Live Thread: Twelfth Republican Debate

My guess is that Trump will try to play it safe tonight, #LittleMarco will try to walk back his stand up comedian routine, Cruz will begin to shift away from his preacher act and Kasich will continue to target the voters he thinks he needs to win in Ohio. Chances are though that this debate will devolve into another dumpster fire like the previous two in Texas and Michigan.

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  1. Why are there so many of these damn debates? They are not informative. And they are no longer that fun. They are basically shouting matches and chances for TV news anchors to appear important.

    • They both hate and love Donald. These give the news networks a chance to try to snipe at him and have their “gotcha” moments….while simultaneously cashing in on the YUGE audience draw that he has.

      But you’re right: we don’t need anymore info, we have what we need now.

      I hope he can remain dignified and presidential this time around. If he wins Florida and Ohio. I hope he’ll say, “it’s finished”, no more debates, only votes.

    • It’s a way that Trumpenfuhrer can compensate the press instead of direct ad revenue.


      Cruz won the trade debate.

      Rubio looks really good, and won a few points.

      Trump is well-behaved and looks very presidential.

      Kasich is smoking the foreign policy crack-pipe.

      It’s the best debate yet – substantive, yet, gentlemanly.

      • How much schmalz personal stories did Rubio pile on last night? HIs kids, his grandfather, some guy who put a Rubio sign on his lawn, his father. Now I even know how old his father lived to be (79).

        What does it have to do with anything I care about? I really don’t get it.

        • Dear YHW,
          Senator Rubio gave a great performance, last night. That said, a chef can fashion the greatest linguine w/ clams in the history of the known world, and, if you don’t like that dish, it will be lost on you.

          I am not for Senator Rubio. The Gang of 8 thing, in my eyes, unfortunately, cancels out the other good qualities he has, as a politician for me.

          So, my appraisal of the senator, was a debate evaluation, not whether I thought he was voicing my views or not.

          • Pool Boy does not possess any good qualities. He’s simply a dressed up nasty little little ghetto Spic.

          • Okay, Miss Denise. Thank you for your thoughts.

            Nobody in my family is fond of Senator Rubio, in political terms, though, we would vote for him if he were the only choice between against Miss Hillary.

            Hopefully it won’t come to that.

  2. “Chances are though that this debate will devolve into another dumpster fire”

    My wife and I nearly died laughing at this. It fits it to a tee.

        • Having just checked the comments, I see that a Jonathan Lee Riches says he’s the one who did this and that he did it with you. Knowing very little about politics, I can’t make any sense of this, I’m afraid.

          • it’s trolling, jlr is known for writing a bunch of bogus law suits. He makes a hobby out of it. And we exploited the news Duke was getting. We knew nobody would think Duke was suing Trump, all they would have to do is ask Duke. Yet we benefited from all the coverage.

          • lols and exposure. The fact of the matter is, they believed it until they asked him. It proves that the media isn’t run by geniuses, That’s the lols.

            It should shows we’ve got tricks up our sleeves.

          • I see. Curious: How does Mr. Riches continue to file what you call bogus lawsuits? I would think that that would get him into some kind of legal trouble.

          • The most that could happen is a counter-suit and I guess most people feel it isn’t worth the effort.

  3. After last night’s Democratic debate it’s now official. This election will be about immigration. The Democratic candidates are promising to not deport illegals who have no criminal record and to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that will make them all citizens. They are promising benefits to illegals such as paid for college tuition and drivers licenses. Trump is now the best chance to save our country. Yet the filthy traitorous neocons oppose him so that they can keep wages low for their corporate masters.

    • No, they don,t do it because of low wages. They hate us. It,s very important to understand.
      We are so obsessed about equality that lot of white nationalism is upside down liberalism. They talk about poverty and hate and refuse to admit, that something is wrong with black IQ and genetics. White nationalists also talking about brainwashing and corporate wages and media ratings and jewish influence and refuse to think that our race heas something wrong.
      Why Eastern Europe is nationalist? Because we had bunch of revolutions and wars and liberals got killed and the liberal gene stopped spreading.

        • actually, it was pretty much initiated/done by the locals: Poles, Balts, Ukrainians, etc…all of whom had prior negative experiences with Judeo-communism. Germans just pitched in and got the cleansing organized

      • I don’t buy the argument that ideology and biology are linked, at least not as something that can be measured. Your environment and upbringing is much more relevant, although genes could play a part. In any case, I don’t dispute that the political class hates us. That is one reason why they have no empathy for white people who lose their jobs or who can’t support their families on declining wages.

      • Elephant in the room. Why do whites “flee” integration? I don’t know what half the people on my street look like. Whites are not fleeing what people look like. They flee crime and violence.

    • I wish the Democrat/RINO superstructure would explain how it is that an illegal alien can be a law-abiding citizen.

    • The Democratic debate was like a commercial for Trump. They have no intention of learning English. They want it to be a bilingual country and you need to speak Spanish. Even the woman who is going for some kind of advanced degree (probably paid for by the taxpayers) asks her question in Spanish.

      It reminded me of the 1988 Democratic convention. Dukakis was ahead of Bush the Elder by 17 points and was the clear delegate winner, no question. But he felt he had to appease black voters by appeasing and groveling to Jesse Jackson, a man with a speech impediment so bad most Americans couldn’t follow him for a single sentence. But black voters gave Jackson several states. Michigan was a caucus that year and Jackson won it but caucuses tell you nothing about November. Dukakis should have said a few nice words and moved on to another theme.

  4. Trump should self consciously look at his wristwatch. And mouth these words:

    “This is Torture Goys” or

    “This is another hour I can’t get back humping my wife”

  5. If you want some insight into how corporate America works against our interests, here is an excerpt from a recent report at my employer. I would think they would be concerned with profitability instead.

    Outcomes / Metrics
    • 52% increase in minority hires
    • 32% increase in female hires
    • Separations for minorities and women were flat to declining over this time period
    • 11% increase in minority managers
    o Over the past five years minority manager representation increased by 35%
    • 9% increase in female managers
    • 13% increase in minority officers with no increase in female officers (due to retirements)
    • The manager/director pipeline is more diverse by gender, ethnicity and external work experience
    • Forty percent of staff (some 400 plus employees) participate in ERGs
    o (American Express – nationally recognized for ERG engagement has 30% of its staff participating in ERGs)
    • ERGs and DIWG focus on recruiting, development, advancement and the strategic business objectives
    • The environment for LGBT staff is better
    • The environment for and appreciation of Veteran staff is better

    • Workforce gaps exist for women and minorities compared to the State’s workforce
    • Promotion rates for women and minorities have declined and could adversely impact retention over time
    • Some ethnically diverse staff feel marginalized
    • Some non-ethnically diverse staff are disengaged from the DI initiatives

  6. These “debates” serve but one purpose: Take down Trump.

    They need to be moderated by someone besides the news readers at FOX, CNN, and all the other usual suspects. We have a nation of 300 million people and the asinine gotcha questions posed at these “debates” are concocted by a handful of anti-White douchebags. Enough already.

    • I would have guessed that after Debate #3 or 4, everyone would have clearly stated their position on a myriad of issues.

  7. note Trump’s (modified) fascist salute and exposed (phallic) tie. This is classic alpha behavior/symbolism. Cruz, meanwhile, fights back another booger attack

    • Now that their Pool Boy Twink Maricone is going down in the foam, the Hebes are coalescing around Lying Ted.

  8. The awful Hugh Hewitt’s only purpose as a moderator is to fellate Israel and bore viewers with mind-numbing minutiae about Israel.

    • Does Kasich not know that Israel drops bombs from airplanes on those Palestinians? Thats how bad the moderators are, that they allow Kasich to whine about the Israels living in fear of rockets when they all know the numbers.

  9. Is Trump exposing that real ordinary “evangelicals” are not Israel fanatics? Its a fantasy creation of the media and greed-for-money GOP establishment to “explain” GOP becoming slavishly devoted to Israel?

    It was Reagan who brought the neocons into the GOP in the 80’s but Roe v Wade was 1973. They’re not in the GOP because they adore Israel, maybe? How many of “The Evangelicals” are all about “the Rapture?”

    Trump’s proIsraelism is like his giving money to politicians: He had to get along in order to do business.

  10. In a politically sane and organic nation electoral campaigns should be limited to 90 days(If not sixty) and contributions from corporations banned and each individual limited to 1000 dollars or less as regards donations! Can you say Folk Democracy? I suspect politics in an Ethno-State will be less contentious and more substantial once we have separated from what it and built what should be.

  11. I was always skeptical about Trump, but I believed in the most optimistic scenario, because I wanted to see the pro-bush and pro-Rubio crowd go down. Now I don’t hold out hope that he’s a Pat Buchanan, I hold out hope that his brutal honesty will work against him on foreign policy.

    He’s changed his position on Iraq and Libya a lot and he’s very honest about the fact that he is pro-Israel and wants oil. He also insults Muslims and there may be some truth to what he says but it harms the pro-imperialist cause. His brutal honesty will ruin his ability to be the world police man. I will vote for Trump before I vote for HIlary or Rubio, because of that.

    However if I have an option to support a true anti-imperialist, like Jesse Ventura or even a halfway anti-imperialist like Bernie Sanders, I will support them over Trump. Worse is better, but better is even better.

  12. If Trump does get in, in five years I’ll be known as the political dissident who was able to regard him with skepticism when all the other extremists jumped on his bandwagon. I maintain the position that Hillary and Rubio are worse.

    People like Hunter Wallace and David Duke almost act like they’re advisers to the Trump campaign as if Trump is listening to them.

    • People like Hunter Wallace and David Duke almost act like they’re advisers to the Trump campaign as if Trump is listening to them.</blockquote.

      Geezus, look who's talking. At least some people care what Hunter or Duke think. NO ONE cares what you think.

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