DC Madam Release Countdown

Editor’s Note: This is not an April Fools’ joke.

This is the top story to keep an eye on heading into the Wisconsin primary next Tuesday:

“The colorful litigator who represented the late “D.C. madam” Deborah Palfrey and threatened this week to release call logs of his former client that he says are “very relevant” to the 2016 presidential election tells U.S. News those records already are digitized and posted online.

Montgomery Blair Sibley says the records will become public if he fails to reset a 72-hour countdown clock, which could cut short his soft two-week ultimatum for federal courts to consider lifting a 2007 gag order that covers the records, lest he deem that order void.

The countdown clock is a safeguard, Sibley says, that ensures that if he disappears the records will be published. Inevitable release, he says, may also disincentivize violent acts against him to prevent their disclosure.

The records are stored on four servers around the world, Sibley says, and dozens of reporters will receive a website link if the clock is not reset. He says he loaded the information online in January, when he decided to publicly claim the records are relevant to the presidential race. …”

Cruz is doing great in the latest Wisconsin polls. He could have a really big Monday though … BIGLY. We shall see.

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    • Huckabee was right. It’s either ballots, or bullets.
      And we’re coming down to the end of the pencil point, just as CS Lewis said.
      Cruz needs to be ‘cruzified,’ and never rise again…..whether that’s at the polls, or via an ‘act of God.’

      Exaudi oratione nobis, Domine.

      • Cruz is not going to fundamentally alter the globalist course the nation is on. However a Cruz regime for the last 8 years would have been a hell of a lot better than Obama. At least he’d have backed the cops in Ferguson and not have encouraged this whole “Black Lives Matter” shit behind the scenes like the Obama regime. The Baltimore and Ferguson Riots were Obama’s “Kristalnacht.”

  1. Clarification, Mr. W.:

    I think he’s saying the records are on a 72-hour auto-trigger that he can keep resetting–to 72 hours, that is. The idea is that he can keep resetting the trigger while he’s awaiting, I guess, the Supreme Court response that he has said he wants within two weeks or whatever. Should he die while he’s waiting, the 72 hours will run out, and thus the internet release of the files will take place.

    • Yessir, can’t be too careful. Too many people with the inside dope on our rulers seem to have accidents or unexpected, sudden and fatal illnesses.

  2. The other shoe is about to drop on Cruz. He dodged a bullet last week, if this turns out to be him, that’s it for Mr. Cruz.

  3. Not sure what I’m looking at here. Right now, it’s about 12:30 A.M., April 1, here on the East Coast. As far as I can tell, the item below was posted on Twitter by that hacker group Anonymous within, I don’t know, the last hour or so? Make of it what you will …

    • Anon are notorious fraudsters and trolls. They never actually do any “hacking” or releasing of real information.

      • I see. In calling them “that hacker group,” I was expressing the impression I’d gained of them; your assessment sounds believable, Ricardo.

      • Anyone can make a stupid video, upload it to Youtube and say its from Anonymous. That is what is happening.

  4. Interesting that Deborah Palfrey was found dead with a nylon cord around her neck in a shed after committing suicide. So they say.

  5. It’s absolutely maddening, sickening to watch Cruz overtake Trump in the Wisconsin polls when instead he should rightly be plummeting in the polls if the truth wasn’t being surpressed. If the cucks win the nomination it will be because the Cruz sex scandal took too long to come out. I feel like tearing my hair out watching this.

        • I believe it’s from “cuckold” a pathetic man married to a slut who raises another man’s children instead of putting his resources into raising his own. A violation of of what your DNA wants. They are white conservatives who advocate policies that pass on their own children’s birthright to Hispanics and other 3rd world immigrants submerging their own children to minority status in a nation where the majority rule. Empowering groups who have done nothing but rag on endlessly about their historical grievances against whites and will be expected to be very ugly in their treatment of whites should they come to rule through the ballot box.

          Michael Savage is quite right when he told a rich relative living in a huge house in the suburban Bay Area that the way one of Obama’s commissars sees their own home is: “It’s too big for just you, we can move a Section 8 family of welfare queens and her wild brood into your house to share it.” Ever seen DR ZHIVAGO? After the Bolsheviks took over they moved slum dwellers into HIS OWN FRIGGIN’ HOUSE! The left here would do exactly the same if they had the power to do it. When America has an afro-hispanic majority the left will win every single election, the only issues in the campaign will be how much % of white people’s money they’re owed?

          This battle was lost during the Bush Jr. years when it could have been reversed had Bush Jr. not been a dimwit. After 911 he could have used the general public mood to roost the illegal aliens out and drastically reduced mass 3rd World immigration as a security threat. Instead the “conservative movement” obsessed over non-issues and basically let the country move to the point it is now virtually irredeemable, the lost the culture war and the strong Trump movement is from people who sense this and want to punish the Republicans for being phony losers who only pretended to be looking out for their interest while accepting their 30 pieces of silver to let the train run off the rails.

          • HUD deliberately and with malice aforethought target majority white areas for majority non-white section 8 housing. Notice how all refugees get settled into majority white areas. They want to break up that voting bloc so that a future ethno-state is never a possibility.

    • I don’t believe repugs are winning in Wisconsin. Check your voting machines for fraud. Repub. fraud is the rule in today’s elections.

    • I watch that woman purely for entertainment. She’s as full of shit as a Christmas goose. . She treats nothing stories as if it they had serious, and long term consequences for the whole country, if not World.

        • That much I know. However, it amuses me that she’s supposed the be the smartest woman in America®. She’s damn near wrong on everything she says. Even her attempts at seriousness and gravity are a hoot.

          • Who says she’s smart? She married the most philandering president ever. How is that ‘smart’?

          • Everybody but me. The claim that she’s smart is just a goofy as the other stuff. In school we had a girl who was said to be smart, without any proof. She wore glasses and looked like Woody Allen with long blond hair and titts. She was a lot like Rachel Maddcow. A phony, pseudo intellectual git.

    • Typical maddcow, nothing new there, she is no more than a turned out pervert looking for some scapegoat to make her perverted lifestyle more acceptable, and assuming it is some conservative that is the culprit of coarse. YAWN!

  6. How much money is Cruz spending in Wisconsin? According to the polls, Cruz is doing poorly everywhere else. This tells me that there is no national push towards Cruz. Wisconsin is an upper Midwestern state that Republicans typically lose (it’s not a conservative state.) There is to ideological or geographical basis for Cruz’s gain in the polls. This only leads me to believe that there are a lot of ad buys by Cruz and Cruz supporting PACs in that state. I have heard that Cruz sees Wisconsin as a firewall against Trump. Cruz and his allies are probable pouring a lot of restorers into Wisconsin and Trump is not countering. He’s probably banking money for the general.

    • It’s a three man race with the entire global establishment coming down on one candidate and helping the other two.

      It’s amazing how well Trump is doing, and shows how well his message would resonate in a neutral environment.

      I’m not confident of a win in Wisconsin, but I never was and I still have Trump conservatively at 1200 delegates. It will be close.

      • The Midwest and their very conservative and anti-nationalism stance has been very useful for the cucks in this election cycle.

        I’m still not convinced that Trump can’t pull off a win in Wisconsin due to independents and working class crossovers. If Trump campaigns heavy over the weekend, it could make the difference.

  7. PPP poll has Cruz and Trump within 1% of each other. Ipsos poller I know, says their private polling at Reuters has Trump +2. Bottom line is: it’s close. This could be what makes all the difference in WI, and going forward.

  8. Sibley is willing to risk contempt of court and going to jail if the gag order remains in place? Not sure what’s going on here but if we’re supposed to believe he’s a genuine patriot concerned about the welfare of the country I call BS.

  9. So many problems.

    Psychopathy is a problem, but what about ideopathy?

    PC ideology seems to turn a lot of people into ideological psychopaths or ideopaths.

    I think a lot of young people are ADDICTED to moral supremacism based on false data.

    They are junkies of PC. Justice Junkies or Justinkies.

    And they need a hit of PC every so often.

  10. Sex, lies and murder? Oh how the Founders would weep for their Republic! This trash in Washington needs to go, and soon. We cannot put up with this anymore. This is no government, its a criminal organization.

    • The media has done an exceptional job dividing the Republican Party.

      I don’t see a path for victory at this point. Odds are we are looking at a Clinton presidency next year. Trump voters will not vote Cruz, and Cruz voters will not vote Trump.

      The longer the infighting continues, the more the uncompromising and polarized the camps will become.

      • Whatever the outcome I hope White folks will stay good and angry, especially with either a psychopath or a commie in WH.

      • There are no Cruz voters. There are deluded Evangelicals that were seduced by the Fake Christian Act this vile pretender put on to make them believe they should vote for him due to the shared values they had. When the next shoe drops and it is revealed that he frequented a Washington Whorehouse that should finish him off. Its hard to tell exactly who is doing this. The GOPe need him to siphon off enough delegates to deny Trump even though Cruz will never be on their ticket.

        • I agree to an extent. However the majority of voters simply have no idea of his true character. If, and only if the gate-keepers in the media allow the story to get the coverage. That is still up in the air.

          I read somewhere that the National Enquirer is running a new story this month with more evidence of his degenerate behavior. I have no problem with a womanizer, just the fact that he is a bible thumper.

          Glenn Beck might go in to full meltdown if Ted is exposed as the fraud he really is. And his diehard supporters may actually get in to the Trump camp.

          Trump has called him lying Ted for sometime, the exposure would validate his assertion, perhaps a vindication of some sorts.

          It really is all up to whether or not the media decides to cover the story.

        • Amen, Amen, and AY-MEN! You hit the Evan-jelly-goo myopic nail on the crown of thorns betokening the martyrdom Protestant-schism is doing to Jesus Christ, yet again… by their inability to see truth, and instead, preferring a lie.

  11. EU. Why is it so messed up?

    Why is the EU the way it is? Is it about European Union or Jewish Occupation?

    Native European elites are cuck-collaborators of the GLOB.

    They are like the Vichy regime.

    What did Vichy regime fear most? French patriots who resented German Occupation.

    Vichy regime’s power was based on serving the German occupiers, not serving the French people, especially patriots dreaming of Liberation.

    European elites are beholden to the GLOB run by people like Soros, big bankers, and Zio-US imperialism.

    As collaborators, they must keep their own people in line.

    Their power comes from serving those above(the globalist elites), not representing those below(their own people).

    Sure, they talk the talk of patriotism. Vichy regime did too with all the pomp and BS. The puppet government of Manchuria under Japanese imperialism did the same. Puyi(the Last Emperor) pretended to represent the Manchurian people. But his ‘power’ was dependent on Japanese rule. So, his real duty was to keep his people in line so that Japanese would continue to use him. He was serving the Japanese Empire while window-dressing as a patriot defending Manchuria from Western Imperialism and Chinese Imperialism. Today, we have European elite their GLOB overlords while pretending to represent their own people against the threat of Russia!! (Cold War sure never ends. Anti-Russian animus is really all about a certain tribe’s ambition to turn Russia into just another trophy.)

    Because so many European nations were under Nazi rule during WWII, leftism became synonymous with patriotism and national liberation. (Exception was in Poland where right-wing government defied the Nazis, and then all Poles had to resist both Nazis and Soviets who took half of Poland.)

    The European narrative became: left = national liberation & patriotism AND right = collaborationist stooges of evil Nazis.

    The French Resistance was largely leftist.

    And to the extent that the National Front in France was associated with rightist collaborationist of Nazis, it’s been a hard sell. Even now for many.

    Today, we need a new narrative. Nazis are long gone(despite the obligatory Holocaust movie every year–EU produces Holocaust movies and immigrant movies, the message being ‘Europeans will always be crypto-Nazis until Europe is overrun by darkies.’). EU is now under new Occupation. And the leaders of this GLOB empire are NOT Muslims or immigrants. They are a certain tribe, and it is American Power, the center of GLOB imperialism.

    What Europeans need is National Capitalism. But GLOB is for Imperial Capitalism.

    What Europeans need is national socialism(not Nazi kind). But GLOB is for Imperial Socialism.

    Combination of National Capitalism and national socialism will allow efficient production and necessary distribution. Within the nation-state.

    But Imperial Capitalism has no sense of national interest. It’s about globo-elites playing the entire world to maximize their own narrow profits.

    And Imperial Socialism means the riches of a nation being wasted on riffraff of other nations. Merkel is a Imperial Socialist who is giving away German largesse accumulated by hard working Germans to riffraff invaders from Middle East and Africa.

    In this New Resistance against the GLOB, we need the New Patriots who are for National Capitalism and national socialism against Imperial Capitalism and Imperial Socialism.

  12. In the April 1 segment linked below, Maddow reports that Sibley’s petition has been put on the Supreme Court’s docket. My uncertain sense is that Sibley’s asking the Supreme Court to order a Federal District Court to hear his request for a lifting of the gag order on the phone records. On the ground that Sibley lost his status as Palfrey’s lawyer and thus has no legal control of the phone records, the District Court had refused to schedule the request.

    As this whole thing plays out, it’s hard not to be struck by the delusion of heartland bumpkins, for whom Trump’s an adulterer, with New York values, while Ted’s right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Go to http://theweek.com/speedreads/602452/ted-cruz-wife-lived-apart-first-7-years-marriage and then see whether you think it unlikely Cruz has had sexual relations outside his marriage. Go to YouTube and look for “Ted Cruz kisses his daughter,” in which one of Cruz’s girls flicks her finger at Cruz before she pulls away from his attempt to kiss her. Also at YouTube is “Watch Ted Cruz coach his family through a campaign ad shoot.”

    The other day, I listened to the Trump interview by a conservative Wisconsin radio host—Sykes, maybe, by name. The said host was overflowing with bumpkin self-regard, about the “civility” and other Wisconsin values to which he felt Trump should be introduced. It was like a caricature of American provincialism—but then again, just about all of America is a caricature of American provincialism.

    Anyway, the Maddow segment, which includes discussion of the 72-hour “dead man’s switch” on Sibley’s internet files of the phone records, is at http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/dc-madam-gag-order-added-to-scotus-docket-657276483519

  13. I think the media has pretty much made it impossible for Trump to win the general election. The Cruz story didn’t even hurt him, the media spun it as “look how horrible Trump is to make up these lies” never asking whether or not it’s true, and whether the source was the Rubio camp. Trump didn’t help himself by “spilling the beans on Heidi” by tweeting that photo instead of doing what Hunter did by showing she was basically advocating the end of American sovereignty. It is quiet apparent that the True reason Romney and McCain lost is that White Women don’t like the Republican Party and don’t block vote outside the South. He needed to run as pro-choice in the general election and he blew it by spewing the Rick Santorum line, gay marriage etc, is another one to avoid, white women love their gay male friends. Cruz sounded Presidential in the Townhall meeting, Trump sounded tired, defensive, and carried petty grudges, he needed to shut down the little faggot Anderson Cooper’s diversion on the Michelle Fields hoax in less than a minute by telling it as it was: a political opponent who did the equivalent of walking into a grocery store and taking a slip and fall for insurance money, and the whole thing was debunked by the CCTV footage. He needed to stay on message, globalism is the leveling of the American Dream achieved during the post war years with 3rd world poverty in a sort of international socialism. Most Americans are big losers in this process and he is the only one who isn’t bought and paid for and wants to stop it. Probably time for him to think about who his successor will be, someone who talks the anti-globalist line but hasn’t gone on the record touching the 3rd rail. Some one more cautious in what they say avoiding the personal bickering.

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