The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball

I don’t even have to say to it:

“As I grew older and started feeling alienated from my white classmates, I gravitated toward athletes who, in some way, flouted the white, stoic traditions of American sports — Allen Iverson, Ken Griffey Jr., Rasheed Wallace, Pedro Martinez. I felt as if this was a moral choice. …”

There is no way the New York Times would publish an article about, say, “the unbearable blackness of SEC football” or “the unbearable Jewishness of Hollywood movies.” The mainstream media has become casually and explicitly anti-White. The cultural confidence on display here is also a reflection of the judgment that the Left faces no real opposition from mainstream conservatism.

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  1. Not much in the way of end zone celebrating (chimping) in baseball. Plus, being spiked in the shins is a potential hazard…

  2. Also there are nt enough jews and asians in the baseball teams. The article just mentions about negroes.

  3. The last time I looked at the roster of my favorite MLB baseball team (admittedly a while ago) there seemed to be an unbearable “Hispanic-ness” of baseball. And few, if any, of them were actually from the US.

  4. Baseball is a slower game, more skill involved that just rampaging up and down a patch of grass or a basketball court with a ball in hand. Not much appeal to the run of the mill negro.

    The goal of the ((left)) is to eliminate Whites from sports altogether; can’t have Whites as role models anymore in the new America.

  5. gravitated toward athletes who, in some way, flouted the white, stoic traditions of American sports

    Stoic traditions = civilization

    End zone dances = ooga booga

  6. As a sports fan myself, I’ve been noting the aging white population in the stands, both games I attend in person and on TV. I’m talking about baseball, college football & basketball, and even the NFL. Attendance is actually trending down in college football and basketball. There simply won’t be enough white people to fill the stands in 10-20 years. And you do not see large numbers of blacks, hispanics or asians at any of these venues.

    • Support non basketball and football sports. Those are the only two sports dominated by Black thugs everything else is White.

      College baseball and college hockey are great sports. The Frozen Four college hockey is this week, I think it’s tonight.

    • Some of this is economic. Attending games has become increasingly expensive, not just the tickets, but parking, food, merchandise etc. It’s a middle aged boomer and Xer dominated thing, they take along their kids, but the kids increasingly won’t be able to afford it.

      What could happen as whites really start to dwindle is that they could slash ticket prices to fill the places up with black and Hispanic thugs. The stadiums would have a ghetto atmosphere with loud rap music, open weed smoking, fights, strippers, gambling and the occasional shooting. It would be like a prison yard meets “da club” atmosphere.

      From what I have been hearing, Dodgers and Giants games are flirting with this atmosphere already with an influx of Mexican thug fans.

  7. Baseball is “too white” and needs Diversity. Diversity always means less White people and only White people.

  8. By “whiteness,” the NYT really means non blackness, more specifically, non black American ness. This speaks to the other side having a moving goalpost for the definition of diversity.

    One of my bon mot observations is that if Yasiel Puig’s distant grandfather was unloaded off the slave ship at Virginia instead of Havana, then the Dodgers star would be named Darnell Richardson, speak “English,” and be hailed as an example of diversity in baseball. Instead, his name is Yasiel Puig, he speaks Spanish, and is mysteriously not black according to the beancounters.

  9. The Cultural Marxists can’t stand Baseball, Hockey, Racing, and Wrestling. All are equal for White People. The other major sports like Basketball and Football are dominated by African Americans. These aren’t equal for White People. Y’all remember the days when liberals talked about the best man / women for the job? Seems those days are over because race is more important in the mind of the liberal. All in the name of Diversity and Multiculturalism that doesn’t include White People. WPWW !

  10. Anybody who still falls for the BS about jews being smart must be smoking crack. They’re not smart, they’re just delusional. As their fantasies of ruling the world crumble, expect them to get even more shrill and obvious with White hate. Like the niggers showing everyone the Klan was right, these jews will confirm everything Hitler said was true. Whom Gods destroy they first drive Mad. Its the end for them. The Gods shall not be mocked by these worthless scum. The Wrath of God is Here.

  11. Communists. Its their anti-white agenda to undermine the nation – always has been the plan because white capitalists are the majority. There’s an undeclared war in this country and we either rise to it or watch everything be taken. Those people aren’t kidding around – they want us gone – and political correctness is their weapon of choice.

  12. This is what American has devolved to: A Chinese browbeating whites on behalf of blacks and Hispanics.

    Seeing Asians increasingly turn against whites is driving a lot of the growing support for nationalism, IMO. It’s making mainstream conservatives realize that it is really about race, not education or income.

    I know the string Asian support for Obama in 2012 was an eye opener for conservatives who had always assumed most Asians were natural conservatives. Many were surprised to read those stats and changed their views on Asian immigration accordingly.

  13. Lets be honest here, this dork Asian kid was snubbed by hot white girls in high school and nothing else. I could create world peace by creating in a laboratory hot white chicks for every dork of color.

    • Show me a non-White who says he’s color blind. I’ll show you a non-White that is chasing White women.

  14. Can’t whites be good at anything without the POC and liberals crying? I guess not .

    Diversity means, chasing the very last white man down.

  15. American Negroes by and large played baseball by the thousands before the Great Migration. This was because Baseball and Football are both games that can be played in any open field of grass or even dirt. Because of this if you go back to 1920 or so, the Negro Leagues had a huge pool of talent. When the migration to the North happened, the Negroes were largely housed in inner cities, without a lot of grass, but these cities had basketball courts.

    A basketball court was easy for cities to build, just set aside a small part of a lot lay down some pavement and put up one or more basketball goals. This kept the kids from playing stickball in the streets, which was dangerous and caused traffic problems. This change in culture made basketball boom but it made baseball for Negroes go into decline.

    Today the vast amount of MLB players are Latinos, some are black, some are indios some are Spaniard and some are all three. The thing you must understand is that a Hispanic to an American Negro could be black as tar, but he isn’t a brotha. So even though plenty of Negroes play baseball, these are Hispanic Negroes, thus unacceptable. See how it works?

  16. Hunter I like that phrase unbearable blackness of the SEC. The SEC has the highest rate of Negroes in sports in the USA which is ironic because the change happened in such a short time literally a decade. If you look at Northern schools ala Big 10 you will still see quite a few white players, but many of these SEC school football teams are blacker than fresh pavement.

    An interesting subject would be why so many Alumni and boosters within 10 to 15 years following integration actively ENCOURAGED this and why? Simple white guilt can’t be the sole explanation.

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