Sanders Voters Contemplate Joining The Trump Train

I’ve been saying for months now that this was going to happen and should happen when the general election rolls around in November:

I get it.

Believe me, I do. Within my own family, I don’t know anyone who supported Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, but my brother and first cousin voted for Bernie Sanders. My father liked Trump and Sanders … he hates Wall Street with a passion, but voted for Trump because of Sanders position on guns. Sanders was MY second choice.

Why on earth would anyone like Trump and Sanders? It is because they share common ground on a lot of issues: free-trade, Iraq, Russia, veterans and campaign finance. Of the five major issues that Trump has been running on (free-trade, foreign policy, immigration, campaign finance and political correctness), Sanders has been running in the “populist lane” on three of them.

I know these people very well. The fact that Trump has been condemned by National Review for not being a “true conservative” is enticing to them. The fact that he isn’t a religious crank like Ted Cruz and is running a secular campaign makes him more attractive. The fact that Trump isn’t a puppet of the donor class who is doing the bidding of Goldman Sachs like Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton is also attractive.

For lots of Sanders voters, a “true conservative” is someone like Mitt Romney who wants to cut taxes for rich people, ship jobs overseas, destroy labor unions, carry water for Wall Street, blow up foreign countries, and bring on the Rapture. They believe things like “White working class towns deserve to die” and Ted Cruz is the anointed one and the second coming of George Washington.

If you are a Sanders voter, I say to you: a lot of the “true conservatives” are bolting the Republican Party. We’re going to be losing the Erick Erickson/Glenn Beck crowd. We are losing the neocons who openly saying that they are supporting Hillary in the general election. We’re losing the free-traders who can never support an evil “protectionist” who doesn’t want to ship jobs overseas to China.

Their careers should be drawn and quartered!

In my experience, there are two kinds of Sanders supporters. There are those who are White and not very religious, but who deeply believe that we are living in a “rigged economy,” that Wall Street has too much power, that Sanders is authentic and wants to restore the middle class and tackle income inequality and address student loan debt. These are people who would have never participated in the circus in Chicago.

OTOH, there are the true blue SJWs like our friend Tommy Dimassimo who charged the stage at the Trump rally in Chicago. These people were stunned when the blacks in state after state voted as a block in favor of Hillary Clinton. They are motivated more by identity issues though than economics. Most of them will sit out the general election or vote for Hillary because they could never vote for Trump.

The true blue SJWs are probably beyond redemption. Just the other night, I was closely watching the election in Missouri. As I ate some Chinese takeout, I told my wife who is from the St. Louis area that North County and St. Louis hadn’t fully reported, and that Bernie Sanders would probably lose Missouri to Hillary when the fraudulent returns from places like Jennings and Ferguson came in.

Think of all the SJWs who came from all across America to Ferguson to demonstrate for “racial justice.” They just don’t understand race. It must have stung when Ferguson came in for Hillary. Virtually everywhere outside of Michigan – and even there two-thirds of blacks voted for Hillary – the progressive movement has been stopped cold in its tracks because of the black block vote.

How do you reconcile your belief in white privilege with the reality of the power of the black vote which you have seen singlehandedly defeat Bernie Sanders in state after state? How can you deny the salience of race when you know Hillary is going to win Mississippi because of the racial demographics?

Anyway, maybe some of them will get it, particularly those too young to know better. Maybe a few of them have learned a lesson about race from this experience. As we move toward the general election, Trump would be wise to broaden his education platform to tackle student loan debt. He has a better chance of winning over lots of Sanders voters than the #NeverTrump cucks who voted for Cruz and Rubio.

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  1. I can find common ground with the first type of Sanders voter. Fuck free trade, open borders, executive pay, globalism, foreign aid to Isreal and the third world.

  2. I hope the Silly White SandersGoylings wake up. It is all about Race. The Negroes that voted for Shrillary want the Status EBT Quotient, and even more official Gubmint Gibs Me Dat. The Blacks that vote for Trump are the really SMART ones. They know that a successful, confident Alpha White Man will provide the BEST circumstances for every-one.

    • It’s tough with the Blacks. Even the average 75 IQ or so ones occasionally express support for Trump; they respect and understand power and confidence like you said.

      However, their votes are already predetermined for Hillary when the general election arrives. Their churches and community elders/organizers decide where the ballots fall.

      • Their churches and community elders/organizers decide where the ballots fall.

        They also provide the BBQ, chicken, ribs and buses to take them to the precinct to vote. It’s not that far a stretch from a Sunday picnic at Church, to a political get out the vote meeting.

        • Black churches are the backbone of the black vote. Yet, how often does anyone, especially a “conservative”, dare to question their 501c status? That would be “racist”, of course!

          • Tradition and custom are powerful and dominant in Dixie. Nobody thinks twice about it. Nobody questions it. In fact, questioning politics in church never occurs to anybody, even me.

      • Here in NJ in 1994, Christine Todd Whitman gubernatorial campaign manager Ed Rollins paid off some black ministers to keep their voters from the polls. Big scandal! Suppressing the black vote!

        Way to avoid the substance of the issue. Black ministers control black voters and they can be bought. They ARE bought in every election. Why is that? Kind of runs counter to what we are constantly told about black ministers being our great moral exemplars but more than that. They vote the way someone tells them to vote like the Hasidim do. Its an alien culture to the rest of us.

  3. Listen up and listen good and know what I say is true. The pavement ape doesn’t care about slabery or segregation or apartheid, and social justice is just a fancy pants way they say gibsmedat. If you’re not black you ain’t nothing. They are Stone Age Savages and all they understand is tribe. Their tribe is black, if you’re not black you are an enemy. That’s all there is and there ain’t no more. All that slabery, waciss crap is shucking and jiving for YT to pay tribute or else. Hillary knows the pavement ape. She says gibsmedat and the apes in Ape City follow. Economics and jobs mean nothing. Gibmedat and then some more Mammy Hill.

    • They always say they want opportunities. Yet they mostly throw away good paying jobs because they just don’t care.

  4. One week they’re closing down a Trump rallies and the next week they’re joining Trump rallies?

    • There are different sorts of Sanders supporters, as explained in the article.

    • @Father Knows Best:

      “`One week they’re closing down a Trump rallies and the next week they’re joining Trump rallies?”

      I don’t believe, for a New York minute, that the “Bernie Sanders Supporters” shutting down Trump rallies ARE, in fact, Bernie Sanders Supporters. They simply SAY they support Sanders.

      I think they are Soros Employees who are there to help Hillary Clinton get elected.

      It makes a certain amount of sense. Sanders and Trump supporters have a lot more in common than Clinton and Trump supporters do. Hunter Wallace observed that Sanders supporters could easily come to Trump rather than support Clinton. Well, I imagine the Clinton operatives realize that Trump losing could easily bring Trump supporters to Sanders if Trump is cheated out of the nomination or otherwise neutralized.

      Thus the effort to sew animosity and suspicions between the Sanders and Trump campaigns.

      What Trump supporters need to do is quietly network with Sanders supports with the idea of making sure that the establishment candidate of neither party gets the nomination.

  5. The plenty of Sander stickers around here I imagine belong to the first group.
    And BLM and MoveOn destroyed Sanders slim chance, that was all planned IMO. If you noticed those types of kooks were silent in 2008, but Clinton and her paymasters activated them and then sent them out to make Sanders look bad, mission accomplished.

    • And, of course, Sanders played right into their hands by condemning Trump’s “violence” against their “protests” at his last rallies. Any little respect I had for Bernie went right down the tubes after that.

    • We’ve got a lot more Sanders bumper farts, than Hildabeast.
      Even in MN, liberal bastion of hell….

  6. I’ve suffered through listening to these two blacks at work spew their hatred towards Trump for the last few months, both spend more time talking than working. One of them of course mentioned he didn’t even bother to vote on Tuesday, he “don’t like Hillary and sure as hell ain’t gonna vote for that mutha f’er Sanders lying about be’in da civil rights movement.” The way he talked about Sanders you’d think Sanders was a republican. Blacks instinctively know Trump is the candidate of the dreaded white guys who don’t take their shit, they also instinctively know Sanders is the candidate of young white hipsters who they think are rich punks not deserving of respect.

    • I clearly remember the almost instant change of attitude in niggers after Obama won nearly eight years ago.

      One thing about niggers is they are very adept in sensing racial patterns, almost as if they are an ingrained survival mechanism. Doubtful they are fully aware, just an animal instinct of sorts.

      Deep in their psyche they fear a man like Trump who can rally the White man out of his slumber. Niggers have had it very well for the last 60 years or so and they realize it is only due to the manufactured weakness of the White man.

    • Yes, it’s amazing how quickly loudmouth niggers stfu when they realize you’re not going to listen to any of their bullshit. This is why no people on earth enrage me as much as niggerlovers, because they’re the great enablers of a niggerfuxation that never need have happened.

        • Well I’ll be goddamned, cap’n motherfuckin chaos! Been a while, son. Good to see you’re still kicking! (Well, not really. Hehe. You understand — no hard feelings.)

    • Nightolive opposes National Socialism either because he is kike or in his heart of hearts he is a cuck pussy.

    • Ngrs are getting rambunctious and jittery; even the mythical “good ones”. They know the long lux ride of Da Slabbery Gibs Me Dat Train is pulling into the station, and the ride is about to end for EVER.

  7. Sir,
    As always you verify your God-given qualification for the intellectual leadership of The Southern Nationalist movement, by the perspicacity of your analysis, and the boldness of your prognosises.

    Well done! ; – a credit to the legion of one awarded with the General Junius Daniel Cross, for heroism under fire in defence of Dixie…

  8. The perennial “left” v “right”, “liberal” v “conservative”, “Dem” v “Rep” paradigms have to go. It keeps the White vote split, divided and conquered. As our race approaches minority status these paradigms will prove absolutely fatal to us. I hope 2016 is the beginning of an awakening to that sobering fact.

    • The best video of the century (a clean, patriotic, pride-inducing, just like the good old days, inspirational message):

      Let’s Make America Great Again!

      www youtube com/watch?v=GFl_sd2pWnk

      Pass it on!

  9. Is Ted Cruz a crypto-Jew? I believe there’s a possibility that he is one.
    Cruz’s ancestors were from the Canary Islands. The Canary’s were a popular place for Crypto’s to flee to when the Inquisition was hot on their trail.
    The name Cruz (Cross) is a surname that was taken by many Sephardim Jews upon true or false conversion to Christianity.
    Ted Cruz’s wife is a Seventh Day Adventist. Ted was reared a Southern Baptist, yet he married an SDA. For a SB, this is very strange behavior, to say the least. Most Baptists in general wouldn’t want anything to do with a member of a faith they consider a cult. Yet Ted Cruz gets married to one. But if Cruz is a Marrano, it would make perfect sense for him to marry a member of a sabbatarian sect. In addition, Heidi Cruz was working for Goldman Sachs, so I wonder if she may have a Marrano background as well.

    • Stephen- this is old news, but still worth throwing around. I didn’t know Mrs. Miscegenation Cruz is an SDA- cultist, just like Ben Carson, except white….

      LIke the Jeffersons… When Cruz got Ms. Goldman-Sachs, he be ‘movin’ on up.’

      • SDA’s are absolute heretics, as well as bat feces crazy. Dalton the Mischling outta know about Cryptos…..

  10. “I say to you: a lot of the “true conservatives” are bolting the Republican Party. We’re going to be losing the Erick Erickson/Glenn Beck crowd. ”


    Glenn Beck needs to go to his own ‘planet,’ where he can be his own Moron ‘god’- the sooner the better [Of course, that means he has to die, but we’re willing to make THAT sacrifice….] As if THAT is EVER going to happen -seventh level of hell, more like it. (per Dante)

    But, truly, this comment of yours, HW, really made me facepalm.
    “…Sanders was MY second choice.”

    Really? A communist Jew, (two strikes already) with a horrible accent, and the most egregious ‘rap sheet’ of any race in the UNIVERSE
    -the Church calls them ‘Deicides’ -CHRIST killers, remember?

    And you would knowingly VOTE IN one of THEM?!?!?

    Denise may be intemperate, but at least she’s got her head wrapped around this issue. You, however…. Well, I wonder at Nikolai’s misplaced trust of such an one, with comments like this.

    “…You verify your God-given qualification for the intellectual leadership of The Southern Nationalist movement, by the perspicacity of your analysis, and the boldness of your prognosises.”

    plural of prognosis is prognoses. Latin- a WHITE MAN’s LANGUAGE.

    Even Hebrew…. is GREEK!

    But Sanders is neither Greek, NOR Hebrew. For ‘those who say they are Jews/Judeans, and are NOT’ [Rev. 2:9] means that the Church’s canons NEVER lose their hedging round the Kingdom, and her people.
    (Sadly, even this site is incorrect- Jews ALL use masonic/talmudic thought, which is the ‘magic’ this naive monk, living apart from them, did not grasp fully)

    And, if Elhaik’s DNA research is listened to,
    as well as other research,

    Jews aren’t even ‘White’- no matter what the eye may say.
    THEY ARE “OTHER” as they have ALWAYS BEEN.

    And deserve to be shown the door, or the sea, as the Amalek they are.

    • HW, for the record:

      “As Jew Yehuda Bauer says, “One must never argue with a survivor.”
      (that’s a THREAT)

      As Joe Sobran expressed the unspoken rule of Jewish citicism: “You must only ever write of us as a passive, powerless, historically oppressed minority, struggling to maintain our ancient identity in a world where all the odds are against us, poor helpless us, poor persecuted and beleaguered us! Otherwise we will smash you to pieces.”
      (That’s a fact)

      And Sanders is one of the TRIBE.

  11. I’m an antiwar voter. The wars of the last 30 yrs make no sense except to loot the people of the USA. Killing people is incidental to the objectives of the warmongers; they really are just collateral damage.

    Every one of the other GOP candidates would go along with another neocon war just like Obama went along with Libya, including Rand Paul. Sanders has made some antiwar statements, just a few, but its clearly not a great interest to him. He’s a communist so death and destruction don’t bother him that much. But he would be my second choice.

    Trump, on the other hand, Is antiwar and has noted “. . . the disservice to humanity . . . all the lives wiped away.” He’s doing a strategic “Jedi Mind trick” because he knows how to deal with Jews: play the buffoon. They know he’s not a buffoon. He tells wacky stories like the one about Pershing dipping bullets in pig blood so they can go off on a tangent about how the story isn’t true.

  12. Besides the usual posters trying to light the dumpster on fire this type of article goes well in trying to explain the political division in this country/empire

    Look at it this way, the Democratic party wants to expel “non protected class” voters so the power and loot goes to the protected classes, electoral “Survivor.”.

    And the legal phrase “Protected Classes” has fallen into our laps

  13. Trimming the military budget of fake weapons will save over two hundred billion. The real stuff at the right price is all we need. Our most expensive planes have computer glitches, they have to be rebooted while in combat.

  14. Putting a white woman in every homeboys bed will get the black vote. But it would lose the white vote.

  15. I see Sanders as best option because he is the least aggressive on foreign policy. I would call him a pacifist imperialist. He’s not anti-imperialist but he’s the best option.

    If it is a close race between Trump and Clinton with no third party, I will back Trump. Otherwise I may vote for a third party.

    The reason I want Trump over Clinton is that Trump at least would embarrass the empire by making buffoonish comments but Clinton would push imperialism in a sly way as a ‘human rights democracy activist.’ Also because Trump is a flip flop, he might decide to back away from sanctioning Iran and invading Syria and Iraq using ISIS as the excuse.

    If Trump however invades Iraq/Syria and sanctions Iran, he will be a very marginal lesser evil to Clinton.

  16. Sanders and Trump differ significantly on Iraq. First of all Sanders can legitimately claim to have opposed the war from the beginning. Trump can only claim to oppose it in retrospect (although tries to pretend he was always against it).

    More importantly, Trump wants the US to invade Iraq and Syria now, while Sanders wants to fight ISIS in a coalition without a major role for US ground troops. Trump talks about seizing oil as well.

    The story is similar with Libya.

    • Sanders voted against war ONE TIME – ONE TIME – and if you think that Jew is telling the truth about anything you were dropped on your head as a baby.

  17. THE question for you Hunter is—will you vote for Trump because you really want him to win and implement real change on immigration, trade,non-interventionism and pc.OR do you want him to win because it will lead to chaos and potential dissolution of the US(the LOS position).Which is it–my friend.I support the former.

  18. I am glad people are starting to see this. Trump is in a perfect position to attract the most sensible, bread-and-butter left because: a) he addresses (white) working class issues; b) he is in no imaginable way a religious zealot. c) he is anti-neocon. I am sure there is even more than that.

  19. Bernie Sanders at Mexican border: “We don’t need a wall”

    “We don’t need a wall, and we don’t need barbed wire,” Sanders said, with Mexico over his right shoulder and the U.S. over his left.

    “We need comprehensive immigration reform,” Sanders said. “We need to take 11 million undocumented people out of the shadows, out of fear, and we need to provide them with legal protection.”

    Well, at least he was against NAFTA

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