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  1. I’ve never seen such a bunch of effeminate males and bull dykes in all my life! It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the majority of the people on Carl’s side were sexually confused.

  2. Skrillex and Carl and their BLM feral thugs are the best possible advertisement for D. Trump imaginable.

  3. Those white fools don’t know what is going on.

    Race-ism is truth. Races do exist, and racial differences do matter. True Right must be honest about race.

    Indeed, regardless of what people SAY, just look at the Race Reality or Raceality all around you? We see Racealism all over cuz racial differences matter.

    In sports, blacks dominate cuz they are stronger and tougher. Jews dominate finance cuz they got knack for numbers and verbal skills.

    It doesn’t matter what people say. It is what they show by their actions that really count. It’s like 99% of businessmen will say they are not greedy but they are.

    It’s like 99% of politicians will say they loathe lies but they are liars.

    Most of what people say is BS. What they show by their actions is what really counts.

    And Libs and Cons and blacks and Jews and etc are all Race-ists, Race Realists, or Racealists. Even those who consciously believe in racial equality don’t practice it in real life. Their actions show what they really feel.

    As for ‘antisemtism’, it really just means DON’T THINK ABOUT JEWISH POWER. But all honest critics of power must think about Jewish Power.

    Now, if most Jews were pro-white and pro-West, white folks should forge close alliance with Jews.

    But the fact is the majority of Jews have hostile feelings toward whites. Jewish elites look down on white gentiles as less intelligent and fear that white gentiles will challenge Jewish power. So, Jews seek to demoralize whites with ugly decadent culture and ‘white guilt’, demasculinize white males with homo agenda and interracialism that encourages white women to prize the Negro as the favored mating partner. Jewish control of media tells white folks, “You white boys need to be more fruity and pansy, and you white girls need to go with negroes since white boys are such pansy dorks.” Have white guys emulate Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner while white girls run off with negro studs.

    So, it is necessary for the True Right to be counter-Jewish. Now, not all Jews are part of this anti-white agenda, but many of them are, and their power and agenda have to be called out.

    The Jewish Agenda for whites is racial inferioritism. Jews won’t call it that, but that is what it is. Who decides which race is superior and inferior? Free individual women do. Their wombs decide which race is superior. Sexual preference of women determine the future generations. The race that survives and dominates in the politics of the testicles and wombs is the superior race. Rest is all just a matter of opinion.

    For most of human history, women had no choice in sexual mating. Most men didn’t either. Most marriages were arranged by parents or social superiors.

    So, white women had kids with white men.

    And then, white women and white men had choice. But since white nations were all white, white women could only choose white men. And since white men ruled the world, they had prestige and promoted their own image as the dominant male archetype. This unity of white man and white woman ensured the survival of the West.

    But now we live in a globalized world. US has lots of black guys, and EU is filling up with black guys and young Muslim men with explosive balls. And they want white women. Meanwhile, white males have been raised to be pansy, castrated, tootsy, and PC-addled with ‘white guilt’. White women grow up to rap music, interracial propaganda, and black domination of sports.

    In the past, white women didn’t choose their partners. Their partners were chosen by their fathers.

    Then, white women did choose but could only choose white men who held the power in white-dominated or white-homogeneous societies.

    Today, white men are accused of all the sins and problems of the world. White morality is all about cucking out to Jews, homos, and blacks.

    In this climate, white women with freedom and individuality get to choose their mates. And increasingly, white wombs prefer black seed and want to produce black babies for black dads… or even Muslim babies for Muslim men who still have manhood left unlike all these dorky tootsy white guys who’ve been PC-castrated.

    So, how should we determine racial superiority and inferiority? It is no longer a matter of opinion. It is really decided by the wombs. Politics of the Womb decides the superior race and inferior race.

    If more and more white women decided that their wombs should take black seed and produce black babies, it means blacks are the superior race due to the simple fact that the wombs, generators of future people, prefer black seed over white seed.

    Men cannot produce children on their own. They can only produce children through women. And if their own women reject the men of their race, it means that the women have decided that their own men are INFERIOR to the men of another race with whom they want to have kids.

    This is no longer a matter of opinion since it has profound consequences on life.

    Suppose there are 100 white women and all decide to reject white seed and take black seed and produce black babies. One would have to conclude black race is superior to the white race. Why? Because white women decided it to be so. Why else would they have rejected white men and taken the seed of black men, as Ann Dunham did? And why did so many white women vote for Obama?

    In the past, women didn’t decide. And even when they decided to choose their mates, white women only had access to white men in white nations.

    But now, globalism has broken down all barriers. Countless Negro men are coming to Europe. Also, Jews own the mass media and fill up white female minds with images of the superior Negro stud with more muscle and dong power.

    And increasing number of white women decide to have kids with black men, often out of wedlock(and we see this all over America now). That will decide which race is superior and inferior.

    We can argue forever about higher IQ and etc, but the future generation will be the product of sexual decisions of free women. Not only Who, Whom, but Woo, Womb.

    And the biggest threat to white race is the Negro because only the Negro man has more manly qualities than white men. And Jews know this, which is why they are promoting interracialism that is mostly about white women rejecting white men and going with black men and using their white wombs to create racially superior black babies.

    We can argue forever that blacks are NOT superior. Our opinions don’t matter. What matters is what the women decide because the pathway to survival and future life is through the wombs of women.

    Women’s wombs are like gardens. And men’s testes are like bags of seeds. If white women open their garden to white seeds, white children will grow in the garden.

    But if white women shut their gates to white seeds and only allow black seeds, then their white gardens will produce black children.

    And more and more white women are choosing to do this. And with population explosion in Africa and endless flow of black males into EU, you can see where this is all going. Every year, millions more black males in the EU. Every year, white girls bombarded with propaganda that promotes interracialism, especially white black males. Cuckish white couples or cuckples even worship the Negro dong. The emasculated white hubby watches his wife getting humped by a Negro. It is the

    Cruci-Dicksion of white man.

    In a free globalized world, racial superiority and inferiority are really decided by women. If white women decide to take black seed and keep producing mulatto black babies, it means black race is superior. You can disagree, I can disagree. But our views would just be a matter of opinion. But the white female decision to accept the black seed as superior(while rejecting white seed as inferior) isn’t just a matter of opinion. It is consequential action that produces new life and decides the future of humanity. When white wombs produce black babies, the life-generator of the white race(white female wombs) have decided blacks are superior to whites. Your minds and tongues can pontificate. But they produce no new life. Only wombs produce new life, and women with wombs, as pathways to the future, get to decide which race is superior in their choice of sexual mates.

    All is race-ist in this world.

    Now, white race-realists might argue that blacks are not superior. They may argue that Whites have higher IQ. That may be true, but if white women prefer black males over white males, it doesn’t matter if white males do have higher IQ. White wombs have decided they want black seed as superior. Black males may have lower IQ but female sexual desire isn’t just about brains. If so, Stephen Hawkings would have been the hottest stud in the world. Women are attracted to raw sexuality. Women are attracted to men for reasons others than geek-nerd ability.

    Indeed, some say that yellows are somewhat smarter than whites, thus ‘superior’ in IQ to whites. But so many yellow wombs prefer to take white seeds than yellow seeds. Thus, yellow wombs are acting on the basis that white race is superior to yellow race. Yellow wombs prefer to produce white babies for white men.

    In the end, racial superiority is determined by reproduction, not high IQ. A smart guy who can’t attract women is a zero. Without access to women, his DNA has met its dead end. It is thus inferior despite higher IQ.

    In our hyper-sexualized world, women increasingly choose mates on the basis of raw sexuality. So, racial superiority is really determined by what turns women on the most. And today, women have individual freedom to choose what her hormones deem as the superior mate whose seeds she will take.

    • Jesus, shut the fuck up man.

      Most of the white women who end up with black men are A. Physically unattractive B. With them for status reason (i.e. they are star athletes) or C. Curious.

      Once you get out of high school (where black males have the advantage due to quicker growth rate), the number of attractive, normal white women dating/sleeping with black men is incredibly small.

      If anything, the issue is much more white men dating outside their race with anyone they can get their hands on due to the “exoticism”. And I say this as a white guy. I see way more attractive white males with non-white females than vice versa.

        • And television programming doesn’t even count in? Come on.

          These huge high def digital televisions have this entire country hypnotized. It’s especially obvious when you’ve given up the habit yourself. Just watch people in the mall or in a phone store, everyone’s life revolves around these tellies.

          This is a question of biological superiority but has much more to do with fighting a war for people’s minds. Almost completely unopposed I might add.

      • Every time I go to Walmart it get to see plenty of white women with curly headed brown babies. It’s a problem, though mostly a problem of the underclass. If we do refuse to integrate these mud babies back into the white race, we’ll be much better off for it. There are surely some diamonds in the rough, but the overwhelming majority of these girls were not the greatest of our race to begin with, so we’re suffering no great loss if we purge them.

  4. Something to consider…If Dr. David Duke were smart, and really hated Jews, he would want us to continue on the current path with anyone, but, Trump.

    • He’s probably counting Trump as the best shot we’ve got, not as infallible. Besides, whether intentional or not, the more Trump we have, the more Jew masks fall off.

  5. I don’t understand why people shy away from physical violence. I guarantee you if those two were beaten into a bloody pulp they would be singing a different tune.

  6. That witch in the glasses is OBVIOUSLY JEWISH to these eyes. Her very shrill tone and the fact Saint Louis has a Jewish Hospital says JEW to me

  7. Aids Skrillex=Benjamin Alan Teter of O’Fallon Missouri, Screaming Jewess=Madeline Beckett, Saint Louis Carl the Cuck=Tomas Daniel Contreras native of SD Cali attends Wash Un in STL

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