Donald Trump is Being Mean

The Lugenpresse “lying press” and motley collections of Libs, Leftists, Progs, Antifas, BlackLiesMatter, Mormon pussies, a big % of a certain people that we can’t name that starts with “J” ends with “W” and rhymes with “Jew” are all slandering and smearing GOP front runner Donald Trump;

“He’s a RACIST, he’s a hater, He’s another Hitler”.

The latest lying smear has Donald Trump and his security staff being mean and violent toward women and children – supposedly assaulting some drama queen reporter named Michelle Fields.

I’ve seen all the videos of the alleged battery crime and think most church ushers use more physical force helping elderly church parishioners find their seat in the church pews.

Gavin McInnes has done excellent work exposing the Michelle Fields incident as yet another lugenpresse media hoax.

The smears don’t seem to be sticking to Donald Trump – but the underlying theme that Donald Trump and his supporters are mean, not “presidential” – this is having some negative effect. The GOP establishment led by the likes of Mittens Romney are pushing the meme – that Trump is mean toward women, children, minorities, Mexicans and….


Idiot beltway Conservative Inc guy Grover Norquist has argued that Muslims are natural Conservatives and only vote 85% plus Lib Democrat because they don’t feel welcomed in a GOP “big tent”. Similar excuses are made for Islamic terrorists slaughtering our kinsmen in Paris and Brussels.

“Stop saying Muslims are violent or they’ll get angry and slaughter cartoonists and musicians” (Muslims especially the Taliban don’t like or even allow music).

The reality is that many parts of the Islamic 3rd world (Including no go Muslim slums in Europe and the UK) are reverting to 8th century savagery. This entails such culturally enriching practices as child sex slave auctions, beheadings and crucifying Christian priests on Good Friday.

We noticed. Donald Trump noticed and Trump is pretty much the only one around with a set of b**** to state the obvious that we the United States and the West can’t allow these Islamic terrorists to continue to flood in to our countries. Trump is also 100% right to state that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a natural ally and Russia has the right policy in the Middle East, right policy with mass Muslim migrations.

But the likes of Mittens Romney say Donald Trump is mean – plus he’s not presidential, plus he didn’t go to Harvard or Yale or both like…

Mitt Romney
George W Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush
Prescott Bush
All the Supreme Court Justices
Michael Dukakis
John Kerry
SJW Elizabeth Warren
The Kennedys
All the politically correct #*$&# elitists that never work honestly for a living

On the plus side American Renaissance publisher Jared Taylor did attend Yale – one for our side.


  1. It seems somehow fitting that Trump has become a candidate now. He is the perfect avatar for an America that no longer exists. A White businessman who made money by building things. Enemy number one for the New World Order.
    A spectre has risen over the world. The ghost of the American Dream haunts us as we see that one era is coming to an end, and another is about to begin. America as you knew it is now gone forever. Alexander Hamilton warned that the US Constitution could only govern a moral and upright people, and that’s why it has failed.
    All democracies collapse and afterwards a dictator rises to restore order. After the period we have seen, there shall be little trust in allowing anyone to vote. Democracy is a prescription for disaster. Eventually the people realize they can vote themselves money and benefits which causes the slide to collapse. Letting the poor vote at all was a serious mistake. Letting people who contribute nothing decide how it is spent has sped up the downward spiral to the end.
    An immoral people will need someone with a rod and iron fist to teach Americans how to be moral again. However, never again must this evil thing known as democracy show its ugly face in our presence.

    • John Adams issued that warning, not the Jew Rothschild’s agent Hamilton.
      You’d think America women would want a man like Trump. He’s successful, extremely intelligent, charming, and provides beautiful children. His kids LOVE him, and he loves them. The soulless bitches deserve what those Jihadis have to give them.

      • If Hillary drops out the women may go to Trump. I doubt that old fool Sanders has any appeal to the women. Hillary looks sick to me, or maybe she’s just too old now to do this. They might indict her just to get her out of the race. She’s stinking up the place by actually losing primaries to Sanders. I expect Sanders was just a token candidate set up to lose to Hillary. The people who might have beat her all dropped out to open the way, and I suspect Sanders knew he was supposed to lose.

        • The Hildabeast should be IN PRISON, to hell with just being indicted!
          Kasich and antiCruz should drop out. They have no way to gain the numerical votes for a nomination. Besides, they’re cucks. Already Traitors, or “Xenos” – ?es verdad, Rafael?
          Sanders- a Jewish Communist? Puh-leez. Why not just adopt the Bolshevik party platform, start the gulags in North Dakota, and get it over with? Free everything? “Get a LIFE, Morans!” as that old pic says.

          Which leaves Trump. Who should be at least titular King, until we can find a better ethnarch.

          But yes. America is DONE. Once we elevated the Nigger to ontological equality with the White, we went into shock. With the women’s vote, we became comatose. With the lowering of the voting age, we went on life support. With the browning of America, we had cardiac arrest.

          Huckabee is right. Ballots, or bullets. By July, we will know. It’s either Coronation time for Trump, or it’s time to lock and load, gents (and ladies). Aim for the brown of their skin….as it were.

          For US and OUR posterity. ORION.
          God help us in this, our time of greatest need.
          Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.
          Let not your Elect perish off the face of the earth.

          • America bill become great again once we kick out false prophets and the carpenter theology you scumbags espouse brainswashing unwashed masses, you fake assole. Charlatans like you who spread the word about a fake cult figure albeit saying he died for your sins and coming to save to your ass must firmly put in place. You master liars are the reasons this country has been brought to ground.

          • Ah, a whore of Babylon speaks. Well, dear, I hope you enjoy Hell, cuz that’s where you’re going.

          • Hell should be lot of fun than a religious congregation with negros and other aliens where we get to hear a old faggot like you profess charades about a Mythical cult figure. Now go home and continue charading you filthy charlatan. Every pro white movement will fail if they house charlatan like you and the fake Jew tool God you praise. May be Alex linder is right after all. Christianity penetrated iron hearts and filled it with vapour. It’s a Jew smog and a distortion to protect their asses banking on vulnerable fags they call fathers to do their dirty jobs

          • And every whore like you will be raped and handed around like a piece of trash, by the Moslem hordes your sex lusts after, in their blasphemous desire to betray their race, their culture, and their religion. ANATHEMA SIT.

  2. The abortion thing is working. I am actually outraged by this. I’ve been in a cold fury all day. ever since last night. The Hebes and their minions are pulling out all the stops. Trump looked tired last night. He has boundless energy, but he’s 70. Political campaigns shred far younger people. Matthews really set him up, and he shouldn’t have answered at all. He should have attack Matthews on his heresy.
    FYI – I know women who’ve had abortions. Abortion punishes woman all by the results. I knew gals when I was in college who breezed through the procedure – and then went through massive guilt and sorrow. I used to be pro-abortion rights when I was very young and VERY stupid. I didn’t know any better. Just like casual drug use, an homosexuality, all I knew was what {{{ The Popular Kulture}} foisted off. I ran with an Artsy crowd, so it was all about “personal choices”. Then, as the years went by, I witnessed the damages and casualties.
    Abortion is abusive towards every-one. The babies that never got a chance to live. And I mean WHITE babies. The easy out for males using women for casual sex. The women using casual sex to get men. Abortion dehumanizes Human life, and is the Jew Blood Sacrifice of the modern era. It’s a Death Cult. If abortion was still illegal, women and men would be forced to make very different, far healthier choices on how they conduct their lives.
    I am disgusted by the apparent millions of soulless she beasts, of all Races, who are professing “outrage” over Trump’s thoughtless remarks. It’s a bell weather on just how low this country has sunk. America needs to DIE, so some thing healthy and whole can rise from the ashes of this disgrace.

    • Take it easy Denise. Trump has already served his purpose. He showed everyone that elections are a sham and that both parties are our enemy. I doubt Trump really wanted to run anyway. He always makes a big show of throwing his hat in the ring. I expect he expected it to be nothing more than free publicity, but when he mentioned immigration he was suddenly the frontrunner and too proud to withdraw. Like Perot, he was suddenly drafted by desperate Americans who want someone to represent them. Like Perot, the system will deny him entry. This is the last mistake they will ever make.

      • I think you may be correct. I think it’s going to depend on if Trump decides if he’s sick of it and walks away.

        • No Trump is far too proud to ever quit. They’ll have to stop him by denying him the nomination by cheating. Even if he gets their magic number, I expect them to still find a way to put a system shill like Bush, Ryan or Romney in there. I have faith in their stupidity.

        • hey denise?why in your opinion are jews so smart?you seem very knowlegable.i have met jews and they don’t seem any smarter at my opinion.yet if not a race how are they so sucessful,?is it witchcraft the talmud i believe?

    • I think he was not prepared for the absolute way the media has turned on him, they used to love him as the charismatic colorful character showing up on reality shows or openings of his latest casino. He should have avoided non issues like gay marriage and abortion because he’s got white guys already but white women are turned off by someone the media tells them they shouldn’t like and these issues alienate them. The white women I’ve met who like him have all been “firebrands” like my aunt. Stick with attacking globalism, it’s basically communism with American whites birthright being stolen from them and then “leveled” with the world through free trade and immigration to overwhelm them. I take it as a very good sign that despite what the media hurls at him he still gets that 30-40% support, non-elite white men now seem to understand exactly how hostile this regime is and exactly what they have in store. This leftist media really must be seen as being just as dangerous as Al Qaeda and must be dealt with similarly. Back in the Bush Jr. era people thought you were a crackpot viewing the leftist media like this, now after seeing where they’ve taken us with 7 years of Obama cheerleading, and the insane hatred of Trump for not wanting us overwhelmed with foreigners such sentiment doesn’t seem so crackpot anymore.

      • Trump has been slapping the media around like chumps. That’s why they’re setting him up now, because face to face he’s kicking their ass. The dinosaur media thinks they’re cute with these made up stories, but with their tiny audience they might as well be putting these stories up on bus stalls in the city. They’d probably get the exact same audience if they did.

  3. Cheer up, folks. Yesterday in the rain in somewhat liberal town Appleton. I doubt they will abandon Trump over s BS hypothetical ‘gotcha’ question. Wisconsin is on the verge of going Minnesota cuck so I’m not sure what will happen next week. This looks good unless it’s a case of all the Trump supporters in that area of the state showing up and there are no more.

    • Wisconsin Antifa hard core Leftists should be voting in the Dem primary for Bernie.

      Don’t really see who’s going vote against Trump in GOP – no LDS Mormons wanting to be not racist anymore.

      Seems like Trump should do great in Wisconsin.

        • I was doing intelligent pro White activism in a suburb of Milwaukee in the early 1990s. I remember Mark Belling. Is Charlie Sykes the Jewish guy who wrote “Prof Scam”? If so, I met with him in person and tried to explain to him some of the problems with the Jewish question and why David Duke was right and he recalled in terror saying that “he was a Jew”. I didn’t have a very good come back to that.


          I am much better at that now.

          • He certainly is. I think someone in Trump’s campaign thought it would be a good idea to let him be interviewed on Charlie’s talk show because his ex-wife was named by Trump during a debate to be one of his choices for the SCOTUS.

            Trump probably thought it would be a piece of cake.

            To the contrary. He was ambushed by the little weasel who is an establishment neocohen.

            Charlie’s ex is not a jew as far as I know and I heard that he was messing around with his current wife before his divorce, so there may be very bad blood between them.

            I’m hoping Trump draws the working class voters who feel alienated. It is an open primary.

            Not winner take all but a hybrid similar to Missouri.

            Some might go for Cruz who is echoing all of Trump’s ideas lately. Kasich will probably get a good chunk of the squishy voters and can’ we all just get along women who think Trump is too mean. Walker endorsed Cruz yesterday and we know Reince Priebus stacked all the debates against Trump.

            My wife is making volunteer phjone calls for the Trump campaign. So far, Trump is lagging but I’ve read tht many people are afraid to admit they are for Trump because of peer pressure.

            Trump has 3 rallies lined up before the vote. I hope he makes an impact.

          • I would have said, “So sorry for your covenantal damnation.
            Matt.27:25, and all…. ever thought of renouncing?”

  4. How ‘good’ white people think.

    1. ‘Racism’ is worst.

    2. ‘Bad’ white people are the worst because they are ‘racist’.

    (‘Racism’ used to mean hating other races for no reason. Now it means your people wanting to keep their own nation.)

    3. My ‘goodness’ is measured by hating those ‘bad’ ‘racist’ white people.

    4. I will do ANYTHING to defeat those ‘bad’ white people.

    5. If that ANYTHING destroys myself and my nation along with those ‘bad’ white people, it will have been worth it. So, the value of this ANYTHING is measured primarily by how much harm it will do to ‘bad’ white people regardless of long term consequences.

    In a nutshell, for ‘good’ whites to be good, they must destroy ‘bad’ whites. That is such a priority that all considerations are secondary. As long as it destroys ‘bad’ whites, it is ‘good’. It doesn’t matter if it destroys ‘good’ whites along with ‘bad’ whites in the end.

    It is a kind of moral fixation whereby evil is defined very narrowly. Evil is associated with ‘bad whites’ and only with ‘bad whites’. So, ‘good whites’ are blind to dangers posed by non-whites since their only concept of evil is ‘bad whites’. So, if non-whites can be used to destroy ‘bad whites’, it is good. As for what non-whites do to ‘good whites’ in the long run, no one thinks that far.

    But there have been so many historical examples of ‘good guys’ using outsiders to destroy ‘bad guys'(of their own kind), only to be destroyed and taken over by the outsiders.

    The #1 animating force of Western demise is the ideology and idology that made so many whites define their ‘goodness’ by viciously hating ‘bad whites’.

    It is a religious fervor, the ONLY moral-spiritual uplift in their lives. You could see it in the SJW who messed up a Trump rally or the guy who tried to charge him.

    It is a mad kind of hate.

    It is the core of white cancer. Without such zealous hatred that ‘good’ whites feel for ‘bad’ whites, PC globalism would fall apart.

    The religion of whites is ‘good’ whites hating ‘bad’ whites. This religion has spread to American Conservatives too. National Review’s hatred for ‘bad whites’ is of that kind.

    It is a white spiritual civil war. It is not about economic or political issues. It is a spiritual issue since ‘good’ whites feel it so deeply and strongly. And people like Soros know this is the central weakness of whites. He funds this church of white division.

    ‘Good whites’ have been converted to the religion of ‘anti-racism’ where whites are uniquely guilty, and their guilt can only be expiated by redemption of ‘good whites’ burning ‘bad whites’ at the stake. It is a religious war, like Catholics vs Protestants.

    • In the minds of white liberals there are only 3 kinds of people. Good whites, bad whites, and everyone else. Only good whites and bad whites have agency. All the non-whites are just the lucky beneficiaries of the good whites or the helpless victims of the bad whites. Although liberals would never admit it, only someone who believes that whites are so superior to everyone else that other races aren’t even potentially a threat could hold such a view. For them non-whites are just pets to be used for signaling their virtue. And yes, Jews recognize this weakness and exploit it.

        • It’s not the sense of superiority but the belief that no other race is a threat to them that is the issue here. Jews also believe they are superior but they aren’t delusional enough to believe that no other group is a threat to them. If anything they are hyper-paranoid and see threats everywhere. This is a weakness that frequently leads to their downfall just as this belief in the security and permanence of their position as a group is a weakness in white liberals. The only insecurity that white liberals feel is the loss of status within their ingroup if they express “racist” thoughts because that would mean they see non-whites as a potential threat which would make them one of the bad whites.

    • This is the crux of the matter. Just like the Harry Potter series, it isn’t a battle between Wizarding folk against the ‘Muggles’, it’s the IDEOLOGY of what is and isn’t ‘REAL,’ or ‘TRUE’ when it comes to OUR in-group. And it’s all so much fiction, just as Rowling’s books are.

      The great ethnic/racial/DNA benefit that whites possess is their sense of ALTRUISM- the caring, nurturing side of our people. Other races DO NOT POSSESS this trait. [This has long been known, written about, observed.]

      Trouble is…

      As you have noted, the godless (let’s just conflate religion, science, and DNA evidence into one overarching Weltanschauung, shall we?) KNOW that White/Adamic persons have this trait. They observed it with the missionaries to India and Africa in the 18th Century, the boatloads of ‘stuff’ we used to send to Haiti, Somalia, Iraq, Taipei, Seoul, etc., in the 19th and early 20th Century, when our Christian compassion degenerated into merely cultural compassion, and then into statist compassion…

      We went from encouraging ‘rice Christians’ in 1900, to just ‘japanese transistor radio’ philo-Americans, in the 1960’s, to Japanese Car makers in the 1970’s, to Japanese everything in the 1980’s, while Nixon’s opening trade with China, soon meant we outsourced even our pots and pans to China, in the 1990’s… all the while, Africa merely exponentially reproduced themselves as their ‘greatest resource,’ while millions of useless Negroes flooded their prior populations’ projections, due to our ‘aid’ for ‘Famines,’ imbuing rock singers with a moral consciousness they never posessed in the first place!

      All the while, we allowed Jewish physicians to augur for infanticide in the USA, beginning the practice of our own collective genocide, by some damned specious ‘decision’ by nine black-robed satanists in 1973.

      We were so damned altruistic, we didn’t stop to realize, that:
      – YHWH God may have CURSED the sons of Canaan, and wanted them to REMAIN as they were in Africa, one of the richest continents in the world. (think South Africa, Rhodesia, etc.)
      – murdering our unborn was a covenantal CURSE, given to us by the very same race that has been UNDER a covenantal curse, for lo, these past 20 centuries [ Matt. 27:25]
      – Women objectively/representatively sinned first,
      and thus, are not FIT to rule, reign, or excercise authoring over men… yet, even here, our own racial altruism betrayed us, as we in the West, yearned to be ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ – via NOW? And through the voices of ugly jewesses by the names of Friedan, Abzug, etc?
      – As we denied God, we blandly/blindly accepted the substitute- even a secular Jew noted this, for us!

      So, now we have Donald Trump being ‘mean’ to women.

      Well, HELL! If (as a woman) you KILL YOUR OWN BABY, you have descended into a realm of such barbarity that you don’t DESERVE even the very racial altruism you so willingly lavished on others!

      Get a clue.

      Trump is being consistent. Jews, the Godless, and the cucked class are all being SINFULLY inconsistent.

      We NEED Donald Trump, with all his foibles and follies. But our own perverted altruism may give us the ruler we DESERVE, rather than the ruler we need.

      We are a dying civilization. The next nine months will either birth the American nation again, or an antichrist regime that will be just like the last time, when we foolishly (altruistically) listened to the Bolsheviks’ lies.

    • The NRO is not White. It’s Jew/ But the rest of your analysis is correct. I’ve been saying for years now, that’s not White GUILT, but White Egoism. A poisoned type of “pride”. The sin of Satan,

      • You’re very right about this, Miss Denise – I see this ‘poisoned pride’ a lot amongst my fellow bible-thumpers, who regard my fervoured admonitions, to save our race, and culture thence springing, as delusional sins of the flesh – the legacy of Adam’s fall.

    • A Higher Principle is, in fact, the very first thing every #traitor claims. One is loyal or a traitor because of one’s attitude towards one’s OWN people, not one’s attitude towards The Enemy – Whitaker

      White anti-Whites can’t be allowed to get away with it any longer and that’s all there is to it.

      • “White anti-Whites can’t be allowed to get away with it any longer and that’s all there is to it.”

        yes, I would agree. But does anyone here see this as I see it- a THEOLOGICAL struggle…. apart from Cambria and his weekly column?

        This week’s column was pretty darn good. In it, he begins with the ‘larger picture’-

        “..the people of Christian Europe, who[m the] bards wrote about, all believed that death was conquered by the divine love of Jesus Christ. Am I comparing apples and oranges? No, I am not. There is eternal Europe, which will live on no matter what happens to the geographical entity that has now been turned into Islamabad. But I am not referring to eternal Europe only. ”

        The struggle is not for the GOP, or even America- it is for CHRISTENDOM. That ill-defined ‘proposition nation’ that is far more real that the USA, the EU, or even NATO. GOD’s KINGDOM.

        Because the war is not about a political party, it is not about ‘rights’ it is about THE Incarnation, and the INCAR- NATIONs that follow Christ.

        “What seems impossible now, that Europeans will arise and drive out the Moslem and colored barbarians from their nations, could become a reality if the love of Christ, which intensifies and purifies our love of kith and kin, once again becomes the raison d’être of the European people.”

        That battle is so far beyond the merely labels of ‘conservative’ and liberal, between GOP and DEM, it is literally apocalyptic in nature:

        “They [liberals] will never fight the Moslem or colored barbarians. They view all those who are non-European and non-Christian as their spiritual allies who are united with them in a holy war against the European people. ”

        This was brought home to me in reading a column over at DS, wherein it was noted: ” Frans Timmermans, the Vice President of the European Commission, gave a speech declaring that no country on the planet would be allowed to remain homogeneous – that we will all be forced to accept diversity.” -

        Cam’s assessment, therefore, is correct: THIS IS A HOLY WAR, between Christendom and Satania, between Adamic Man and the lesser races:

        “It has now become de fide that a white man must hate his kith and kin and give them up as sacrificial offerings on the Babylonian altars of the liberals and their fiendish Moslem and black allies. Pope Francis said we are all God’s children as he washed the feet of a Hindu, a Moslem, and some creature of color, but what God is Pope Francis referring to? It is most certainly not the Christian God. I fail to see His image in the heathen faiths and heathen people whom Pope Francis worships.”


        “Satan made his attack on the mystical body of Christ by making use of the external symbols of Christianity to serve his own end, which is the destruction of the image of God in man.”

        Therefore, to pretend that we are still in some Victorian country club mentality, where ‘rational discourse’ and ‘gentlemanly disagreement’ are the norms that hold sway, is clearly denied by the recent actions of the GOP against Trump.

        “If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination this summer, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is vowing not to give the billionaire’s campaign control over the party leading up to the November election, according to a report in The New York Times.

        The Times said Priebus “has also let it be known that he does not plan to let the Trump campaign take over the party apparatus if he captures the nomination.

        “At an off-the-record happy hour with reporters last week, Mr. Priebus said clearly that, regardless of precedent, he would not be layered over by Mr. Trump’s loyalists, according to two people present.”

        If true, Priebus’ decision would be a stunning reversal of precedent and a serious slap in the face to the Trump campaign.” – Donald Trump News, “Priebus Won’t Turn RNC Over to Trump If He Wins”

        We are where we were before the first American Revolution in 1776, before Fort Sumpter in 1860, before the Battle of Vienna, in 1683.

        “If you attack liberalism in the name of liberalism, you are an unwitting instrument of the devil. Mortal men cannot go against the devil, armed with their own puny reason; they must fight the devil in the name of Christ, armed with His weapons, not with the preferred weapon of the devil.”


        “In Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip is armed with the shield of virtue and the sword of truth. He does not debate with Maleficent, lest he be deterred from his avowed purpose, which is to destroy her. Instead he hurls the sword of truth into her heart, and Maleficent disappears, leaving only the cross of Christ. That cross is the only reality here on this earth and in the world to come.”

        This is a racial holy war- a RAHOWA, as the neo-knatsees were wont to call it. But, instead of a battle between some idiotic pseudo-pagans, we are engaged in a battle for our very existence as a race, for Christendom.

        “The white man is supposed to cease loving his own, because there is not supposed to be any such thing as “my own people.” But that rational rule, that there is no such thing as “my own people,” applies only to white people. Why does that rule only apply to white people? It is because the colored barbarians are wedded to Satan, so it is his will that they should love their own race (though they do not love as men should love, in and through the Savior), because whenever the colored races triumph Satan triumphs. It is different with the white race. White people formed an incorporate union with Christ. His word dwelt in their civilization. Wherever they prevailed against the heathens there was light in the darkness. Satan attacked that light by building a rational wall between the Christian faith and the white man’s love for his own people. When the European people, at the command of their clergy, agreed to stay behind that wall, apart from their racial hearth fire, Satan became the ruler of Europe through his liberal minions. Now when Europeans protest against their own extermination, they protest while adhering to the rules of Liberaldom – “Don’t break down the racial wall, don’t be violent, don’t be extreme,” the liberals command. “We will not breakdown the racial wall, we will not be violent, we will not be extreme. We will calmly and rationally state that we should have some rights within Liberaldom.” Isn’t the absurdity of that appeal obvious? The liberals want the blood of the whites, and their colored and Islamic allies are quite willing to give it to them. (1) We are not called upon to debate whether or not we should be allowed to exist, we must tell the liberals, the Moslems, and the colored barbarians that they must leave the European nations, because they belong to Satan while we belong to Christ.”

        Ladies and Gentlemen, the GOP is as filled with the operatives of Satan, as the Demon-crap-ic party… perhaps more, becase the GOP at least PRETENDED to care for Whites… until TRUMP.

        One more quote from Cam:

        “If you ever had any doubts about the satanic desire of the liberals to eradicate the white race, your doubts have now been removed by the liberals’ attacks on Donald Trump. He said that he was sick of Mexican illegals coming into the country and murdering people and that he would put a “temporary” halt to Moslem immigration. For those mild statements, he has been branded a racist and sentenced to death. The “conservatives” from Fox News and the mad-dog liberals have called for his assassination. What does that tell us about the liberal establishment? It tells us something we should already know – the liberals and their colored barbarian allies will not rest from satanic strife until they have destroyed the white race.”

        Are you ready to take up arms, and fight for this nation? We have seen that the Priebuses, the Cruz’s, the Rubios, the Fiorinas, and the Bushes, along with ALLthe other TRAITORS of this WHITE NATION, are willing to serve SATAN, rather than Christ, even as they LIE, LIE, LIE!

        Are you ready to heed Huckabee’s prophetic words, that it will EITHER BE BALLOTS, OR BULLETS?

        If they deny us the ballots, if Donald Trump is destroyed by the MACHINATIONS OF THE FORCES OF EVIL, then it is our GODLY DUTY to take up arms against a DEMONIC GOVERNMENT.


        “You can’t debate with an enemy that has made your destruction the basis of his religion. The stentorian forces in the churches, the governments, and the various media outlets of the European people deluge us, on a daily basis, with propaganda that proclaims the evil of the white man…Satan does not forgive; he cannot forgive, because he is incapable of love. But if we, the despised and rejected, turn to Christ, eschewing the satanic rationalism of the liberals, we shall see that the age of miracles has not passed. Europe is on her deathbed, but she will not die if we see His cross before our eyes and love our kith and kin in and through our Lord and Kinsman, Jesus Christ.” +

    • It goes like this.

      The primary motivating factor among whites(in US as well as in EU) is not how they see non-whites but how they see each other.

      If whites had white identity(as in the past) and saw things in terms of us whites vs them non-whites, there would be no problem.

      Instead, whites see the world and morality in terms us ‘good whites’ vs them ‘bad whites’.

      The ‘bad whites’ are the main OTHER for many whites.

      ‘Good whites’ may indeed concede that the migrants/immigrants are a lot of headache and trouble. But to the extent that enough of these non-whites will undermine white power forever—meaning the impossibility of the rise of right-wing nationalism ever again—, the ‘good whites’ see it as Mission Accomplished. It’s like a cancer patient willing to go through chemo and radiation that does great harm to the body to get rid of the cancer.

      Whites have been led to believe that white pride, white power, white unity, and white nationalism are the biggest cancers in the world.

      As long as too many whites feel that way, they will see the value of massive of non-whites. They see the harm too, but they see it as destroying the greater harm: white rightism. Suffer from chemo to kill the cancer.

      This is the great revolution in white thinking. Prior to rise of May 68 generation, most white Europeans thought in terms of us whites vs them non-whites.

      The new mentality is us ‘good whites’ vs them ‘bad whites’. ‘Bad whites’ are the WORST thing in the universe. So, if bringing in lots of non-whites will make it impossible for ‘bad whites’ to ever gain power, that is seen as Mission Accomplished, Disease Cured.

      Sure, there will be horrible social costs. But at least ‘white racists’ will never gain power again.

      But then, such crazy ideas existed with the radical right too. Hitler thought it was worth it to ally with Asiatic Japanese to defeat fellow Europeans. Nazism was us ‘superior’ whites vs them ‘inferior’ whites(the Slavs).

      And white Americans are into us ‘good’ Americans vs them ‘bad’ Russians.

      This idiocy has to end.

    • Satan is of course the originator but this present plan began with the Enlightenment. Before the Enlightenment, societies loved Aristocracy and thrived to protect it. Then came Spinoza Descartes, Rousseau, Locke and the rest who all said that all human beings were brothers. Rousseau then looked around and began this bizarre anitwhite cult he called the Noble Savage.

      Adam Weishaupt adopted the ideas of Rousseau and others in his Illuminati and used them to destroy the 1303 year old Frankish Aristocracy which were the men of Clovis The Great’s German Army who conquered Roman Gaul in 486. The French Revolution was an Ethnic War in which the swarthy Mediterranean Gallic Roman French threw down their Germanic overlords and mass murdered them. The Catholic Church, which although Gallo-Romans dominated it, supported the Aristocracy as Romans 13:1 says to support the governing authorities was designated the tool of the oppressors and they were mass murdered.

      France was so bad they had a Negro named Jean Baptiste Belley they named Mars the God of War and he was painted in a painting called Diretorie Dandy look it up, The French Revolutionaries worshipped him.

      Weishaupt was a Jew and eventually he got Napoleon to emancipate all the Jews in Europe, the Great Emancipator as far as Jewry is concerned was Bonaparte. The rest as we say is history. The French Revolution gave us modern Communism, in the form of Babeuf. His ideas and the ideas of the Revolution gave rise to Marxism and the rest is history


    Well, not exactly. It’s been a very bad week for his campaign, and, will not only cost him Wisconsin to Cruz, but, very likely Pennsylvania Kasich.

    Even Mr. Trump recovers himself, over the next month, he will not make it to 1,237 – which the GOP realizes; they preparing us for their ‘brokered’ candidate – the face, as of yet, not announced.

    Trump is going to be a 3rd party candidate, though, if he is to be successful at that, he will have to expand his base (40% of those currently voting in the GOP primary, which is 20% of those who will likely vote in the November election.

    The dilemma is that, while Mr. Trump has a very loyal minority of ladies behind him, if he is to win enough women, to win the presidency, he is going to somehow have to overcome the trap interview Chris Matthews set for him; into which the real estate mogul fell hook, line, & sinker – the film of which will be played all day, every day, during this coming October.

    Let me be clear : I agree with Mr. Trumnp’s views, on abortion, expresst to Chris Matthews, for I hate infanticide, and would support anyone who participates in it (women, doctors, male nurses, and whoever else) being punisht for partaking in it, yet, I am sensible of the fact that, in this, I am part of a minority of maniackal bible-thumpers, which are scattered across southern and some, not all, midwestern rural states.

    Such a position will not play to most Yankee or Western women – not at all. Thus, if I were Trump’s campaign manager, I would be in despair, because he has got to get to a 40% approval rating with women.

    Mr. Trump’s best chance is that Cruz will not be in the general election, and many of his followers, such as I, will vote for him. Further, Hillary Clinton is a very weak candidate, and that may be the only thing to save Trump’s ailing candidacy.

  6. Time will tell. The real importance is what happens after Trump.I do not want to see a third party is it is going to be just another cowardly conservative Tea party type of organization. Its time to leave!!!! If you had a wife that had screwed you over as many times as “our” government had you would have divorced her long ago. Anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a cult, a criminal enterprise, or apparently the United States!

  7. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 22m22 minutes ago

    After Hulk Hogan won $150 million from Gawker, why isn’t Ted Cruz suing NE and why isn’t the media asking him why he’s not?

  8. “One day all the lies will collapse under their own weight,and the truth will once again triumph.”

  9. Trump’s strength – not using image consultants or political advisors – also appears to be his vulnerability.

    The media works overtime to corner any one, particularly a White man, running for office into an either-or position on abortion. I should not be, but I am still somewhat surprised that the media-savvy Trump fell into this ambush.

    If I had been advising him, I would have had him say this:

    Roe v. Wade is established law. In my view, it is unconstitutional, because according to the separation of powers assignment set up by our forefathers, only Congress can make new law. However, only Congress can create an amendment that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

    We’ve had Republican majorities in both the House and Senate in the past, just as we do now. But these majorities, made up of candidates who fulminate against abortion every election cycle, have made no move to do so. Clearly, they are happy with the Supreme Court usurping their legislative role when it comes to dealing with controversial laws.

    As President, I would not be empowered to overturn Roe v. Wade I would do my best to appoint supreme court justices who would be amenable to reversing Roe v. Wade, but I am not a mind reader. John Roberts is the only the latest in a long line of justices, starting with Earl Warren, that turned out to be nowhere near as conservative as those who appointed them thought they would be.

    As President, I would be empowered to sign off on or veto any bills that are set before me. If Congress enacts a law reversing Roe v. Wade, I will sign it. If Congress appropriates spending for abortion mills, like Planned Parenthood, I will veto it.

    An ounce of prevention prevents a pound of cure, so I would direct that these funds instead be appropriated to make proper contraceptives freely available to poor women so that they would never be faced with the dilemma of an unplanned pregnancy again.

    Of course, exceptions like documented evidence of rape, incest, and health of the mother or viability of a severely deformed child would still stand.

    Though the leftists and their media shills like to believe that there is endless taxpayer money to be spent, we know that this is not the case. As President, I know that we would not have the funds available to monitor every woman of child-bearing age and then chain her to a U.S. Marshal until she delivers her child.

    At the same time we do not have the funds available for the taxpayer to pay for abortions on demand which I suspect is the ultimate goal of the pro-abortion lobby. An abortion is not a necessary, life-saving procedure, like a c-section. It is an elective surgery and she who elects it should have to pay for it, not the taxpayers many of whom are pro-life.

  10. The disgusting stable of Donor class GOPe cuck puppets that comprise Wi. talk radio.

    Full frontal assault on Trump 24/7.

    The most popular conservative talk show hosts here — Mr. Sykes, Jeff Wagner of WTMJ, and Mark Belling, Vicki McKenna and Jay Weber of WISN — are united in their disdain for Mr. Trump, with Jerry Bader, a radio personality at WTAQ in Green Bay, rounding out the group.

    “The thing that’s been unique in this presidential race is, for some reason, the three who work here — Jay, Vicki and myself — and our competitors, Charlie and Jeff Wagner, all seem to despise Trump,” Mr. Belling said in an interview. “We all just kind of came to this conclusion independently. I think it’s just that we’re not as stupid as some of the people that are falling for Trump’s crap.”

    In Mr. Belling, Mr. Trump has found an antagonist who is just as bellicose as the real estate billionaire himself. In his broadcast on Monday, Mr. Belling called Mr. Trump “the biggest wussy of all time,” “a big crybaby,” and a “sissy,” before turning his attention to the campaign team and declaring: “His staff are probably just a bunch of butt kissers.”

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