Mississippi Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill

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I’m pleasantly surprised that Mississippi, unlike Georgia and Arkansas, has chosen to jump into the fire with North Carolina on the religious freedom issue:

“Gov. Phil Bryant signed the controversial Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act into law Tuesday morning, saying he did so to protect the rights of people with “deeply held religious beliefs.”

HB 1523, authored by House Speaker Philip Gunn, has drawn state and national attention with groups as varied as the Human Rights Campaign and the Mississippi Manufacturers Association all calling for the governor to veto the bill.

Minutes after signing the bill, Bryant appeared on the JT Show on SuperTalkMS, a conservative talk radio station, to discuss the bill. He defended the bill, saying it only prevented “government from interfering with people of faith who are exercising their religious beliefs … in matters of marriage.” Bryant said it would not allow discrimination of anyone. …”

I don’t expect conservative governors to have any backbone.

Unfortunately, I fear this statute will ultimately join the ban on gay adoptions in Mississippi which was shot down by a federal court a few days ago. In Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, we went through this a few years ago with Arizona-style immigration laws which were passed with great fanfare by state legislatures only to be gutted and rendered useless by the federal courts.

Republican-controlled state legislatures pass these kinds of face saving token gesture bills all the time – drug tests for welfare recipients is another example – in an attempt to “show they are doing something.” Everyone involved expects the federal courts to block the legislation, but state pols get to tell the folks back home in their districts “aw shucks, I tried” and cover their culture war defeats in a cloak of honor.

Note: The Mississippi legislature also passed an anti-abortion bill. It is more token gesture politics.

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  1. They need to turn the power over to the voters: Initiative and referendum. PayPal and other businesses would have to campaign to the voters and threaten the voters. What possible threat would get voters to go along with forcing schools and businesses to let mentally ill males use women and girls showers and locker rooms?

  2. Eventually, cuckservatives will follow the lead of Bernie.

    Sanders: As President I Would Formally Apologize for Slavery


    Wednesday at Tindley Temple United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%

    said if elected president of the United States, he would formally apologize for America’s history of slavery.

    When asked if he would apologize for slavery, Sanders said, “You want the short answer? Yes. There’s nothing that anybody can do to undo the deaths and misery—how many people we don’t even know who died on the way over here from Africa in the ships. But we have got to do everything we can to wipe the slate clean by acknowledging the truth. You know truth is not always an easy thing. There are a lot of things that we have done in this country that are shameful. We have got to recognize that and own up to it. So the answer is yes.”

  3. Neil Steinberg ?@NeilSteinberg Apr 5 Chicago, IL
    ‘Someone should tell #Mississippi that “sincerely held religious beliefs” really isn’t much of an excuse anymore.’

    .@NeilSteinberg Worry about your own country, Israel, that doesn’t recognize intermarriage for religious (and racial) reasons

  4. Gov Bryant, Religion
    United Methodism

    How strong would you say that religious belief is?

    Can’t say, of course, but you have to question it.

    Christianity has considered homosexuality an abomination for, oh, say, most of its existence.

    If you think that an eternity of reward awaits you for adhering to and supporting your faith, and that some punishment might await you, if only oblivion, wouldn’t you hold the line at some point?

    That’s the beauty / problem of freedom of religion: religion has no fixed identity, it’s whatever you wish it to be, even from moment to moment. If law derives from core beliefs, such as religion, then law to will shift from moment to moment until it is essentially a lawless society; Lenin’s “who, whom.”

    Shall I coin a term: Christian Nihilism? Because that’s what I’m seeing.

    • What you are seeing is the religion of Political Correctness, the current religion of the West, which superseded Christianity some time ago. Cuckservatives along with liberals bend their knees before PC, not Christianity.
      PC is an anti-White, nihilistic faith.

    • I’m a Methodist, and it’s nice to see a Methodist politician take a stand against the LGBT sickness, and it is a sickness. A mental & physical illness. I would like to see a few Methodist MD’s have a few things to say publically about LGBT. The United Methodist Church (UMC) has numerous medical colleges including the storied Duke, and has produced many physicians across the South.

  5. By the way, if these legislatures would coordinate their actions, would a corporation “boycott” half the union? That could open them up to shareholder lawsuits.

    Such boycotts could also be the gateway to Partition.

  6. The weak spot of all these actions by the left is that they only target whites , they are literally nothing more than politics. A mosque next door to Granny Smiths Baptist church could literally crucify gays but the church will be targeted by the gays to perform a silly ritual and the mosque will be left alone if not venerated.
    In short the left here has no moral standing. They only gain traction because conservative dimwits when attacked immediately go autistic and start writing boring tedious essays cobbled together in an effort to be intellectual snobs, and never looking for weaknesses on the left.

      • I guess the smarter republicans ( I know) figure that this issue of white Christians being targeted will make a good campaign issue where the GOPer pledges to not prosecute Christians for objecting to being targeted.

          • Clinton’s two terms are precisely what made Bush possible, you fuckwit. We all know you’re a shitliberal closet-Clintonista, but at least try to keep yourself from making a mess on your keyboard whenever you think about those two pieces of a white trash, will ya faggot?

          • Chris,

            You gotta calm down man, I know he’s cynically making a pitch to white New Yorkers. Just go stump for Cruz! Why do you bother? The Occidental Dissent editor just featured this video as a story. Lee Rogers and Stormer have done so too. You are clearly out of step with the sites you troll. What interest could you possibly react. have with a Southern Secessionist website anyway? You’ve stated you’d happily shoot dead any vanguard of a new Confederacy.

            Are you in the bloody Union Club?

          • Bush won Florida fair and square, and it was your boy Al Gore who’s campaign workers were punching stacks of ballots and stuffing them in boxes, you English dummy.

            This blog wasn’t originally about that useless secession bullshit, and I was posting here long before your sissy limey ass wandered in.

            And what interest could YOU have in a Southern Secessionist blog? You’re a resident-alien British citizen who lives in the Midewest. You have to felate retarded nigger athletes in class everyday at work, while they’re probably fucking the little co-ed airheads that you had your eye on, and then you go home and get henpecked by your jewess wife. Am I getting warm? No wonder you LARP as an internet racist. Shit, you can’t even vote in this election, so the most you can do is rim Trump’s anus everyday on here or Gateway Pundit. You fucking joke.

            Remember a few years ago when you were yelping for Brad and the 8 or 10 blue-hairs that make up the League of the South, to restore the British Empire and re-colonize Africa? God damn, you are an epic moron. How someone as stupid as you could manage to make a living in the so-called “academic world” in this country, just shows how useless the concept of college education has really become.

  7. Phil Bryant is the best governor that Mississippi(and perhaps all of Dixie) has seen since the 1950’s. The man is based, and makes decisions that benefit Faith, Family, and Folk.

  8. What have Christian conservatives conserved in the last fifty years? There was no opposition from Christian leaders to the replacement of Christian sexual morality with consenting adults sexual morality. Households headed by single mother will soon surpass households by married two parent families.

  9. Good news for Mississippi. Something about Civil Rights the Homosexuals can’t understand. These radicals read from the African American playbook from the 1960s in talking about Equal Rights but doing the opposite. It’s only “Equal Rights” for the Gays and African Americans….not the rest of us. I’m sure this case will be brought up in federal court and 1 federal judge will get rid of it. That’s been the case since our defeat in the War for Southern Independence. My state should read the 10th Amendment and put it into action. WPWW !

  10. If all the Red states put up similar pro-religion legislation that forces all these pro-homosexual companies to relocate into the high tax Blue states that will be the equivalent to a boycott against these companies. The Red states must remain “lean” and “clean” (and “mean” when it comes to liberals).

  11. Sir, I don’t know how, but, today, I said to myself : Mr. Griffin is in a happy kind of tizzy, Yep, somehow I knew you were happy.

    Take heart ; you are seeing the beginning of a slow and steady avalanche, that has been a long time comin’.

    • By the way, I contacted Governor Bryant and expresst my support and gratitude for his courage, and for standing with North Carolina, in a similar way. Moreover, I posted news of this to the secession page, at Facebook, where I requested folks contact the governor, and, I am told, many did likewise.

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