Not the “Lugenpresse” – Lying Press

I hung out this weekend in my girl friend’s Gold Coast Chicago neighborhood. I spent some of the morning in a Starbucks and looked for something to read. I did something I haven’t done in a long time – plopped down $6.75 for the Sunday Jew York Times. I used to like the NYT Arts and Sports sections and some coverage of international news. I always accepted the fact that the editorial page and letters to the editor would be Leftist, PC anti White to the max.

But, this edition seemed to be a propaganda sheet commissioned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera and Orwell’s Ministry of Truth (lies). Article after article, commentary after commentary was about the mass Muslim migration to Europe and how Germans and Western people must atone for their past, racist sins (World War II) by embracing Muslim migrant diversity etc.

And there was also a personal tear jerking story by a Bangladesh (Muslim) born British man who’s entire life was supposedly dominated by mean, racist White British, White American and White European people:

“TWENTY years ago, when New Yorkers asked me where I was from, all I’d say is that I grew up in Britain. Mentioning that I was born in Bangladesh drew only more questions, and New Yorkers simply wanted confirmation of what was to them the distinctive cultural marker: my British accent.

That accent was learned from imitating BBC News announcers on a cassette recorder. As a boy, I read about the destruction of millions of Jews and was gripped by fear: If white Europeans could do that to people who looked like them, imagine what they could do to me”. (Source)

I respond:

I note that this Paki/Bangladesh Muslim oriented British man has never suffered any violence or physical abuse by White British/American people – it’s all about “What could happen” and what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, racist White British/American/Dutch Westerners might slaughter 6 million brown Muslim people just because they are perceived to look slightly different more so than the 6 million gassed Jews!

OD readers will not be surprised that the Sunday Jew York Times didn’t mention any of the recent Bangladeshi Muslim crimes, hatred against White British/English people – like the sexual grooming scandals, gang rapes of poor English girls in Rotherham England, Bradford etc. Recent Muslim suicide bombing slaughters in Brussels and Paris are just hinted at, and the fault is with the mean, racist Western White people who made the Muslims go bad.

That’s the spin – and note that the worst Anti White, Left Marxist Jews are solidly on the side of the worst Muslim migrant invaders of the West. That’s just the way it is.

It’s tempting to fall in to thinking that all the media/press in the USA/the West is controlled, dominated by vicious, lying anti White Jews – the “Lugenpresse” Lying press. But, that’s a mistake, or at worse a gross exaggeration. There are some honest sources for news and commentary not confined to our Alt Right world.

I would like to hear from OD readers suggesting local, state, national and international media/news sources that report honestly about important issues.

I will submit 2:

The Atlantic Magazine (some honest secular Liberal writers)


Sure, the Atlantic Magazine blog does publish a lot of daily PC BlackLiesMatter, It’s still Birmingham AL 1963 propaganda in the daily blog. But there are other, honest, very well written articles about history, current events, literature etc. The Atlantic reports honestly about extremist Islam. The Atlantic also opposes Neo Conservative lies, war mongering, though former Neo Con man David Frum still gets published at the Atlantic (Frum is humbled and writes sensibly on immigration).

What ISIS Really Wants – The Atlantic

The PBS series Frontline is in my opinion excellent.

Saudi Arabia Uncovered – Frontline PBS


  1. So the jew isn’t Anti-White? Racism, White Privilege and discriminatory laws against White people in their homeland is just not enough? How about declaring War on Hitler in 1933? The Bombing of Dresden where millions of German civilians were firebombed? The Holomodor where up to 40 million White Ukranians were starved and genocided? The jew has a lot to answer for and all that happy talk isn’t helping them, it is just showing you are not on our side.

    • Lighten up.

      I just wrote a cutting edge Alt Right blog naming the Jew – the Jew York Times.

      That’s enough to get me banned from National Review, CPAC and Conservative Inc.

      • Go big or go home Clancy boy. Now is not the time to flinch. The system is dying and the enemy weak. Push forward or stand back.

      • That’s the cutting edge? Maybe by National Review’s standards, but this is not the National Review. Must try harder.

        • I just named the Jew, dissed the New York Times, the Jew York Times – I was doxed by the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center. OK, what daring things have you all done lately?

          • Even Himmler wouldn’t pass the test. Let alone Heydrich. Son of an elite Bavarian Prep school Headmaster? Pansy! Brother of two German civil servants? Empty suit! Virgin till seduced by a Cougar? Fag! Godson of a Wittelsbach? Monarchist!

            Heydrich? Son of a faggy classical music composer? Why that faggot wouldn’t last five minutes in Compton! Disgraced Naval Intelligence officer?

            Hitler…art school entrance too tough for him? ….blah blah blah…

          • Agreed. And well said.

            I note that Hitler and Leni Riefenstahl included exactly zero negative references to Jews, Jewish conspiracy theories in Triumph of the Will – these trolls would insist that Hitler was soft on the Jews or Hitler was a secret Jew – Who financed Hitler….


            Yeah, right.

  2. Anne Frank doesn’t look slightly different from the English or the Dutch. She looks radically different.

    And this Bangladeshi is actually frightened of whites? Well, there’s always Bangladesh!

    • Yes. Similar.

      I m asking for news sources – anything Left Right , local state national international any news source that doesn’t t lie.

  3. HAHA!!! Bernie the JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is confronted by a Negro, in NegroLand, about Jew Wall street and Jew Federal Jew serve, and the old Kike Bernie totally avoids answering, and begins babbling about Israel. Because a Jews’ first loyalty is ALWAYs Israel. Whatta Jew!!!!

    They are ALL the same. EVERY last one.
    What kind of a brain dead dumbass can still allow themselves to be Konned by Kikes?
    The Nervous Negress hosting shows total fear, and Shuts It Down!

  4. Trolls are given in the Southern Nationalists, race realist, immigration restrictionist, Alt Right world.

    It’s pretty much pointless to try to figure out what type of trolls they are Antifa, BlackLiesMatter, Jewish marxists/neo cons just spreading disruptions. It’s what trolls do – similar to what 8th grade Negro “students” do in inner city public schools, jumping around shouting, tearing up books, threatening people, swearing etc.

    OD’s comment guidelines are very practical and easy to understand:

    People who consistently violate OD’s comment guidelines are trolls – that’s not complicated or controversial.

    Just as we would not encourage Black gang bangers, rapists, Ebola infected “refugees” or Muslim male migrant rapists, we don’t encourage trolls.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Amren and Vdare do a great job of keeping away/out trolls.

    We do discuss real Jewish issues/problems here as was done in this post about the New York Times/Jew York Times – but that’s not an invitation for VNN lunacy.

    Constant obsessions with weird Jewish conspiracy theories is a huge turn off for sane, productive Southern Americans, White Americans, White Westerners – Hitler and Leni Riefenstahl never did this. There are exactly zero negative comments about Jews in Triumph of the Will. Why was this so? Because Hitler and other German nationalist leaders of the time knew that it was inappropriate and didn’t sell to their target audience.

    Please try to make your comments intelligent and productive – read and think about the many excellent articles/blogs here and at related blogs, web sites.

    We need to do better than the worst 8th grade Negro special ed “students”.

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