Trump Stumbles On H1-B Visas, Corrects Himself After Debate

Trump’s supporters don’t care about Trump University, but his disturbing comments on H1-B visas during the debate created an uproar on Twitter:

Like the Syrian refugees issue, he listened to the base and walked it back this morning.

Note: In other news, Ted Cruz ate a booger during the debate on live national television. That’s a lot harder to walk back the next morning.

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  1. It also happened at a company called Southern Consolidated Edison whereby American workers were forced to train their replacements, after which they were given their pink slips, and replaced by the very foreign workers they trained! Obviously if foreign technical workers must be trained by American workers there is not a shortage of such American workers to do such work as the company probably lied about when they applied to the Feds for an H1-B visa. This is Unbridled Capitalism at its very worst!

    • And, it’s far worse than many Americans realize. It’s been going on for a very long time. My husband had to train his network engineering replacement close to 15 years ago (a Pakistani Muslim who would pull out the rug several times a day to pray in his office). This was not PC networking. This was high level, highly-skilled WAN/MAN networking. He was sickened by the whole experience yet remains bitter only toward the company sellouts (executives) and enablers (in government) who put him in that position. Let history be our guide. The opportunist gets deported, the traitor gets hanged.

      • I had a pal at IM All the B. A HIGHLY placed WOMAN, in Development of Cool New Stuff (I don’t remember the actual name of the division – but that’s what I called it) . Her entire dept handed over to Swamp Niggers (Dotheads and Paki Rape monkeys). She was weeping when she told me – but I was PISSED. I yelled at her for going along with the program. I told her to ACTIVELY subvert everything – teach the Orcs wrong information, screw up all the programs, etc.
        Get this- she was horrified. “We’re all one big family! I could never do that…!” etc. She meant all the people, globally, who are involved in computers, and what used to be called “High Tech”. My reaction of “BULL FECES! Is that Wog going to pay your mortgage, as a member of your family, or give you his health benefits?” she didn’t answer. We lost touch soon after. She was horrified by my WAYCISM. and I was DISGUSTED by her reaction.

        • Your friend had “Stockholm Syndrome,” perhaps?

          Lee Kuan Yew, the father of modern Singapore: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” Its the fact of human nature. We see it played out all the time.

          • She was a Nice Whit Lady. Unmarried. Late Thirties. Took care of her elderly parents. Loved her job. Development was a World of Wonder for her. She loved everybody.
            I could probably track her down…………but she was 110% AGHAST when I essentially told her to burn the place down….uhh…metaphorically, of course. This was right before I learned about the real racial deal, White Nationalism, etc. I don’t want to know what happened to her. Her Earthy Crunchy Idealism disgusted me to my marrow. Years later, I think about it – I haven’t thought about her in years – and it still does.
            She was a sick animal. She LOVED her job – her world – and she just accepted her booting out of. She wouldn’t fight for her own life. I don’t understand this.

          • IMO, thats the kind of person whose eyes will only be opened when they speak one honest thought and get called “racist” for it. Until then, she’s a goo-goo.

            I see bits and pieces of analysis this year that are wonderful to see because its not that it wasn’t known before. It wasn’t spoken.

            Its the Gang of 8; its seeing such alien cultures having larg presences; its the Somalis threatening Mall of America; its the bowing and scraping to all things Jewish and the adoration of Israel.

            Its Obama’s racebaiting and giving high profile positions so disproportionately to blacks (I’ll hear on the news that someone’s been appointed Education Sec’y or Librarian of Congress and look ’em up. Always black! I’m not the only one noticing. Not a peep from Republicans who don’t want to lose the trick of throwing KKK and David Duke at . . . some other Republican. Jake Tapper questioning Trump about Duke and “groups” was so clearly coordinated with Super Tuesday to hurt Trump and with Romney/Ryan.

            And its the Bush wars. Afghanistan is as stupid a war as Iraq. We’ll never leave. A war to get one person and we’re stuck there forever to shovel money to war profiteers. Trillions lost and all the GOP save Trump and Huckabee think they can undermine Social Security and Medicare.

            Bits of it are actually being spoken in the mainstream media this year and who knows how far it’ll go.

          • Capitalism has made it this way, old style Fascism will take it away- Marilyn Mason, The Beautiful People.(Sorry, he may be a freak but I could not resist that quote-probably has the highest IQ in rock music)

        • That is the very root of our problem. No loyalty. They are blind that they are hurting their own people. Hypocritical altruism. The brainwashed simply cannot be saved nor should they be. Their weakness becomes our weakness.

  2. That is (s)not REAL, is it? If he ACTUALLY ATE A BOOGER – he’s done. Tell me that is snot real.

    • I saw it when it happened, but could not figure out what it was. On the TV it resembled a small white spitball. An omen, perhaps?

      • I didn’t see it because I was Tweeting/talking to the hubster/petting the kitties/folding laundry. So that was NOT photoshopped? That’s a GIFT.

    • Might be one of the nanites used to control him. Do synthetic robotoids have artificial boogers?

  3. It used to be a staple of Trump speeches that he’d say the ones who go to “great schools” (he named some Ivies and Stanford) shouldn’t be forced to leave. Never got any applause. Then he dropped it. Most of his audience is sophisticated enough to know that those foreigners took places that equally bright Americans should have had but Trump, IMO, doesn’t get that his audience knows that. Thats the one place, education/great schools, where he’s got a mental block. He thinks his own kids got into Ivy League schools on their own merits, too. Its a mental block.

    Good that he has Sessions’ guy Miller on his staff to make clear to him – hopefully – that you can’t write a law that only affects foreigners who graduate from Ivy League schools and Stanford. The truth is, we don’t need them either but that will be harder to get through to Trump’s unfortunate snobbishness about “great schools.” Bernie Sanders, from a poor family, went to the University of Chicago. He must have an off-the-charts-high IQ. Was it worth it to spend his life the way he has? Did that “great school” education mess with his expectations for himself so that he ends up, brilliant as he must be, accomplishing nearly nothing in his career.

  4. Constructive criticism is essential for Trump.

    Victory is preferable to any flame out, we need to pour water on the bomb throwers in our midst who suggest otherwise. Trump must and will move to the center. The pro-white phalanx must grow.

    Jim Webb made overtures to Trump today. Excellent! He is perfect assassination insurance, and can speak directly to white Democrats and bring them home.

    If the booger thing catches on, Cruz is finished.

  5. Be it known that Trump’s course correction will be treated with an obsessive focus that will never be matched for anything ever done by Hillary, Rubio, Cruz, or anyone else. Trumps errors are blown up out of all proportion, while the errors of others will mostly yield the sound of crickets chirping.

  6. Was that really a booger that Ted Cruz ate? It just sat there, magically on his lower lip, until in it went.

    I saw that. It was weird, and I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I imagined at the time that his people had to be groaning all over themselves.

  7. I don’t care about Cruz’s booger.

    I’m happy to hear about Trump’s recent pronouncements regarding H1Bs. I was very dejected after last night’s debate because of Trump’s performance and his remarks about foreign workers.

    As an engineer I’ve had to work with all of these H1Bs. Corporations will list skills in job requirements that are not prevalent but can be easily learned by programmers with similar skills. They will use that as an excuse to hire foreigners. Once brought in we are told that we must celebrate diversity and learn all about the cultures of these new workers. As suggested below, I do whatever I can to undermine their work without drawing attention to it.

    • The booger matters. It’s a gift from God. It’s the Booger of the Beast. The Booger will eat HIM.

  8. I think Trump will hold a big rally in DC on the 4th of July,Independence day. Shake up the Washington elites.

  9. About the H-1B scare, I think after the debate, Jeff Sessions took Trump aside and read him the Riot Act. Remember, we had this scare before, in a previous debate, the matter was Syrian refugees.

  10. TD subsists on about 3 hrs sleep/night. At the debate he forgot he wasn’t Prez yet, & telegraphed the usual sell-out. That’s all. No big deal. I remain all in for Hiligula

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