Stiff Upper Lip and a Good Laugh

Islamic extremists associated with ISIS have slaughtered 30 + of our kinsmen in Brussels – the capital of the European Union. Anyone in the know and that includes Donald Trump and us knew this would happen. Anyone who says it didn’t happen or we deserved this is a traitor, an idiot, a fool or an enemy. Needless to say Vladimir Putin and the Russians do not suffer traitors, fools, idiots, or the enemy.

Neither do we.

I’m’ sure there are some 80s Reagan Conservatives left alive who are still watching Rambo III movies where American patriot hero is working with Afghan freedom fighters (Islamic Jihadists) to fight the Russians, but thankfully most sane Westerners below the age of 87 understand what is going on.

In such brutal times it is best to keep a stiff upper lip and a good sense of humor.

I am reposting this classic OD comic “Maybe we’re not that different” and I am offering large posters for sale to any who wants to show the flag so to speak.


I’m off to have a few beers and do stand up comedy – both strictly prohibited under the terrible 8th century death cult.


  1. So you’re the blonde Jock on the left, Ryan? What are you drinking? SN Pale Ale? Anchor Steam? Founders..? Tell us more.

  2. Maybe he always was a neocon, but you were too busy bouncing up and down on his nutsack in orgasm to notice that.

    • “Maybe he always was a neocon”

      He’d make a strange sort of neocon, with his opposition to invading Iraq and Syria and not wanting to send weapons to Ukraine. Perhaps you should take your hand off your own nutsack and stop jizzing all over Trump for not committing political suicide at AIPAC.

      • Fuck you, sweetheart. You and the rest of the cheerleaders on here don’t know jack shit about Trump beyond is quasi-nationalist rhetoric. The fact that he even attended that grotesque kike blackmail ritual was enough to tell me that he’s no different than Cruz or the rest of those clowns. And mark my words — a year and half from now, after Trump has been president for 6 months, you and everyone who supports him now, are going to experience serious buyers remorse.

        • We always do. I still believe Trump is our only hope. Not a guarantee, just a hope. And, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be in a nuclear war with Russia during his presidency. That alone gets him my vote.

          • your only hope is at the local gunshop. The firing range. And the combat tac trainer. This, of course, when you get tired of “voting”…and getting bitch-slapped by the shabbatz goy you voted for

        • No, Dad – that was wonderful. I have actual tears of laughter in my eyes, after reading that Chris reading the Riot Act post.

      • I apologize to all OD readers for the vulgar foul language comments on the comments here.

        Hunter Wallace has been busy with real life things (growing family) and hasn’t had the time to police the comments section.

        I would like to clean up the comments on my posts but I don’t seem to have the power to delete.

        Sorry again folks.

        Good people shouldn’t have to read such vulgar, negative things.

        • that was great. As to Trump, he’s a plain, palpable fraud useful only for liquidating the Repubiscam pty, a vote-trap designed to keep Whites participating in the Jew-system while the System destroys them. In the unlikely event that the Donald becomes Prez, I’ll enjoy watching the tears flow at OccDiss when you “we can still vote our way out of this” pussies make various sad discoveries….butbutbut WALLL!, where’s the WALLL!….

          • Few want to seriously consider the alternative, and I can’t say I blame them.

            What a mess we’re in.

          • Stuka – we know WE are not going to vote our way out of it. Those million of Trumpen fans don’t though…..I have no idea what Trump will or will not do if he actually becomes POTUS. Burning down the GOP is still an amazing achievement. He’ll have to do something. The USA is irredeemable at this point anyways.

        • Hunter should ban this 313Chris guy. We do not need to see vulgarity and abuse in this forum, and we do not need to see incitement to criminal actions the way 313Chris had done in a post below.

        • LOL!!!! Absolutely AWESOME post!!!! Beautiful! I’m so proud of my little brother. I’d love to witness you meeting Jew Ryan in person. I’ll guard the doors.

          • Your mama must be ruining the day she shat you filth out. may be you can guard the door when your slut mom and one of her client your beloved jew are fucking. You can also reenact your pleasnt memories by sucking jew dicks and licking their asses

          • Well shouldn’t you be crying for Hunter to ban him then, Jackie? Oh wait — that’s only reserved for OD posters who NAME the jew, not actual scatological jews themselves. My bad.

        • Thanks for the kind words Chris.

          Maybe you ought to take the “Stripes” advice and…

          Lighten up Francis


    • Perfectly well aware of the pitfalls. Some of the analysis requires figuring out how levereged he is. And I wasn’t expecting Hitler 2.0

        • Your entirely correct these mind fucked Christendom idiots need to pull their faces from their asses and believe that trump is more Jewish than they possibily believe. God Christianity is a cult amazing the way it doles out idiots.

  3. The religious freedom bill in Georgia, which protects the rights of Christians, is opposed by Disney (Walt must be spinning in his grave), Falcons owner Arthur Blank and Silicon Valley. LGBT organizations are not content with the status quo, they demand endorsement of their lifestyle. Cuckservative intellectuals are silent and have ignored the issue.

    • College and professional football is not overwhelmingly in enemy hands.

      Americans, particularly Southerners need to break their addiction to football.

      There are other sports, other hobbies.

      It’s basically worshipping Black gladiatorial slaves – the $ billions go for Beyonce Black Panther BlackLiesMatter propaganda.

      Play, support rugby.

  4. “Truth should always prevail over Falsehood (an ancient Aryan notion, to be sure, but one I wish to revive).”

    From Wikipedia:

  5. I believe it was a tactic. Since the Jews work as one organism, he has to understandably reduce their fears. They could completely sabotage his campaign and we all know it. After I gave it much thought, that speech was a strategic plan. Since Trump has so many followers, many of whom followed his AIPAC speech as well, it showed just how much US presidential candidates have to kiss up to AIPAC. They all did including Bernie who did it via written notice. I am sure it opened some eyes.

    Yesterday, AIPAC, apologized for Trump’s speech attacking Obama. Do you see the control mechanism here? The attendees didn’t seem to have a problem with the attacks, they rose to their feet!

    • English is such a poor language when it comes to insults. Very narrow repertoire, compared to Slavic, Latin and Semitic languages.

  6. Much of the war with Islam is due to the failure of the Clean Break strategy at least for us little gentiles. The big jews and the globalist oligarchs might see that strategy as a roaring success

    But it’s War

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