1. You idiots. I started reading interesting articles from this site but this headline has convinced me it’s just another close minded and anti-Christian website. You know nothing of Catholic Holy Thursday services and traditions. This just pushes hate among people further. This Pope is trying to show love and peace to everyday people no matter what religion.

    • It is perfectly normal and natural to hate that which is attempting to harm and destroy everything that we love.
      Oh yipee, our children are going to be a persecuted minority of ever of dwindling numbers and influence in all of our homelands
      Big huggy-kissy handing over the keys celebrations with national costume carnival and fireworks display AD 2050

      ” love and peace ”


      • Le Happy Church might get the flock back in pews if it adopted a bit of ethnocentric bigotry. just a bit. Charity for example starts at home.

        But that’s not what the Church does these days. Is it? The plank is in the church ‘s eye and all this jackass does is point at the speck in ours.

    • Well now that you’ve made your decision to support a Leftwing Pope who kisses the feet of muslim negroes, I guess it’s goodbye, then.

    • Jennifer, calling others rude names is hardly Christian.

      And btw when you lead with an ad hominem it’s already too late to try to play holier-than-thou.

    • Nah.

      Traditional European American/European Catholics are appalled at the anti European, Hollywood Left, Liberation Theology publicity stunts of this CINO Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis.

      And of course it isn’t just the Catholic church, the viciously anti White, cultural marxists have pretty much made the long march through our institutions to get at the top of pretty much every mainline Protestant Christian church in the USA.

    • Jesus showed concern and love for outcasts. These people are fucking freeloaders.

      • The only ‘outcasts’ Jesus dealt with, were the sons of the Adamic TRIBES of YHWH, and one WHITE ROMAN soldier.

        Pretty ‘exclusionary’ if you ask me.

    • Actually, Jennifer. I DO know Rome, first, second, and third hand.

      Flee from her. SHE IS NOT THE CHURCH.

    • Written like a truly brainless, ignorant twat. Why don’t you run over there and help the Anti Pope show the Muzzie Nigs some of your love. I’m sure many of them would appreciate what you have to offer – all at once. You can be the Guest of Dishonor at a Gang Love Party! Go! Go go go!

      • Wow! There are some really nasty mean people on this site. I am sorry for you. You must be a really unhappy person.

      • Wow! There are some mean nasty people on this site. You must be an unhappy person. I am sorry for you.

      • Denise you disappoint me. I have friends in Everett, Pa. and they are lovely people. Not at all racist. My brother-in law is IRISH and his family comes from that area. I think they grew up with the “Barbers.” Do you know them? We may be have a closer group of friends than you think. Happy belated St. Patricks Day.

    • He is specifically pissing on European people, Jenifer, and you damned well know it! If he wanted to wash feet, why didn’t he start with the families of those injured in the Brussels attack? Why didn’t he show respect and love towards European families? Face it, he’s a Marxist caught up in Liberation Theology that doesn’t give a fig about saving souls but only about “social justice”, whatever the hell that means.

  2. Suicide by assimilation has been official Catholic policy for centuries. That’s why no Catholic country has ever founded a white country.

    • The Church’s only genetic morality is against incest, a level of evolution already reached by meerkats.

      • Umm, ever hear of the commandment ‘NOT TO ADULTERATE’?
        It’s there. Rome just prefers her caesaropapal multiculturalism, to adherence to the Decalogue.

    • Catholic countries are probably going to remain White long after Protestant countries have mongrelized themselves out of existence.

      • Fogey, don’t count on it. But, in part, you are correct. Both RC’s and Prots are part of the same schismatic mess, the Orthodox Church has been plagued with, lo, these many centuries.

      • That is Cultural Marxism. Everyone with power in White countries is a Cultural Marxist, whether they know it or not.

  3. Could this spell the collapse of the Catholic Church after all these centuries?
    Reminds me of “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first drive insane.”

    • Umm, the Catholic Church went into schism in 1054 A.D. It died in 1958. We’re just seeing the rotting corpse, ca 2016.

    • The Catholic Church has endured for 2000 yrs., in spite of some bad popes, kings, and bad laity. Read Matt. 16:13-20 to understand why.

      • Evangelicals are generally recalcitrant to feminism, Islamization and institutionalized faggotry. We are also (I think) the only white demographic (not on welfare) that is breeding at above replacement level. I suspect we’re also leading the pack in yanking our kids out of public school indoctrination centers.
        There is a problem with widespread afrodoption, but we’ve got a much better track record on the big issues than any other group. Diversity is not a core Evangelical doctrine, but a core libtard doctrine that has infiltrated the church, so it’s not a core belief, but an enemy infiltration issue.

  4. The only narrative we need is we won’t treat you (white people) like crap. No real need to spew any nonsense towards Christ, its churchians are doing our work, so let them

  5. I just get tired of all the political correctness that is going on. It just made me mad. Jesus washed his apostles feet on Holy Thursday and he ate and talked and healed everyone. The pope is not licking anyone’s boots.we ‘re in a very dangerous time in our world where Chritians are being persecuted and an attempt is being made to wipe out the Christian religions. This ceremony is what Jesus did and how are we going to show people a way to get through this is to follow what Jesus did?

    • Jennifer, almost correct. Christ NEVER dealt with ANYONE outside of the race of Adam, and the confines of the ‘Ecumene’ – a word in Greek, which means ‘the inhabited world of he Roman Empire.’ As Christianity only FULLY came to Christendom, it is only (logically) to be inferred, that only those races/peoples/geographies that encompassed Christendom (i.e., WHITE EUROPE) are the ONLY VALID people whom Christ came to save.

      Matt. 1:21 clearly states that Christ came only to save ‘His People’ – that presupposes He DIDN’T come to save ‘everyone.’

      • I believe Jesus came to save anyone that comes to Him and believes in Him. I don’t even understand some of the responses on this website. I guess I am not as smart but all I know is that I try to follow what He says. I am Catholic and proud of it.

        • Consider seeking out traditional Latin Catholic Mass – there are no corruptions from the mid 1960s.

          • Thank you for the suggestion. I think there is one church in my area that may have this. I am going to check it out.

          • “The filioque is the outward, efficacious, and visible symbol of an inward and metaphysical depravity.”
            – Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, Oxon.

            The Orthodox Church is evangelical, but not Protestant. It is orthodox, but not Jewish. It is catholic, but not Roman. It isn’t non-denominational- it is pre-denominational.

        • Many are called, but few are chosen. Just because you walkd down the aisle as some charlatan (like Rafael Cruz) pretends to have an ‘in’ with the Almighty, does NOT make one an ‘Xian.’

          If you are proud, then you are filled with “Prelest”. And, as I said to Ms. Leslie, if you argue with an alter Christus, you are operating above your calling, and presuming to teach a catholic (but not Roman) Priest.

          May I remind you of I Tim. 2:14?

          • Try Matthew 7:15

            Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

          • We have, Albert’s wife, and those are “Judeo-Christians” who worship Jews and not Jesus.

        • 100% of the Jews I’ve run into scoff at the story and claims of Christianity.

          Martin Luther figured that out eventually.

          • Really?

            Jesus was resurrected a Jew

            Yeshua the risen Jew told his Jewish disciples to go out and teach all the Gentiles (Matt. 28:19, Strong’s # 1484).

            Then, after eating, talking and walking with His disciples, Yeshua, “lifted up His hands and blessed them” (Luke 24:50). What blessing is spoken with lifted hands? The Aaronic Benediction (Num. 6:24-26) is given in Synagogues and in Churches even to our day, and in the Synagogues it is still given as it was more than a thousand years before the resurrected Jew Jesus gave it: with lifted hands. In fact, another name for the Aaronic Benediction is “The Lifting up of Hands.” (see Sketches of Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ. Ch.XVII. A. Edersheim. Eerdmans pub.)

            Rav Sha’ul (the apostle Paul) tells us that while he was on the road to Damascus Yeshua spoke to him from heaven in Hebrew (Acts 26:14). Sha’ul, a Jew who was born a Roman citizen (Acts 22:27-28), was fluent in Greek (Acts 21:37) and possibly many other languages, but Yeshua spoke to him in Hebrew, the language of the Jews.

            Sha’ul did not become a believer until well after Yeshua’s death and resurrection, yet an important part of his message is that Yeshua is a descendant of the Jewish king David (2Tim. 2:8).

            Many years after His resurrection, Yeshua testified that He is the root and offspring of king David (Rev. 22:16), and in a time yet future, two of His titles will be Lion of the tribe of Judah, and Root of David (Rev. 5:5).

            In Matt. 24:20 He told us to pray concerning the coming tribulation, that we would not have to flee on the Sabbath. And in Matt. 26:27-29 Yeshua told the disciples that He will celebrate the Passover seder anew with us in His Father’s kingdom.

            The standard He will use at the judgement is the Law God gave the Jews. To those who do not do the will of God, He will say, “Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness” (Matt. 7:22-23, Strong’s # 458, 459).

            In (Heb. 13:8) we are told Yeshua the Messiah is the same yesterday, today and forever. So, if He ever was a Jew He was resurrected a Jew, and He is one to this day.

            He was born a Jew, He lived a Jew, He died a Jew, and He was resurrected a Jew. He is alive and Jewish now, and forevermore the same.

          • Tom Dalton…

            “I wonder if many Christians don’t somehow know, deep inside, that their very faith is based on Jewish lies and resentment. I wonder if they know they have been duped. There are also, perhaps, subconscious worries that, just maybe, other popular legends might also be fanciful exaggerations built on hatred and lies. When governmental and institutional leaders have proven themselves corrupt and unreliable, and occasionally outright liars, then one does not know whom to trust.”

            The Origins of Christianity.

          • Really, Albert’s wife. Playing along with your mythology, in heaven there is “neither Greek nor Jew”, right? But you are saying now everyone in heaven is a Jew. Yes, so Jews are better than your children, o.k.? That’s why your children must always come last, right? And hey, if you are such a firm believer in Jesus and heaven, why don’t you just go there TODAY. If what you say is true, the the Germans did the Jews A FAVOR by sending them to their eternal reward, Right???? ROFLAO Never mind the fact that Germans never intentionally killed masses of Jews…

          • Mr. Samba my neighbors are German Jews. I assure you, your assertions are wrong. I don’t think any particular group of people should be considered better or worse than others. Let me be clear, my children come from wealth and privilege, thanks be to GOD. That being said, do we believe they must be humble, give back, help those less fortunate? Yes. Do we welcome Muslims, Jews, Non-Denominational, Baptist, as well as Catholics into our home? Yes. Mr. Samba, we are Catholic and part of our calling is to do missionary work. That includes saving all souls and spreading the word of Jesus to all, including you sir.

      • Who are you inferring to be Jesus’ people? His mother was Jewish, so only the Jews? The Catholics, which is the true religion founded by Jesus? The Methodist which is just a social gathering? The Lutherans and Episcopalians who are wanna-bee Catholics? The Baptist who are against whisky and card playing? Just who do you infer to be Jesus’ people? Do you presume to choose Jesus’ people?

        • Umm, dipstick. Do you not see I am a PRIEST? The reality of the race of Christ is part of the docrine of the Incarnation, the geography of the Ecumene was a given, BEFORE Christ was born, and the HERESY of the modern Evan-jelly-goo, didn’t even come into existence until 1517. And Catholic authors such as E. Michael Jones’ book, ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, spends close to a thousand pages, documenting same.

          As a woman, you need to submit to your betters, and not dispute matters of theology, esepecially with a cleric.

          • You are not Priest. Be honest and expose yourself. You are a zealot, who probably molested kids and was banished to the basement from which you spew hate. I lived around Priest my entire life. I’ve been tot he Vatican, you do NOT represent any form of the Catholic faith. You sir are a FRAUD. A defrocked, charlatan and follower of Satan. Priest love the poor the way Christ love the church. They do NOT SEE COLOR or spew hate. They work in concert with the Jewish faith as the church is founded on the tomb of St. Peter. You are no PRIEST. You may be a pedophile. “Hide your kids.”

  6. It is supposed to be an act of humility. Does this mean that the only persons who could be lower than an African would be an African infected with some sort of disfiguring or deadly disease? Whose feet will Francis kiss next year? An African with leprosy, AIDS, or Ebola? If all people are equal then would it not be appropriate for him to kiss the feet of a wide cross section from every race?

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Francis is aware that he is making a racial statement. But that is what his actions are actually albeit implicitly saying.

    • In theory he could be going to these nations making nice with outcasts. Not encouraging their invasion of cibilization.

    • Christ merely washed the feet of his DISCIPLES- men of a certain race, of a like Ethnic stock, speaking the same language, holding the same faith, Elect by YHWH God to be the Bearers of the Gospel to Christendom.

      Comparisons such as Franky the Heretic has done, are blasphemous in the extreme.

  7. Disgusting!

    This is almost as bad as all of those Protestants who grovel–literally!–at the feet of negroes begging them for forgiveness.

    These people are sick.

  8. Anyone ever heard of St Agnes? Roman teen raped at a brothel then burned and hacked to death by a pack of Roman Elites because she refused to couple with a Senatorial class aristo.

    She was dragged to the brothel for the rape because Roman law banned the execution of virgins.

    Maybe he should go venerate her shrine.

  9. Certainly a perverted act. Something any evangelical Protestant is capable of also. Adopting pickaninneys, ignoring the plight of their racial kin in South Africa and West Virginia, for example, home to Sodomites, nuts, glossolalia weirdos, handling snakes , worshiping the vile Jew – really – does anyone seriously think that when the dwindling Christian population is gone the world be the worse for ?

    • When the last Christian (REAL Christian) is all that’s left, it will be the end of the world. I wouldn’t wish that, if I were not one, Mr. Sax.

    • You correctly note modern day Christian faithlessness, blindness, and heresy. And yet you incorrectly blame actual Christianity itself.

      Our problem is not Christianity. Our problem is all of the counterfeits of Christianity coupled with a lack of the true faith, which is not a sect or denomination or a tradition or a church or a manmade religion, but the spiritual body of Christ, those who are in genuine faith to Him.

  10. If you want to see some real Easter cycling, check out Erick Erickson


    Erick wrote:

    Around two thousand years ago, a Jewish rabbi was nailed to a cross.

    Calling Jesus Christ a Jewish rabbi is heretical and blasphemous on the highest order. But wait, there’s more!!!

    Erick also wrote:

    Two thousand years ago the world changed because God wanted a personal relationship with humanity. Humanity, in turn, nailed God to a cross hoping to end that relationship.

    The Bible speaks nothing about humanity killing Christ. According to the Bible, it was the Jews who killed Christ (Matthew 27:25 – And all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.)

    Erick is such a cuck and sellout that he would subordinate his own religion in order to placate his Jewish masters.

    • Erick always defers to his “elder brothers in faith”. Not only is he a cuck’s cuck, he knows his place when it comes to Jews.

      • Here’s some news about this cowardly cuck:

        “His hardball tactics, Erickson said, have spurred death threats from fervent Trump backers. He’s got full-time bodyguards outside his Middle Georgia home.”


        Erickson is a damn liar. He always makes these stupid death threat claims and he always blames them on Neonazis and white nationalists. No one would waste a round on his worthless ass.

        Check out how he became the king of the cucks opposing Trump. He wants those 30 shekels in a bad way.

    • Synopsis.

      Skilled manual laborer with a bit of a mouth and a dubious family history marches on Jerusalem and the high priests and aristocrats conspire to have him executed for interfering with their Sacks of Gold. Goyim be warned.

      • Synopsis.

        Christianity is a bullshit scam invented by Jews, for the purpose of conditioning the non-Jew to accept the Jewish god as his own, and revere the Jew as it’s “chosen” people. Goyim grow a fuckin’ brain.

        • You’ve read Antichrist then.

          These people must subconsciously know they’ve been duped.

    • The only good thing the Church did in the last 100 years was turn a blind eye to the Nuremberg Laws. oh, that and the rat lines.

      • Nuremberg laws were to protect Germany from Bolshevik propaganda. We must always remember the confusion of the Wiemar Republic, it was a hair’s width away from falling to Bolshevism.

  11. Boy, when this site say pro-white and pro-south, it’s not kidding. But as Jesus was a Jew, how do you view that?

      • Jeff- Excellent points. Of course, the day itself, to anyone who is REALLY a Catholic, is evidence enough that Jesus was NOT a “jew” as it is currently defined. It’s Good Friday, after all..

        The Jews killed Christ, and bear the covenantal curse for ever.
        Matt. 27:25

      • You’re using the term “lady” very loosely here, of course.

        And I should point out, since the godforsaken media will never do it, that Sarah Silverman has been endorsing and promoting Bernie Sanders. She even speaks at some of his rallies.

        And yet Sanders has never been asked to “disavow” her, even though Trump was forced to repeatedly “disavow” Duke, a guy with whom he had no actual ties, and even after he “disavowed” all those times, he was still accused of not disavowing.

        Jews get to play by a whole different set of rules. As usual.

    • Here’s how I view that:

      Some of my best friends are Jews.

      Q: How do they know Jesus was Jewish?

      A: 3 reasons:
      1) He didn’t get a real job before he was 25 year old
      2) He went in to the same profession as his father
      3) His mother thought he was God

      As a free White American male I reserve the freedom to have a beer, enjoy a joke – these freedoms are denied to us by the worst humorless PC cultural marxist, Antifa types and their counterparts the equally no fun Islamists.

      Allah wants these types to lighten up – have a beer for God’s sake. Enjoy the site of a pretty Western woman showing her face in publicly and NO that isn’t an invitation for you to gang rape her.

    • Sandra,

      This post is based on my belief that you are a Christian Zionist. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      1. Tell us what you know about the Jewish people.
      2. Have you heard of theTalmud or Kaballah?
      3. What are mainstream Jewish views on Christ, Christianity and Christians?
      4. What are mainstream Jewish views on separation of Church and state, the sexual revolution, sexual morality, homosexuality, gay marriage, school prayer, religious freedom, and multiculturalism?

      • ???? ?????? ..??? ?????? ????? ????? ???? ?????

        Judaism is the oldest of the monotheistic faiths. Monotheism is the belief that there is only one god. Judaism affirms the existence of the one God, Yahweh, who entered into a covenant, or agreement, with the descendants of Abraham, who were God’s chosen people. Judaism’s holy writings reveal how God has been present with them throughout their history. These writings are known as the Torah, or the five books of Moses. They are also called the Hebrew Scriptures, and are traditionally called the Old Testament by Christians. Other holy writings include Judaism’s oral tradition, which is known as the Talmud when it is written down. This includes the Mishnah, which is the oral law.

        According to the Hebrew Scriptures, the Hebrew patriarch Abraham (20th century? B.C.) founded Judaism. God (Yahweh) promised to bless his descendants if they remained faithful in worship. Abraham’s line descended through Isaac, then Jacob (Jacob was also called Israel; his descendants came to be called Israelites). The 12 families that descended from Jacob migrated to Egypt, where they were forced into slavery. They were led out of bondage (13th century? B.C.) by Moses, who helped to unite them in the worship of one god, Yahweh. After wandering in the desert for forty years, Joshua led the Hebrews into the promised land that God had provided for them. This land was called Canaan, and the people who lived there were called Canaanites. The Hebrews conquered the Canaanites and took over the land.

        Shortly after the Hebrews gained control of Canaan, a monarchy was established. Saul was the first king, and David and his son Solomon were his successors. This was a time of unity for the Hebrews, and by the end of Solomon’s reign, a temple had been built that replaced the portable sanctuary that had previously been in use. After Solomon’s death, the kingdom was split into Israel in the north and Judah in the south. Political conflicts with the Assyrians and the Babylonians resulted in the destruction of the temple and the exile of many of the Jews to Babylon.

        When the Hebrews were finally permitted to return to their land, they were ruled by the Persians, then Alexander the Great, and finally by Egypt and Syria. When the Syrian ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes tried to stop the practice of Judaism, a revolt was led by the Maccabees, a Jewish family, and Jewish independence was finally won in 128 B.C. The Romans conquered Jerusalem in 63 B.C.E.

        During this period the Sadducees (temple priests) and the Pharisees (teachers of the law in the synagogues) offered different interpretations of Judaism. Many smaller groups emerged as well, such as the Essenes, a religious order; the Apocalyptists, who expected divine deliverance led by the Messiah; and the Zealots, who were prepared to fight for national independence.

        When the Zealots revolted, the Roman armies destroyed Jerusalem and its temple (A.D. 70). The Jews were scattered into Diaspora (dispersion) and underwent persecution almost everywhere they went. Rabbinic Judaism, centered on Torah and synagogue, became the primary expression of faith. The Scriptures were arranged systematically, and the Talmud took shape from the oral tradition. In the 12th century Maimonides, a Jewish philosopher and physician, formulated the influential 13 Articles of Faith, including belief in God, God’s oneness and lack of physical or other form, the changelessness of Torah, restoration of the monarchy under the Messiah, and resurrection of the dead.

        Two branches of European Judaism developed during the Middle Ages: the Sephardic, based in Spain and with an affinity to Babylonian Jews; and the Ashkenazic, based in Franco-German lands and affiliated with Rome and Palestine.

        After a respite during the 18th-century Enlightenment, anti-Semitism again plagued European Jews in the 19th century, sparking the beginning of the Zionist movement (the Jewish movement that believed there should be a Jewish state). One of the most central events in Judaism’s modern history was the Nazi Holocaust of World War II, when more than 6 million European Jewish lives were taken. The founding of the state of Israel immediately after the war (1948) was important to the Zionist movement and to the millions who had suffered the persecution of the Nazis.

        Jews today continue synagogue worship, which includes readings from the Torah, and prayers, such as the Shema (Hear, O Israel) and the Amidah (the 18 Benedictions). Religious life is guided by the commandments of the Torah, and includes observance of the Sabbath and other important rituals and holidays.

        Present-day Judaism has three main expressions: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. Reform movements, resulting from the Haskala (Jewish Enlightenment) of the 18th century, began in western Europe but took root in North America. Reform Jews are the most liberal, and they emphasize ethical and moral teachings. Orthodox Jews follow the traditional faith and practice with great seriousness. They follow strict dietary laws and observe the Sabbath with great care. Conservative Judaism, which developed in the mid–18th century, follows most traditional practices, yet tries to make Judaism relevant for everyone, believing that change and tradition can work together. Because the Torah assumes belief in God but does not require it, a strong secular movement also exists within Judaism, including atheist and agnostic elements.

        In general, Jews are not missionaries, but they do welcome newcomers to their faith

          • No, but I was raised amongst Jews and live in a neighborhood of wealthy European Jews. They are quite nice people and take excellent care of their property. Some years ago, I was very ill. My neighbor a Jewish German nurse care for me. I’m forever thankful.

        • “Judaism is the oldest of the monotheistic faiths.” Wrong. You forgot Zoroastrianism, the religion of the Persian Empire, that was the first concept of monotheism (not that I really give a damn).

          • Mr. Samba I don’t agree with all of your views, but you are clearly very intelligent. It’s obvious you have studied the “aspect of religion” from a point of view that you tend to agree with. I respectfully disagree. But please, carry on.

        • Archeology suggests the pyramids were built by skilled artisans using advanced techniques, not be slaves. But I’ll play along with your mythology—the old story goes that the Hebrews came to Egypt on their own free will to survive a famine. A Jew was a favorite of the Pharoah and used his influence to favor his own people. The Bible says the Jews became numerous and wealthy (why didn’t they go back after the famine?) and the evil, selfish, Egyptians became envious—whatever the case it WAS NOT THE JEWS FAULT that the Egyptians came to hate them (a continuing meme the Jews propagate—poor downtrodden enslaved minority). The Egyptians likely DROVE THEM OUT because they were sick and tired of their shenanigans. The Jews invented a sob story and thus began their tradition of being the poor, downtrodden, outsider. They now celebrate the supposed slaughter by God of thousands of Egyptian children and soldiers.

        • Moses stole most of his religion (he invented it) from the Egyptians–the use of arks, lifting him from the water on the Nile, and later the flight of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt–all near carbon copies of much older Egyptian tradition.

        • The God of the Jews, by admission of your own book, genocided the original inhabitants of Canaan–the Hittites and Canaanites, killing men, women, children and babies, even down to the animals. Saul spared some of the animals and for this your loving, merciful God punished him.

        • “were ruled by the Persians, then Alexander the Great, and finally by Egypt and Syria.” You forgot a very important point–the Persians (white people) freed the Jews from Babylonian bondage and even funded work to restore the temple, so stop making it sound like they were “ruled over by Persians, those poor widdle jews). Many Jews remained in Babylon and in Persia OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. But what was the reward of the Persians for their effort–ANSWER: to have their ancient government infiltrated by once again, burrowing in with the ruling elite. A Persian nobleman tried to restore Persian rule and protect Persian culture, but was (according to Jews) massacred. This is a major Jewish celebration–the massacre of the sons of a people who freed them from Babylon and funded their own temple. Of course, the Jewish version is one-sided! LOL

          • Again, as it was for the Egyptians, so it was for the Persians–all their fault….the host’s fault…Jews can do no wrong…EVER. LOL

        • “The Jews were scattered into Diaspora (dispersion) and underwent persecution almost everywhere they went.” Of course they were! ROFLMAO Jus like in Egypt and Persia! First, why did the “flee”. They are always “fleeing”. Why? Is God tired of fighting for them? Second, what the Hell right do they think they have to waltz into another people’s lands and set up shop for themselves? ANSWER: NONE! That’s why they have been kicked out or persecuted over 109 times or more in history. And every time, according to Albert’s wife, it was because of misplaced hatred by the host nations.

        • Think, Albert’s wife, think–if you go to a bar one night and get kicked out, you may tell yourself the bartender was jerk. The second time in a different establishment you may say the bouncers were prejudice. But after the 3rd or 4th time you have to admit that maybe, JUST MAYBE, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

          • That would be true, if I went to bars. I don’t. I’m more of a Country Club sort of girl. I don’t deny there are problems in every race. Everyone has contributed to it. But there is also good in every race. I would not presume to judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. My point, is tolerance. America was built on immigration. No one is trying to “destroy” the white race.

            The middle-class is under attack. I agree. When people are working hard and their ends don’t meet, there must be some accountability. Everyone needs to do their share and be given an equal opportunity. But starting race wars, putting down others based on religion and ethnicity will not fix America.

            Give the power back to the people. But the people have to be willing to come together.

        • You also left out, quiet conveniently, the Jews role in helping their Muslim cousins conquer and oppress the Spanish people. Go on Wikipedia and you can even read about how supposedly there was a Jewish-Muslim Golden Age while the European Spaniards were conquered. When the Europeans finally took their lands back, they instituted the INQUISITION to ensure loyalty to Spain. This was not unreasonable, but the Jews never cease to whine about it.

        • “After a respite during the 18th-century Enlightenment, anti-Semitism…” Oh yeah! For no reason, it just happens, those wicked, jealous Europeans! ROFLAMO

          “One of the most central events in Judaism’s modern history was the Nazi Holocaust of World War II, when more than 6 million European Jewish lives were taken. The founding of the state of Israel immediately after the war (1948) was important to the Zionist movement and to the millions who had suffered the persecution of the Nazis.”
          Yes indeed. This supposed holocaust is the latest edition of “pity the Jew”, the first being Egypt. But you leave out a lot of information. You leave out the Jewish fingerprint in the Bolshevik Revolution and the atrocities committed against the ethnic, Christian Russians. Czar Nicholas’ father had relaxed rules against Jews moving into and working in Russia, as a reward, he was killed by a radicalized Jew. Oh, I’m sure it was just an oversight on your part! The murder squad that killed the Czar and his family were all Jews, ordered to do so by a Jew. Something like 80% of the first Bolshevik government were all Jews.

          The Germans persecuted Bolsheviks, not Jews. Sadly, about 80% of the Jews were Bolsheviks, thus Jews suffered to, not because they were Jews, but because they were Bolsheviks.

          • There is nothing wrong with posting FACTS. What do I know about Jews. They are brave, courageous, kind and descent people. They have given their lives blood in the defense of civil rights. Jews are also more tolerant than the extreme “Evangelicals.” As a Catholic, I understand and except that fact that Jesus was and/is Jewish. Therefore, it’s is the duty of every follower of Christ to lay down his or her life for the preservation of Israel. My Uncle is Jewish and we just observed Purim in his honor. It was the Wednesday before Good Friday. If you own a bible, you may want to read up on Queen Esther.

            On this Easter Sunday, I would ask that GOD bless you all and deliver you from hate. For it is hate that is causes the divide in the world. Every man, woman and child is created equal and deserving of God love. Jesus loves both the Jew and the Gentile.

        • I don’t see how he can be Jewish, if he is the son of God miraculously born of a virgin, because Jews today don’t have children that way.

          Now I have another question for you. Will you answer it, or evade again?

          Obama’s mother was White. Does that make him White?

          • I have another question. Jews say they are racial group or a religion, depending on the argument they are having at the time.

            If they are a religion how can Jesus be Born a Jew as you say?

          • They are a racial group with a religion. Jesus came to change that as evidenced in the Bible. But that doesn’t change the fact that He came from a Jewish community with a Jewish upbringing and had taken the flesh of a Jewish woman.

          • That’s what You say, but that’s not what They say to us.

            Like I said, it changes depending on the argument they are having at the time.

          • None of it matters…

            No one is trying to have Jesus’s baby. The guy was bursting out his skin the whole time.

          • “The guy was bursting out his skin the whole time.”

            I don’t understand what you mean by that.

          • Have you NEVER read the TALMUD? The jews consider the Theotokos a WHORE, who fooled around with a GENTILE ROMAN SOLDIER.

            If they HATE the BVM that much, what right/logic can you claim, to say that Mary is “Jewish”? She is (like Noah) the purest child of Adam, known since the days of Creation. But she’s NOT Jewish.

          • So if Jesus came to change all that, what difference does it make where he came from? Why is it so important to you that Jesus MUST BE a Jew? Are you also among the O’Reilly cowardly faction that is now claiming Romans killed Jesus, when in fact they tried to save him?

        • Sorry, you are a victim of Jewish propaganda, and/or Vatican II dissimulation. Jettison your Roman prejudice, and know the Truth.

          “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew and “Israelite” or a “Hebrew.”

          – Jewish Almanac, 1980, p.3

          “Here’s a paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox; an anthropological facts; many [Caucasian] Christians…. have much more Hebrew-Israelite blood in their veins than most of the their Jewish neighbors.”

          – Dr. Alfred M Lilienthal, Jr.(Himself a Jew) What Price Israel, 1953, p.223.

          Jesus was not a Jew -http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/jesusjew.htm
          By a Jew who converted to Christianity

          • That’s uncalled for, and only increases animosity on both sides. IF you aren’t omniscient, you cannot even say that.

          • Jesus was Born a Jew

            Jesus is a real, historical person, born in the Land of Israel, during the Roman occupation, in approximately the year 3 BCE. However, at the time His name was actually pronounced, “Yeshua,” and that is the name used in this article.

            That Yeshua was born Jewish is one of the least contested truths of the Bible. The very first verse of the New Covenant reads: The book of the genealogy of Messiah Yeshua (“Jesus Christ”), the son of David, the son of Abraham (Matt. 1:1). Who were Abraham and David?

            Abraham was the first Hebrew. God changed his name from Abram (Gen. 17:5). In Gen. 14:13 he is called Abram the Hebrew. So we can see that Yeshua (Jesus) is descended from “Abram the Hebrew.” Even to this day, Jews are also called “Hebrews”, and the language of the Jews is “Hebrew.”

            Abraham and his descendants were given the unconditional covenant of the Promised Land (Gen. 17:8) and the covenant of circumcision (Gen. 17:10). Abraham is the father of the Jews (Acts 3:12-25). Isaac was his son and Jacob was his grandson (Matt. 1:2). Thus, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are known as the Patriarchs, the fathers of the Jews.

            Jacob’s name was changed by God to “Israel” (Gen. 35:10-12) and he had twelve sons (Gen. 35:23-26) from whom come the Twelve Tribes of Israel. All of their descendants are known collectively throughout the Bible as the Children of Israel (Ex. 1:6-7).

            One of those twelve sons was Judah (Gen. 35:23, Matt. 1:2) and it is from his name that we get the word ‘Jew’. Although Yehudah (Judah) was only one of the twelve, by 700 BCE, because of the course of Israel’s history, the word Yehudee (Jew) came to mean any person descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Jer. 34:9). So, for instance, Saul haShaliach (the Apostle Paul) was of the tribe of Benjamin (Romans 11:1) yet he self-identified as a Jew (Acts 22:3).

            Nevertheless, according to the Bible, the Messiah must be descended from the tribe of Judah (Gen. 49:10) as King David was (1Sam. 17:12, 1Ch. 28:4) and descended from King David himself (2Sam. 7:12-13, Isa. 9:6-7, Jer. 23:5-6). That is why the Messiah is called Son of David (Matt. 21:9).

            Yeshua (Jesus) is from the Tribe of Judah (Heb. 7:14). His earthly father was descended from David (Matt. 1:6-16) and His mother was as well (Luke 1:27, 32-34, 3:23-31).

            In addition, Yeshua was born King of the Jews (Matt. 2:2). The King of the Jews must Himself be Jewish (Deut. 17:15). His aunt Elizabeth was Jewish (a descendant of Aaron, Moses’ brother) and His uncle Zacharia was a Jewish priest (Luke 1:5, 36). Yeshua was circumcised according to Jewish law (Luke 2:21, Lev. 12:2-3), and redeemed according to Jewish law (Luke 2:22-23, Num. 18:15). His mother atoned according to Jewish law (Luke 2:24, Lev. 12:6-8). He is called The Consolation of Israel (Luke 2:25) and The Glory of Thy People Israel (Luke 2:32). Jesus was born a Jew.

          • Once you realize that so many Whites are indoctrinated Cucktians, trained to suck the parts of diseased Jews and Negroes, then the entire sham of Cucktianity falls apart. These dipshit Whites have been getting murdered by Dindus and Amerinds for hundreds of years. Biology is still the same and their cult hasn’t saved them.

            I have no problem with lemmings running to their doom. The problem I have is these morons are demanding we all join them. Morons like David Ruenzel can’t die fast enough. When we don’t join them these Cucktians ship the Dindus here. Now I can’t sit by any more as these biological losers have imported a foreign species to displace us.

          • NO? But I can see that someone is acting like an Uppity B*tch.

            “During His lifetime, no persons were described as “Jews” anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the “homeland” of the ancestors of those who today style themselves “Jews”. Their ancestors never set a foot in Judea. They existed at that time in Asia, their “homeland”, and were known as Khazars. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a “Jew”. The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term “Texan” signifies a person living in Texas.

            In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called “Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as “Jew”. The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.”

          • ??? ???? ???

            Jesus lived as a Jew

            Although He was born in Bethlehem (Matt. 2:1, Micah 5:2), Yeshua was raised in Nazareth (Luke 2:39-40). Both were Jewish towns at the time, according to archeologists and historians. Bethlehem is just south of Jerusalem while Nazareth is north, in the Galilee section. Both of Yeshua’s parents were from Nazareth (Luke 1:26-27, 2:4, 39) and they returned there with the Child when they had done everything according to the Law of the Lord that His birth required (Luke 2:39). His aunt and uncle were also Torah observant Jews (Luke 1:6) so we can see that probably the whole family took their faith very seriously.

            Yeshua’s parents made the 140 mile (225 m.) round trip to Jerusalem every Passover (Luke 2:41) in observance of Deut. 16:16. It was at the age of twelve that Yeshua stayed behind an extra three days to learn from the Temple teachers (Luke 2:46). Although He already understood the Torah well (Luke 2:47), His attitude of listening and questioning indicates love of the Hebrew scripture and respect for the teachers. He also respected the Temple itself, calling it His Father’s (Luke 2:49). Near the end of His life, He praised a widow for giving all she had to the Temple (Luke 21:1-4).

            In adult life, His disciples were Jews (John 1:47, Matt. 20:25-26) and they called Him ‘Rabbi’ (John 4:31). Mary called Him ‘Rabboni’ (John 20:16). They sought Him because they believed the Torah and the Prophets (John 1:45).

            A Pharisee who had not yet come to faith in Him also addressed Yeshua as ‘Rabbi’ (John 3:2), as did a crowd of people (John 6:25). A Samaritan woman easily recognized He was a Jew (John 4:9).

            Yeshua’s disciples spoke Hebrew (John 1:38, 41) and so did He, as well as Chaldean, a closely-related language brought back by the Jews from their captivity in Babylon (Matt. 27:46). In the sermon on the mount He affirmed the authority of the Torah and the Prophets (Matt. 5:17) even in the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt. 5:19-20). He regularly attended synagogue (Luke 4:16) and His teaching was respected by the other congregants (Luke 4:15). He taught in the Jewish Temple (Luke 21:37) and if He were not a Jew, His going into that part of the Temple would not have been allowed (Acts 21:28-30).

            Although He differed with some of His contemporaries on how to keep the commandments (Matt. 12:12), He did not disagree on whether to keep them, saying such things as,”if you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments,” (Matt. 19:17). When He healed someone of leprosy, he instructed him to,”show yourself to the priest and present the offering that Moses commanded…” (Matt. 8:4, Lev. 14).

            Yeshua not only taught others how to live a Jewish life, He lived it Himself. The outward signs of this were such things as wearing tzitzit (tassles) on His clothing (Luke 8:43, Matt. 14:36, Strong’s # 2899) to serve as a reminder of the commandments (Num. 15:37-39). He observed Passover (John 2:13) and went up to Jerusalem (Deut. 16:16). He observed Succot (John 7:2, 10) and went up to Jerusalem (John 7:14). He also observed Hanukah (John 10:22) and probably Rosh haShanah (John 5:1), going up to Jerusalem on both those occasions as well, even though it isn’t commanded in the Torah.

            The inward sign of His Judaism was a circumcised heart (Deut. 10:16, 30:6).

            When faced with temptation, Yeshua answered from the Hebrew Scripture (Matt. 4:2-10, Deut. 8:3, 6:16, 6:13). When teaching, He taught from the Hebrew Scripture (Matt. 22:42-45). When admonishing, He quoted from the Hebrew Scripture (Mk. 7:6-13).

            Yeshua self-identified as a Jew (John 4:22) and as King of the Jews (Mk. 15:2). From His birth to His last Passover seder (Luke 22:14-15), Jesus lived as a Jew.

          • Christianity is a bogus fraud theology. It is yet another jew creation. Christ was just a carpenter nothing else move on. Bible is complete fabrication it just glorifies an ordinary man. Charlatans like you are riding a life full of lies deception by singing glories of a fake mythical character. The reason white people are easily manipulated because of christinsanity. All this tak about jesus is anti jew is a smokescreen created by jew to confuse adherents.

          • I’ll be glad to hear you say that, at the Last Judgment. I’m utterly done with the bogus, specious charade of legitimacy the godless presume to have. The Lord’s patience and forebearing of your sins, is at an end. Go to hell. Literally. Or repent. Two options. Clearly, you have already chosen… like Pharaoh, and YHWH God has ratified your choice.

          • Cough Cough.. Are you cursing me old little crybaby This is not your holy church where you rule the reigns. If there is a thing called Hell, Ill then take it happily. You are the one who needs to repent on the so called Judgement day for beig a charlatan and deceiving people all along. Now go back to scheming people with hypnotic stories aboutthe gospel and sing paens of that carpenter while cheering over the white carnage, you scumbag.

          • If you cannot even spell, we’re done, son.
            After the second or third exchange with a heretic, leave him in his sins. – St. Paul

          • Go jump in an oven, you stupid bitch. Take the rest of your Tribe of Nation Wrecking vermin WITH you.

          • I forgive you for your language and hateful venom towards me. I’m really a very nice bitch.

          • I didn’t ask for your forgiveness, and don’t want [it]. I do hate you. And I sincerely want you and the rest of your malicious Nation Wrecking Tribe of demons to jump in a really big, REALLY hot oven. So you can go back to your Daddy Satan, in Hell. You will be very happy there, back in your true home. It’s all for the best. Win win

          • Nope. You can’t forgive anything when there has been no transgression, or if forgiveness has not been sought. That is simply the Satanic Pride you’ve inherited from your Unholy Father in Hell, How many times a day do you file down your horns? Do they grow quickly?

          • Will you also wish love and kindness to a rapist, a child molester? Is there anything at all where you cuck-Christians draw the line besides “hate speech”?

          • May the Lord our God forgive this sinner for she knows “not what she is saying or doing.” May the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, Mary the Blessed Virgin and all 12 tribes be with you on this Holy Friday. ???????

            I hope you have been practicing your Hebrew, Denise. (Lol..)

            ????? ??? ?? ?????? ????? ????
            ???? ??? ???? . S

          • Denise did not ask to be forgiven…so it’s not for you to forgive. I understand that’s a modern day cuck-Christian reflex–your son or daughter is burned alive and you immediately fall down to forgive the perpetrator. But search deep and it’s not for God nor for the criminal, it’s your status-seeking…

          • I am fairly certain that “Sandy” is the Hebe Homo rebbe KikeSpite.

            PS – I have committed no transgression, and these is nothing to “forgive” on my part. Righteous HATRED for evil is healthy, cleansing, and good.

          • Wilt thou be joining us in “thy oven” dear Denise? On this Good Friday, let me offer these words of prayer:

            May it be your will, Eternal One, our God, God of our ancestors, that wars and bloodshed be abolished from the world, and bring into the world a great and wonderful and lasting peace. And let no nation lift a sword against a nation—let them learn no more the ways of war!

            Let all who dwell on earth simply acknowledge the truth of truths: that we have not come into this world for the sake of quarreling and war, nor for the sake of hatred, jealousy, anger, or bloodshed; rather, we have come into this world only to know You—may You be blessed eternally!

            Therefore, have mercy on us, and fulfill among us what is written in your Scripture: “I shall give peace upon the earth, and you shall lie down with none to make you afraid. I shall abolish from the earth the predatory beast. The sword shall never come upon your land. Justice shall roll down like the water, and righteousness like a mighty stream. For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of The Omnipresent, as the waters fill the seas.”

          • If God wanted that, he can make it happen at any time, you brainwashed cuck. But God obviously does NOT want that. God is a warrior and ever loves the warrior! He made the survival of the fittest the advancer of life on this planet. Look around and you know I’m right. But for you, if your REALLY BELIEVE that, you can be with God today! What’s holding you back?

          • Amen. The Catholic church would not have this Charlatan. Spewing such venom on Good Friday is blasphemy.

          • Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t recognize all these new faces around here.

            Fr. John is still the same batshit phony that he always was though.

          • I’m pretty sure this Sandy character is the new incarnation of the Kikenvermin homo rabbi Jew spite

          • Actually, Cuban, Black, and Irish if you must know. My entire family is of a “mixed tribe.” Translation Denise: White Europeans who married Cuban-Black Women. We are probably some of your neighbors, teachers, lawyers and doctors. While I’m not personally Gay or Jewish, I do have several Gay and Jewish close friends. Denise, we’d love to have you come join us for tea at the Country Club. My treat.

          • Mongrels do not possess souls. That is VERY clearly stated in the Bible. You are a demon, and I have no intention of joining you in the backrooms of Man’s Country, you abomination.

          • You are not Christian- Father Satan. As a Catholic, I’m pushing back on your HATE. Anyone can cut and paste from a site that supports their rhetoric. Jesus was and IS the king of the JEWS. You are sir, are a complete disciple of Satan.
            I will join Pope Francis in praying for your soul. Christ have mercy and thanks be to GOD.


            The term Jew is used in at least two senses in Scripture: to refer to those who are ethnically Jews and to those who are religiously Jews. Jesus was a Jew in both senses. In fact, he completed the Jewish religion by serving as the Messiah (Christ) whom the prophets had long foretold.

            The completed form of the Jewish religion is known as Christianity, and its adherents are Christians or “followers of the Christ.” Unfortunately, many people who were ethnically Jewish did not recognize Jesus’ role as Messiah and so did not accept Christianity, the completed form of Judaism. Instead, they stayed with a partial, incomplete form of Judaism. Other Jews (the apostles and their followers) did recognize that Jesus was the Messiah and embraced the new, completed form of Judaism.

            Shortly thereafter it was recognized that one could be a follower of Christ even if one did not ethnically join the Jewish people. Thus the apostles began to make many Gentile converts to the Christian faith. It is thus possible for a person to be a Jew religiously (because he has accepted Christianity, the completed form of the Jewish faith) but not be a Jew ethnically. This is the case with most Christians today.

            It is this difference between being a Jew ethnically and religiously that lies behind Paul’s statement in Romans 2:28-29: “For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision something external and physical. He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal.”

            Christians are those who Paul refers to as being inwardly (religiously) Jewish, while non-Christian Jews are those who he refers to as being outwardly (ethnically) Jewish. The former condition, he stresses, is the more important.

            Unfortunately, over the course of time some Christians broke away from the Church that Jesus founded, and so a name was needed to distinguish this Church from the ones that broke off from it. Because all the breakaways were particular, local groups, it was decided to call the Church Jesus founded the “universal” (Greek, kataholos = “according to the whole”) Church, and thus the name Catholic was applied to it.

            That is why Jesus was a Jew and we are Catholics: Jesus came to complete the Jewish religion by creating a Church that would serve as its fulfillment and be open to people of all races, not just ethnic Jews. As Catholics, we are those who have accepted the fulfillment of the Jewish faith by joining the Church that Jesus founded.

          • Well said, Captain! When I reread the Bible with a critical eye, the differences between European virtue and Semitic virtue comes out.

          • So is Christianity the same a Judaism? Can a Jew be awarded paradise without confessing Jesus is Lord? Are you ready to send white, Christian children to die for Israel?

          • I’m pretty sure “Sandy” signals the return of the Homo Kike rebbe JewSpite. It only has a few posts, and all are on this site.

        • There are a few common views that float around on this site, which I have been visiting for years and is my go-to source for news. One is that Jesus was real but not a Jew. I find this view implausible because history shows that Christianity began as a Jewish sect originally only for Jews. The Apostles were mostly Jews and they spread their message at synagogues (how else do we suppose Paul was able to travel and gain audiences so freely). Also, one of the Roman historians writes of ongoing riots in Rome caused by Jews over some “Crestus”. But whether or not he was a racial Jew or just practiced Judaism, it is evident he followed the religion. Another view common on this excellent site is that the Jews of today were not the Jews of then. This is true as well. Most of the Jews of today were of a Caucus nation that converted to Judaism about the same time he ancient Russians converted to Christianity. Most of today’s Jews are from these tribes, not of the ancient Hebrews. Still a third is that both Christianity and Judaism are Hebrew mythology. Also though Christianity may have began as a Jewish sect, it broke clean an blossomed under the European peoples, after being well-soused in European pagan tradition (it’s these traditions that civilize Christianity from the other 2 desert religions, and make us love it).
          But all that said, I think one common thread among all us here is that we utterly despise “Judeo-Christianity” (whatever the hell that is) and these modern cucks posing as Christians who put Jews before Christians.

          • I agree with your conclusions.

            But these issues will never be cleared up our people will argue endlessly about theocracy endless trivial stuff.

            To me it s all pretty much besides the point as the non White 3rd world Muslims are doing mass migrant invasions of Western Europe organizing mass sexual assaults rape attacks on German girls.

            Eastern Europeans are reacting in sane sensible ways. The new Pope is a traitor – that s easy for me to see.

            My race realism, Alt right activism is not based on Jesus being or not being a Jew.

          • The Christ was not a BLOOD Jew, and neither was Mary. They were Galileans. Aryans. There were forced conversions.

          • Jesus and his mother were Jews. His genealogy traces him back to Judah. Paul in Hebrews says, “For it is evident that our Lord sprung out of Juda Hebrews 7:14 They were that because they lived there. There was no such thing as a Galilean race. Aryan? Christ never called himself one, and his earliest disciples called themselves Jews. And as for forced conversions, yeah there were some, but Jesus’s genealogy shows no Aryan ancestry. Most of his ancestry was Jewish, with some other Semitic tribes and some Canaanite in the genealogy. Please make an effort in the future to actually read what’s in the Scriptures, instead of reading your own ideas into them.

          • Yay, this again.

            Jews are not the same thing as Israelites, Esther 8:17 is all you needed to know that lol. They’re not even a genetic line but rather either a religion and/or a cultural identity.

            Evident that our Lord sprung out of *Judah*. The line of Judah. The Greek versions make this passage clear, it’s talking about *Jesus*, of the line of Judah. Not the Edomite Jews. If you worship Christ, you should read this line and recognize the reference to Jesus readily.

            You probably would have a better chance if we didn’t have
            have these badly mistranslated KJV and Scofield Bibles everywhere. I love the KJV but it has some bad translations where it comes to Jews. Don’t get me started on the Scofield.

            “Jews” of course being a relatively modern name which has been inserted into an older text. The original copies of the Bible predate the letter J by over a thousand years obviously. The letter J was the last letter to added to the alphabet, in the 1500s. The earliest versions of the Bible didn’t even contain vowels so clearly there have been massive changes to the original texts to get them into English.

            But yes the “Jews” did claim Israelite heritage, and everybody went along with it for obvious reasons. *It was a major source of their political power* Everyone went along with it but Jesus anyway, John 8.

            The Jews only claimed Israelite heritage to Jesus’ face once and how did He react hm? He went off on them hard. And it was really more of an insinuation of theirs being “of Abraham” rather than direct claim. Still Jesus wasn’t having it.

            And Jesus never called Himself a Jew now did he? No, you never heard Him speak in such terms.

            Unless you’re talking about one of the new and improved versions out out there, like the NIV. Gotta love all these added extra words that change the meaning completely around. I love the NIV for it’s organization of the text, but some of its mistranslations are disgraceful.

            But any version you look at “Jews” are not depicted as the good guys in the Bible and that should be clear. They were Christ’s mortal enemy and His murderer. Everybody was afraid of them.

            It does get confusing, its a much more complicated story than most people know.

            But mostly it’s these newer versions with all their mistranslations that seem to give people the hardest time figuring it all out.

            So who do you think was behind the Scofield version? 🙂

          • Jews are a part of the Israelite people. They and the other Israelites have Jacob/Israel as their ancestor. Read the Book of Genesis for the obvious truth. Esther 8:17 only proves that a lot of Persians converted to the Old Covenant religion. That didn’t change the genetic makeup of the Israelite people.
            Jesus was a Jew. His geneology and Paul’s statements in Hebrews makes this crystal clear. This Edomite Jew argument is nonsense. The Jewish people didn’t become Edomites. The Edomites were descendants of Isaac, who was also Jacob’s father. They had the same Paternal DNA as their father. Some Edomites did convert to the Old Covenant religion, but it was a small minority. And since their paternal DNA was basically the same as the Israelites, no great genetic upheaval would’ve happened.
            I’m not a Protestant, I’m Catholic,, but your claim the KJV is badly translated in areas dealing with the Jews is silly. No real Biblical scholar would accept your claim of bad translations. The relevant passages which you would quote are misunderstood by people in Christian Identity and British Israelism. No real scholar outside those small communities would accept the CI or BI slant given to those scriptures because the people who push this stuff are illiterate in the original languages, and the histories of the people they claim to be lost ten tribe descendants. BTW, I don’t accept the Scofield Bible, I know it’s garbage. I met the author of the Scofield expose 30 yrs. ago, and I have his book.
            This silly thing about changed spelling and pronunciation of words doesn’t prove your point. Spelling and pronunciations change all the time, but the meaning of the words stay the same.
            Jesus was a Jew. Paul said he was one. The Apostle John called him “The Lion of the tribe of Juda” Rev. 5:5. The Bible says two or three witnesses confirm some thing as true. His geneology is the third witness. So, man up and accept the witness of Holy Scripture!
            Who was behind the Scofield version? Like I already said, I met the author or the Scofield expose 30 yrs. ago, so I knew who was behind it way back then.

          • I have read the Book of Genesis, many times. It doesn’t have the name “Jew” in it anywhere. It doesn’t talk about Jews, it doesn’t mention Jews.

            Nothing about the Book of Genesis has anything to do with Jews.

            Your response seems based on circular logic, ignoring key pieces of information, making unsupported and false statements, and believing what you’re told to believe in lieu of the factual information.

            Other than that, yeah. What Denise said.

    • And He was rejected by His own flesh, but the flesh availeth nothing. One is not of Abraham on account of the flesh, but on account of a spirit which is made alive in Christ. And for the last nearly 2000 years, Jews in the flesh have warred against the spiritual descendants of Abraham, those who are in Christ.

    • I don’t give a shit about Jesus or Jews. I care about White people. I put White people first. That means I put my culture, family, friends, and future first. I’m not some dipshit Cucktian who needs to preach the bullshit of MLK.

      Did that make sense or are you still confused?

  12. Reading the comments some seem to think the Pope washing the feet of non-Whites is something new? It’s not.

    What is new, as far as I know, is that he is washing the feet of pagans.

    • Orthodox Jews in New York swing chickens around their heads to fill them
      up with their sins, then kill them and throw them in the garbage.

      My point is the Pope looks creepy and gross. He’s putting his lips on their feet. Yuck!

      • Footkissing was never a part of any footwashing ceremony. The actual ritual, which I saw Maudy Thursday, is a reenactment of Christ washing the Apostles feet at the last supper. Pagans or women were never incorporated into this ceremony. Pope Francis is perverting the actual meaning of this ancient ritual for his own political purposes. He is the one who is updating this custom, and he needs to get with the true tradition, not the modern times.

  13. My main point of this post was not to open up a Christian theology flam war – instead just note who is responding to worst ever Black/Brown/Mudslime slaughters of our people with propaganda campaigns promoting the Black/Brown/Mudslime.

    It’s the usual suspects – Hollywood Left (michael Moore, Angelina Jolie, United Nations Refugee something) BlackLiesmatter, George Soros but also…

    Cuckservatives, race denying Libertarians and sadly

    Catholic in Name Only CINO Popes, liberation theology Libs.

    Conservative cuckservatives are largely silent on the Brussles/Paris slaughters or else they just are waiting to incite new US wars/attacks against Iran and Russia.

    This worst ever CINO Pope Francis is however – really bad. He never seems to miss an opportunity to do an agit prop photo op of him licking the boots of Black Muslim migrant invaders.

    He’s literally doing that.

    Licking the boots of Black Muslim migrant invaders….

    And then he gets to go back to the Vatican and get luxurious everything….

    Kind of like, exactly like the Kennedy family.

  14. For the love of God, I wish the College of Cardinals would poison this sonofabitch like they did that other Pope and elect someone with some presence and dignity. You never see a top Rabbi in Israel doing stupid shit like this, in fact their major quotes are t the effect non Jews are animals, need to be slaughtered down to the babies, etc. How did Christianity get to be so degenerate.

    • This is the worst ever Catholic CINO Pope.

      But, let’s not point fingers.

      How are the Minnesota Lutherans doing these days?

      Raking in the $ flooding MN and the USA with Somalian Muslims?


      We live in fallen days.

  15. Cucktianity has finally revealed its true face in an era where censorship is much harder to enforce. For someone who grew up in Chicago, attended church regularly, and has many family members who founded churches, this is both sad and infuriating. However, after studying the spread of Marxism it’s easy to see the parallels between Communism and Christianity. Both need to destroy racial and ethnic identity in o nrder for their delusional Jewtopia to exist. Both must revere the Jew and denigrate Whites, pitting Whites against one another and placing the Jew as the managerial elite of the world. I’ve experienced first hand what happens when Negro churches collapse due to their own low-IQ and innate criminality, only to move to our church as “brothers” and ruin us as well.

    The Cucktian ideal is for the White race to lose everything so the world may magically “gain” what we and we alone have created. Whites who defend non-Whites always attack Whites. Whites who revere non-Whites always belittle Whites. The Cucktian seeks to rent space in their imaginary heaven by betraying their race. I’d be OK with this if they left White countries and miscegenated themselves into a low-IQ mongrel race like Mexicans. What always happens, however, is Whites blindly follow their mental disorder as a group. Some of the Whites snap out of it but not completely. Then you have Mexico – a mixed country where Whites are a tiny, deracinated minority mired in brown and black sludge of the Turd World because their ancestors betrayed themselves, their children, their people.

    Now it’s the entire White world’s turn to learn what happened to Mexico and South America. To learn that you cannot change biology, and no two species can occupy the same niche. The Cucktians will kill themselves off through miscegenation. Give them no quarters. If they import their Dindus then throw them all out together. Let them die without us. We don’t need them.

  16. Roman Catholi-schism had reached the nadir of apostasy, I thought.
    [I was wrong. It’s gotten a WHOLE LOT WORSE!]

    Meanwhile, in Rome, fiddles play while nations burn…..





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