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  1. How dare this loser think that the Republican party, or the political establishment in general, exist to promote or protect his interests. Doesn’t he know he is just an interchangeable and expendable part in the economic machine? The nerve of these proles to forget their place.

    • These people cheer on the mass murder of innocents around the globe, why would they bat an eyelash at procedural legerdemain?

      Trump is doing an amazing job job of linking what is happening to him with what is happening to Bernie, which will pay dividends now and in the general!

      Paraphrasing: “Bernie wins, wins, wins, and then the ‘experts’ come on and say ‘he has no pathway to victory’!”

      Trump has had an internal “Come to Jesus” moment with his Wisconsin loss. He brought in a sharp man, Manafort, to replace Lewandowski and address the lack of a ground game, and a lack of focus on the mechanics of the election. He’s having a good week.

    • They seem to be keeping Rushbo on a short leash now. They might blow his cover. He will be of no use if he goes Megyn Kelly. Fox newz is losing ratings already. They obfuscate by claiming its the highest on cable. The Toledo Mudhens are still winning the Minor League Title. Rupert and his titties can relax.

  2. The jew hates Whites for the same reason they hate Jesus. Its that whole God issue. Clinging to those age old Bible issues. That Talmud is not remotely similar to Moses and the Old Testament.

  3. “The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.”-

  4. According to the cucks at NRO that LOSER should rent a U-Haul and go …where? All over this country it’s pretty much the same situation that he’s encountering in Garbutt.

    Everything he wears, most of the items in his home and probably his vehicle is built elsewhere.

    • Rent a U-Haul and go to China bro! They’re all about immigration and diversity in China – NOT.

      Or become a Respectable Conservative blogger. All you need is a billionaire sugar daddy and you can sell your people out for profit.

  5. Leftists make a lot of assumptions and create a lot of theories. However, when reality clashes with their pet notions, they refuse to admit that they’re wrong. No, it’s reality that’s wrong for not conforming to their views of it.

  6. Cuckservatives, along with the liberals they piss on themselves to respect, are hell bent on giving our country away to 3rd worlders and other foreigners. They look like us but have no loyalty to us.
    One thing is certain: A cuckservative will never occupy the WH again.

  7. White working class communities are “morally indefensible” and “deserve to die.” I’ll never forget that. And I’m sure that NR will never feature an article on black underclass/inner-city/ghetto communities with their massive pathologies (too many to list and very well-known) and suggest that they are “morally indefensible” and “deserve to die.”

    I hate the word “conservative” now. They’re all cucks. Probably has something to do with their Proposition Nation garbage.

    I’m so glad that Trump’s speeches contain little to none of the standard “conservative” slogans and talking points and dog-whistles.

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