Antifa and Black Lives Matter Protesting Trump In Chicago

As of Monday afternoon, 8,000 leftists of various colors are claiming on Facebook they are going to show up to disrupt and protest Donald Trump on Friday when he hosts his first event in Chicago.

I’m wondering … will OD’s very own Jack Ryan be there?

Note: I assume Trump will schedule a similar rally in St. Louis before next Tuesday. The Black Lives Matter crowd that torched Ferguson will find it irresistable. Let’s hope they take the bait and put on a show for the “Silent Majority” in the suburbs.

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  1. It’s being discussed today.

    I – being the well aware guy that I am I know that the site chosen for the Trump Rally is very hard core Antifa, Lib Leftist turf and very close to the oldest, worst Black crime ghetto.

      • This will definitely be a chaotic scene. And I hope it’s a rally that’s broadcast live on the major networks.

        Let the cucks see what their “equals” are truly capable of.

        • That’s the plan. Perhaps on both sides.

          There are a couple of Antifa/BLM folks I’ve the misfortune to know who are going there…

  2. I had a good run at Gateway…I suggest you all get in there. It’s a great St Louis Missouri beacon.

  3. FYI– I’m on a text chain with 16 other Florida Trump volunteers, and earlier this afternoon our “team leader” sent out the following, all-caps text: DON’T SHARE BUT RUBIO IS SOMEHOW GAINING STEAM IN FL. So if you’re looking for “inside polling”, there it is.

    In response, this commercial was just put out a couple of hours ago. Pretty effective, IMO

      • From news reports, I’ve gathered Cruz is making a late push in Florida, where, I guess, he can’t win but might be able to pull enough votes from Trump to give the win to Rubio.

      • PS Having just taken a quick look at Google News, I gather the conventional wisdom is that Cruz’s Florida move is intended to finish off Rubio and make the race a two-man affair: Trump v. Cruz. Maybe, knowledgeable observers would say Cruz is likely to pull votes from Rubio, not Trump; still, I can’t help wondering whether it’s in Cruz’s interest to help Rubio win, not lose, Florida. A loss in Florida would be a major problem for Trump, I think.

      • PPS The other night–on Super Saturday–I heard some television pundit explain why he thought Cruz’s late push in Florida was good strategy. The pundit’s explanation struck me as a bit unusual; and although I can’t remember it, it might have been what I said below, namely, that it’s in Cruz’s interest to help Rubio win Florida.

  4. Avoid violence at all costs, folks, and especially avoid violence against Blacks.
    The media is salivating, just hoping for a chance to portray Trump as anti-Black, which he isn’t.
    Good for him. I’d rather shake hands with Martin Delaney, Marcus Garvey and Louis Farrakhan than with Franklin Israel Moses Jr., Leo Frank and Herbert Marcuse.
    I hope Farrakhan uses whatever influence he has in Chicago to help prevent this phony rumble that George Soros wants to stage, to divide Blacks and Whites against each other for the benefit of Jews.

    • “…Avoid violence at all costs…”

      I disagree. A huge blood soaked slug feast would be in our best interest. If we lost it would show the violence of the leftist. If we won it would be a huge victory and bring out the fighting spirit. We can’t lose either way.

      I personally think a lot these people are pusses and with equal numbers would be beat down.

  5. Considering Trump has heavy personal security along with a Secret Service detail, this would be a great opportunity for these anti-White loons to showcase their violence and depravity. Maybe I’m the oddball here, but I’m hoping they get all bold and cocksure and all hell breaks loose.

      • Yeah, it’s all fun and games to them and they are so tough picking on people when they have them outnumbered….. until they swallow several of their own teeth and a couple of ounces of blood to help wash it all down. Their vision gets a little blurry, but at the same time a moment of clarity rushes over them as they think to themselves that maybe this wasn’t the best way to go about things.

    • Nah.

      The media and the Republican establishment just put out the meme that it s a Trump Fascists against Blacks and extreme Lertists and what is needed is for moderates to calm the situation.

      I think it s a huge mistake for Trump to try to hold a rally at the UIC pavilion basically on Red turf with very closeproximiy to BlackLiesmatter ghetto mobs. It s sure to be a riot.

      Trump should have held his rally at Rosemount Horizon where working class Whites consider their turf.

      • I think it s a huge mistake for Trump to try to hold a rally at the UIC pavilion basically on Red turf with very closeproximiy to BlackLiesmatter ghetto mobs. It s sure to be a riot.

        Standing up to anti-white lunacy (not in so many words) is what is driving Trump’s popularity.

        An alternative reading of your post is that it was delightfully tongue-in-cheek, as in oh please don’t throw me in that briar patch, Brer Fox.

  6. Bloomberg isnt running: his rationale? too hard, and Trump isnt going to win anyway.

    Polls support that at the moment, such as trump in the 30s in michigan vs clinton, a state he has to win.

    This is a good conceit that I see no reason to battle at the moment; when trump gets nominated, he will get a boost from repubs coming home.

    Clinton is the weakest conceivable candidate they could run against trump. She has never won an actually contested election, the token resistance of a Bolshevik Jew doesn’t count (and she still cant put him away!)

    once trump is free from the constraints of the republican primary, he will run more effectively from the center.

  7. When leftists tried this at George Wallace rallies, his supporters would pick up their folding chairs and start wailing on them…

  8. I was surprised to find out that the All American steel company Timken is moving 70 IT jobs to India. Some think this is only the first of many.

  9. The Teamsters Union is protesting Trump at UIC in Chicago.

    No way in hell I m going to be at this.

  10. Donald Trump has a very simple philosophy when it comes to his strategy to trying to win the Presidency. He understands how many stupid white people there are in America and he wants everyone of their votes. If you are a white American and are angry about feeling in decline you may want to look in the mirror and take some responsibility. If every white American shared attitudes expressed here and what you hear from Trump supporters, “white decline” wouldn’t be just inevitable it becomes necessary. Stop blaming Blacks and Hispanics for your own inadequacies.

    • Our SOLE inadequacy is allowing Kikes, and their shitskin pets, into our world in the FIRST place. Now run along get “diversified” a la Kevin Sutherland. Do it tonight. HURRY!

      • Your world? Oh, you’re an American Indian then right? I mean you wouldn’t make a statement like that if you origins were actually Northern Europe right? Otherwise if you were from Europe you wouldn’t actually have any more of a claim on this country than a person from the middle east or like many other Jewish people in America that came from ummmmm………well Northern Europe..

        • Yeah take that Indian crap and stick it where the sun don’t shine ratboy. I can see the nose. What’s the weather like in Tel Aviv? Do you see any mushroom clouds yet? Obama and his BFF The Ayatollah has a present for you. You won’t need to light candles for Chanukkah this year!

        • The American Indians failed to restrict immigration. We should learn from their lesson.

          Link to one single example, if you can, of anyone even owing up to their inadequacies, let alone blaming blacks and hispanics for them. Can’t do it? STFU and GFTOH.

          • Try looking at this site if you want to see an examples of whites with lots of inadequacies: To your point though. Hispanic people have been here for a long long time and yet they haven’t committed genocide whilst white people immigrate here and they commit genocide. That’s an interesting part and truth of American history that you have brought to light.

          • I don’t see anyone “blaming blacks and hispanics for their inadequacies.” That’s mind-reading on your part.

            No whites today are committing genocide, so you may consider rephrasing your statement. Like a typical shitlib, you are quick to blame whites for historical wrongs, but painfully slow to credit white for historical goods. I mean, let’s face it: had whites not existed, this world would be immeasurably poorer; had blacks and indios never existed, our world would only differ cosmetically. You might work that into your moral equation some day.

          • Your rather churlish statement actually blamed the American Indian genocide on their own failure to practice immigration control. White people killed Indians and they used technology to do it on a large scale. The point you’re trying to make is sort of like saying that dropping the Atomic bomb on Japan is significant in that it proves science and insignificant in that it killed people on an unimaginable scale. It’s also rather juvenile of you to insist on whites being praised while posting on a website that only praises whites while demonizing everyone else. It’s also a measure of your own denial when you make a statement like “had whites not existed” the world would be immeasurably poorer. When your ancestors where crawling around caves people with dark skin were creating civilizations in the middle east. Ultimately though you seem to be insisting that my moral equation should hinge on economics. Ok, let’s start from there if you like, if whites are so great at making the world richer why would you support Trump. Whites do control our economy so if they done so well in your eyes why support Trump? Why the need for such drastic change?

          • The point is that mass immigration unavoidably carries with it the risk of unforeseeable negative consequences. Of course, in our era, these consequences are quite foreseeable, have been foreseen, and are in the process of being realized–an unfolding made no less real for the tendency of shitlibs to shut their eyes and plug their ears. That these negatives don’t amount to (hard) genocide does alter the fact of their undesirability.

            I don’t insist on whites being praised. But if one is going to collectively criticize whites then it seems to me only fair to collectively praise them too.

            You need to read more carefully. I never said “people with dark skin.” I specified Africans and Indios. Any honest appraisal of their historical contribution to civilization must regard it a nullity. This says nothing of the esteem in which they can or should hold themselves; it is simply a matter of historical record. My advice to them would be love their own kind to the full–they need only consider whitey’s idiotic example of what fate holds in store for any race that indulges in ever more raucous bouts of self-abnegation.

            It’s amusing that you’d criticize me for being “juvenile” in light of your petulant interrogation of my support for Trump. Drastic change? Oh grow up. Economically he’ll be more of the same, or thereabouts. Economics is not the reason to support Trump. His threatened (and to some degree ongoing) shake up of the anti-white status quo is.

          • So you’re supporting Trump because he’s going to build a wall and deport 11 million people? If so that is more than juvenile it’s completely gullible.

          • What don’t you get about “shakes up the anti-white status quo”? Whether he follows through on his commitment or not, he is having (what is for me) the desired effect.

          • It seems what you’re saying then is that you don’t care if Donald Trump lies to you as long as he lies about the right subjects.

          • You’re in no position to call him a liar. Don’t like what’s being discussed here? Choke on it.

          • Your statement: “Whether he follows through on his commitment or not, he is having (what is for me) the desired effect” This was in response to my post regarding the wall. Your statement seems to be saying whether Trump is telling the truth or not is irrelevant. Your words remember. For me that really seems particularly strange considering that immigration is the central pillar of his campaign. Your statements seem to indicate that the central theme of his campaign could be absolute BS and it doesn’t matter. That really does seem to be a definition of naive and gullible doesn’t it?

          • The cave thing proves you are a sub moronic tool of the Marxist Machers. Darkies never created ANY “great civilizations” at all.

          • ‘It’s also a measure of your own denial when you make a statement like “had whites not existed” the world would be immeasurably poorer. When your ancestors where crawling around caves people with dark skin were creating civilizations in the middle east.’

            You are too funny. Blacks built nothing but mud and stick huts. Science, medicine, mathematics, written languages, nowhere to be found. Get lost.

          • Zowie! Are you ever an ignorant cretin! Land Bridge Asians/Mestizos have done very little else than commit mass murder. And Negroes? Stupid mindless mass slaughter is one of the very few venues in which Negroes excel.
            You are a retarded idiot. Take the gas pipe, if you don’t have the courage to get diversified via Dindu,

          • So exactly what mass murders have Native Americans and Black Americans perpetrated in this country? Also, considering your Northern European roots your ancestors probably were looked at as an invading horde by nativist Americans as they came down the gangplank you think you may be a little more reflective. I mean in back the day you were the “negro” weren’t you?

          • I’m not your Nigra. Do your own research, you lazy vermin. you are stuffed with false information.

          • The truth Johnny Depp wants to hide about the real-life Tontos: How Comanche Indians butchered babies, roasted enemies alive and would ride 1,000 miles to wipe out one family

            Comanche Indians were responsible for one of the most brutal slaughters in the history of the Wild West


            ‘One by one, the children and young women were pegged out naked beside the camp fire,’ according to a contemporary account. ‘They were skinned, sliced, and horribly mutilated, and finally burned alive by vengeful women determined to wring the last shriek and convulsion from their agonised bodies. Matilda Lockhart’s six-year-old sister was among these unfortunates who died screaming under the high plains moon.’

            ‘Not only were the Comanche specialists in torture, they were also the most ferocious and successful warriors — indeed, they become known as ‘Lords of the Plains’.

            ‘When they first migrated to the great plains of the American South in the late 18th century from the Rocky Mountains, not only did they achieve dominance over the tribes there, they almost exterminated the Apaches, among the greatest horse warriors in the world.’

            Read more:

          • Hmmmmm…… wow those Comanches were awful. I mean they ALMOST exterminated one Indian tribe. In that light considering that white people did pretty much exterminate or destroy the cultures of all Indians from coast to coast White people are really really awful don’t you think. I’d have to say if you look at history those dastardly Comanches at their most dastardly wouldn’t have wiped out entire peoples from sea to shining sea. If your going to judge Johnny on the characters he plays you’d have to say that he’s really downplaying the violent tendencies of his white characters. In that if his portrayal of Tonto isn’t savage enough for you because of how savage Comanches really were then why should his portrayal of white people should be anything less than absolutely rabid. White people killed lots more Indians than those dastardly Comanches.

        • The USA was FOUNDED by White Christians, originating IS Northern Europe, you White Hating sub MORON – not Land Bridge Asians. White Christians ARE Native Americans. And Whites were on this continent centuries before the late arrival Asians. So go crawl back to your garbage dump of origin, trash.

          • I mean you’re the CELT right. You display your immigrant status with pride. Obviously you’ve also done a DNA test and there’s simply no chance that you’ve middle eastern or north african ancestry in your blood line.

          • My family were settlers. NOT immigrants. Do you know the difference?
            My people literally built this country, And I know my bloodlines. So too bad for you that you are cursed with mongrel blood.

          • Well Black people built the south. I take it by your statement that by your thinking that they have a great claim upon it then.

          • Also, you really have no idea whether or not I have mongrel blood or not and unless you’ve done a DNA test the truth is that I could be “whiter” than you. Meaning that unless you’ve looked into it scientifically you cannot be entirely sure whether or not your “settling” ancestors did some “settling” with the locals or the people that were doing all the work for them.

          • LOL. You don’t know the difference between a settler, and an immigrant. Lulz – you must be one lazy Orc. It’s so easy to research this topic.
            YOU are as White as mud.

          • If you’re so concerned about your status as a settler why are you so quick to demonstrate that you’re origins are in Europe. You are by default DenisetheEuropean. The truth is that unless you have a time machine you don’t have a clue what your ancestors were really up to and your own whiteness may be muddier than you would like.

          • I’m Denise the CELT, you idiot. I am a CELT, a Brythonic CELT, where-ere I go. I know my bloodlines – by HUNDREDS of years.
            You really don’t know anything about anything. I’m sometimes still shocked by the depth of willful ignorance, that abounds. You know nothing about history, or genetics, as well as the actual meaning of words.

          • Of course and you’ve the DNA test to prove it. Otherwise it’s really just a fantasy. Even so, you could choose to call yourself DenisetheTexan or DeniseoftheDeepSouth but instead you go for DenisetheBrit. Maybe your family were Royalists? Really though without the DNA test you could be to significant amounts DenisetheNubianPrincess.

          • Yes. Whites – Native Americans – ARE being slaughtered by shitskin feral savages. Now crawl back up Satan’s anal tract. YOUR point of orgin.

          • Pulling out lies from the ass is natural for gingers like you. Believe it or not native americans are the tribes who are indigenous to the land. You can lie whatever you want, every other race other than the native americans(tribals) are an immigrant. You brought the negroes here. SO you’re the negro lover. Now pull your head out from the giant ass of your lesbian nigra sow.

    • What’s happening is a demographic crisis. I can’t be denied. I’ve done what I can biologically about this. My next phase is politics and probably war.

    • Two words: GET OUT. That monkeyshine ain’t gonna fly anymore. Whites are being targeted for firing and replacement and we know it. Its the logical next stage of this bullshit positive discrimination. You want discrimination do ya?

      • Well I doubt that how you characterize hiring and firing in the US is correct but again you may want to look inward. You have to admit that many Americans, be they black, hispanic or white may choose to “replace” you yourself in particular. I mean if most employers in the US had the opportunity to read and analyze your thoughts and words they would more often than not refuse to employ you. Again, your limitations and roadblocks in the world are probably a lot more to do with you than “discrimination”.

  11. The blacks at my work hate him with a passion, he’s now literally the KKK to them, they’re that paranoid. Most of their “political” or “historical” discussions tend towards the conspiracy theory type thought. A brash New Yorker TV personality somehow is now “the klan.” On the other hand they may be smarter than I give them credit and understand at some level that the Trump thing going on is the white guys who don’t like their shit flexing their muscle. Not actually any horrible klan whose going to lynch them, but the tough white boss who will fire them instead of the current metrosexual pussy in HR enforcing political correctness.

  12. Avoid violence, Trump supporters. The media is just waiting for a protestor to be held up as a martyr, or a reason to blame Trump for inciting vigilantism. Police should take a hard stand and arrest ALL of those who disrupt a private event, and bring back law and order. They need to stop folding to political correctness. A sign can be posted that warns people of these consequences, or entrants can sign a waiver as they enter that expresses consequences if they disrupt. Rioting is never acceptable.

  13. Black Lives Matter are domestic terrorists

    (“Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.

    — War Machine III (@TefPoe) March 16, 2016 “)

    Definitions of Terrorism in the U.S. Code

    “Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

    – Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;

    – Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and

    – Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

    Crickets from Obamas FBI and the Dick In Chief himself,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

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