Sophie Can Walk – Gavin McInnes

Here’s a nice humor break from a rather funny guy Gavin McInnes.

Sophie Can Walk

Gavin dreams that his new born daughter Sophie can walk, in the first year. The doctors all said she wouldn’t walk for at least a year. His baby is in a wheel chair! But Gavin isn’t giving in – with inspirational music from Bono, Bruce Springsteen Gavin dreams….

Don’t ever give up your/our dreams.

Don’t let some nay sayers say

“No – you can’t do that”

Libertarian loons like Ron Paul and Rand Paul are also dreamers – they’re not listening to the nay sayers that say we can’t welcome 700,000,00 diseased 3rd World Muslim child rapists.

Instead of saying “No we can’t”.

These Libertarian loons are saying:

“Yes we can”.

And Gavin McInnes – he’s one of those dreamers, not one to give in to the nay sayers.

Sophie can walk….


    • He’s not funny – he’s terrified. The fear comes off him in yuuuuuuge stinking clouds. And YOU need to take a very very long remedial course in “White is White”. His spouse is about as White as Halle Berry.

      PS – methinks you are creating cover for that mulatto of yours.

    • Look.

      Anyone who’s doing pro White, “I hate the Jews”, “Hitler was right” commentary day in and day out is not going to have much media access even in the Alt Right, race realist world.

      Gavin is an entertainer – he’s funny, like Rush Limbaugh.

      It’s also unfair to say he’s a Cuck or a shrill for Israel or the Jews as Gavin does not do propaganda for Neo Con Jew wars or push for mass non White immigration to remaining White societies.

      Instead Gavin does stuff like point to Jews in Europe being harassed, attacked by the worst Muslims – this is the same tactic used by the French National Front. The worst anti White Jews still attack the National Front, Gavin Us as terrible racists.

      Again, it’s a question of tactics, media access.

      It’s also just reality that day in day out “I hates the Jews”, anti Semitic obsessions are rarely if ever funny.

      We need people like Gavin who are funny. Humor is one of our best weapons in this increasingly humorless anti White world.

      Healthy, positive White Southerners, White Western people haven’t given up on life, we enjoy a good laugh.

      Don’t give in to the forces of negativity, gloom and doom. There are lots of good things happening in our world – most everything regarding Russia and Eastern Europe looks great.

      Start following Polish Soccer clubs – the chants and signs in the stands are excellent.

      • What is your deal? I haven’t heard anybody get this excited about a male entertainer, since female audiences started throwing pennies at Tom Jones!

        Get over it! McInnis is a cuck. He’s also vulgar, rude, and weird!!

        The fact that he is now a parent scares me more for his child, then it does for his legitimation.

  1. Things are changing. The needle!

    Truth is the needle that pricks the bubble of fantasy. If well-placed-and-timed, one prick of the needle can pop the biggest bubble of fantasy.

    Alt Right must be that needle. Even the biggest bubble is no match for the smallest needle.

    The enemy blow bubbles, we apply the needle.

    Pop, Pop, Pop.

    Identity is the magnet, or the gravity, of power.

    Imagine a universe without gravity. Every particle would fly off on its own. There would be no suns, no planetary systems. It is the gravity that holds suns and planets and galaxies together.

    Without identity, we just fly apart.

    It is identity that pulls us together with a sense of history, unity, commonality, destiny, etc.

    Jews are powerful because they have the powerful pull of identity that unites past Jews with present Jews with future Jews. It unites Jews in all corners of the world: US, EU, Russia, Middle East, Latin America, North Africa, etc. Identity is the gravity of time and space for Jews.

    Without identity, Jewish individuals would still be successful and affluent, but there would no Jewish power to speak of since each Jew would be atomized.

    This is why Jews guard identity for themselves but try to take it away from others, especially white goyim who Jews deem as their main rival, even enemy.

    Now, I’m not against individuality. We need both individuality and identity. Ayn Rand was nuts, but she was right about one thing. Individuals come up with the inspiration and vision to do stuff. Beethoven was an individual who did his own thing. Beethoven couldn’t have done what he did just by resting on the laurel of identity. If he stood around all day and felt, “Gee, I have German identity, and that makes me proud”, he would have been just an ordinary person. Instead, he dug into himself and uncovered his own particular brand of genius. Sure, individuals are part of a larger community and are influenced by the achievements of others. But each individual works differently with the same influences. After all, many German composers were exposed to the same musical influence that affected Beethoven, but most didn’t become Beethovens.

    If a thousand white people stand around and just share a sense of identity, they will be nothing more than ‘white’.

    For them to achieve things, they must work in the mode of individuals who create, organize, lead, envision, and etc. Without leaders, people are not even followers. They are nothing. To follow, there needs to be leaders to follow. Jews needed Moses. One can lead in vision, ideas, creativity, organization, etc. In school, each individual must do his own homework and take his own tests. He cannot just say “I’m white, so I just rely on the academic achievements of others.”

    So, individuality matters. After all, even an individual who doesn’t care one iota about identity can do great things. There have been plenty of great white leftist universalists who did remarkable things as creative individuals.

    In contrast, even a 100 million people with identity but without individuality will just stand around for someone else to do something or lead. Identity without individuality can be defensive but it is also passive since it is the individual who, by using mind and passion, becomes active. Even when people become active as a collective, they need to be led by individuals with vision and courage.

    But, in the end, individuality isn’t enough since every individual, no matter how great, lives for just several decades. For his achievement to mean something in the long run, he has to stand for something bigger than himself. The world doesn’t begin and end with an individual. Every individual is a link in a continuum.

    Identity outlasts individuality but mustn’t be a substitute for it. identity without individuality can lead to something like Nazism where Hitler was the super-individual and everyone else was like obedient sheep who, lacking individuality, just did as the super-individual Fuhrer said.

    Alt Right must be a Right with a mind. National Socialism failed in the end because it was a Right without a mind. It looked great and did some good things, but when you shut off the mind of so many people, they will be sheep led to the slaughter.

    Communism failed for the same reason. Class identity without a mind.

  2. Gavin doesn’t quite get it.

    To be red-pilled is the opposite of being red-diapered.

    Adults know that children are naive, innocent, and trusting. They can be made to believe in anything.

    So, principled people don’t try to politicize children from too young an age. They want to introduce children to culture, nature, arts, music, and etc. Ideology comes later as kids can think and argue critically.

    But the globo-progs are so full of themselves and so righteous in their ninny rage that they want to instill young ones with the ‘correct’ ideology as early as possible. Correct-from-Cradle. So, the kids get red-diapered Kids get rammed in the ass by PC. Progs are like ideological pedophiles. They seek to inseminate the kids with Correct Ideas as soon as possible. Also, progs prefer correctology over criticality since the critical mind asks too many questions and begins to question the very assumptions it has been instilled with.

    Also, progs prefer pageantry over pages-in-a-book since it uses the overwhelming power of sound and image to overwhelm the critical faculty.

    And the millennials are the way they are because of this kind of treatment. They’d been red-diapered. Or pink-diapered given that homomania is the new religion among the proGelytizers.

    Then, we must red-pill the red-diapered.

  3. Gavin McInnes is a pervert and a degenerate, and whoever says Ron Paul is a loon, is himself the actual loon. Ron Paul is a brilliant man and a doctor.

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