Alternatives to the Lugenpresse – The Alt Right Media

The enemies of the South, the assorted motley crew of Libs, Leftists, Cultural Marxists, BlackLiesMatter, SPLC, ADL, ACL-Jew call us lots of mean names – things like


And the pathetic cowards in mainstream cuckservative, Conservative Inc, Religious Wrong Christian Zionist Rapture idiot circles all run in terror from these names, not us – but, that’s not us.

These names don’t apply to us, but what terms do?

In the early 1990s the term “Paleo Conservative” was bandied about. But, this term sounds like some scientific term for an extinct dinosaur or some pre Homosapien species that didn’t evolve enough to survive.

One term that’s catching on a bit is:

Alternative Right

This makes a clear distinction from the establishment Conservative Right or the Neo Conservative Zionist Jew dominated Right.

There is certainly lots of talent on the Alternative Right.

Do any OD readers have any favorite Alternative Right TV shows, radio shows, blogs, magazines, zines?

My new Alternative Right TV show is the Gavin McInnes show on the Anthony Cumia network.

Gavin McInnes is an established Alt Right writer who’s published at Takimag. He’s a very Scottish Brit guy from Canada and I note we’re getting a lot of great Brit expats on our side – men like John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, Mark Steyn. I as a very Midwestern “Yank” – I have a bit of a tough time competing with these Brits as most American women go for the Brit accent. But, in all fairness these Brit guys have a lot of style and Gavin McInnes is really funny. He’s politically incorrect, sexy and sexists and very proud of it. They AnthonyCumia network is a subscription network ~ $7 a month – nice to see some folks on our side doing things “for profit” instead of nonprofit, giving it away for free. Prostitution should be legal, carefully regulated and taxed. Whores give it away for free. We’re not whores.

Let’s hear from some OD readers. Do you have any favorite alt Right media you want to promote?


    • Truckroy is a solid guy.

      He always treated me with fairness.

      I made enemies at Stormfront – real vicious folks. The Ron Paul cult was a big problem there.

  1. Gavin is miscegenation advocate and merchant cuck who is trying to co-opt the alt right with his neohipster affect. For instance, even the term cuckservative is “too White supremacist” for his liking and Weev is supposedly a mole. He’s essentially your basic-bïtch-tier edgytarian who employs predictable contrarianism like someone who just figured out lolbertarianism isn’t as fashionable anymore.

    The Daily Shoah & Fash the Nation are much better as radiocasts in my opinion.

    • Disagree.

      Just think Gavin tries to be hip, sexual, so he doesn’t get dismissed as up tight, anal Conservative and yes, we all should do that.

      We’re being invaded, mobs of Muslims landing on Greek beaches – Muslim mobs that look and act like walkers from the Walking Dead. This is hardly a time to be al up tight that someone swore or once had pre marital sex.

      Our side would never had won without the service, leadership of the likes of Ernst Rohm. If we ever win again we can kill these types, but we’re now looking about winning everything as much as the Chicago Cubs.


  2. The Occidental Observer is the gold standard.
    For individual writers, prizes go to:
    Most lucid – Greg Johnson, Counter-Currents (just wish he wouldn’t Hitler worship)
    Most informative – Andrew Hamilton, Counter-Currents
    Most entertaining – Porter, Kakistocracy blog
    Most forceful – Matt Parrott, Traditionalist Youth

  3. Different strokes, I guess. I, personally, don’t like McInnes. He’s low-class. It seems to be a common fault with that Takimag crowd – him, Kathy Shaidle, Jim Goad. They’re just crass. I certainly wouldn’t hold them up as public representatives.

    Some of my personal favourites: SBPDL, Kakistocracy, Irish Savant, Vanishing American, Woodpile Report, Vox Day, VDare. Not all explicitly racialist, but all good.

    One thing I’ve noticed, the better writers attract a better class of readers. It shows in the comments sections, and adds to the appeal of the site. If your comments section reads like Facebook, you know you’re doing it wrong.

    • Gavin McInnes is a hipster doofus and a cuckservative. Avoid Gavin McInnes like the plague.

  4. Lee Rogers and Sven Longshanks have set up a new partnership. It’s pretty good radio/podcast.

  5. Gavin is married to an Indian and has the whole hipster persona going on which I find plenty distasteful and suggestive that he is of low character and/or mentally defective in many other ways. I give him credit for being a sex realist, and at least partly race realist, but that makes me wonder why he would marry mud and have mixed kids.

  6. This website is just more cuckservatism. Figures. No white male seems to have the guts, intelligence or integrity to stand up for himself.

  7. Talks a lot about sex – thats not a winner politically. I wouldn’t want any political or cultural issues that I care about associated with talking about sex on the radiio or the internet. Howard Stern got very rich (I guess thats the plan of Anthony Cumia? have never listened to him) but his audience isn’t 3% of the nation. Its like they used to tell us Oprah ran the world. Her audience wasn’t 5% of women. Thats big in a TV/radio show but doesn’t win elections.

  8. Western Rifle Shooters, which HW has linked to. I personally (1st as SP, latterly as Haxo Angmark), after being banned a few times, have pushed WRS a mile to the race-realist altRight…it now attracts large numbers of hardRights inlcuding anti-Jews. This aside, it always was a great site…’cause the administrator, an ex-NYC assistant DA of the Jewish persuasion, and his crowd have always understood that we…are…not…going…to… vote…our way…out of the burgeoning (Judeo)-globalist tyranny. Something that many OccDiss fans don’t get yet. That will require Civil War/Race War. I also recommend WeaponsMan @ which, again during a struggle (6 bans and un-bans so far) with the admn, an ex-Special Forces guy, I have again pushed further to the Right

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