Live Thread: Super Saturday

Trump is favored to win Maine, Kentucky and Louisiana. He has a narrow lead in Kansas, but it is a caucus state with a closed election, so Cruz has a shot at pulling out a victory there.

Note: Several people have said on Twitter that Kansas fits the profile of a cuck state after what happened in Iowa and Oklahoma. OTOH, Kris Kobach is Secretary of State there.

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  1. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii

    And what the hell is the deal with KS announcing results hours before voting was finished? How is that even legal?

    In the entire state of KS, Trump earned only 17,000 votes? Really? That’s less than attend a single Trump rally!!!

    In KS and ME, Ted Cruz earned more votes than THE ENTIRE TURNOUT FOR 2012. And with this massive turnout, only 17k voted Trump?

    Where were the entrance of exit polls for KS?

    Entrance polls in Iowa had Trump up 6 then he lost by 4.

    In primaries, massive turnout benefits Trump, but in caucuses, it benefits Cruz? WTF?

    I’m sorry, but something is fishy as hell in KS and ME. Fishy as hell. Who beats a 1000 LV poll by 31 points?

    How the hell did Ted Cruz score 30 POINTS ABOVE HIS NATIONAL AVERAGE in KS and ME? How did the rush of new voters go mostly to him?

    Palate cleanser on KS and ME. Cruz is averaging 16.8% Nationally. In KS and ME he averaged 30 POINTS HIGHER!!! He beat KS poll by 31! WTF

    • I don’t doubt for a moment that both Iowa and Kansas cauci were stolen by the RNC, conniving with the local hacks. On the Demoncrat side, what with the DNC awarding Hiligula 500 delegates at the get-go, the whole thing’s a mediated farce

  2. I know this doesn’t fit the thread but it’s great.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Two-step plan to end scourge of Young Black Male Over Incarceration: 1) Tell young black males to commit fewer crimes; 2) That’s about it.

  3. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 3h3 hours ago

    Sanders’ insane description Detroit’s collapse: Corps outsourced jobs! Skips the part about riots destroying the city, taxpayers moving out

    • And Ann skips the part about blacks being the cause of riots and the exponential rise of violence and mayhem, which is the reason the taxpayers moved out. Every state has their “Detroit” to some degree. We all know it as the cities and parts of town where the black people are a majority.

      I know she has to stay somewhat within bounds of the PC playing field, but it would be encouraging to hear someone in the spotlight speak unmitigated, unfiltered truth. At least she’s trying; I’ll give her credit for that.

      • You might have misread the quote.

        It was Sanders who skipped the part about the riots, taxpayers moving out.

        Unless I’m misreading something in your reply.

        • I think Celestial Time is saying Coulter’s use of the word “riots”–as opposed to, say, “black riots”–is evasive, Sam. The same, I’ll add, is true of “taxpayers,” which means “whites.”

          • Oh,I see. Thanks for the clarification. However, I would think almost everyone would know it was blacks, not whites rioting.
            It’s tricky interpreting tweets because people economize on words.

        • No, I understood she was saying that Sanders skipped over the riots and taxpayers moving out. I was just saying that she also missed pointing out the underlying cause of the riots and the taxpayers fleeing. Detroit isn’t really too much different than any other big city where black people have taken control. Black people elect idiots and screw things up, then want to complain about “the system” being against them and intentionally destroying black communities. They push this meme, totally oblivious to the fact that they are the system. They are The Man and they still fuck everything up for other black people.

          In her defense, she has pushed the boundaries when speaking on race, while still staying somewhat in the game. That takes some talent.

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