“Donald Trump Physically Assaulting Women & Children”!

"Michelle Fields"

The worst of the cultural marxist, Antifa, BlackLiesMatter mobs were doing what they do worst here in Chicago (link). I can’t say I was surprised as University of Illinois Chicago is hard core Antifa, cultural marxist turf – just a few Blue Line train stops away from the worst West Side Black ghettos. ( I took this train yesterday to attend a Latin Mass of Society of St Pius X (SSPX), which was established in 1970 by French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre).

But, what might surprise some folks not in the know (us) – the Fox News Conservatives are doing similar vicious attacks on the Donald Trump campaign. These Folks News Conservatives present their vicious smears using the beautiful Megyn Kelly and play on the emotions of regular Americans who naturally like to defend:

“Women and Children”

The latest Megyn Kelly led smear involves another female Conservative, Breitbart “reporter” Michelle Fields who was supposedly roughed up and manhandled by a Trump security guy.

Michelle Fields – practically in tears tells Mygan:

“I was jolted backwards, someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground but was able to maintain my balance, none the less…

I was shaken”.

Later Miss Fields tells Mygan:

“Aside from my father’s death, this was the worst experience I’ve gone through”.

Michelle has apparently led a rather soft life, as have most Fox news types.

Fortunately in this modern age of video recording virtually everywhere, there is video of the actual incident where Miss Fields tries to cut in and ask a one to one question of Donald Trump and the Trump security guy gently moved in an Miss Fields step back one step. I had more dangerous physical contact in q minute of my last Salsa dance lesson.

Here’s the video of the alleged terrible Trump attack on innocent women and children. The Trump security guard simply steps in and Miss Fields steps back maybe a step or two, wow big deal.

A Lib Washington Post reporter on the scene jumps on this as a huge story, the Trump campaigns calls out Miss Fields and Megyn Kelly as liars, Breitbart News admits that the story is a hoax. Michelle Fields and some Jew working there named Ben Shapiro have resigned in a huff (link)

This story confirms my sense that Breitbart News has been infiltrated and co-opted after the death of founder/leader Andrew Breitbart. Fox News is simply Neo Con turf and deeply hostile to Donald Trump and his/our populist, nationalist issues on immigration, foreign wars for Israeli interests.

Good job (again) on the Alt Right for exposing another Fox News, fake conservative hoax.


  1. Chicago 2016:
    Shot & Killed: 103
    Shot & Wounded: 501
    Total Shot: 604
    Total Homicides: 121
    These stats change hourly, and are about 98% non-White.

    • # of innocent women and children killed by US government post WWII
      # of innocent women and children killed on account of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy
      # of innocent women and children killed on account of Barack Obama’s tenure as President
      # of people Trump has hurt or killed

      Choose the smallest number then “disavow” the rest.

        • If we keep Muslims out of the United States, they will have a very tough time doing anything to us. And yet, the neocon solution is to bomb the crap out of them, and then let them immigrate here to the land of the people who bombed them.


        • Agree.

          It’s just a matter of time, work and maintenance to moderate all comments and then ban people.

          I prefer strict comment moderation to prevent trolls and just Hollywood script crazy, counter productive obsessed Jew haters from hanging out – pooping in the comments drinking water so to speak.

          • Thank goodness Hunter does not give you the authority to moderate every thread.
            You’re heavy handed if someone doesn’t agree with your positions. According to you all comments must reflect your personal beliefs. If not, they are rejected as conspiracy theories or deemed counter productive.

          • I simply do not care. Besides, I have often stated that if errant nukes somehow managed to level Israel, ISIS and Muslim states I would not shed a tear.

          • Hunter allowed that Homo Hebe Kike Spite to run amok for weeks, in order to TRY to teach Dull Jack a lesson about the malevolent depraved Nature of Der ewige Jude. But Jackie has a boner in perpetuity for the Merchant Class. {{{He}}}} thinks groveling to them will earn their respect and gratitude. England is a stark example of how well playing nice with the Spawn of Satan get you,

          • Ryan – you wanted to have me banned when I called out you beloved Kike Homo pal. How was synagogue on Friday, you JERK?

          • OD Comment guidelines are simply, straight forward and easy to understand.

            You are seriously and deliberately violating OD comment guidelines posting comments desiring to send Jewish people to ovens. These types of comments send people to jail for long jail sentences in places like Canada and the European Union – big push to do the same here and also hold blog owners responsible.

            These terrible comments are very counter productive as is accusing someone you’re starting a flame war with as being

            a Jew who goes to synagogue.

            European populists, nationalists, Russians under Vladimir Putin are going from victory to victory by being intelligent, positive – using effective issues, languages and tactics. So for the most part is Donald Trump and his campaign.

            None of these people is trolling places shouting they want to put Jewish people in ovens.


            I hope this is the last comment exchange on this subject.

          • The VERY FACT that people are jailed, in JEW OWNED countries, should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know.
            We aren’t THERE yet. YOUR craven approach will speed the day that we are.

          • “These types of comments send people to jail for long jail sentences in places like Canada and the European Union…”

            So what.

            And who in the bloody hell do you think is behind this?

        • Oh my, her words are so offensive to your sensitive ears. I like the use of the word oven. The holohoax myth should be mocked, ridiculed.

          • Read through Noahshy’s posts. {{{He}}} is one of Jared Taylor’s Jew Worshipping Hasbarats. He/it is the plant. Read his stuff.

        • Do you ever do anything else but trash me, you spineless toad? Ever? You are the rot. YOUR fetid, boneless ilk is why Whites are facing existential peril. You are vile, and depraved,

      • Please do not use this type of language “the oven”.

        This is reading from the enemy’s script.

  2. It’s a Kike. I knew is was a Kike the moment I saw it’s NOSE. It needs to be deported to Israel, Birobidjan, or an ISIS camp.

    • She is a mix of Nordic white and Honduran mestizo. Check Wikipedia.

      You once accused me of being Jewish (which is no insult to me, FYI) – even though I am a devout Christian. Care to test me?

      Folks like you attract unnecessary negative press to our movement because of your sociopath posture. I would not want to come within a hundred feet of you.

      Can one be a decent human being and a Christian, and still be a Euro-nationalist? Why do we have to be psychopaths to love our people, our ancestors, our lands and our culture?

      • She is no threat to you or anyone. The jews are the psyhchopaths. That is we we will never beat them with turning the other cheek, love your enemy, resist not evil cucktianity crap.

      • You are not a part of ANY movement, excepting the detritus expelled by a bowel You are a pathetic Cuck. Your methodology has been a proven abject FAILURE for decades – centuries, really, and you are a joke.
        Now run along and fellate some Kike. Get back to your normal schedule.

      • Moderates never win. Even if you don’t like someone’s tone, stop aiming right. Never aim to the right. Stop losing.

      • Expelling (or worse) those who WANT YOU DEAD is not going to require decency, Folks like you are a dead weight to those who know what it is going to take to survive as a white Christian race. Recognizing a deadly threat and defending against (offense is the best defense) is NOT sociopathic or psychopathic behavior. If not an actual Jew, your imitation is good. As far as your devout Christianity, BS. You are cucking for the Jews who killed Christ, who called them the spawn of Satan, the father of Lies- and you are lying when you say that those who take up the sword of faith are not Christian.

  3. It must be Haven Monahan who’s doing all that stuff.


    ‘White guilt’ pertaining to black slavery is foolish and misguided. Suppose a community captured the Devil and used it as slave for a time. Suppose the community came to feel sorry for what they did to the Devil and came to feel collective guilt. Since the Devil suffered at their hands, suppose they see the Devil as angelic. But the Devil is still the Devil, and once freed, it will do devilish things.

    The Negro is a natural savage whose soul was molded by 100,000s yrs of wild evolution in hot, dangerous, and diseased Africa. While some blacks are sane, intelligent, and responsible, too many blacks have the Jafro DNA that makes them ill-suited for civilization.

    But the cult of ‘white guilt’ makes white people see Negroes as eternal saints.

    Also, there is the cult of ‘white guilty pleasure’ that makes white boys worship Negro athletes and white girls lust for Negro studs. White race is addicted to Negroes for ‘spiritual’ and sensual reasons, and that will be the main cause of the downfall of the white race.

  4. You following the so called “hate crime” at Northwestern University in Evanston last weekend where two punks spray painted penises, swastikas, the N word, faggot, X-ed out muslim students pictures, and to cap it off wrote “Trump” as their signature. Security footage led to the arrest of two Freshmen: Matthew Kafker and Anthony Morales. The left of course is going nuts saying this shows how dangerous Trump and his supporters are. I on the other hand was immediately suspicious of the hispanic surname of one of the defendants, why on earth would a hispanic be so pro Trump. Secondly the other has a very jewish name Kafker and it is very possible Morales is also Jewish as many Sephardic Jews do in fact have Spanish surnames and fled to the low countries and then to England after Catholic absolutism in 1492. Here’s their pictures.


    To top it off Matthew Kafker is a child of untold privilege, son of the Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Appellate Court.


    This is his father:


    Very jewish biography and appearance, why would a jew paint a swastika? He wouldn’t even if he loved Trump. Lets be frank, no Trump supporters would ever think defacing a church with penises and swastikas would do anything good, especially two kids smart enough to get into Northwestern. Two smart kids WOULD know however, that if you HATED Trump, the media would accept such a stunt uncritically as if fully fits their narrative, unfortunately getting caught wasn’t part of their plans. Leftists of course are fooled, want to be fooled, or quite simply want to lie and are all over the blogs condemning these punks as “proof” of how dangerous Trump is and the kind of people they live in fear of. (Never dangerous hood rats who they really should fear.) When it finally comes out as a hoax I’m sure we’ll never hear about it from these same leftist rags and the charges will be reduced as if somehow faking an event to incite a civil war is less serious than a simple act of frat boy angry drunken graffiti. The very same people who want Bush Jr. locked up for faking us into war will then think what these punks did was noble because they were merely trying to bring attention to the dangers of “racism” Trump represents.

    • Here is one of his father’s rulings:


      Very typical ACLU type opinion on the polices’ limitations on search and seizure during a traffic stop. This child is certainly the son of a liberal Jewish family, such a person, even if they supported Trump would NEVER spray paint a swastika and would be fully aware of it’s emotional meaning. I do happen to think most of these so called “hate crimes” are crying wolf and this one seems to fit the same bill.

    • Yes, it certainly has all the ear marks of a false flag. I won’t be surprised if more of this is coming. By the time the truth comes out no one is listening or cares.

  5. I think phase two of this Soros shit is starting to appear with his people pretending to be Trump supporters doing really nasty things. True Trump has said he will keep out alien Hispanics and Muslims but Trump has never hinted at any agenda against black and jewish Americans. That however hasn’t deterred the press with the KKK thing (to make sure that those alleged 10% of blacks who vote Republican which I have yet to meet are frightened away) and next is going to be nazi hoaxes such as the old bernie operative granny who put on a Trump shirt and gave the hitler salute, and the two punks (one the son of the Jewish Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Appellate Court) who spray painted the usual pantheon of slurs including a swastika in an Evanston Church.

    Problem is Trump is nothing like Hitler who was a weird individual with an Aspergian obsession with political theories and lived off other peoples money. Trump is much more akin to the Thai telecom Billionaire Thaksin Shiniwatra whose populist rhetoric made him an immensely popular prime minister in the early 2000s where he did a lot of good for the rural poor before the Thai elite pulled the plug with a military coup. Trumps reality show past put him more in the league with a Latin American politician, where TV stars run for office than early 20th century Munich. You can’t compare him to Putin either, completely different personalities and backgrounds although Putin is probably much more on Trumps mind as a person to learn from how to beat your enemies once you actually have the reigns of power.

  6. media hates trump…they want bernie “have some mo money, my niggas” sanders to run the show and bring the country closer near the end.

  7. Did it escape anyone’s notice that Michelle Fields is also of the merchant tribe? The purge at Breitbart not only makes it the only large nationalist and populist news source, but nearly Judenrein. That’s a double plus good development.

    • Read the thread below. I called her/it out as a Zhid – but every-one is trashing me. I’m looking for pics of Daddy Fields – who is quite dead – but if you can’t look at that creature and SEE it – there’s something wrong wid yo ize.

    • I think you mean, Michelle ((((FIELDS)))…

      Mind your place goy. She makes a mean kosher nacho dish.

  8. Hunter: I noticed your Events/Activism page has not listed anything for 2016. Is there another page for this?

    Also, it would seem that the Trump rallies are excellent fronts for Southern Nationalists and Alternative Rightists to get out into the streets and do some agitprop.

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