Cruz soundly in Macon and Warner Robins which are the home of Erick Erickson and Steve Berman. As for Rubio, he couldn’t win outside Atlanta and Athens.

4.) In Tennessee, Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz by 14 points. Cruz didn’t win a single county in Tennessee. Marco Rubio won a single county in suburban Nashville.

5.) In Virginia, Donald Trump beat Marco Rubio by 3 points. Ted Cruz didn’t win a single county in Virginia. The Beltway suburbs in NOVA weren’t enough to lift Rubio to victory.

Ted Cruz had a great night in Texas where he won by 17 points in his home state. He also won Oklahoma by 6 points. As with Arkansas, this is likely due to the fact that Oklahoma was a closed primary. Unfortunately for Ted Cruz, there won’t be another Texas in the upcoming contests. He hasn’t a single county east of the Mississippi.

6.) In South Carolina, Ted Cruz beat Marco Rubio by 10 points. Ted Cruz didn’t win a single county in South Carolina. Rubio was unable to win outside Charleston and Columbia.

Where do we go next? Kentucky and Louisiana vote on Saturday. Mississippi votes next Tuesday. Florida, North Carolina, and Missouri vote on March 15. With the exception of Maryland and West Virginia, the whole South will have voted by March 15. By winning Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska, Ted Cruz has an excuse to stay in the race and continue to divide the anti-Trump vote.

In the remaining Southern states, the David Duke endorsement will probably HELP Donald Trump in Mississippi and Louisiana. In Missouri, Trump will almost certainly be confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis, who will make a big scene in a state that is more racially polarized than ever before after Ferguson. In Florida, transplants from New York and New Jersey will carry Trump to victory.

Trump will destroy his rivals in West Virginia – it is the most heavily White working class state in the country and consistently one of his best states. North Carolina has been hit harder by free-trade than any other Southern state. Unless the race dramatically consolidates before March 15th, it is unimaginable that Trump would lose North Carolina after winning South Carolina and Virginia.

So, what does all this tell us?

1.) Ted Cruz is pretty much done because his strategy was premised on his non-existent appeal to Southern evangelical Christians and conservatives. He’s won enough of them, however, to stay in the race as a spoiler through March 15th.

2.) Marco Rubio has two weeks to convince New York and New Jersey transplants in his own state and evangelical Christians in the Panhandle to vote against Donald Trump. That’s not going to happen.

3.) The South is far less “conservative” than it is made out to be. The religiosity of the Deep South is wildly exaggerated.  For generations, White Southerners have been voting against the Democrats, not for the Republican or “true conservative” economic platform. Guess what? No one cares what the National Review has to say here.

How is a man like Donald Trump who is the embodiment of “New York values” winning in landslides across the Deep South? The answer is National Populism.

Note: If Texas pride wasn’t a factor in that race, Trump would have probably won there too.


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  1. Whites want some one, any one to defend their interests and represent them without fear. Whites are willing to tolerate all the childish name calling the Jews can hurl.

  2. Historically only nationalism has been able to defeat Marxism. And Marxism is what we’re facing today albeit Cultural Marxism. Conservatism is impotent and has over the last fifty years or so utterly failed to stop it.

    • I very respectfully disagree, Mr. Crews.

      You & I are both Jesse Helms Conservative North Carolinians. Conservatism is NOT the problem, but, false conservatives.

      Conservatism IS Southern nationalism, Mr. Crews, as it seeks to preserve the very Bill of Rights, which, in turn, conserves it’s people, (states- rights, economick protectionism, closed borders etc…)and leaves it to the people to decide their own culture.

      Anyway, Mr. Crews, a big howdy to you and y’all, out westerly in Kernersville, from easterly in Murfreesboro!

      • The proof is in the pudding Nikoli. Conservatism has failed to conserve much of anything. It is reactionary for the part. Most of the younger “conservatives” would not vote for Jesse now a days. Hope to meet you one day and maybe break bread together.

        • We will break bread together, Mr. Crews.

          If you are ever raising a contingency of the LOS on the eastern part of the state, or simply following a case thither, please know that you will be welcome, with wife as well, to stay with us at the historic Rea-Lassiter house in Murfreesboro.

    • Harold- we have a Jewish Communist as a presidential hopeful!!!

      How much more Marxist do you need to get- Lenin’s tomb in D.C.?

      • Fr. John, communism is more than having a communist leader. It’s a political system. Although I certainly agree that much of the economy is so extensively regulated that it is all by owned by the Feds.

  3. Unless momentum can carry Trump to the nomination which is possible, they are going for the convention. Some people say they will never do it. I think they will. The level of hatred towards Trump is driving them insane.

    The cuck alliance will go to convention and deny Trump the nomination which will make our wishes come true and completely destroy the Republican party. The entire GOPe will be annihilated right then and there. Rats like Bill Kristol and NR will become pariahs in voters minds for handing the nomination to Hillary. All of their political power will end right there as the only reason people have supported them anyway was to “stop the Democrats.”. This is especially true in the South.

    My guess is Trump and his sons along with their allies would start a new political movement/party that can throw off the worthless label of conservatism and be free of the shackles of the RNC’s cuck supporters. This could be a dream scenario for us. The convention thing might even be better than Trump winning the delegates needed.

    • I’m not sure his sons would or could carry his mantle. in the past when a populist leader has been defeated or removed much of the hope invested in him withers away.

      • I didn’t mean that his sons would run. I was thinking more along the lines of a comeback in 4 years after Hillary wins. Trump would still be young enouph to run.

        I still think its possible Trump can win this thing, but I just heard that Romney is coming out tomorrow to give a speech on the state of the race. Looks like they are hoping for convention – why else would they drag him out?

  4. I like the next couple of states, but we need a genuine Come to Jesus moment among right wing whites. Christianity will not survive in a recognizable form if the anti whites complete their demographic transformation of America.

    As a result of too many allowing themselves to be swindled by their leaders, they are going to go the way of a near identical religion, Zoroastrianism. They will be overrun by Arabs and Arab equivalents and their blood will be diluted to extinction while a false religion reigns in perpetuity.

    Can we just get a 10 month hiatus on the silliness?

    • I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The problem with rapture ready evangelicals is that they have no vested interest in the future. They have an escapist mentality and only have a vested interest in bringing about Armageddon. Many of them don’t believe that they nor their posterity will be around to endure the cultural rot and demographic time bomb. Therefore, they put all of their time, effort, energy, and political support towards “blessing Israel.” They are a real sick bunch. The only hope for these people is for Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Jack van Impe et al die their normal deaths in time for evangelicals to wake up from their stupor.

      • I wonder how many evangelicals actually fall into this category. Sure, there are some, but based on the election results above, the problem isn’t that bad. I’ve always suspected the “crazy evangelical” demographic was overestimated, and it looks like the election results have proven me right so far.

        • Not as many these days. Most of them are voting for Cruz (who blesses Israel) and we saw how that worked out in States like Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia

          • I’d say the perceived hordes of “batshit crazy evangelicals” is largely a liberal media creation. Just like the virtuous, intelligent, hardworking blacks and the hate filled inbred white racists. All of these things exist commonly on TV, but rarely in real life.

        • It’s most severe among the Pentecostals and their ilk. Southern Baptists have it to a lesser degree. Many nondenominational churches and independent Baptists do not suffer from this spiritual affliction.

        • IF you have read the ‘Left Behind’ series, you are ONE OF THOSE TYPES.

          Total blasphemy and heresy. Dispensationalism is the hallmark of Dallas Theoloogical Seminary. If Russia wants to drop a bomb, that should be the zero point, frankly.

          • Yeah, I’ve heard of that. I had it recommended to me many years ago by a friend, but I just didn’t see the point in reading fantasy novels about the Rapture. I don’t know how it could make anyone a better Christian and I’m not into reading stuff like that just for fun. It’s like sci-fi meets the Bible. Can’t be a good combination.

      • Spot on. It is exactly why they vote the way they do against their own interests and of course a charlatan like Cruz tries to use that to his benefit. Btw, Hal Lindsey’s death should be coming up in the next few years and that will put a bullet in their ideology – he was never supposed to die a natural death

        • I’m sorry to know he is still alive. Didn’t he divorce his wife (or was it wives???) as well? He will not go to Heaven, for the chiliast heresy he helped popularize.

      • Perfect analysis.

        Every five damned minutes John Hagee is telling them that they are the “terminal generation.” He is a sicko and heretic to the nth degree, and those who join his CUFI are seriously ignorant and seriously deluded. May they be delivered and be brought to repentance, after which, a rebuilding of a masculine, Biblical Christianity.

      • AMEN! The Calvinist Christian Reconstruction people were saying this back in the 1980’s, with the most common refrain of the UTTER USELESSNESS OF CZ HERETICS, being:

        “Well, son, you don’t polish brass on a sinking ship.”

        You do IF IT’S YOUR JOB!

        Christ, help us. Good Lord, hear us.
        Foil the plans of the Deicides, dear God.

        Give us a leader who will let us live free.
        Trump. 2016.
        God wills it.

  5. Great job by all true Southrrn brothers and sisters

    Texas and Oklahoma have too many dishonorable $ chasers who back slap to rich Jews Saudi Ay Rabs Mexican oligarchs like Carlos slim.

    Too many Texans are like LBJ and the Bush family

    No honor or real education.

    • That’s a quote to quote on Hannity, Limburger, Praeger, Levin, etc,!!!!

      Tell it to Beck-lmao.

  6. Here, in North/Northeast Texas, the only campaign posters that are usually out are for local candidates. I don’t recall ever seeing posters for Presidential candidates before the nomination.

  7. The county next to me is in Virginia. They are suffering big time because of the economic policies of the GOPe and DC. Very low income <45k It was a landslide for Trump.

    We saw that the high income yuppies up near DC voted like a block for Rubio.

  8. If Texas pride wasn’t a factor in that race, Trump would have probably won there too.

    This is exactly what I thought. I might have felt that way, if Trump weren’t in it, and I’d actually cared about the race. However, pride is a about 90% of it. Hunter’s statement is true, all too true.

    BTW, I believe that a good part of the interest in the 2016 Campaign is due to the fact that a great many people don’t want Hillary in the White House.

  9. Cruz failed in Texas. Winning his home state with only 44%, I heard today, is one of the worst home state primary victories ever. His campaign, in my opinion, is ridiculous. “I went to Washington and I did what I promised! I FOUGHT them.” And they beat you, Ted.

    Rubio would lose several Southern states to Clinton. How can the Republicans not see that? He had so much establishment support – and they do steal votes – and he did lousy. Nominating Rubio would give the Democrats an opening in the South like a big gift. He doesn’t sell; he’s ethnic; he’s Catholic; he’s a neocon. The Clintons know the South.

    A word on the racism stuff. I live in New Jersey but do a lot of traveling around the country. My New Jersey – the places I might find myself – is no less segregated than the places I found myself in Alabama. Actually its more segregated. I’m not going to see 2 black people if I go to the Walmart’s in Clinton or Flemington NJ. Thats not by accident. Everyone is super aware of race; the goodie-2-shoes white people would be very nervous to be driving in a car in a black area of New Jersey in daylight and terrified at night. Imagine having a fender bender traffic accident there. Not so for any race in having an accident in my town, of course.

  10. You might want to look at Whitaker’s posts about snobs. In short power and influence is up for grabs since the old power brokers went native in DC and forgot they simply cannot run support Israel or just die and be buried in a shallow dirt grave where your soul will never reach heaven type stuff propaganda.
    Power is out there floating about ready to be grabbed

  11. Did anyone catch Marco Amnesty last night pretending he had a chance? It was a sight to be seen.

  12. Listening to Mark Beling this afternoon one would be left with the impression that Trump did not fare well yesterday.

    He said average wise, Trump managed to get only 35% Cruz 23% Rubio 20% of the votes. Meaning, according to him, 65% of voters do not want Trump.

    OK, but by the same standard 80% do not want Rubio. He didn’t mention that fact.

    He actually said the minority of Trump voters have a tyrannical hold on the party.

    What does that even mean?

    He desperately wants candidates to drop out and get behind a challenger who will get their votes to defeat Trump.

    A real hate fest. Nothing new, pretty much the same every day.

    He thinks Romney will endorse a candidate tomorrow or throw his hat into the ring. Possibly set up a convention challenge.

    His call screener hopes Kasich becomes the standard bearer.

    Kasich? And they claim Trump is not conservative enough.

    • Mark Belling is a Rush cuck from way back. Anyone connected to Limbaugh are all in the tank for the circus tent evangelist Cruz. Too bad for them that the Southerners are not falling for it.

      Louisiana and Mississippi poised for a Trump landslide.

      Cruz has zero path forward other than maybe a few states in Midwest like Kansas or something.

      • Mr. Ulfric – you have neglected to note that Senator Cruz is the leading candidate in California – a delegate treasure trove.

          • Yes, Sir.

            Where I stand with the election is this : Trump won big last week, but, not as big as I had anticipated he would, for, Senator Cruz has 2/3s as many delegates as Mr. Trump does.

            There is more of a path to victory for Senator Cruz than I was expecting.

            If he wins Texas, California and, oh, let’s say, another 6,8, or 10 states, the convention will be anything but perfunctory.

            Mr. Trump is still the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination, BUT, every day I see sings that the establishment won’t have him, and, knowing Mr. Trump as we do, how long will it be before he bolts?

          • One other thing, Sir, it seems that the Chinese and Governor Romney are doing their best to convince me to vote for Trump, rather than Cruz.

            Did you hear Romney’s speech, below?

    • Last night I saw the Krauthammer say that Rubio’s aggressive attacks on Trump were working since Trump didn’t beat Rubio by much in Virginia.

      Okay Charles, that’ll do.

  13. Romney is speaking out against Trump tomorrow – maybe even trying to get into the race (even though it’s too late). The mask slips more every day on these elite scum. Having them try to steal the nomination is the perfect time to call for secession (i.e. freedom of determination).

    • Are we so sure? I sense a lot of phone calls and backroom deals happening which is Trump’s forte. Roger Ailes just shit-canned Rubio. You have some of the less insane Jews saying it’s too late to stop him at the convention.

      Romney could call for “party unity” in order to beat Hillary (have to keep that two party scam going!)

      In their heart of hearts, nobody likes a Jew. They kneel because of the power of the Jew, nothing more. If that power can be o’erturned, most of the rank and file will be there.

    • Koch brothers have backed off funding ads. Murdoch is posting that it would be crazy not to unify the party. Ailes saying that the Rubio push on Fox was over.

      The mid level nobodies like Bill Kristol and Rick Wilson may be pushing for convention but it looks like the real power – the money – is backing off.

      Looks like Trump’s call for unity last night worked – they’d rather deal with him than break up the party

      Let’s see how this goes.

      • I saw his press conference. Deftly handled. The guy knows what he’s doing.

        I don’t think they’re backing off, though. Some of them, anyway. Karl Rove was still saying bizarre things just this evening.

        Where did Ailes say that the Rubio push on Fox was over? That’d mean he had to admit that there was one in the first place. I wonder if Fox has seen a dip in their ratings. That would do it.

    • I’d reckon that somewhere in a digital audio workstation right now, snippets of comments made by Trump of a casual and harmless nature taken from multiple recorded sources are being edited to make Trump sound like he said something he didn’t actually intend. In my profession I know quite a bit about how easy this would be to pull off.

      The people that do the nastiest stuff – the true background operatives – are protected by degrees of separation from those at the top of the heap, such as, say, a Karl Rove and the like. Plausible deniability. If caught, it’ll be: “It was a rogue underling that I’ve never met, and not only do I not condone such actions, I condemn them.”

  14. Trump just released an eminently sensible health care proposal which is both politically plausible and electorally useful.

    One thing we learned from Obamacare, it actually was cheaper to just treat people in the ER.

  15. It will be interesting to see how NC turns out. There are a LOT of yanks living down here who will either go democrat or cuckservative. But at the same time there are a LOT of Hispanics and a fair number of refugees here which will motivate a lot of blue collar whites to the polls, many for the very first time. Also, we have a lot of military families so that may influence things too. Our blacks will mostly block vote democrat like everywhere else, but those that do go republican will likely go almost exclusively for Trump. They don’t like the invasion any more than we do.
    I know Trump isn’t really one of us, but I’d sure like to see him win and embolden others. He is definitely helping to change the kinds of things that people can talk about openly. I also enjoy watching Geraldo comment on Fox these days because I know his world is falling apart.

    • Is NC an open primary, and is it winner-take-all? How well is Trump doing in the polls there?

      • Not sure about delegates but I’m pretty sure it’s a fully open primary. At least I, as an independent, can vote in republican primary. I think anybody can vote in any primary as long as you don’t vote in both.

        Last NC poll I saw had Trump winning. I predict that some districts in the middle, urban part of state will lean more cuck and democrat while the majority of rural areas will go way, way Trump. Some blacks, mostly in Eastern NC will probably cross over to vote for Trump.

        In the West, I expect whites to go way Trump also, but Buncombe County (Asheville) and Mecklenberg County (Charlotte) will probably be different.

    • We don’t have a positive ID on our beloved Matty – but it’s a charming idea. I saw this last night, and I thought ” Zowie! I have to get to a TrumpenBund Rally”. I am missing out on tons of fun!

  16. Here is some wisdom from Marco Rubio I just came across from a speech he gave today to a crowd not 10% as large as the average Donald Trump crowd:

    “We are at our worst when we appeal to those fears and to anger and frustration as the base of our movement.”

    Hmmm, correct me if I’m mistaken, but that sounds like the sort of pyrite-plated crapola a liberal would say.

  17. I don’t live in Alabama nor am I from there, but last night I played Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.”

  18. Cruz’s Texas win was the weakest win by a major contender in his own home state in the modern history of partisan presidential primaries and caucuses (1972 and later). Trump did what he needed to do by keeping Cruz under 50%, thereby keeping Cruz from taking all Texas delegates. Even in Harris County, Houston, where Cruz lives, he only got 45% of the vote.

  19. Meh, Trump lost Texas because it’s majority messican and minority White, each badly affected by stupid amounts of heat each summer, with lots of black Louisiana transplants and clueless California refugees thrown into the mix.

    And if there seemed to be quite a bit more voter fraud here than most anywhere else, doesn’t that tell you something.

    Even some of my closest friends voted for Cruz, bless their hearts, I guess.

  20. SOUTHERN RED NECKS! Where 68% of high schools students don’t have a clue how to finish High School or what any of these political candidates are talking about even if they had finished School! .
    Gotta admit once they stated talking about their cocks things devolved quickly
    My family has land in Nova Scotia,. Honey get the kids packed! We’re All outa here!!!!

  21. Oklahoma and Texas went Cruz because their demographics have been destroyed by Latinos more than the other primary states. This is our future.

    • Never forget Texas is awash in Negroes as well, the Mexicans barely vote and the ones who do about 25% vote Republican or more. The Negroes are 100% Democrat. Oklahoma is only about 8% Negro. Either case, as Latinos vote much less than any other race it is obviously the Negroes who are the main problem

  22. We must remember here of the 13 Confederate States plus Oklahoma and West Virginia, Florida is the only one where the Southern Baptist Convention and the others do not hold any real political sway and that’s because of the influx of outsiders since the 1940s.

    I believe Trump’s support comes from two streams. Probably the main stream is the White Southern working class who have been royally screwed for 160 odd years and the other is probably transplanted Conservative Yankees who do not have any loyalty to Cruz’s brand.

    Maryland must be taken seperately from the South to understand her politically because it’s political leanings have since 1900 had very little to do with Dixie. For one thing, it was largely because of being founded a Catholic colony and having a miniscule Scots Irish population never part of the Bible Belt. For another thing the Maryland Democratic party split in the late 1800’s into two wings. The Yankee influenced immigrant wing, which mirrored New Jersey and Philadelphia with its hard support for Labor Unions and largesse and the Southern Bourbons, the descendants of the old Aristocracy. Only Negroes and German and Yankee families in Central and West Maryland were Republicans. Maryland never managed to completely take away the vote from their Negroes following the war.

    The large influx of Yankees following WWII mainly govt employees and the Negro shift to the Democratic Party overwhelmed the coalition that had formed following WWII between the Bourbons and the Republicans. Today you are seeing another shift as the Maryland Democratic Party becomes exclusively Negro and Immigrant and the Republican exclusively white but mirroring the South there does seem to be a growth in Negro Republicans in the state. Michael Steele as an example and Allan Keys as another.

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