North Carolina Is Walking Back Its Religious Freedom Bill

As expected, Big Fag and Big Business have made enough noise about North Carolina’s religious freedom bill that Gov. Pat McCrory has already begun to walk it back:

“RALEIGH, N. C.—Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said Tuesday that he will seek to roll back some provisions of a new state law that limits antidiscrimination protections for lesbians, gays and transgender people in an attempt to “affirm and improve” the state’s commitment to equality after weeks of protest, including some corporations dropping plans to invest in North Carolina.

But Mr. McCrory said he was standing by a “common-sense” provision of the law requiring transgender people to use the public bathroom corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. …

There is no more reliable constant in the political universe than the subservience of TruConservative Republicans to the business community. Ultimately, the goal here is just to get credit for taking a tough stand with a token gesture bill, which the federal courts are certain to throw out. The matter will likely be forgotten after the next election.

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  1. I’m incredulous that corporations are allowed to engage in left wing politics. This is bizarro world.

    • This is all done to make the White working class miserable. However, if it started to cut into production and profits, the corporations would become anticommunist like a shot. No SJW/Bolsheviks would be able to show their faces in public.

    • The CEO’s are just as scared to death of being called “racists” and/or “homophobes” as “true conservatives” are. Economic blackmail is a very powerful tool.

      • No, the CEO’s really believe this stuff. They are not being blackmailed, they are not being forced. They want America to be totally pozzed.

      • Hi, Denise. Are you enjoying the Death of Lincoln’s Party? I’ve waited a long time for Lincoln’s Foul Legacy to join him in the grave. The Washington Generals are just doing what they’re supposed to, lose gracefully – or is that disgracefully? Yep, ole Lincoln is soon going to have nothing left to crow about and that’s a GOOD THING. The Republicans are dancing to the Elephant Graveyard. Its the Last Tango of jew power.

        • I’m not enjoying this because so much horror is being wrought/ FYI – I do say the same things I write online, and I’ve gotten loads of GOP Cucks to understand that Lincoln was an evil, vile sociopath.

          • Personally I think Nationalist and Fascist are probably more apt than Marxist. Economically Lincoln was a Fascist with the highest tariff in history to that point, Marx himself was an extreme free trader who believed free trade would bring about a Communist borderless world.

            The Homestead Act is definately a Fascist tenant, because it meant that the land of the so-called savages could be claimed just by showing up and kill the savages if they object. Until the Homestead Act, Indian land was typically purchased, this was a strong arm land grab.

            Marxist thought would not allow any man to claim land, all land would belong to the state. The Native Americans would fall under an oppressed peoples label.

            I always found it odd the so-called Great Emancipator green lighted the mass Lynching of Siouxs in Minnesota and the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado Meanwhile Cherokees fought in the Confederate Army and Stand Waite was a General

          • Yes I think that’d cover it. I remember reading something by a historian how it is so very difficult applying modern political terms to past figures. Some fit rather well, I mean no one would argue the French Revolution, although not economically was a Communist Revolution, they waved red flags, closed churches and called one another citizen.

            The Age of Lincoln and the Radical Era presents many philosophical notes that have few equivilents in the modern day. For one thing you had hyper-religiousity in the North based in Social Gospel modernism, you had nascent Atheism and Secularism at Harvard and some other colleges coupled with this bizarre form of American exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny. I literally call this the perfect storm of every group you love to hate that just coalesced at one time to seize power. Reminiscent of 1992 and 2008.

            The Confederacy had two camps as well, one were the traditionalists who simply wanted tho hold on to the territory and traditions and the others the KGC wing who wanted a complete Hemisphere Empire. In the South at that time, Backwoods charismatic Bible-Only Religion had overtaken the traditional Anglophile Episcopalians and the Presbyterians. The culture divide was very minor compared to the North.

            As someone who studies history, I always wonder which wing would have won out in the Confederacy.

          • Thinking about alternate history Confederate culture would make one hell of a good novel, and would blow the Jew Harry Turtledove out of the water.

            Personally, I’m a fan of the whole “butterfly effect” theory, and think it’s almost impossible to accurately speculate past a certain point.

          • Marcus, I wrote a post over here about the conflict in the 1787 Constitution in regards to citizenship that we actually had two categories of citizenship STATE and US Citizenship but U.S. Citizenship was not well-defined. In 1787 10 of the 13 states, VA, SC and GA being the exceptions, considered Free Negroes quasi-citizens and gave them full voting rights. Kentucky briefly gave it to them from 1792-99. Tennessee, inheriting NC’s laws gave the vote to them as well.

            The Northwest Territory frontier, OH IN IL WIS MICH banned nonwhite citizenship from territorial days and every new territory did as well.

            The difficult to understand part was this, although our Naturalization Act of 1790 and 1795 clearly said White’s only, the states under State law could make anyone a citizen. A veritable nightmare.

            By 1834 North of the Mason-Dixon, only NJ, CT, and RI had barred them from voting and declared them non citizens. That year Tennessee finally declared free Negroes noncitizens and North Carolina did the following year. In 1838 PA declared them noncitizens and denied vote as well. In 1842 RI re-legalized it at the urging of abolitionists.

            When Judge Taney rightly declared slaves property and Negroes noncitizens, he had no authority to nullify state law this was Pre 14th Amendment. A state could still declare a Negro a citizen in good standing because state citizenship was superior. An awful catch 22

            The Confederate Constitution wisely established a universal Southern citizenship and set guidelines every state had to follow in regards to voting etc. The 1787 Constitution had allowed states away with murder and the Confederates said No more!

          • Oh all this is just a show. No one is going to change their beliefs because these fools cry about economic costs. The enemy is all about money, to them real religious belief is a mystery and alien to their vile greedy nature. They constantly make the same mistakes. They assume that monetary and economic issues will matter to Christians because they have no real religion. The more they play this game the deeper they dig the hole they are in gets. As economic issues begin to crash due to discrimination against Whites all those who go along with this fake puppet show to keep food on their table will see it for what it is, a hostile inferior alien parasite whose mere presence is an existential threat. Trust me these inferior creatures have no real power at all really. This problem will end in a day when White people realize how weak and stupid these creeps really are and that without their support they are just sitting dumb pigs wallowing in filth and detritus.

          • True evil is working for those people who you know are evil and going along with it. My personal thing has always been Lincoln proves the failure of Meritocracy and why Aristocracy is best.

            In the normal Aristocratic Southern society into which Lincoln was born, he would’ve remained a dirt farmer, but in the Meritocratic Yankee society to which he moved he was allowed to rise higher than even the Aristocrats. In the end, you can bathe them, put them in a broadcloth suit and give them a wealthy wife, but poor white trash will always be poor white trash, Any Southerner of breeding knows this.

            As to whether Lincoln was a buffoon handled by others or a sociopath which debates can go for years on this, I say that it matters little the results are all that matters. If you start a war that leaves about a million people dead or starving no matter why you did it, the results are what remains.

            Just like a man who couldn’t take being dumped by a girl so he goes out and kills her, this in the end is the Lincoln mindset, If I cant have her, no one will.

    • I’m incredulous someone else uses the word incredulous. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

      Incredularity should reign supreme in bizarro world, imo.

  2. kill the Central Bank. Then the Culture of Death Jews – Disney, National Felons League, etc. – will no longer be able to buy off the political class

    • I’d like to see the end of the Federal Reserve, that way they wouldn’t be able to subsidize the stock market, a corrupt federal government, and a lot the rest of the rackets, which I think survive with the endless free ‘credit’ created on a computer by the open market committee.

  3. These laws pushing sodomites and trannies will produce a violent reaction. It’s inevitable.

    • It will be welcomed. We all need a little intolerance at this point. Directed and focused intolerance, I should say.

      Tolerance of the Leftist variety gets your neighborhoods and cities destroyed with crime, incompetence and various degrees of lunacy that disregard natural law. Tolerance of the Leftist variety gets your family and loved ones assaulted, raped and killed. Tolerance of the Leftist variety allows schools and other institutions to indoctrinate and brainwash your kids with lies and distortions, and convinces them that hating themselves is the only way to attain a better society.

      Regardless of where each one of us falls on social issues, we should all at least agree that Leftists are like a malignant cancer or disease, and Conservatives and Conservatism have been completely impotent when trying to create something that will adequately deal with them. Conservatives buckle when it comes to Race. They always have, always will.

    • Yes, and I hope we can guide that reaction intelligently toward multiple wins for us as a people, but there is a very good chance that we’ll end up with an impassioned mob that ends up making stupid mistakes along the way so that we end up just trading one insanity for another.

  4. The old scam continues, feint towards heresy, fall back, write essay upon essay detailing in great detail the intellectual underpinnings of the noble cause, ask for money,………. FAIL.
    As a man who loves a great conservative essay I have to say, if it cannot be weaponized into a meme it ain’t worth goose splat on the park sidewalk.

    • Reminds me of a Conservative meme I’ve seen passed around.

      Robert Lewis Dabney on Conservatism in 1897:

      Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves
      anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the
      progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount
      of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was
      the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted
      principles of conservatism;

      American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism

      It remains behind it, but never retards it,

      it is the conservatism of expediency only

    • Its like that old Bruce Springsteen song Born to Run

      “tramps like us, baby we were born to cuck”

  5. Just a heads up if I start going around thinking and acting like I’m Napoleon, Jesus, Henry VIII, Genghis Khan or etc please do not encourage me in my delusion. You would not be helping me. You would be hurting me by further burying me into my delusion. Plastic surgery to make me resemble those famous person would not be helpful. For my sake and the sake of the public see to it that I receive psychiatric care instead. Your motives are irrelevant as to whether the psychiatric treatment heads me back to reality. I understand that there is some moralistic self righteous status seeking that can be gained by encouraging my delusion and condemning the “bigotry” of others but please don’t be selfish. My mental health is more important than your moralistic status seeking.

    • I love it – beautiful sarcastick and ironick prose!

      Careful, Mr. Crews – are you are going to throw the SPLC, reading through these pages, into absolute shock.

  6. The Democratic Party doesn’t represent Christians or White Americans. The GOP only puts on a show in support of Religious Liberty. The party will never really represent our People. No hope in the 2 party system. WPWW !

  7. Under capitalism, Jews got the money and money rules all.

    Altruism and Culture of Trust in the West.

    What is beneficial under one circumstances may not be in another. And there is sometimes a lag between change in environment and change in habit.

    In a forest of white trees, white-winged moths are favored for survival cuz they are camouflaged. Meanwhile, black-winged moths are easily picked off by predators. But suppose the trees turn black. White wings, which were once an advantage, is now a disadvantage.

    Same thing goes for altruism. When white nations were more into tribalism and nationalism, altruism meant people working together and helping each other. This was a huge boon to power and survival. Altruism within the group is a huge advantage if most people are trustworthy and hardworking like Germanic and Nordics. (Altruism even within the group isn’t a good thing if, like Greeks or Southern Italians, everyone is dishonest and out to fleece others.)

    Every advantage forms within a certain environment. But once the environment changes, the same advantage can turn into a disadvantage.

    There is a kind of wild bulls that has a defensive strategy of ‘circling the wagons’. When faced with danger, the males form a circle and females and young ones stay in the middle. This is an effective strategy against wolves, bears, and cougars.

    But against humans with guns, it is a fatal strategy since humans can just gun down these animals that are not running but standing in a circle.

    Altruism or culture of Trust formed within certain communities to benefit the community. We think of altruism as helping others, but there is a limit to its formulation of ‘others’. Paradoxically, altruism is about helping others to win against the Big Other. It was originally about Anglos helping other Anglos to defeat the Big Other like the French, Germans, or Russians. It was about Germans helping other Germans to defeat the French, the British, or the Russians.

    It was never meant to help all of humanity. And it wasn’t meant to help the Jews who are really into helping themselves without end.

    Japanese are altruistic. Samurai were willing to sacrifice life for the clan. But such selflessness was for the good of the tribe, not for other clans and certainly not for all of humanity.

    Within the tribe, trust is a must. Outside the tribe, trust is a bust.

    Look at wolves. They are altruistic within the pack. But it is to serve the pack, not to serve other packs and other animals. Wolves interact socially to protect and empower the pack. Any wolf that acted altruistically toward other packs or to a grizzly bear would be a fool.

    Nature is essentially dishonest. Honesty and trust spell doom in nature. Prey animals hide. They hide their young. They use camouflage to escape being eaten. A prey animal that honestly says to a tiger, “hey, I’m hidng here” would be stupid.

    And predators use deceit. They stalk stealthily to get near the prey. A tiger that says, “hey, I’m creeping up on you, mr. deer” would be a dumbass tiger and would starve to death.

    Nature is all about deception. Snakes hide and strike unexpectedly. Hawks swoop down from the sky and grab a rabbit that didn’t see it coming. There is deceit in the cauliflower… in nature. Nature at its core has no use for trust.

    But something happened along the way. Some animals developed social systems or skills. Some were simple animals like ants and bees and it was largely instinctive and programmed. But among higher social animals like wolves and lions and chimps and dolphins, there was sort of an emotional bonding and conscious understanding of a sense of togetherness. So, instead of ‘me against all’, it turned into ‘us against others’.

    But this trust had to exist ONLY within the group. Trust within a wolf pack is a big advantage for the pack. But any wolf within the pack that extends trust to other wolf packs is a goner. Other packs have their own agendas for territory and dominance.

    It’s like in 2001 space odyssey where one bunch of apes whup another bunch of apes. Trust must be within the tribe, not outside the tribe.

    Over time, the circle of trust widened among human groups, especially among those of shared lineage. Clans came together as tribes that came together as kingdoms and even nations.

    Most Swedes are genetically linked. Same goes for Japanese. They are like national families. Such homogeneity led to a sense of oneness. And with the help of moral ideas, a culture of trust developed.

    But trust wasn’t just some nice gentle thing that developed. It also developed under much ruthlessness, punishment, fear, and terror. Those who violated trust could be killed, exiled, whupped real bad, etc.

    Consider the film BALLAD OF NARAYAMA by Shohei Imamura.

    A family in the village stole food from other families. So, what do other families do? They gang up on the family that stole and bury them all alive. Ruthless and horrible, but it was under such pressure that culture of trust developed.

    Of course, it wasn’t only fear and terror. Too much of that stuff leads to a culture of distrust and paranoia, like in Stalin’s Russia or East Germany. But trust wasn’t just some goo-goo gentle good-neighbor thing. It was developed through carrot and stick of moral inspiration and fearsome punishment. It’s like the Amish have this called ‘shunning’ which is worse than death for Amish folks. Those who do wrong are ‘shunned’. One becomes a non-person in the community, and this is like death since Amish community is very close-knit. So, trust was developed not only by good-will but by harsh threat of punishment for those who don’t conform.

    So, trust must be carefully guarded and used WITHIN THE TRIBE. It’s like football game. There must be trust within the team. It must be intra-team trust. But inter-team trust is a disaster. I mean if one team gives away its secrets to the other team, the other team will get a leg up.

    Same goes for war. There must be trust within one side but not with the other side.

    When Hitler was planning to invade Russia, he didn’t tell Stalin his secrets.

    When Allies were planning to invade Normandy, they didn’t cable Hitler and say, “Hey, we are gonna be landing here and here.” That would be stupid.

    So, for culture of trust to work, one must first define ‘who is the enemy’ and ‘who is the friend’. Also, there is a difference between trustworthy friends and mere convenient allies. With inner friends, you can share trust. With formal allies, there is a limit to trust. US and USSR were allies in WWII, but US couldn’t trust the USSR in everything. (But then, Stalin had his spies all over US government under FDR.)

    The problem in the West is that the friend/enemy dichotomy has broken down. Due to Jewish takeover of media and academia, white people are no longer allowed to think in terms of white vs non-white, let alone gentile interest vs Jewish interest.

    This is one reason why Jews were eager to break down any notion of white themed clubs or organizations. Such organizations imply great trust among whites over white-themed issues. Jews don’t want whites to have racial privacy and inner trust. The white door must always be open so that Jews can look in and listen to all that is said. But of course, Jews are allowed to have their own organizations and inner trust closed off to gentiles.

    Whites must see non-whites as friends while seeing fellow whites as possible enemies(if they are ‘racist’). So, ‘good’ whites are to see whites-who-call-for-trust-among-whites as evil. PC says whites must distrust whites and instead trust Jews and non-whites, such as the mountain-sized Negro who loves a small mouse in GREEN MILE.

    So, ‘good’ whites are destroying the true purpose of culture of trust that developed in the West. Culture of Trust came at great cost in the West. It took many centuries to develop. It developed among homogeneous people related in blood, instilled with virtue, and punished harshly for violations. This valuable asset created over many centuries of trial-and-error has been cheapened by PC notion that whites should trust Negroes, Muslims, globo-homos, race traitors, immigrant invaders, and etc. It’s like a psychoanalyst telling his client, “Don’t trust yourself. Just trust me.” This way, the client surrenders his mind to the shrink.

    PC tells white folks, “Don’t trust your own people. Trust Jews and non-whites.” But Jews and non-whites mean the most harm to white folks.

    Now, how could so many white people fall for this? It’s because most people are like dogs. If the masters change, they change since they are incapable of thinking on their own and since they are addicted to mindless pop culture and shaped by taboo-laden PC.

    So, their Trust mechanism can be tweaked and reprogrammed to work against its original intent and purpose

    It’s like dogs. Suppose you raise a dog and it trusts you and your side. This dog is loyal. You manipulated the dog’s nature for social loyalty and interaction. Since YOU trained it, this dog is actually more loyal to humans than to other dogs.

    Now, suppose you use this dog against the enemy. But suppose the enemy wins and takes this dog. This dog will initially bark at the enemy, but the enemy, its new master, can mess with its mind and, over time, this dog that had served your side loyally is serving its new master most loyally. So, even though the loyal nature of the dog remains, the object of its loyalty goes from your side to that of the enemy.

    White folks are the same way. Most of them just follow the master. When the masters were nationalists and patriots, they were pro-white or pro-nation. Even the Left of most nations chose nation over ideology during WWI. French Left sided with France, German Left side with Germany.

    But after the debacle of WWI and WWII, the new masters of the Europe became the US that came to be dominated by Jews. And the new generation of elites came to be dominated by the Left that gained huge advantage in light of the disgrace of the Right in association with Nazism and then imperialism.

    A people raised under culture of trust are more obedient to authority. They are more trusting of those in power. Look how the Germans are still supporting the horrible Merkel. Since the new elites of Europe are a bunch of PC-pushers, the trust-centric nations have become so slavish to the idea that white folks should be unconditionally trusting of non-whites. But they are trusting of ALL peoples. They are trusting only of those favored by the globalist elites. EU elites say Russia is very very bad, so most Europeans hate Russia and feel no trust for it.

    But EU elites say that it is ‘racist’ to not trust tons of black African migrants, so white Europeans tell themselves that they must extend trust to all these jafro jivers who come to Europe just for easy money and easy sex.

    The mind is fluid enough that it can be manipulated to use a virtue in a stupid way. Trust is a virtue within a certain setting and context. But outside such setting and context, virtue turns into a stupidity. This is true of all things. A dog that acts gentle in a home is good. But if such gentleness in nature would be fatal to a dog. If a wolf or bear appeared on the scene and if the dog wanted to be friendly, it’d be killed.

    It’s like in VIRGIN SPRING by Ingmar Bergman. The daughter was raised in sheltered environment full of love and trust. So, when she comes upon three drifters, she assumes they are good decent people like her. But in fact, they are louts looking for some pooter.

    But there is now another factor. Not only do white folks feel trust for the Other but they also feel Lust for the other, especially the Negro. Misdirected trust and misguided lust will destroy the white race. The Negro is the least trustworthy thing in the universe. The Jafro spirit makes the Negro savage and nutty. Negro has little in the way of conscience. Just look at Black Lives Matter. Negroes kill one another but blame whitey. Vile people. But Negro biatches have big butts and sing like ho’s, and white girls wanna emulate Rihanna and Beyonce. And Negro boys got more muscle and bigger dongs, and white women got jungalo fever, and white boys are into cuck culture of watching Negroes do white women. So, misdirected trust and misguided lust that have overcome the white race will kill it off.

    Also, there is the collaborationist class whose power and privilege depends on the enslavement of the white race. It may well be that some of the European elites know what is happening and that it will end badly for Europeans. But they themselves will be spared cuz they got privilege and connections as the result of collaborating with the globalist masters. Since their position and privilege have been gained by working against their own race, nation, and people, they must do everything to ensure the enslavement and destruction of their people. Having chose to be traitor-collaborators, that is their own assurance of privilege.

    This is why the Vichy regime and French collaborators were afraid of Nazi defeat. They weren’t necessarily pro-German or loved Hitler. But their power and privilege in Nazi-occupied Germany were the result of collaboration. Without the German masters, they would lose everything, even their lives.

    This was also true of Eastern European communist elites. Many of them knew that they were living under Soviet Occupation. They didn’t like Russians. But their power and privilege came about as the result of collaborating with their Soviet masters. So, they wanted the Soviet-communist system just to cling to their position and privilege.

    Today, in the EU and US, entire class of white elites gained power by collaborating with Jewish-Homo globo-elites. So, even if they were to realize that their actions are doing great harm to white people as a whole, they prefer to keep collaborating since they are looking out for #1, which is themselves and their own families.

    Once you collaborate, you are tainted. You are a traitor. Therefore, you fall with your master. A French Vichy collaborator was finished with the fall of Nazi power in France. He knew it. And East German communist elites were finished once Russians moved out. And EU bureaucrats would have no power without the backing of globalist Jews. This is why National Review and Conservatism hate Trump and Alt Right so much. They know that they gained power and position by collaborating with Neocon Jews. They’ve done ZERO and NOTHING for white Americans. They have nothing to show for. So, the ONLY way they can keep their privilege is by ensuring that Jewish Neocons rule the American Right forever.

    Collaborators have no popular support. Only the support of their overlords who are oppressing the populace.

  8. Urban Legend: Irish queers always wear green on Thursdays. Anyone else ever hear that old Chestnut?

  9. Never Back down double down! The movement to take country back from the deviates is just getting started be strong!

  10. After SC seceded in late 1860, the other cotton states soon followed.

    NC and MS need other Red states to put similar legislation in place to help support them. The pink mafia can’t bully/boycott 20+ states.

  11. White Christians have been emasculated and do not deserve freedom or liberty. Judgement Day will mean the bill will have to be paid in full. Jews and Homos control the Country with Blacks used by them.

  12. Would you ask a man (Gov McCrory) to deny his faith, his God?

    As recently as 2010, the General Assembly agreed that the
    Presbyterian Church (USA), “has no consensus in the interpretation of
    Scripture on issues of same-sex practice.” However, the church has also
    adopted policies that allow for the ordination of LGBT ministers and the
    celebration of same-sex marriages. Experiences may differ greatly
    across individual communities but many congregations are entirely
    welcoming and inclusive. Groups such as More Light Presbyterians are
    committed to “work for the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual,
    transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in the life, ministry and witness
    of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in society.” Similarly, the
    Covenant Network of Presbyterians is a coalition of clergy and laity who
    hope to “strengthen the church of Jesus Christ, with the help of God’s
    grace,” and are, “called to achieve this goal by furthering the
    inclusion of LGBTQ persons, and by working for the unity of the

    In 1996, Erin Swenson became the first transgender minister to serve
    in the Presbyterian Church (USA) when members voted to continue her
    ministry following her transition from male to female. While the church
    has no official policy regarding transgender inclusion, organizations
    such as More Light Presbyterians are specific in advocating for
    transgender congregants.

  13. Come on SC, give MS and NC some support!

    “Year after year, South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright has watched as gays
    won more rights through legislation and the courts. And as he sees
    proposals elsewhere in the U.S. aimed at allowing transgender people to
    use the bathroom that conforms to their identity, he says plenty of
    people feel just like he does.

    “I’ve about had just about enough of this. Years ago, we kept talking about tolerance, tolerance and tolerance. And now they want men who claim to be women to go in the bathroom with children,” said Bright, who has proposed a bill
    to keep transgender people in restrooms conforming to their sex at

    Bright’s proposal is part of a backlash by lawmakers across the historically conservative South who have passed laws that LGBT groups say roll back their rights.

    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Bright’s proposal was unnecessary. Corporate leaders by the dozen, most with global reach, have been pressuring the same conservatives who lured their companies.

    Add Nikki Haley to the Nathan Deal list. She sounds as if a big veto is waiting for any such legislation should it get that far…

  14. Sir,
    I don’t like it, but, it’s only throwing a bone to the opposition, for economick reasons, I gather.

    The rule on bathrooms still stays in place. you must use according to the gender on your birth certificate.

    • @Mr. Griffin…

      Sir, if I may : ’tis our enemies allies who are ‘cracking’.

      The NBA, who had threatened to pull their All-Star game out of Charlotte, has just decided to remain.

      Just the first ripple…

  15. Good. I’ll glad the ruse is collapsing.

    This faggotry about faggots has got to end. It’s such a waste of conservative resources that must be used on the only issue that matters: Immigration.

    I don’t care how many queers get hitched so long as the wall is built and the invasion is stopped.

  16. The Ghost Of Klaus! @DesmondsMark

    @ramzpaul White males are the most hated by governments and elitists world wide. They are less hated when they are gay, GD Hatres ETC

    RAMZPAUL ?@ramzpaul
    RAMZPAUL Retweeted The Ghost Of Klaus!

    Which is why we are seeing an increase of homosexuality. It is they only way for a White boy to be “good.”RAMZPAUL added,

  17. Whites will only be ready for war when they realize they are slated for complete slavery and hopefully that isn’t too late. I think it’s starting now but the problem is getting the fires ready to roll over the entire land. Time for ballots is passed the time for—– has come

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