Muslim Migrant Invaders and the Walkers From the Walking Dead

There are some brutal pictures being posted through Alt media on the Muslim migrant invasion now centered on the Greece/Macedonian border.

Has anyone else noticed that these images look like the were taken straight out of “The Walking Dead”?

Walkers jpg

Donald Trump has noticed that these Muslim migrant invaders are overwhelmingly males of military age (20s, 30s). Central European and Eastern European/Russian leaders all seem solid, sane ready to do whatever is necessary to stop, reverse the Muslim migrant invasion. What’s with Western Europeans or American cuckservatives like Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, George Will, Paul Ryan? We have to somehow find ways to force these cucks in to direct physical contact with these Mudslime migrant “Walkers”.

Wouldn’t we all love to see Mitt Romney’s immaculate, well pressed suits, shirts and ties muddied and bloodied by these Muslim Walker mobs?


  1. Yes. I would love to see Mittens encounter Mohammedan Walkers, and I’d love it if he’d get a bit more than “muddied”.


    Born in Hobgood, Halifax County, North Carolina, in 1929, George was the quintessential Southerner : friendlyto a fault, always with a good word for others, full of nefarious fishing
    tales, and a very hard-working and law-abiding man who, after having elopet with the love of his life, Virginia Dare, ran off to serve in Korea, and then, his tour of duty successfully completed, ran back to 53 years of happiness and fulfillment at her side.

    Friends : George’s funeral was a beautiful thing that no words can convey; because, as the choir sang, and his family and friends smiled and cried, our Reverend David Ross gave a magnificent eulogy, fillt full of touching and heartwarming tales of George, biblical parables pertinent thereto, and observations to bring a tear to every eye.

    The wintry Tarheel sun shining high in the sky, George was taken to his wife’s side, where, in the graveyard that occupies the historick Murfreesboro Bluffs, their sacred memory shall together rest. Once a sacred site for Native Americans, this idyllick cemetery occupied the sylvan heights over the ancient Meherrin river, from which Union gunboats were successfully repelled by thethe local militia, C.S.A., they commanded by Colonel Uriah Vaughan and Major Henry Wise, both of Murfreesboro.

    Though we were all sad for ourselves, we were all happy for George, knowing that he had attained the final victory with Oure Lord & Savior, Jesus Chryst in his heart, exactly
    as he had lived his life.

        • I am actually in tears over that. May George and Virginia rest in happiness, peace, and lover for-ever.

          • Thank you so much for your deep empathy, Miss Denise. Your waters run so deep, that, at times, I am taken aback, and can only give myself over to wonder.

            M’am, God knew what he was doing when he created you, and I pray that he continues to bless you, Junius

    • Really creepy the way it’s all men, strange homoerotic overtones to those people. Part of the goodness of life is having beautiful women to look at, most of the world is all the same in this regards except this bizarre Mohammedan cult.

    • It exposes the wrongheadedness of resettling “refugees” in our times. They are always going to be mostly young males who are healthy and strong enough to travel. Much harder for elderly, sick, women with children. Trump is right that the truly compassion thing is to provide safe zones in the areas they are coming from.

  3. Wonder what kind of impact a Trump victory would have on politics in Europe? Would it embolden some of these Eastern European countries to take the gloves off now that they don’t have to appease Washington? Would some Western European nations show a different face as well?

    • Of course Hillary will get most American Muslims but there have to be some who notice that the ONLY candidate on either side who has noticed that these wars have killed a lot of Muslims is Trump. I recall him saying at one of the debates that Bush’s Iraq war was “. . . a disservice to humanity . . . all the lives swept away.” Some of the quotes from things he said way back to 2004 have him noting all the lives lost “on the other side.”

      Some American Muslims have to be seeing that Trump isn’t interested in starting more wars in the Middle East and is the first step towards getting the US out from under the domination of Israel firsters who are all against him.

      • “Of course Hillary will get most American Muslims but there have to be some who notice that the ONLY candidate on either side who has noticed that these wars have killed a lot of Muslims is Trump.”

        I respond.

        At most any “fair and balanced in the Palestinians vs Israelies” , non interventionist in the Arab/Muslim world White Conservative, White Populist candidate will get at most 10% of Muslim votes. That’s what Trump is polling.

        Muslims in Europe, England, Sweden vote 90% plus for the Liberal Left welfare state parties, Guardian newspaper.

        The main issues with Muslims in the USA, Europe the West is they want complete access to White Western countries – they want to flood all our remaining White nations, White communities with tens of millions of Muslims from places like Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistant – all those “stan” countries.

        What can we Conservative, White race realists offer these Muslims?

        OK, we’ll say we’ll leave existing Muslim nations alone and not invade and occupy them like the Neo Cons always do. OK, individual Muslims will agree with us that that is right – but that’s it.

        We can’t offer these invading Muslims much of anything and the reality is that we don’t want them around us – taking our #*$&#, harassing our women/girls or worse.

        The Jews and Liberals, Blacks can offer these Muslims lots of things – unlimited access to Sweden, Australia and remaining nice White places in places like Michigan or Tennessee.

        Muslims vote 90% Lib Left Democrat in the USA – in as high numbers as Blacks or Jews.

        That’s just reality.

        Any Conservative like Grover Norquist telling you/us that Muslim immigrants are natural Conservatives is a liar or a fool or both.

        The Turk led Muslims had specific policies on what they could do after they sacked a White/Greek city in the Eastern Roman Empire, Greece, Anatolia, the Balkans.

        I think the terms were unlimited rapes and looting for 3 days, after that it’s Sharia law where conquered people “Of the Book” Christians have to convert or pay a special infidel tax, do things like turn over daughters as concubine sex slaves to Sultans and high up Muslims or turn over boys as Jannisary warrior slaves to Sultan, Muslims powers that be.

        All economic Conservative Talk, Talk, Talk is completely irrelevant when the issue is mass invading Muslims.

        I’m sorry, I have a beautiful 27 year old White, blue eyed daughter – the issues associated with dealing with the Islamic world are very clear to me – it ain’t nothing to do with free market Libetarian economics or even – not much, fair and balanced USA non interventionist foreign policy, military policy.

        Look at Malmo Sweden – the Swedes have been non interventionist, take the Left pro Palestinian side – the reality on the ground in Malmo Sweden is that Muslims still harass, rape Swedish girls – that’s just what the lower caste Muslim Ay-rabs, Somalians, Turks do.

  4. Little Marco wants to put our soldiers on the ground in Libya, Syria, Iraq, places these young male migrants come from. I don’t think I’ve even once heard Marco say anything about the “wounded warriors.”

  5. The main difference between Greece and Georgia of The Walking Dead is the Grimes Gang is under no illusions about what they’re dealing with, ‘Walkers’ cannot be reasoned with or dealt with at all, the only way to stop them is to hit them in the head. Western Europe seems to think there is a nice way to deal with this invasion and there isn’t. A lot of them don’t seem to want to accept that.

    • The good news is the Central Europeans and Eastern Europeans seem to all have no nonsense views of the Muslim Migrant Walker invasions.

      Just support the White guys and gals who do things right.

      Start making jokes about dumb Germans and dumb Swedes, apologize to any Polish person you meet for the dumb Polack jokes of the past.

  6. We’ll never learn, will we?

    Egyptian trainee pilot at LA flight school, 23, faces deportation after writing Facebook post saying he was willing to kill Donald Trump

    Egyptian national Emadeldin Elsayed was arrested by immigration agents last month at his Los Angeles-area flight school

    The 23-year-old reportedly wrote a Facebook post saying he was willing to serve a life sentence for killing Trump and that the world would thank him

    The flight student is now facing deportation for the comment, which he says he ‘immediately regretted’

    Elsayed says he wrote the message because he was angered by Trump’s comments about Muslims

    If elected, Trump says he will temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country

    Read more:

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