Ted Cruz Woos the Jews

Lyin’ Ted has been cucking for Israel even harder than usual lately:

“Las Vegas (CNN)Ted Cruz gathered top campaign and super PAC donors here over wine and pistachio macaroons on Friday evening, kicking off a weekend-long push to win over the party’s biggest financiers.

Cruz and about 40 leading contributors marched into a restaurant in The Venetian hotel as the first full day of the Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting ended. Cruz is set to speak to the influential group on Saturday afternoon. …

Cruz’s speech Saturday at the gathering of Jewish Republicans is just the latest in a string of moves Cruz has made to lock up that community’s support as the New York primary approaches.

The Texas senator began subtly pivoting to those efforts in his Wisconsin primary victory speech, during which he not only touted the need to support Israel, but also name-checked Jewish day schools as he vowed to protect religious liberty. …”

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  1. Ah, he’s going straight for the money men! It’s going to be a tough sell–they want a man willing to deal, and Cruz is hard to get along with. I suspect they are tired of throwing money away and are thinking, “Trump–at least he’ll make a deal.” (I saw an article to that effect maybe three weeks ago).

    • Cruz was getting big time establishment money with the help of Mitch McConnell as early as December. Cruz is and always has been an insider. Even Paul Ryan, after funding Obama’s executive amnesty, is sending out tweets talking about how the House is finally getting the chance to stand up to Obama’s illegal EOs. They’re all frauds playing a game called Democracy.

  2. Cruz would be willing to turn every last one of you into “radioactive dust for Jesus” for the sake of Israel.

    Ahmadinejad in Iran wanted to start an apocalyptic war to bring back the Mahdi. Does Cruz think along the same lines? His Dominionism seems a bit out there.

    Better think twice about this whack job, GOPers.

  3. Yes. Rafael Juz was in Jew York City, helping the blood drinkers make matzho, in celebration of the mass murder of Human Children. I think he’s a Crypto.

    • he’s no such thing. We are witnessing the power of the Central JewBank and it’s debt/monetization activities. The goy politicians – Mrs. Clinton, Cruz, Trump – must submit or they will be destroyed. All except Sanders…exempt because he really is a Jew

      • Would be funny to swab him and see if he’s got the genetics though. He’s very swarthy. Spaniards don’t necessarily look like him.

        Some wag ought to swab the entire congress n senate to see who could pass Aliyah…

  4. Ted Cruz isn’t alone.

    “Here’s a message for America: Don’t ever turn your back on Israel, because God will turn his back on us.”

    — Sen. Lindsey Graham

  5. The question is as old as Christ himself. Do we want a world ruled by money as Jews do. Or do we want a world ruled by Gods laws as Christians do.

  6. The trouble is many evangelicals misinterpret scripture to believe that they must support a nation started 70 years ago by the United Nations. If these evangelicals would quit listening to their ‘megapreachers’ (looking at you, John Hagee!) and start reading scripture, they’d discover they themselves are the Israel God favours. Of course, when they discover this, the powers that be will label the Holy Bible antisemitic and ban it (at least in Europe).

    • Cruz says, if you are not for Israel, you are not for me. That’s a sure sign that Cruz isn’t playing with a full deck.

      Those Cruz for President yarmulkes are too much too. I can’t imagine any self respecting Jew, not being seriously insulted by them. I’m not one to go easy on the Jews, more so in real life than on the internet, but, man those Cruz for President beanies are over the line—even for a Jew critic like me.

    • Ironic. John Hagee was accused of cheating on his wife and leaving her and his kids for his new, current, wife. Check out his Wikipedia page. The people are detestable.

      • He wasn’t just accused of it. He was caught redhanded and had to admit to it. He should never have been a pastor anywhere after that.

  7. Cruz is speaking to the (Devil’s) choir. The big Jew donors are already behind him because Trump is Hitler and the brain dead evangies who still get their info from newspapers are surely already decided – and declining in numbers, massively. How much blood can he get from this turnip?

    He’s behind the curve, I’m telling you. This ain’t still 2000. The more he pushes this the more people he turns off.

    So come on, Ted. Get up on the stage and let’s get some pictures of you on your knees to these ‘people’. It’ll mean more support for Adolf Trump, every time you do it.

  8. The Jews, representing less than 3% of US population, ALWAYS get positive support for Israel no matter what. With such small demographic numbers you can’t do this without amazing clout, aka loads of money to bribe our treasonous politicians with. The clout continues into domestic affairs, like immigration and “civil rights”.
    The Jews expect everyone to know this but to never talk about it. That would be anti-Semitic. Cuckservatives never break the taboo, even as they preach about “small government”, the “constitution” and “tax cuts”.

    • For cuckservatives, looking for signs of alleged “antisemitism” is their version of the abortion litmus test used by “liberals”.

      • You don’t have to have large numbers when you control practically all of the MSM, entertainment, banking and investment industries.

    • The notion of White Solidarity outside of the South began to die out in the US after 1945. Before that time there was no question that America was a White Land, a European melting pot. The immigration act of 1924 shows where the North stood before infection. The North is full of crazy radicals but they did not want to destroy themselves. They looked at themselves as Superior and deserving of all of the land of the US. They would never have demanded immediate emancipation of their Slaves in the North, only in the South as they attempted to wipe us out and then take over the land after removal of the Black’s from it. After that War we’ve been in a State of rapid transition from a White landscape to a Non-White one. As quickly as it can be done the Jews are doing it and the last chapter if things continue down this road will be a war with us to try and finish us off. The good news with Trump is that for the first time we’ll be getting appeasements. Those will help in the days to come.

  9. I’ve already stated elsewhere that Cruz is probably a Marrano Crypto-Jew. Here are the reasons why I believe he might be one.
    His surname Cruz is a common one among Marranos.
    Cruz’s grandfather came from the Canary Islands. The Canaries was a popular refugee for Marrannos fleeing from the Inquisition.
    Cruz’s grandfather moved to Cuba, which was another favorite place for Crypto-Jews liked to dwell.
    Cruz’s father fought for Castro. Castro has admitted He has Jewish ancestry, probably Marrano.
    Ted publicly smeared Middle Eastern Christians as antisemitic because they weren’t gung ho about Israel.
    He’s married to a Seven Day Adventist. He’s a Baptist, but he married a Judaizing cultist, one who’s a one worlder with ties to Goldman-Sachs, a Jewish international bank. Something is very kosher here!

    • I have thought the same thing but it really doesn’t matter. All of our traitors in charge consider themselves honorary Jews.

    • I believe he’s a crypto as well.

      What self-respecting Cuban-born Spaniard would have supported Castro? The old man used typical Jewish tactics (subversion) to overthrow his government. Look at the unscrupulous behavior of Lyin’ Ted. Again, typical Jewish tactics.

      Race warfare, ethnic warfare, religious warfare, gender warfare, class warfare, and ideological warfare – all Jewish methods to subvert and conquer other populations. These are a people that change their names, deny their origins, and destroy those that welcome them in to their homelands. Parasitic is an understatement. They are the most diabolical people on the planet. The term “The Synagogue of Satan” doesn’t even begin to properly identify this alien manifestation of pure unadulterated evil. They are anti-human. Organized Jewry is every living organism’s greatest enemy.

    • The Cruz family converted from Roman Catholicism to “Jack Leg Christianity” when Cruz senior stopped drinking. Or shortly there after…

      • Yeah, I’ve read about the “conversion” of Cruz Sr. from RC to Southern Baptist. Based on what I know about Crypto-Jewish behavior patterns, I believe the conversion was a put on done for social and business reasons. Texas is heavily Baptist, so it would make sense for an ambitious Marrano to “convert”. Yep, he could tell his new friends how God delivered him from rum and Catholicism, thus opening up doors in that community for business and social

        • We can speculate until the cows come home about Cruz having Jew roots, but, the facts are, that Cruz’s father’s family were Cuban Roman Catholics. His mother’s family were Roman Catholics, Irish – Italian.

  10. The Declaration of Independence is null and void. America needs a second declaration of Independence. A declaration of Independence from jewish oppression and humiliation. Candidates running for the presidency have to abase themselves before the prime minister of Israel and Shylocks to be eligible for the American presidency. This egregious political development will never be noted in American history books.

    • That will never happen. The Southern people should just secced and be free. There is literally nothing that ties me or you to this evil country anymore. Our people are mocked in the media and Hollywood movies, our people aren’t represented culturally at all (every comic and movie superhero is a Yankee who lives in NY — and we aren’t allowed to have our own comics because we don’t own any publishing companies), we don’t have a single supreme court justice of Southern ethnicity, no one born here will ever be president again because Yankees won’t vote for them, and we are are expected to fight and die in the US military for these scum in the new cold war they started against the Russians, and one day against the Chinese, while knowing our place.

      Independence is the answer, not pro-‘Murican pie dreams about the constitution, reforming the GOP, or white identity (never happen, too many self-righteous Yankees in all-white places like Vermont).

      • The anti-whites hate ALL whites, be they Southern, Irish, German, Italian,
        Australian, Canadian, British, French, etc. That is why there is massive
        immigration and forced racial integration, targeting all white
        countries and only white countries. Southerners were the first ones they
        started on and from there they moved out.

    • “The Declaration of Independence is null and void”

      It was never valid. It was just a political document to impress their French supporters.

  11. Sibley is still trying to get the gag order lifted:

    “Yesterday, Chief Justice Roberts denied my Application to be relieved from the Restraining Order which prohibits me from releasing any of the D.C. Madam Jeane Palfrey’s Escort Service Records. This follows: (i) the refusal of the U.S. District Court to allow me to file a Motion to Modify that Restraining Order and (ii) the refusal of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to rule upon my Petition which sought to Order the District Court Clerk to file my Motion to Modify.

    “Before I simply release the records in my possession, I must exhaust all judicial remedies. Accordingly, invoking Supreme Court Rule 22.4, I am renewing the Application with a second Justice, the estimable Clarence Thomas. I will wait to see what he says before taking my next step.”

    That’s from “A Second Bite of the Supreme Court Apple,” his website’s April 6 post: http://amoprobos.blogspot.com/2016/04/a-second-bite-of-supreme-court-apple.html

  12. OT slightly.

    I wonder if Ted Cruz realizes that the people using him and his candidacy just to stop Trump aren’t doing so to hand the nomination to Ted Cruz. Part of me thinks that his life long ambition to be President is blinding him to that cold Machiavellian reality, and the other part of me thinks he knows what’s going on and is letting himself be so used in exchange for some consideration.

    • My guess is that he’d love to be president but also perfectly happy playing his assigned role of losing Republican candidate, so long as it advances his career.

  13. Beware the Jew for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s creatures he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his lair, for he is the harbinger of death!

  14. Yup. Son of Hell.

    “Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist–denying the Father and the Son.” – I john 2.22

    He neither needed to go into a synagogue (forbidden in Orthodox canon law, and older Roman law- thus applies to all Christians, even Protestants, if they but knew it…) but also does NOT need to wear a yarmulke- for, IF he were a Christian, GOD SUPPOSEDLY DWELLS IN HIM, and HE does not NEED to wear a covering before God- ever read 1 Cor. 11:3, Lyin’ Ted?

    “But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.”

    • I got a question for you, Fr. John+. What would you do, if Jesus came back to earth, and molested your kids? Would you fight him?

        • Yes, because he doesn’t exist. And no, nothing has happened to me at all. I seem to be the only lucid one commenting here anymore.

      • I have a question for you, Chrissy. When Jesus returns, what level of hell do you think Your’re going to be in, for your rudeness, blasphemy, and mockery? Repent, dude. Hell is real. God’s wrath is eternal, and you aren’t going to get out of it…

        • I’ll only repent if Jesus can beat me in an arm-wrestling match. But I’m sure sure I’d flip the jew faggot right over on his head.

  15. “Ted Cruz has been powerfully supportive of Israel, and that’s enticing to a lot of people here [Republican Jewish Coaltion confab in Las Vegas].”
    –Ari Fleischer, Jorge W. Bush press secretary.

    I am sick to death of politicians who put everyone else ahead of us, whether it’s the Bushes and their loyalty to Mexico, or Paul Ryan, who says his job us to put himself in the shoes of all the people in the world who want to live here (off of us), or Tex Cruz’s and Lindsey Graham’s Israel First. I want independence! Their interests are NOT our interests. It is not in our interest to foment instability in the middle east. It is not in our interest to absorb all of central America’s unwanted.

  16. The steal in Colorado, and the GOP Caucus shenanigans generally, are violations of Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution (which I know is a dead letter, but bear with me).

    “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall
    protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature,
    or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic

    I think in the GOP Wyoming caucus, there were 400 total votes or so. Maine was odd because the North East is Trump territory.

    There is massive disenfranchisement left and right, to include Super Delegates in the Democratic party.

    • Best case scenario would be Sanders losing the nomination to Clinton strictly because of Super Delegate votes. That would completely disenfranchise the Democratic voters.

      It looks the Republican Party has imploded so we are probably looking at a Clinton presidency. It will be a disaster. Trump voters won’t vote for Cruz if he somehow gets the nomination and Cruz voters, evangelicals, won’t vote for Trump. Classic divide and conquer set up by the media Jews. Textbook example.

        • It wouldn’t be far fetched to suggest that George Bush might be the last White man elected as President.

          When Clinton takes office she will surgically insert foreigners in to traditionally White areas to shift demographics. It is already being done through Housing and Urban Development and will increase rapidly as soon as she assumes power.

          Her ground game in the campaign is essentially her blueprint on where to eliminate conservative areas/voting blocks. If you think Obama was bad, he’s got nothing of Hillary.

  17. There is no protection for the White race under the U.S. Constitution. There’s no justice for White people under the Jewish hegemonic system by the U.S. federal government. The Jews are flooding the White West with non-Whites in order to destroy the remaining power Whites once used to enjoy. White people need to wake up and stop caring for anything but themselves and their future in this land — if they want to have a future at all. Take back your government, turn off the spigot on immigration, or secede from the Union and create an all-White state. Nothing good is coming down the federal pipes for White people at all.

    • It’s not just certain Jewish powers doing the flooding of non White immigrants in to the USA. And all Jews aren’t behind this program.

      A lot of this is reflex action falling back on Jewish policies from 50 years ago.

      Southern Whites and others like Boston Irish do similar foolish things like

      “We my grand daddy was a Democrat – so am I”

      White iron workers here in Chicago do the same thing.

      My advice isn’t to fall down to obsessions with Jews being the enemy, children of the Devil in everything.

      Trump is doing well with most non Black, non Muslims in the greater New York area including lots of Jewish people.

      Seek out decent Jewish people and work to get them to oppose the donors.

      The donors in US politics mostly all suck on immigration, not just Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson.

      • Here we go. Another passive person, likely Jewish but posing as White, afraid to speak truth to power, going out of his way to help his destroyer destroy. The Supreme Court is Jewish. The IRS is Jewish. The Federal Reserve is Jewish. The owners of pretty much all media are Jewish. The whole of the 20th century was run by Jews. Wars in the Middle East are Israel-inspired. Israel has been nothing but a huge parasite on the backside of the U.S. for decades. But it’s not “all” Jews, you tell me, especially in light of the most power lobbying group the world has ever seen: AIPAC. Yeah, You’re right. It’s not “all” Jews. It’s also cowardly apologists like you who want to sound “reasonable” in the face of genocide and the decline of the West, and it’s also race traitors who’d rather see their own people done in than look at the harm and consequences of their foolish, reckless choices in trying to have a race less society that benefits only the underclass and the welfare immigrants, instead of the British, the Dutch and their descendants as well as other White people who built this country.

        • Yeah, we know. Some all powerful Jewish conspiracy THE CONTROLS EVERYTHING is responsible for your bad life, body odor, failures with women etc.

          Others of us do not blame others for our failures as we strive to do well and in fact are doing well – well with women, well with friends and neighbors, well in life.

          Yes, we/I do write honestly about REAL Jewish enemies, intrigues just google Jack Ryan Occidental Dissent – our/my articles about Jewish Congressional immigration scores, Spain 1492, the Weinstein Brothers opening D’jango Unchained on Christmas Day.

          We’re solution oriented – we don’t waste our time complaining and being negative.

          There are so many good things happening in the world, our world – why obsess about negative things and people when you aren’t doing anything to improve the situation?

          • Even when you’re told the obvious, when the facts are all around you for you to easily verify you claim, it’s all a “conspiracy, huh?” Why do you respond like a brainwashed dweeb?

            Because you’re only interested in your own happiness. Don’t worry; be happy. “our neighborhood” “our women” our “friends.” Who are “they”? They’re all invaded by the multi-cult mentality, influenced by the Jew Tube, jewish feminism, and they all send their kids to receive a Marxist public education. I don’t blame the Jews for my failures. You don’t even take responsibility for playing a role in the decline of the U.S. You’re like many Americans — hopelessly deracinated, and you’re not White.

          • Right on the money. Now Jackie Boi will start whining for Hunter to ban you because you made Jackie Boi look bad. Jackie Boi Jaye Ellis is a weak, cheap, spineless go-along-to-get-along. He’ll side with whichever way the political winds are blowing, so long as he’s allowed to keep his shitty little life of a bi-sexual, late middle-aged divorcĂ©e who frequents prostitutes and spends most of his time half in the bag.

    • Truth is — the American government is corrupt and is destroying itself and the people who pay taxes to run it; Democrats and Republicans — same ugly bird eating its own.

  18. Cruz follows the Neocon BS about US power and democracy.

    How long has it been said… ‘democracies don’t go go war with one another’?

    Well, if true, one reason is that so many democracies were created under American Empire. Thus, the new democracies are really just puppet nations. Why would puppets fight their master?

    But there are different kinds of wars. There is COVERT WAR as well as Overt War, and US has waged Covert Wars on democracies.

    Guatemala. Its democracy was destroyed in a covert war backed by US.

    Iran. Its democratic government overthrown by covert war led by CIA.

    Chile. Allende removed by CIA-supported covert war.

    Ukraine. Recently, democratic government toppled by US-backed covert coup engineered by Jewish-Homo Neocons.

    Some would say this is not war. But imagine of Chinese government spent $5 billion to topple the democratically elected government of Japan or Taiwan and replaced it with puppet regime. Wouldn’t it be considered an act of war?

    Egypt. US backed military removal of democratically elected Morsi regime.

    When communists threatened to win free election in Italy in the 50s, Eisenhower planned a military occupation of Italy just like USSR sent tanks into Hungary in 1956.

    So, when it comes to covert wars, US democracy will attack and destroy other democracies.

    • Very good.

      But you’re wrong about Egypt. The US Ambassador demanded that Egyptians support the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood govt, as did McCain. The US froze aid and military cooperation when the army overthrew Morsi. Then we saw General al-Sissi (sp?) cozy up to Russia a bit.

      • It was all a ruse. If US really supported Morsi, it would have done more.
        US was happy to see him go.

  19. Two upcoming primaries: Indiana and New Jersey. I have them as 0 for Trump, but he could do well in either or both. He only needs one of them to get to 1237 in my scenarios.

    Indiana: Borders Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio. Trump came in first in all but Ohio, where he lost to favorite son Kasich. On the flip side, there could be a lot of deluded and cucked-out whites who pull the lever for whoever the preacher or the neocon radio host tells them to.

    New Jersey: Should be a solid Trump win, but it is an Open Primary and I fear that pawns of the Left will cross aisles to scuttle Trump or to introduce “chaos”. If lefty foot soldiers really were about chaos for chaos’s sake, they would be supporting Trump, but the reality is that Jews seek their New World Order out of chaos, and it isn’t for the little goys to have any choice in the matter whatsoever.

    I think Trump gets the nomination when all the dust settles, and anything can happen as long as he is on the ballot in November especially against a weak candidate like Clinton.

    • No Democrat funny business in NJ, I think, because they have their own mess with Sanders and Clinton. Should be a Trump landslide.

      Don’t know about Indiana. Thinking an edge to Trump.

  20. The Church believes support of Israel is more important than defending Western Civilization. That explains the Evangelicals support for GOP candidates who worship the money of the Jewish Supremacists. The Church should realize those who served up Jesus (The Jews) aren’t the friend of our People. Instead we should be supporting candidates who care about Borders, Faith, Language, Culture, and WPWW !

    • “…support of Israel is more important than defending Western Civilization.”

      You nailed it in one sentence,

  21. ?@Ricky_Vaughn99

    Can’t make this shit up…four jewish hedge fund guys have a Super PAC to lobby the RNC to approve gay marriage in the party platform…

  22. How I loathe this arrogant, condescending, dishonest, oily, warmongering, foreign-agent, snake-handling sob. If he is the GOP nominee I won’t stay home — I’ll vote Democrat.

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