Merkel Repudiated In Germany

After getting spanked in the German elections yesterday, Merkel is doubling down on refugees:

“BERLIN—German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday stuck to her refusal to close the country’s border to asylum applicants despite unprecedented gains by an anti-immigrant party in state elections over the weekend.

Ms. Merkel said she would instead continue to pursue a “European solution” to the migrant crisis that involved negotiating a deal between the European Union and Turkey to stem the flow of people crossing the Aegean Sea to Greece.

“I am firmly convinced—and this was not put in question today—that we need a European solution, and that this solution needs time,” Ms. Merkel said after meeting with top officials in her center-right Christian Democratic Union. …”

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  1. Merkel is either insane or she is part of a brilliant plot to bring nationalists back to power.

    • Kasner is Jude. If Germans, and Whites, survive, we need to do what should have been done centuries ago vis a vis the Spawn of Satan.

      • She looks as unjewish as you get, just because someone is doing something very bad for their country doesn’t follow they are Jewish. She either has an aloof, elitist, marxist attitude, or is the stupid lady in the parable of the snake. My mom is of german heritage and always fawned over Jewish women she’d know going overboard to try to make up for what happened in the second world war despite the fact she has absolutely no ties to the place other than her great great grand parents came from a bunch of german speaking principalities in Central Europe to America before Germany even existed as a country. Could very well be a super powerful Cat Lady trying to make up for something that happened 80 years ago by doing an incredibly stupid publicity stunt of making the whole damn country snuggle up with a rattlesnake.

          • Miss Denise – I know all sorts of people who ‘fawn over’ minorities; something about which they seem to do innately, without having a clue as to why they are doing such.

            In The South, M’am, so many people have become violently allergick to advancing any argument that could possibly be ‘misconstrued as being beneficial to them:)

    • Great cheek, Mr. Crews – absolutely!

      You know, I learned a lesson in life, long ago, and that is : if you over extend your reach, you wind up being an enema for what it is that you think you are trying to achieve.

      I think that Ms. Merkel is going to be that for he craven communist dreams, and cure Western Europe of their insane penchant for Bolshevist utopianism…

    • England doesn’t exist anymore. England is totally Jewed. England is what happens when you are nice to the Jew Devils.

      • I get so angry at English patriots. They love their classical liberalism. They believe themselves to be so superior. Perhaps it’s just in their DNA to be individualistic and thus superior, they muse. And they’re dying out!

        If they could separate from their identity these idiotic political ideas and just be… English, they might have a chance. I’d like to make every single one of them read Aristotle or perhaps Cushman’s book (I just received it today) or Belloc / Chesterton, anything that would snap them out of their delusion.

        I get too angry with politics, but I can’t tolerate libertarians anymore.

        In the US, we’re just as bad with our worship of the stupid Constitution and our belief that America is special. We’re not special except in the bad sense.

        What is wrong with Anglos? Why are England and America both dying of a very similar disease? I’ve become an Anglo inferiorist. I’m going to join James David Manning on YouTube. He can condemn blacks; I’ll condemn Anglos. Something is seriously wrong with Anglos.

      • Alternative for Germany won 14 percent in Baden-Wuerttemberg, 12 percent in Rhineland-Palatinate and an astonishing 24 percent in Saxony-Anhalt.

        All the other parties , Social Democrats, The Left and Greens are actually more anti white hatemongers and want more mass immigration. As a decent nazi , I speak german pretty well, so listened all debates and those elections were all about immigration so that nobody can,t claim that voters didn,t knew for who they are voting. It,s all over Western Europe. Whatever happens, pro white party get,s it,s traditional 10 to 20% and nothing seems to change that.

        Last december there were elections in France, few weeks after biggest terror act in France history and FN lost even in Calais where is infamous Jungle and everyday battleground. Western Europe seems doomed.

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