Live Thread: Puerto Rico Primary

Update: Minnesota > Puerto Rico > DC … #LittleMarco FTW!


Little Marco should do well in this one. He was there on the campaign trail last night. Polls close at 1 PM EST.

Note: As for the crap we saw yesterday, the problem is caucuses and closed primaries. Mississippi and Michigan and open primaries. Hawaii is a closed caucus. Idaho is a closed primary. We’re done with the caucus states after Hawaii and Utah.

Coming up, North Carolina and West Virginia are mixed primaries. Florida is a closed primary. Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and Indiana are open primaries. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Arizona, Oregon and California are closed primaries. Rhode Island is a mixed primary.

Cruz is rapidly running out of caucus states and evangelicals. In order to win the nomination, he has to beat Trump in the Midwest with open primaries and the Acela Corridor in closed primaries. Good luck!

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    • ‘Rubio Sacrificed His Campaign to Save America’

      Too funny. Rubio is not a self sacrifiicng hero.. He’s a scheming puke who got his clock cleaned by Trump.

  1. If you want to have a little fun with Cruz memes…marginally these images do him some damage. Add your own text in photoshop or illustrator or meme generators. Email, post on websites etc. One or two once seen cannot be unseen.

  2. Just casted my vote for Trump in Florida. The lady who scanned my ballot gave me a dirty look presumably because I want to Make America Great Again.

  3. Made my first visit of the day to Google News and was struck by the juxtaposition of the stories in the screen-cap below. Louis C. K. denounces Trump as an insane bigot, dangerous; Baghdad terrorist blast kills at least forty-seven.

    Fifty years from now? Will Trump and all the other insane bigots–like me–be all but forgotten? Will so-called Islamophobia have been consigned to history books, in a Western world into which Moslems will have been fully integrated? Or will the kinds of terrorist attacks that now take place in Iraq be part of American life, while an anti-Moslem political faction complains impotently …

        • Ted Cruz resembles Bill Maher in certain photos. Bill is a shameless shill that loves to suck the kosher dog! Btw, how you been? (formerly “Hate Injustice” over at DS)

          • I’m doing good. Been very busy with family recently, but have started writing again over at Info Stormer.

            We’d love to see you there.

          • I’m there, but I couldn’t manage to get the comments to work from my phone so I read, but I don’t comment. I will look forward to reading your articles.

    • Whoever this here Louis CK is, John, he must not live in the rural South – because, if’n he did, he’d be knee-deep ‘amongst the insane and dangerous bigots; who are, by the way, exceedingly well armed, too.

  4. PS Google News update: Beck compares Trump to Hitler; Baghdad death toll reaches sixty.

    • Republicans did this to themselves by snuggling up to big business. You know, there was once a republican tradition of breaking up big business. Maybe instead of tolerating this garbage, Google, Facebook, etc. could be broken up Standard Oil style.

        • I heard this back in the early 90’s. I can’t recall if I read it, or if Limbaugh said it. But they did a study that found that anytime a candidate was compared to Hitler, Mussolini, etc., or called a Nazi or Fascist, he got more votes than he would ordinarily have gotten. Even his standings in the polls rose. It seems the Left shoot themselves in the foot by doing this, as several local commissars have failed to gain reelection, or to be elected.

  5. Regardless of who the reprobate denizens of that decrepit and worthless little island cast their votes for today,it still will not change the fact that their corrupting influence upon our country’s beleaguered political process must FINALLY come to an end.

    Unyoking ourselves from our dusky-hued albatross in the Caribbean by granting them their independence,would go a long way towards resolving this particular problem.

      • No.I can see no economic,political,cultural or racial benefit from our continued involvement with that island.And I say the same thing regarding other territories the U.S. has in its possession,such as Guam and “American” Samoa,whose benefit to us is just as dubious as that of Puerto Rico.

  6. We have got to scuttle Puerto Rico. They are the ancestor of the Moors and they are here among us making the same trouble for us a they did for Christian Spain.

    • F4, the PR’s are mestizos, that is half Spanish, half Indian. The Moors are descendants of North African troops that aided the Arab invasion of Spain. To the best of my knowledge, Moors didn’t mass migrate to Puerto Rica in colonial times.

      • Bullshit. They got the boot from Spain and hitch a ride to the new world. The native indigenous people of PR where wiped out by European diseases. The Moors/PRs where able to survive because they had been living in Europe and developed an immunity to European diseases. Where would you go if you got kicked out of a country under threat of death and Columbus just discovered the new world?? Second off all if you have come to know PR people you would know, these are the kinds off people a nation of any fair and decent people would come to detest to the point of expulsion.

  7. Unsurprisingly, Puerto Ricans have voted along racial lines. I wish Whites in the US would do the same.

  8. Trump’s problem…is Trump. An genuine populist – not a transparent opportunist who has yet to complete a subject-predicate sentence in the English language – would (given the garbage he’s running against) have put both the nomination and election away already. At present pace Trump will fall c. 100 delegates short of the nomination. Likely outcome, after a few ballots, will be Cruz/Kasich and then a schism of the Dead Elephant along Judeo-globalist vs. implicit White Nationalist lines

  9. Sir, North Carolina is not a mixt or open primary. We voted on Saturday, and to get one ballot or the other, you have to be in that party.

  10. Racial identity politics. It’s been said that Puerto Rico and Cuba are two wings of the same bird.

    Marco Rubio won 74 percent of the vote. Donald Trump came in second place with 14 percent of the vote, while Ted Cruz obtained just 9 percent. Rubio won all 23 delegates available.

    Little Marco is 100% Cuban.

    • I wonder if he will be asked to denounce his “Latino Supremacists” that believe they are entitled to live off of the tax dollars of oppressed white Americans?

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