Gays Who Are Really on Our Side

Happy Easter everyone!

Mine was very good – maybe the best ever. Since I’ve been hanging out with White Hispanic Catholic gal – life is good. I attended traditional Catholic Easter service – head priest is American Anglo British, traditional, very well educated.

The service included the priest having the entire congregation do an about face and denounce Satan we closed with Handel’s Messiah the Hallelujah Chorus – can’t beat that.

The latest Brussels ISIS terrorist slaughter has once again clarified the sides who is with us, who is against us (CINO Pope, anti Trumps, BLM, Antifas, cuckservatives), who’s well, not really paying attention to what’s going on (Ron & Rand Paul, Glen Beck, Mitt Romney Latter Day Sissies etc).

One good point to note is there really are intelligent, principled Gays that are on our side resisting the Islamic invasions, conquest of the West:

This guy Milo Yiannopoulos apparently works for Breitbart and he’s not resigning because Breitbart is supporting Donald Trump and being mean to Muslim terrorists.

Breitbart Gay Good Guy


  1. There’s always going to be that one; always. Good for him. And while I’m at it, good for you too Jack. Happy Easter buddy.

  2. Went to a Catholic church myself today, as my wife’s family are practicing Catholics. Was enjoying the mass until the priest invoked the wisdom of Jorge the Commie and took a not-so-veiled shot at Trump. I was then reminded that modern Catholicism has become a suicide cult.

    And I like much of what Milo says as well, but that doesn’t change the fact that the normalization/promotion of faggotry is an absolute disgrace. Homosexuality is degenerate, destructive, deviant behavior that has been condemned cross-culturally for thousands of years, and Christian Whites who care about the future of their people must fight its proliferation with as much vigor as possible. Remember– the (((enemy))) loves homosexuality and relentlessly promotes it throughout the Western world. That should tell you all you need to know– it;s just another tool to undermine/destroy traditional White Christian culture.

    • (((They))) heavily promote homosexuality now, but (((they))) are the original anti-homosexuals, advocating murder for homos. If you completely turn on homos, even ones like Milo who are on our side, then you are following the (((Torah))).

      Homosexuality as we see it now is certainly problematic. But remember that Jews were behind the big anti-homosexual movements, too. (((They))) adopt whatever causes will serve at any given time, and they’re always a little bit “correct.”

      Left on its own, a healthy Occidental culture would develop maybe 1-2% of homos who would cause almost zero problems.

      The (((enemy))) once loved patriarchy and relentlessly promoted it throughout the Western world, too. That doesn’t tell us all we need to know. Anything can become (((their))) tool. Even you, if you let their twentieth-century homo-tricks make you turn on your own kind.

    • Milo has started the Yiannopoulos Fund to provide scholarships to WHITE MEN–non minority,non-queer,non-female to attend college.The first year would entail 50 scholarships of $2,500.This is a GREAT idea.The guy seems a hell of a lot more racially conscious than most straight Whites.

    • I don’t know how the situation is where you live, but our Swedish church was infiltrated by Jews ages ago. Now the bishops are people claiming to be Christian, but who’s grandparents or parents were rabbis or something similar. And they all preach third world invasion is the best thing ever.

      EDIT: Oh, and my favorite, that there are many ways to salvation and that Jesus Christ is just one of them….

  3. I like the guy. My wife likes the guy.

    But one point to keep in mind before putting him up on a pedestal:

    Milo likes black cock. He will tell you that.

    Once you get past that, he really does have many redeeming qualities.

    • Jack can really pick ’em.

      I would like to think he’s putting it on, so he can get away with saying more. No straight White male could say what he does and still have a paying job.

    • Agreed.

      My take is there have always been gay people, Alexander the Great’s father King Philip was bi.

      Some gays have been unquestionably talented like the Brit writer Oscar Wilde.

      I note that in traditional Victorian society many of these gays married women and had children and their sexuality was kept in a private way.

      That’s the way things should be with most sexuality even hetero married sexuality – keep things in private, little children shouldn’t be constant bombarded with sexual stuff.

      Rob and Laura Petrie had to have separate beds in the Dick Van Dyke show.

      it was a big change for Dr. Robert Hartley to be sleeping in the same bed with his wife in the Bob Newhart show.

      All said, I like this guy, support him 100% more than the likes of Ron Paul and Rand Paul who are such pathetic cowards that they can’t even say they oppose the Muslim migration invasions, conquest of Europe, the West.

      #D$*DS these cowards. I’ll shake this guy’s hand, maybe use some anti germ soap afterwards.

      It’s a fallen world. Our list of allies goes thin. (Lord of the Rings)

  4. So the priest didn’t invite in a hoard of illegal immigrants and “refugees” and have the congregation wash and kiss their feet?

  5. What’s interesting to me are the AltRight people who go apeshit over “players” like Roosh and Heartiste, but apparently have no problem with gays, Jews, and feminists.

    Their hysteria is understandable, I suppose. The straight men are a sexual threat to the large beta contingent in the AltRight.

    I’m also not entirely sure that these people are going to prosper–to put it lightly–after the coming Nationalist revolution.

    • “I’m not entirely sure that these people are going to prosper–to put it lightly–after the coming Nationalist revolution.”

      I respond:

      As always the best place to look is Russia restored under Vladimir Putin. Homosexuals and Jews, Pussy Riot, usual suspects through a big hissy fit when Nationalist Russia passed pro family, queer restrictionist laws – they tried to ruin the Putin Winter Olympics in Russia. Some Pussy Riot protesters got roughed up by Cossacks with Whips.

      Putin put the world out to gays, homes, Chetnian Muslim terrorists that it was a new/old reality in Russia and these types couldn’t cause the trouble and mischief they do in Western Europe, USA, Hollywood. There are Jews, Gays in Mother Russia now but they understand that they can’t cause trouble or insult Russian culture – those that do get beat up by Cossacks and sent to forced labor camps in Siberia. Russia won the second war in Chetnia and Chetnia is pacified and looks to Russia as the power, same goes to Syria.

      This is the way it should be in any future White ethno states here in North America.

      It will be our countries – we set the rules, we call the shots, gays had better be well dressed (they usually are) and well behaved – they have not been well behaved for many years.

      • I grew up with the “Police Academy” movies so to me the kind of tough gays from The Blue Oyster Bar who have mustaches and wear leather police hats aren’t that big a deal, just sort of a funny joke. But this new “Genderqueer” shit the gay radicals have been pushing the last couple of years is way out of line. Anyone whose sexual perversion so dominates their lives that they go around in ordinary public places wearing womens’ clothes and “which bathroom to use” become an issue is totally bonkers. From the ragging on about the Oscars you’d think liberal Hollywood was run by the KKK, but truth is they simply forgot about the blacks in their rush to bestow awards on films about gay priests buggering alter boys, gay men going to Denmark to chop off their dicks so they’ll feel better about themselves when prancing around in women’s clothes, and movies about two Lesbians on the downlow during the 50s. The left showed their true colors, gays “trump” blacks and “Straight outta’ Compton” is going to take a back seat when sodomy is on the screen.

  6. Jack, no sodomite can really ever be on our side. Their loyalty is to the Queer Nation International, not to their ethnic group, religion, or nation. Read up on the Cambridge Apostles, and how they sold Great Britain down the river.

  7. As everyone knows I’m not a fan of the Pope, Papism or the Roman Catholic Church. I’ve never found the Italians to be in possession of any special holiness. Not that some of my Italian friends haven’t been fun, or had sunny Italian dispositions. You may know that wonderful priest, but, the fact is that the Roman Church is an Italian church, unless the Italians give it away to the Africans or other 3rd Worlders.

  8. Aside from being disgusting, Milo is all right.

    I would consider him an “ally” on SJWs and PC. Justin Raimondo is another example. He is not one of us, but our interests align on foreign policy. Also, Raimondo isn’t nearly as flamboyant about his personal life as Milo.

  9. Is the Alt-right so desperate that it requires the assistance of miscegenating homos?

    If you’re not thoroughly disgusted by the end of this video, then by all means, adopt this Milo person.

    • Yes. I think he’s brilliant – but he gets away with what he does because he is one of the Tribe.

  10. My head hurts too much for all the disconnect going on here. Let me ask you a simple question:

    Men- would you want your teenage VIRGIN son to be around someone like Milo?
    For weeks on end, and unsupervised?
    Women- would you like to be thwarted in the baby-making department to have a ‘friend’ like Milo who sees you as only a cover for his aberrant perversions?

    Neither question, getting a positive response, is sane.
    Sodomites are accursed. Not only that, but the actual lifestyle of them, needs to be constantly brought to the fore, much like Ann Barnhardt did with Islamic sexuality.
    Vileness needs to see the light of day. And perverts need to be removed.

    • Men- would you want your teenage VIRGIN son to be around someone like Milo?”

      I respond:

      Depends what you mean being “around”. If he’s in a lecture hall at the University of Minnesota where Milo is speaking against the mass Muslim migration invasion of Western Europe/UK then I would say “yes” that’s OK.

      If he/we are sitting next to a well dressed, well groomed Milo on a jet airplane, again the answer would be “yes” – much, much better than sitting next to the likes of Mohamed Ata.

      We certainly have “issues”, “problems” with certain gay/homosexual/LGBT people, groups – how does Vladimir Putin handle similar problems?

      Putin usually can be counted on to do what is right. Putin is on the right sides in the Middle East. Putin handles Islamic terrorists the right way, Chetnia is now pacified.

      • Jaye- don’t dissemble. YOU KNOW what I meant. And to even TRY to get around any philo-faggot mindsets, is beneath the readership of this blog.

  11. Milo is just honest, excellent on the issues of bashing White Christians and he’s honest about the issue of criticism of Jews – “yeah, Jews do dominate the banks, the media that’s just reality”.

    • I wouldn’t say “gangbusters” I thought he was a credible candidate and could win, carry the whole South and his home state of Massachusetts states like Wisconsin – but his VP couldn’t even carry his own state of Wisconsin.

      Now I concede Mittens Romney is the face of the cuckservative pussy GOP establishment who’s all obsessed that Donald Trump is not being polite at a time when Islamists are crucifying Christian priests in Syria and slaughtering regular folks in Paris and Brussels.

  12. I don’t think it is a good idea to rally around or for a sodomite. Let’s not forget homosexuality was considered a mental illness not long ago.

    If he wants to be an advocate that’s fine with me, but I would distance myself from him. Sodomites should be shunned by society.

    • It still IS a mental illness, and a covenantal cursing.
      Nothing has changed. Just the Bolshevik calling ‘good evil, and evil, good.’
      That’s all….

  13. The acquiescence is there once you’ve adopted use of words like ‘gay’ to describe them. A very faggy thing to type.

    • I can’t post links here. Search this on Twitter:

      Milo Yiannopoulos ? @Nero
      Milo Yiannopoulos ? Retweeted Cora
      Britain’s leading racist hates me! Damn.
      Milo Yiannopoulos ? added,
      @Nero Nick Griffin talks about your jew heritage in this interview and the damage people like you do to Whites.

      • You can post links, but you have to do one at a time. The filter traps multiple links.
        Did you red the Jew Bart article he wrote, with his Paki Pal?

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