National Review: White Working Class Towns “Deserve To Die”

National Review has finally released the Kevin Williamson article that everyone has been talking about. Previously, you had to purchase it to read it:

I can’t fault Williamson for writing this article.

These are the principles which “true conservatives” have believed in for decades. This is why Conservatism, Inc. is so determined to burn Trump at the stake as a heretic. Williamson is getting a lot of flak for having the audacity to openly say what “true conservatives” have always believed about all those rubes who have been voting for them. It is extremely frustrating that they aren’t doffing their hats to their intellectual superiors and falling in line and voting for the donor class agenda this time around.

Do these people have any idea how much money we spent to get ¡Jeb! and Marco Rubio the Republican nomination?

As I write this, top conservatives are gathering in Washington to organize a “true conservative” third party which will represent the globalist agenda of free trade and open borders. The meeting was organized by Erick Erickson who has been the strongest supporter of the Ted Cruz campaign. According to Robert Costa, a “true conservative” third party is only a fallback strategy and that the consensus was that supporting Ted Cruz in the remaining states was the best shot of the donor class to stop Trump.

Cruz is planning to launch a major offensive against Trump at AIPAC for not being slavishly pro-Israel enough.

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  1. They should be encouraged to double down, and I’m sure the big jews are just dying for Cruz to blab to the world him and his people’s undying loyalty to Israel

  2. Gee, if I didn’t know Williamson was such a rabid anti-White I’d of though he was writing about Detroit, East St. Louis or NOLA.

  3. I say we fight these motherfucking cucks with everything we’ve got. No mercy, no quarter, no remorse. I want to bury Conservatosm Inc.

    • If they rob Trump of the nomination, things may get interesting. Much blood has been spilt over less, and buildings burned to the ground, too.

  4. If Kevin Williamson looks as if he’s got a bit of African in him, it’s because his mom did, too.

  5. Now you just know Kevin’s therapist asked, “Kevin where did the big bad redneck touch you?”

    • Well, as us nuts used to joke while being locked up in the NutHouse, there is supposed to be a space to make the word “the_rapist” into two words far more congruent with reality.

      Of course these state nuthouses are run like nuthouses and at least half the time the nuts are the ones who actually run them. I used to lecture them dregs of the psychiatric profession about how “Schidzophrenia was caused by Peter Dunkin.'” When asked by these degreed fuktards as “Who is Peter Dunkin’?” I’d have to explain that “Peter Dunkin’ isn’t a who but a what.” Then make a crude gesture to where even these dim bulbs figured it out.

      Of course some of them were dotheads and wogs of some sort. One was named Muhammed Hossein. Us nuts called him “Saddam Insane.”

      The first class in “competentcy restoration” the raghead shithead looked at me and said that there were mean people like me who said that it didn’t belong in the country. I stared deadpan back at it and said, “They’re right. You don’t belong in this country.” The paki-critter soon afterwards kicked me out of itz class for saying that “The job of the public pretender is to sell out the defendant and to play Monty Hall — Let’s make a deal — with the prostitutor.”

      After about five or six sessions of this shit Saddam Insane said that I was an incorrigible racist and demanded that I be barred from attending itz “competentcy edjewmacation” classes. Which was fine by me. I did ask if it wasn’t true that Saddam Insane actually got a degree in “camel proctology” from the jewnivershitty of Bangledesh and the idiots who supposedly run the NutHouse thought it was in “clinical psycology” and so they made the fucked-up paki-critter one.

      I gave another nut a Snickers candy-bar for beating the shit out of Saddam Insane and thanked him for getting violent a month or so later. If you want more of something you should subsidize it.

      So the moral of the story is that one shouldn’t pay too much attention to hi-yaller nigger mongrels with a degree in something, especially if they think they is “the_rapists.”

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Fulton State NutHouse Inmate 2005-2008

  6. How is this any less vituperative than the most rabid Malthusian advocate, the most ‘true believer’ Communist, or the most RACIST nigger out there, when THEY say, “white people should kill themselves in order to atone for [the non-existent] ‘white privilege’?” -

    Where is the H8 crime police? Where is the DOJ, investigating this? Where is the UN, defending their ‘Charter of human Rights’ in the wake of a call for massive GENOCIDE?

    Yup, Huckabee. I guess Ballots have failed. Time for the other “B” word.
    Revolution is in the air. And we will NEVER FORGIVE, nor EVER FORGET.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

    “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.” – St. John Chrysostom

    “For the honorable Cross and golden freedom!” -Sv Lazar

  7. The big question is will the donors and billionaires continue to shovel money to the cucks after what they have seen in this election cycle – after the complete and total collapse of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio?

    So far hundreds of millions have been dumped into a total failure. Is that something the donors will continue to fund or will they simply shift their whole effort into supporting Hillary?

    • Erickson and the others should form the “Judeo-Plutocratic Party”. This party’s platform is so simple that even the most dumbass cuck will be able to recite it. “A foreign policy that revolves around Israel and a domestic policy that reflects the opinions of the Wall Street Journal editorial page.”
      They can find an old phone booth and jam a porta-potty next to it to hold their first convention.

  8. Kevin Williamson thinks he’s being edgy. If he really wants to be edgy he should write those same words about Detroit. Of course he won’t. I’m sure NRO wholeheartedly supports Mr Detroit Republican’s outreach effort.

    • So I guess the “soft bigotry of low expectations” is okay when employed towards a good cause (get whitey).

    • Like the Weekly Standard, The National Review is a publication only kept in business through “generous contributions” from the same rich types who not-coincidentally favor endless tax cuts for the 1%. The National Review is a subsidized publication not subject to market forces. It’s not like they are playing by the same rules they advocate for “losers.”

      • Well said. They are all puppets espousing the opinions of their ((((donors)))). Whether they admit it or not, NRO, the Weekly Standard, et al are just as anti White as any leftist SJW. The only difference is that SJWs are honest about it.

      • A goodly number of years ago when I was a NatRev subscriber, they started bombarding me and all their subscribers with pleas for donations. It was like a two-week telethon for crippled children, except that it was for them.

        I almost sent them a donation at the time, but then I thought about the fact that they routinely advocated for the perfecting dynamics of “free market forces” and I decided against it. Something just didn’t seem right. Hypocritical, even.

        I have become increasingly glad over the years that I never sent them anything, and then let my subscription lapse. This was when Buckley was still alive. The guy seemed like a pretentious weirdo – what with the harpsichord and the sea captain’s hat, and I think I finally read one-too-many articles on why we shouldn’t have “No Smoking” sections, cuz, muh Liberty.

  9. This is all good. I really like the bit about Cruz leading an attack at AIPAC against Trump. That’s pure sex.

  10. *play
    While I agree with the sneering hatred of the GOP elites towards the white working class, too many of said working class just sit on their butts in their hometowns instead of following the money. Where’s that legendary Anglo-Saxon “gold rush” spirit? All across the West are abandoned ghost towns, that were home to thousands of hardworking whites until the gold and silver ran out. These people didn’t stick around waiting for jobs to come to them: they got out and kept on building, exploring, grabbing opportunities. Granted that the world of the late 1800s was much more fast and loose – freer in many respects, but also much more dangerous, and without today’s tech advantages. Too many white people have allowed themselves to be enervated by the welfare/entertainment state, when they should be active and assertive like their forefathers. They need to turn off the TV (mind-poison) and remember who they are & where they come from!
    But these people are still a minority, and do not account for Trump’s rise. Trump’s appeal is much broader than his critics would like to admit.

    • That’s more than a little uncharitable. To where/what are they going to follow the money? How? Job opportunities for the less-educated are vanishing. American manufacturing, the backbone of the American middle class and their gateway, is in its death throes with the lowest levels since the Industrial Revolution, unions are at a 97 year low, and the service industry certainly doesn’t represent a bright future. Their kids are being stomped on the hardest by the diversity boot right out of the gate, their death rates are rising faster and contrary to every other group in America besides the middle class, their families are falling apart at lightning speed due to their precarious economic situation, and to top it all off they have to struggle to keep the shitty jobs that they do have out of the hands of their fierce minority competition. As much as the consumption of entertainment filth and drugs deserves scorn, that’s probably the only escape close within their grasp and something that their economic betters can’t even manage to toss. The old “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” responses seem cold and hollow at this point.

  11. “Cruz is planning to launch a major offensive against Trump at AIPAC for not being slavishly pro-Israel enough.”

    Won’t work. Israel’s favorability rating is at a 10-year low while most republicans have already made it clear that they don’t really care as much about Israel as some would have you believe. Even if that could have worked, it’s too late now. Many of Cruz’s strongest states are now behind him. Ted, like most of the beltway insiders, is pretty tone-deaf.

    In some respect, this is great news. Cruz will prostrate himself before these foreigners and still lose anyway. In the process, he’ll banish himself from consideration in the eyes of Trump’s voters and never be a serious contender for the presidency again. He’ll never be anything more than a Texas Senator (the establishment would oppose his run for Texas governor).

  12. He is just a Jew mouth piece expressing the feelings, hatreds and contempt the Jews have for common white Christians. Whatever Williamson’s Jew masters want, he willingly complies. The irony, freedom is a core conservative valve for the slave Williamson. BAHA What a clown.

  13. I will use my influence to make this arse &@”& Amren traitor of the year

    He looks mixed race but white enough to be traitor – slandering Bruce Springsteen working class white fans

    F$&@” him!

  14. I’d like to take this idiot to a union hall in Peoria, Il and encourage him to spout off his anti-working class rhetoric there. He would discover it wouldn’t “play in Peoria” at all! What would “play” is a severe, if not life threating beat down from the union brothers!

  15. Ted Cruz has been endorsed by an organization that advocated genocide of a race and class of people. Does he disavow them?

  16. The Trumpster has a lot of backbone it seems to me, I hope that he is completely aware of just how crazy and just how stupid the people working against him are. They openly sit on television talking about how they can cheat him out of the nomination. They are a despicable bunch, and like most maniacs they have no shame.

  17. I hope every OD reader will make a vow to find this terrible man – find him and personal fight him

    And it Isn t guns

    You/we run in to this $&”” at some CPAC conference …

    The fight is on

  18. The best thing is that the “National Review Cruise” (they can all go cruising….) is right after the election. I think there will be a feeling of panic and despair.

    Although they should feel right at home losing.

  19. I wish, Mr. Cintia, that all those to whom you refer as ‘inferior scum’, had done, was ‘raise their paws’.

    However, I’m afraid it goes far beyond that.

    My wife calls it ‘the slow strangulation’ that comes with slipshod noose around ones neck, that is, imperceptibly, pulled tighter and tighter.

  20. You know it must suck to be a tool like this. A lapdog that sits at the feet of his master doing his bidding. He must see Whites as a whole different species. People who don’t ask for help, do their own thing and don’t have to beg anyone for anything. These inferior creatures have to be sycophants because they don’t have what it takes to be a real man. Things like this sit around dumbly while men are working. They are like scenery in the background that no one really cares about or notices. This hatred is borne from envy. Seeing the White man and his ways must make him feel small, and he certainly lives down to that expectation.

  21. The high priest of conservatism imposed yuuuuge tariffs on Jap bikes to protect Harley.


    By CLYDE H. FARNSWORTH, Special to the New York Times

    Published: April 2, 1983

    WASHINGTON, April 1— In an unusually strong protectionist action, President Reagan today ordered a tenfold increase in tariffs for imported heavyweight motorycles.

    The impact of Mr. Reagan’s action, which followed the unanimous recommendation of his trade advisers, is effectively limited to Japanese manufacturers, which dominate every sector of the American motorycycle market. -snip-

    The action, which becomes effective in 15 days, affects large highway motorcycles with an engine displacement of more than 700 cubic inches,the only market in which Harley-Davidson now manufactures. It would raise the current tariff of 4.4 percent to 49.4 percent in the first year of the five-year program. -snip-

  22. The NRO and Erickson share the same beliefs.

    Erick Erickson ?@EWErickson

    A lot of Trump voters have failed at life and blame others for their own poor decisions. They’re using Trump as a vehicle for revenge.

  23. Kevin Williamson is a Shabbos goy for the neocons. They have him to give voice their historic tribal contempt for the peasants.

  24. Absolute slime. This guy should have to go to an impoverished small factory town in Ohio or Pennsylvania or a Coal town in Kentucky West Virginia and tell everyone you are economically worthless. If he said this in Kentucky or West Virginia, he’d be dead within minutes by someone.

  25. Ericsson is a true blue Tory traitor. He wants to worship a King, and be a noble. Why don’t you come down to this little Texas white community you white washed lunatic? You still don’t understand. the more we get to know you people, the less influence you will ever have. What makes you think any more people will suppor t YOUR new party than the defunct OLD one? I won’t, and no one I know will. YOu are extinct RINO.

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