TruConservatives: Where Are They Now (2010 Edition)

1.) Gov. Nathan Deal of GeorgiaVetoed the religious liberty bill. Removed the Tom Watson statue from the Georgia State Capitol. Replaced it with a statue of MLK.


2.) Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama – Got caught red handed screwing his mistress who was his top aide. Boasted about how he was the first governor to remove the Confederate flag.

SC State of the State

3.) Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina – Rode the Tea Party wave into power only to transition into establishment darling. Removed the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse.


4.) Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida – Rode the Tea Party wave into power. Gave us the Gang of 8 amnesty. Ran for president as the establishment backup candidate only to win Minnesota, Puerto Rico and Washington, DC and be rebranded as #LittleMarco.


5.) Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky – Inherited his father’s legacy and rode the Tea Party wave into power. Alienated his father’s supporters. Ran for president as a “Detroit Republican” on a platform of criminal justice reform. Fist bumped Al Sharpton to become Time Magazine’s “Most Interesting Man In Politics.” Dropped out of the 2016 presidential election after cratering in Iowa.


6.) Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona – She was good on immigration, but Jan Brewer also succumbed to pressure from Big Business and vetoed a religious freedom bill. After SB 1070, Big Business in Arizona shutdown further legislation to secure the border.


7.) Gov. Rick Scott of Florida – Rode the Tea Party wave into power in Florida. Signed the Florida DREAM Act which gave in-state tuition to illegal aliens.


8.) Gov. John Kasich of Ohio – Rode the 2010 backlash to become governor of Ohio. Currently running for president as a milquetoast moderate who opposes mass deportation and supports comprehensive immigration reform.


9.) Gov. Rick Perry of Texas – Ran for president in 2012 and 2016. Went out calling Trump a “cancer on conservatism” and delivering obsequious cuckservative speeches on race.

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  1. Yep, got lots of traitors, enemies in the Conf. South. But at least you have some decent leaders like Jeff Sessions. Good news, best news is regular Southerners are now openly voting against the dictates of corrupt Christian Zionist religious leaders – Lisping Lindsey Graham just can’t understand….

    “What’s going on?”

    “What happened to my party?”

      • Kasich hasn’t mentioned the 6 Valentines day diners who were hacked up by an illegal alien Muslim in a Columbus restaurant. Didn’t happen, I guess.

        • Had six Muslims been hacked up, it’d still be national news. White folks just don’t count, except when they’re being evil to some moolies.

      • Same here, Hunter. The only reason I was for Abbott was in order to keep that Rhode Island Yankee Wendy Davis out of the Governor’s office. We voted on a bill to abolish property taxes and replace it with a county sales tax. That Yankee woman might have tried to institute a state income tax. As if our paychecks ain’t devastated enough every week.

      • Cucks would tell you that Kirk is good on the GWOT and supports Israel despite being bad on everything else like immigration and “free trade”. The fact that he is a Jew, of course, has nothing to do with these positions.

        • Mark Kirk is not a Jew. Serious arguments lose all credibility when you make up facts. Not everyone who opposed us is Jewish. Plenty of Christian cuckservatives. Mark Kirk is a very liberal Republican and has always been a very liberal Republican.

          • I didn’t make that up. I’ve see this claim made by sources to be good in the past. If I’m mistaken so be it. I don’t need to make things on to make a point unlike a lot of people.
            If he is not a Jew he damn well should be one.

  2. Tyranny is all around us.

    (((Hollywood))) is going to boycott Georgia if the Governor there signs the bill that protects the religious liberties of Christians.

  3. Epic fail, the whole lot of them. And the derailing of the Tea Party, that started as a populist ETHNIC cleansing of the non-White foreigner, now finds its voice with Donald Trump. Either we win this election, ladies and gents, or we have a revolution.

    Or we do the funeral rites for the brave new world experiment known as representative republic, and enshrine the Jacobinist Idol of Democracy.
    And have 666 emblazoned somewhere….

  4. Just heard about the religious liberty bill in GA and how Apple and Disney, well known for their kind and caring attitudes toward Southern christians, are threatening to cut any business ties if it passes. Why did Georgians vote for that faggot in the first place?

    • Deception. These politicians sneak into power on the strength of their allegedly-traditionalist rhetoric, then perform the usual stab in the back once safely in charge.

    • When Deal was in the house he ran up a good record opposing illegal immigration. One of the first orders of business so to speak, was to get the legislature to pass an Arizona style law to deal with the illegals. This is a big reason for his election.
      By the way, I supported him when he ran for governor because of this issue.

  5. Thanks in large part to your writing and two decades of faux conservatives, I no longer identify as a conservative, or a republican.
    I am a Southern Nationalist, and I am doing my part.

    Thank you Hunter, thank you all.

  6. I had read in local paper over the weekend, (Springfield, IL), that the New Orleans Mayor and city council had voted to remove statues of Confederate leaders from the city but due to local intimidation, threats and pressure they can’t find a contractor to do the job. The monuments are staying put because the jigs can’t find anybody who is willing to move them! Ha ha

    • Over here in East Texas, nobody messes with our Confederate monuments. In fact, we put more up all the time. There’s a huge new one going up in Orange, Texas, near Houston.

      • Here it is. The Monument of the Wind. Which will be festooned with the flags of several Texas regiments and the flags of each Confederate state.

  7. Hunter,

    Your political analysis has been spot on. It only took 2 years for “outsider” Rand Paul to endorse the Establishment’s selected Mitt Romney and 4 year’s to become establishmentarian Mitch Mcconnell’s BFF.

  8. Look you Southrons have to get this Confederate crap out of your minds. There ain’t no Yankees no more. Whites either hang together or you will all hang separately. The Confederacy lost when JEB Stuart and General Lee and some of the toughest roughest sumbitches that ever rode a horse or shot a gun fought Lincoln. You cannot do this alone. The idea that you can walk away was proven wrong before, and now that Uncle Sham is broke, there is no way they will let your money get away.

    • I respectfully disagree. It is the financial situation which, more than anything else, will drive the breakup of the U.S. In practice, it won’t be much different than a corporation which spins off the profitable operating units and then goes into receivership. While there is absolutely no point in discussing a plan to encourage this development, I hope the leaders of the Southern Movement are watching events and working on such a plan.

      • They didn’t let you go the last time, why would they let go now? Splitting your forces is a bad mistake. If you Southrons go all Confederate and try to stand alone, the enemy will benefit by your smaller numbers. This myth of Yankees up North who buy this Civil Rights garbage is crap. Outside the cities there is little difference in their opinions to yours. They have experienced “die-versity” and they don’t like it.

        • There will be no ‘let’ to it. It will be more a question of walking away from a husk. I can’t imagine that other parts of the U.S. won’t break away as well. It is absolutely the only way to escape the brown tide. According to Drudge, 6 states are 25% ‘immigrant + children’ right now. 61 million
          are in the U.S.

          Old Stock Americans probably don’t make up 20% of the country now, and the largest concentration is in parts of the South. Preserving that blood is my first concern. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the South shouldn’t cooperate with other sections in the common goal of giving Uncle that last gentle shove.

          • You’re making the same mistake General Lee and the Confederates made. They could have taken Washington DC and fought what little was left of the Union Army after Bull Run, but instead they headed home and gave Lincoln a chance to rebuild his armies and attack the South. You won’t be free of them until their power base is taken out.

          • Not to argue or anything, but after First Manassas, the army was too physically exhausted to persue the beaten Federals, and the logistics tail hadn’t caught up with the army yet, Manassas Gap Railroad notwithstanding. Besides, capturing Washington and/or over throwing the Lincoln government wasn’t a part of Confederate ideology or plans. Arguably, it might should of been, but it just wasn’t.

          • They didn’t have to pursue. Washington DC was not sufficiently defended to prevent its capture. To have your army capture the Capitol would be a huge blow to Lincoln and possibly lead to popular pressure to sue for peace.

          • True. No doubt whatsoever. Strategically, it makes sense to take D.C., since, at the least, it’s a Southern city. However it wasn’t in the cards simply for ideological reasons.

          • Yes but that’s where they made their mistake that lost the war, and you’re making the same mistake. By not going North, The Confederates assumed a defensive position and allowed the Union to form new armies to attack and fight in the South. Sherman would not have been able to do his barbaric March to the Sea, if he was defending Northern cities from the Confederates. By being in the North the Union assumes a defensive position and you have the initiative to attack them.

          • If you get a chance, read “The Confederacy as A Revolutionary Experience” and “The Confederate Nation” both by Emory M. Thomas. The Confederate Nation expounds on the first. They both can be had relatively inexpensively. They’re well worth the effort.

          • Due to the financial Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads, it’s only a matter of time before the dollar is no longer accepted as the global currency. Once that happens, the national crackup is inevitable. The United States will no longer exist as we know it.

            I don’t envision a de jure secessarion there will probably be such chaos in Washington that all authority will devolve to the states until order is restored.

            That said, the nation as a whole isn’t what it was during the first Southern secession. Thanks to various economic mishaps, we have experienced a lot of population migration. The great Northern industrial regions now constitute desolate rust belts.

            A LOT of Yankees have migrated South for employment opportunities and have stayed. I saw this in my own family. I have a lot of Ohio relatives who now live in North Carolina.

            They love it there. I blame Southern Culture. It’s too gracious for its own good.

            So, I’m kinda curious as how a modern day Southern secession would work with all these Yankee transplants.

        • There are a hell of a lot more people than you think who support and are in total agreement with Civil Rights. Facebook has been an eye opener for me. I will say that for it. I wouldn’t have believed the opinions of a lot of the people I have known all my life, if you had told me they had such left wing views. Now I see it from their own mouths daily.

          But it is likely the same way in the South, too.

          • Uh, Robbie, they don’t call it Fakebook for nothing. At least half the people do not exist. Government bots pretending to be people with fake profiles put propaganda on Fakebook to make it seem there is popular support for the government agenda. Those people may not exist at all.

          • Um, can you not read? I said people I have known all my life, Chief. Meaning the people on My personal feed from my personal friends list. my neighbors and people who live in my town and who I went to school with and have worked with, etc.

            But what you say is absurd, too.

    • Mr. Cintia – we are NEVER going to ‘get this Confederate crap out of our minds’, because it is in our bones.

      We are being held, in bondage by the Yankee Empire, and we WILL come out of it.

      The notion you have that it did not work in 1861-65, means it cannot work now, is utterly fallacious. It workt in 1776.

      BUT, even if it does not work, a thousand times, we’ll keep trying. Why? : because doing right has no end.

      The South will get away – we must get away from Yankee culture, notwithstanding the fact that, as you mention, not all Yankees are out of their minds.

  9. Proving once again that if they aren’t explicitly running on a platform that speaks of pro-White views and standing up for pro-White people, then they will more than likely stab you in the back and do just as much damage to White America as the anti-White Leftists.

    People like Jared Taylor can kiss my big white ass. I’m a Racist. I’m a Nationalist. Pussyfooting around and trying to ingratiate yourselves to people who will attack you and sacrifice you for their own political ambitions the first chance they get is suicide. Call it scholarly or gentlemanly or civilized behavior, it just doesn’t matter. It kills you all the same.

    America needs to embrace Nationalism in order to survive.
    White America needs to embrace Race-ism in order to survive.
    Without America staying an overwhelming majority white nation, there is no America.

    • All Hunter’s post proves is people are herd animals. They fall in with the bad
      crowd on the Beltway and sell out to fit in. I don’t think they even know they are doing it.

      Remember what Jack was like when he returned from AmRen? Thoroughly brainwashed he was. Even WarSpite’s behavior wasn’t enough to snap him out of it.

      Same thing is happening to Trump right now. He’s transforming into a
      cuckservative as we speak and its because of the conservative crowd thats swarming all over him right now.

  10. I’m glad to report that the Tea Party of my state, NC – as you know, has done a great deal to preserve our culture – from preserving every moment, and making it impossible to rid them from publick view, to protecting traditional mores – such as non LGBT bathrooms.

    They have defunded leftist manufacturing centers, at colleges, and made liberal cheating impossible, in voting.

    No, it is not secession, BUT, it is better than just about anybody else seems to be doing, save for maybe Texas.

      • I’m a Tarheel, Mr. Ellis; and I have written my Governor McCrory (he is a nice man who hates idealogical issues) to thank him for having protected my daughter against insane erstwhile men, and to urge him to continue to be brave (unlike Governor Deal of Georgia) against the godforsaken aliens that are trying to overwhelm us, most lately on this issue of bathrooms.

        Yesterday, New York, California, and Vermont all passt travel bans against their folk coming to NC.
        They, as well as, ESPN, FACEBOOK, THE NFL, Lowes (a Tarheel company!) American Airlines, and & Bank of America being the most notable companies threatening us in every way.

        They say they will leave, if we don’t tap-dance to the transgender tune.


        Have a nice day, Mr. Ellis.

        • These boycotts of Southern states never worked in the past. NAACP boycotted South Carolina for C flag issue, the South Carolina beaches were well attended clean and White.

          • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Mr. Ellis. Of course, Mr. Griffin is right – we will lose some battles, and this one may yet be lost.

            That said, Traditional Tarheels have been pushing back hard at the progressives, since taking the entire legislature and governor’s seat, in 2012.

            While people can seem lackadaisical and dismissive of secession here, they are very motivated to retain our ways.

            Why they would want to do that from within the Yankee Empire is beyond me; but, be that as it may be, this is the route we are currently on.

            The best thing about all this is that it is truly driving our own city-slicker scalwags crazy.

            Just listening to them pine, (because we don’t follow in lock step with Vermont) is worth a zillion dollars.

            Have a blessed day, Mr. Ellis.

          • I think I might want to move back to the South. I went to University and lived in Tennessee for my best years.

          • Well, if you feel like you comment, then it is difficult to imagine how you could even consider living away from here?

            The way I feel now, and my wife, as well, I don’t even want to vacation away from The South. It’s the last place, with the exception of it’s very large scalawagged federalist cities, where I feel comfortable with the human air, that circulates around my soul.

            That said – it is my home, and, apparently not yours, so the decision is much more complex for you, no doubt.

            Anyway, Mr. Ellis – I wish you the very best afternoon.

          • Do you have by recommendations of good places to live /move to in North Carolina? I ve spent a lot of time in Leftist places like college towns, state capitals, cities with large Black,populations and that s where the action is so I kind of enjoy the battle.

            But it would be nice to live in a sane place.

          • Mr. Ellis – what I recommend is that you draw up a list of target places, do your research, then take a one week whirlwind trip to the top 6-8 places.

            If you want sophisticated and modern with a multicultural twist, you can go to the Yankeefied cities in our states – Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville or Asheville.

            These places have different landscape, so, if natural beauty plays a part, and or weather, you will have to compute that.

            Also, would you wish to live right in the thick of these places – or in an old-fashioned Southern town, 20-30 miles away from such a place. That, too, would play a part in the thinking.

            Last, professional opportunities for you.

            One thing i can say to you, NC has had one of the best economies, in this nation, for decades, and our state financial rating is the highest, so come what may, money will be easier here, than in most other places.

            Any more questions? Just ask…

  11. By the way, Sir – I heard Governor Bentley’s sex tape – if you could call it that. It was not even as interesting as my teenage memories.

    I mean, after Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s lies, it’s nothing.

    • That said, i am not a fan of y’all’s governor – because of his Confederate flag stance, or the lack of it…

    • It’s more scandalous, because Southern culture, at least in theory, if not always in practice, places a premium on propriety, fidelity and Honour. Like the old joke about Baptists not recognising each other in the Liquor store, we all like to pretend we’re not subject to Human failures and weaknesses. We also like to think we still have real statesmen like Calhoun, Houston, Davis, Rhett, etc.

      • Okay, Mr. Owen. I hear you.

        I just want to be clear about something ; yes, I am a bible-thumper, and yes, my word is my bond, but, humans have failures.

        I like what my friend, John Bonaccorsi, said about his mama, ‘devout, but, never pious’.

        When I vote for a politicians, I am voting for someone to govern according to constitutional principles and our traditional Southron mores.

        Therein is where I want my perfection, or something near to it.

        If I can get that, then I will take personal failures. Governor Bentley’s personal failures are the problem of himself, his wife, his children, his pastor, and his friends.

        What disturbs me about governor Bentley is that he is another spineless Republocrat who is ‘commerce uber alles’.

        Governor Wallace had many many affairs, yet, he stood up for us. I love Governor Wallace – but, I do feel sorry for what his wife went through.

        He and Governor Haley really irk the living hell out of me, and, I hope, they are soon sent packing. Se need steely eyed defenders of our culture – even if, albeit, they are sinners, just as I.

        Thank you for the advice, though. I do very much appreciate your feelings about honour, and share them. It’s just, Dixie is in a terrible way, and we need fighting men and women, like Nathan Bedford Forrest – not necessarily choir boys.

        God bless you, Mr. Owen.

  12. the Jews bought them all. Until the Feral Reserve Rothschild debt-bomber is shot down, nothing will change. Except for the worse

  13. Very similar to the 1994 contract with America conservative revolution. By 1996 those remaining were among the biggest spenders in Congress.

  14. Let’s not get fooled again. Support Trump as much as possible but don’t get carried away with wishful thinking and unrealistic expectations. Keep your powder dry.

  15. Rick Perry loves Rick Perry, not Texas or the rest of Dixie. As bad, if not worse, than the rest.

    • That’s right. Let’s not forget about the ‘NAFTA Highway’ and the tricks Perry used to try to get it built.

      • I remember when they talked about the eight lane highway with the multi track high speed railroad in the middle, that was supposed run from the Red River to the Rio Grande. I hadn’t heard any more about it. That was one of Perry’s pet projects, I think. BTW. I know a Glen Perry over by Bonham, but I don’t know if he’s related. Has dark looks like Rick, though.

  16. We have crossed the Rubicon and nothing the government media academia axis does can put it back. After the constant threats and the glee with which our enemies have publicly celebrated our demise, Whites have finally lost any guilt for fake crimes that never happened and are now actively supporting their own narrow interests.
    The Long Nightmare of the Civil Rights scam is now over. All the false promises of undiscovered hidden potential and further false promises of peaceful co-existence, Whites have finally realized that this is merely extortion and that continuing to pay will cause their extinction. The enemy can say or do anything now, but they are finished. There is a difference between charity and terrorism and they stupidly crossed that line and openly celebrated. Bye, suckers. You lost.

  17. Win or lose the legacy of Trump ought to be the development of an authentic nationalism which would be hostile both to the reactionary right, especially the treasonous Neo-Conservative faction, as well as the lunatic left.The Tea party is far to weak for the job! All the enemy has to do is accuse them of racism and they pissed on themselves in fear and began expelling members right and left. With friends like that who needs enemies. This is what is called bourgeoisie nationalism.

  18. Surprised that NC is still holding up to the PC crowd for our newly enacted state law preventing local governments from passing anti-discrimination rules meant to protect gay, lesbian and transgender people. With all the states and PC organizations/teams/businesses threatening to boycott NC it is starting to really get exciting but then again it just seems like a dream. If they all followed through and did boycott NC and all the liberals left the state why we might even be able to fly the First National and Confederate Battle Flags any time and anywhere we want. The thought of this is even better than secession…but I feel like I am going to wake up any time now when the compromisers bubble to top of NC politics and return all of us to the current reality nightmare…

  19. You picked a fine time to leave us Gov Deal,
    With four hungry children and a crop in the field.
    We’ve had some bad times
    Lived through some sad times
    But this time your hurtin’ won’t heal
    You picked a fine time to leave us Gov. Deal

  20. The Liberals went down to Georgia.
    They were lookin’ for a soul to steal.
    They were in a bind ’cause they were way behind.
    They were tryin’ to force a veto with Deal.

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