Trump Attacked By Mitt Romney, Wall Street, and Neocons

Mitt Romney is attacking Donald Trump:

“Mitt Romney opened a new front in the Republican Party’s civil war on Thursday, going after Donald Trump in a scorched-earth speech that eviscerated the Republican front-runner as lacking the temperament, business record and substantive policies to occupy the White House.

Romney immediately said at the outset of his remarks he would neither endorse a candidate nor announce a third presidential bid of his own. Instead, he focused nearly the entirety of his speech on the urgency of stopping Trump. …”

The neocons have declared war on Trump:

“Donald Trump calls the Iraq War a lie-fueled fiasco, admires Vladimir Putin and says he would be a “neutral” arbiter between Israel and the Palestinians. When it comes to America’s global role he asks, “Why are we always at the forefront of everything?”

Even more than his economic positions, Trump’s foreign policy views challenge GOP orthodoxy in fundamental ways. But while parts of the party establishment are resigning themselves or even backing Trump’s runaway train, one group is bitterly digging in against him: the hawkish foreign policy elites known as neoconservatives.

In interviews with POLITICO, leading neocons — people who promoted the Iraq War, detest Putin and consider Israel’s security non-negotiable — said Trump would be a disaster for U.S. foreign policy and vowed never to support him. So deep is their revulsion that several even say they could vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump in November. …

Wall Street is preparing a nuclear onslaught against Donald Trump:

“NEW YORK — Wall Street is getting ready to go nuclear on Donald Trump.

Terrified that the reality TV star could run away with the Republican nomination and bring his brand of anti-immigrant, protectionist populism to the White House, some top financiers are writing big checks to fund an effort to deny Trump a majority of delegates to the GOP convention.

The effort is centered on the recently formed Our Principles PAC, the latest big-money group airing anti-Trump ads, which is run by GOP strategist Katie Packer, deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012. …”

All said … it has been a good day for Donald Trump!

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    • According to cucks, wanting peace with Putin is bad because he killed journalists that they cannot name and he did some other bad stuff that we are suppose to care about.

    • Not to a Jew. It is clear and growing clearer the stronger the Jews oppose Trump that the Jews are nothing like us. They are a strange foreign people and have no business living any where near us.

  1. What they’re telling tens of millions of Trump supporters: “We don’t give a damn who you want. We’re giving you who we want, you uneducated, bigoted and conned white trailer trash”.
    Ah, a perfect recipe for victory in November! With or without Trump the cucks are in big trouble and they know it.

  2. I think it’s like this..

    Taboos maintain the walls of power and privilege. Trump weakens taboos, therefore threatens vested interests. He opens up the narrative and inspires others to say and do like him. Power is maintained not only by what is said but by fearsome rules of what cannot be said. After all, glastnost and the overton window/wall in the USSR undermined communism in the USSR of the 1980s.

    Trump isn’t open borders on immigration but open borders on the narrative. His style and brashness are like ‘barbarians at the gates’ for the ruling Jewish elites. He is like the uppity Negro who finally looks in the eyes of his massuh and says NO. Jewish massuhs cannot tolerate the white man looking directly in the eye and saying NO to them. Jews cannot stand uppity whites. Chutzpah is reserved for them only. Ironically, Trump is like Jack Johnson, and he keeps knocking out all these ‘great goy hopes’ put forth by Jews. Romney is the latest one of the ‘hopes’.

    Open borders on immigration destroys a nation. Open borders on the narrative/discourse destroys privilege and power that maintains itself by making people feel that it is ‘bad form’, ‘sinful’, or ‘odious’ to say certain things(that usually speak truth to power). When Jews were rising and challenging Wasp power, they were for open borders or open barbs on the narrative controlled by wasps. But now that they got the power, they fear open borders discourse free of censorship and taboos. They are now for closed borders on discourse. PC is enforced through means legal, economic, cultural, and political not so much to protect the ‘weak’ but to protect the powerful Jewish elites from scrutiny and accountability.

    Trump stands before the Overton Wall and says ‘tear down this wall’. It is the one wall — along with the wall in Israel — that Jews don’t want torn down. Without taboos, Jews will be flooded with criticism of their power, privilege, and abuses since they are the kings of the hill.

    As for genteel respectable gentile conservatives, they lost all legitimacy since they lacked the guts to speak the truth about globalism and its threat to Americans. Just like German upper class sold their souls to Hitler to keep their status, gentile conservative elites sold their souls to Jewish globo tyrants to keep theirs. Respectability with integrity and courage is worthless. It is all look, no substance.

    Respectability is only as good as the real face it is masking. Conservative Establishment wears a respectable mask but its real face lacks integrity and principles. It’s all about lobbying and elbowing for privilege for themselves without any regard for nation as a whole.

    We must say ‘closed borders against invasion and open borders for speech’.

    Alt Right and white patriots don’t mind sharing Trump with the Jews. After all, Trump is pro-Israel.

    But Jews mind sharing any candidate with the Alt Right or white patriots. They must totally own him. Jews will not share.

    What does that tell you?

    Alt Right and white patriots don’t mind if Trump will be good for both Jews and whites. But Jews want someone who will be good for Jews only and bad for whites.

  3. They’re running out of options. Maybe they’ll wipe the drool off his face and roll in old George H.W. Bush to take a shot at the Don.

  4. Here’s Romney, in February 2012:

    “I am so honored and pleased to have Donald Trump’s endorsement. Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works. To create jobs for the American people. He’s done it here in Nevada. He’s done it across the country. He understands that oureconomy is facing threats from abroad. He’s one of the few people who stood up and said China has been cheating. They’ve taken jobs from Americans. They haven’t played fair. We have to have a President who will stand up to cheaters.”

    • I don’t think I’ve ever been as repulsed by a politician as I am by the backstabby antics of spineless Mitt Romney.

    • I’d like to encourage everyone to post this on social media and thank Mitt for his endorsement. #MAGA

  5. “Donald Trump calls the Iraq War a lie-fueled fiasco, admires Vladimir Putin and says he would be a “neutral” arbiter between Israel and the Palestinians. When it comes to America’s global role he asks, “Why are we always at the forefront of everything?”

    And what is your point, Willard?

    • Romney’s Magic Underwear™ must be too tight, cutting off the free flow of blood to his demonic, Joseph Smith-infused brain.

  6. Mitt Romney ?@MittRomney
    If Trump had said 4 years ago the things he says today about the KKK, Muslims, Mexicans, disabled, I would NOT have accepted his endorsement

    Total cuck!

    • I am having increasing trouble telling the difference between “principled conservatives” and outright leftwing lunatics.

  7. Rick Wilson ?@TheRickWilson 4h4 hours ago
    Rick Wilson Retweeted

    This is outstanding. Rick Wilson added, @Politics1com
    Club for Growth says they will likely withhold endorsements & money for congressional candidates who back Donald Trump, per USA Today.

    • It’s time to make it known who’s taking money from the “club for billionaire growth” so we can withhold votes from them.

  8. Check out this draft Ryan, Orthodox Jew’s Twitter.

    Get It Right in 2016 ?@DraftRyan2016 5h5 hours ago

    Get It Right in 2016 Retweeted Ross Douthat

    This: Get It Right in 2016 added,

    Ross Douthat @DouthatNYT
    Hot take: Romney’s a decent man who’s doing the right thing.

  9. I’m sure there will be a million other people that say this, but:

    Where was this sense of urgency and panic in keeping Obama from wreaking four more years of devastation?

    The disparity between Romney now and Romney four years ago speaks volumes.

    • Obama served the interests of the Jews. Trump is a risk. If Trump were to have an axe to grind against the Jews, he could once empowered, blame the Jews for 911, weather or not they did, it would be over for the Jews. And by over I mean Jewish life on this planet would cease to exist.

  10. I’m giving $200 to your favorite charity to anyone who get pelt Mitt Romney with rotted vegetables, eggs, water balloons filled with vile liquids. Or just kick him in the arse – anything to mess up is always pressed shirt and tie, suit.

    This guy’s never done an honest day of manual work in his life – never spent a night in a military cot, never taken a public transportation in a rough city.

    Wow – Mitt Romney is doubling down on Neo Con lies that Bush I, Bush II invasions of secular Iraq were a good thing and we now need to revive the Cold War against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

    What a #&*# cuck!

  11. An interesting perspective:

    “When I told you that each of these billionaires from the same Fag Billionaire group purchased their own cuckservative, Rubio has his billionaire and Cruz has his, and these billionaires all are on the same board, and the balkanization is about making the Cruz, Carson, Bush, Clinton, Rubio factions, all think their candidate is telling them the Truth, but it is all manipulation.

    You want the reason that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did not give a damn about your values? It is because Paul Singer is pushing the same sodomite policies of Barack Hussein Obama. You are looking at the owner of the US Congress, Justice, Executive and all of your whore candidates.”

    • And Jew Paul Singer, famous for financing queer-rights across the world, has now become chief financier for the Rubio foam party campaign.


  12. Pardon my crassness, but, If these mofos pull that stunt to deny Trump the nomination, the Democrat convention of 1968 will look like a picnic.

  13. Get Lost, Mitt. You failed in your campaign because you couldn’t connect with the common man and were out of touch. Donald Trump can connect, and relate, and espouse policies that consider their interests. Take your open borders crony capitalism and go.

    • I’m sorry to say I voted for this empty suit in 2012 because I believed all we needed to do was get someone moderate and surely the public would tell the corrupt black mayor Obama to go. I seriously underestimated how badly the demographics have changed, how thoroughly socialist the youth have been indoctrinated in the schools, and how many women of all races are now “baby mamas” and vote as takers. The era of my youth with Dukakis getting blown out was a different electorate who are now in the cemetery. This new “taker” coalition is still here and now with media disapproval I suspect many “nice” ladies will now never vote for Trump who might have voted for him before.

      I knew Mitt Romney was a rat when I saw him interviewed in 2007 saying crap about how we just need more education to “compete” in the global labor marketplace. No one in their right mind thinks that even a solid STEM education and some discipline in the workforce (i.e. get off the damn phone and back to work) could compete against labor less than a 10th of the cost. What was the point about all the labor rights reforms, worker safety laws in the first half of the 20th century that the school teachers lavish so much praise on if you can bypass it all by hiring Chinese slave labor? Do you think people from that era would ever have considered letting “free trade” be an option to compete against unions and the 8 hour day? That the RNC is so for this crap tells you something about them, maybe the Democratic hatred of that party isn’t entirely off base? Maybe the fight was lost in the 60s when the Democratic party was abandoned to the blacks first agenda by taking the easy road and joining the plutocrats in the Republicans instead of fight it out there.

  14. It’s already over for the crooked republicans, they can’t possibly win now with anyone else. None of these other people they want to put up could possibly win. Rubio especially has been shown to be pathetic. These globalists would rather see Hillary in than let the people vote on whether or not they want to be overrun with foreigners and have their jobs shipped overseas. The facade is off and more and more people are taking notice, the Republicans never were their friends, just the same two headed coin with you know which ethnic group forcing their strange, hostile agenda on the American people. Most people think that immigration just sort of “happened” if it becomes more and more apparent that these people were brought here on purpose to outnumber you and disposes you the whole mood of whats left of America will become much more angry and toxic which we are already seeing. The average live and let live good natured person thought at least Obama would help the little guy unlike the Bush, Paul Ryan, Romney’s of the world, seeing this guy obsess on global warming and black identity politics while going out to make more trade deals has alienated more and more whites with more radical answers on both ends of the spectrum such as Trump and Sanders.

  15. Cock-serva-tism at it’s Best! Michigan debate quickly devolves into a brawl over cock size and how many checks Trump Wrote backing Clinton’s last tricycle ride at the Presidency.! Completely hilarious and a brilliant demonstration that NO ONE in the GOP is up to the job of handling the most powerful job on earth. Oh Dear God, that only leaves Scolding Mama Hillary. Tell the kids and Mama it’s time to get used to thinking of Canada as our next move!

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