When Liberals Tell the Truth – Bill Moyers the Vanishing Black Family

It’s a fallen world.

In this terrible Kali Yuga age of obscene Black Panther Superbowl half time shows, it’s easy to lose hope. The media – MSM mainstream Lib media, false opposition Neo Conservative, Cuckservative Fox News media – all bad.

But there are some beacons of light, honesty – we just need to know where to look.

I increasingly feel that one of the best places to look for honesty and hope is in honest “Liberal” places:

The Atlantic Magazine:

What ISIS Really Wants

Trevor Phillips the Black, British head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission – he’s now being honest about mass immigration, Muslim sexual grooming gangs in England and just, well racial/ethnic/religious realities in not so merry old England. (link link)

Someone (looks to be a decent, more Conservative Black American) has uploaded this best ever 1986 documentary by Bill Moyers – the Vanishing Black Family (link)

This documentary is…. well…

It’s the honest truth.

Say what you will about Bill Moyers and PBS – “Pure Bull S***” this is the best, most honest analysis on this rather disturbing subject.


  1. Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson Cassius M, Clay Montgomery Blair, Judge John Marshall Harlan Woodrow Wilson, John Nance Garner, Harry Truman, Ralph Yarborough Lyndon B Johnson BILL MOYERS, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton Al Gore Trent Lott Haley Barbour, Mary Landrieux, THIS IS A LONG LIST OF SOUTHERN SCALAWAGS PLEASE ADD MORE

  2. Moyers better than any knows how he has been duped by the Jews. He has got to be very angry as do may others who have seen their entire belief system become a ways and a means for the Jews to subvert America.

    • I honestly don’t think Bill Moyers gives a darn. The point is he is a Southern Scalawag of the worst order, turned against his people, his culture and sided with filth. Rot In Hell is what I’ll say to him.

  3. “Honest liberal” is an oxymoron. If the “black family” is “vanishing” they can thank, in large part, the “honest liberals” for it. At any rate, the black race is in no danger of vanishing. On the other hand, our race is in danger of vanishing, families and all.

    • My guess is that few whites really care about blacks regardless of political leanings, to me all that blabbing is like listening to old ladies virtue signaling.
      I wouldn’t mind interrogating Moyers, I mean no doubt he is another moron who claims that race does not exist then goes off on tangents dealing exclusively with race. Thank god he only has conservative “intellectuals” for opposition, otherwise they might actually ask him questions.

      • I’m sure that Moyers lives in an exclusive White enclave with very few niggers in his area. He talks out of the side of his neck. No one wants to actually live around niggers, not even niggers.

    • I disagree.

      Read this American Renaissance classic

      “Don’t Write Off the Liberals”


      Here in Chicago White Liberals have effectively ethnically cleansed the Black Welfare underclass from Downtown and the Lakefront.

      Virtually every single outdoor concrete basketball court has been taken out, replaced by Green eco things like “prairie restoration projects” – that frankly poor or even working class Blacks care absolutely nothing about.

      Black birth rates have stabilized at about replacement rates.

      And who opposes Neo Con Jew wars? White Liberals and just a few principled Paleo Conservatives (hate that term, sounds like a dinosaur that went extinct).

      Please check out, save and pass on this best ever documentary by Bill Moyers about the disappearing Black family. Send it to all your friends and associates – this is the real cause of most all problems in Black inner cities or now Section 8 places like Ferguson. It helps to shame uppity Blacks:

      “Take care of your children. Love and support them. Make sure they go to bed at a decent time and don’t join street gangs or post selfies of them posing with guns and drugs”.

      • One of the black temps was complaining about the University of Illinois cops who try to keep the hood rats from coming down from the ghetto to the basketball courts near the football stadium on the University park grounds. They are intended for tuition paying students, yet hood rats who live 2 or 3 miles away act like they were put there for them. The U of I cops start issuing trespassing citations as soon as the grounds close at 7pm. Maybe they should just tear out the basketball courts and put in more “tennis” facilities, that would keep them away. One of the more streetwise blacks at work avoids the University District because he knows the cops don’t want the ghetto rats hanging out causing trouble there and find all kinds of reasons to issue citations to give them the message they aren’t welcome. The kind of common sense policies that hold off total chaos that the black communist attorney general wants to end.

        • “Maybe they should just tear out the basketball courts and put in more “tennis” facilities,”

          I respond:

          Yep. Do what works.

          Also play music (classical) that hood rats don’t like. Try to be inclusive and offer to sign the hood rats up for free classical music appreciation courses., make the hood rats where suits and ties – that sort of stuff.

        • Blacks are drawn to tennis facilities because whites use them. I would play tennis in my city park and the youths would walk across the courts to disrupt our game simply to annoy and taunt us.

      • Why are you defending liberals? Like they give a rats ass about Diversity chasing down the last White person. When they start ethnically cleansing former White working class areas taken over by negroes and other non Whites, so that working class Whites can return, then they’ll get my attention. Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath waiting for this to happen.

    • “So – Moyers told the truth THIRTY YEARS AGO? What’s he been up to since then?”

      I respond:

      He’s been mostly hanging out at/on PBS – Pure Bull S***

      Even ex Liberal CBS’s Bernie Goldberg “Bias” listed BIll Moyers as one of the people doing the most to mess up the United States.

      My take is to separate the art from the artists, the individual media from the media person.

      No honest race realist on either the Left or Right will last in the Mainstream Media by consistently telling the truth about racial realities.

      Bill Moyer’s “the Vanishing Black Family” CBS documentary is in my opinion THE BEST video presentation of this extremely important subject.

      Just serrate this one best ever news documentary from the individual Bill Moyers – no Bill Moyers is not going to hang out with you/us be one of us. He would rather be caught in sexual bed with an 8 year old boy then be seen, associate with Alt Right, race realists.

      But, the documentary is in my opinion best ever. Show it to naive, nice White Christians who want to help everyone including mass Muslim male migrants.

      Theis video documentary clearly shows the behavior and culture that destroys civilization. It ain’t about Rand Paul, Jack Kemp “enterprise zones”. Unless what is shown on this documentary is stopped, our civilization goes down the same as Haiti/Santo Domingo /Algeria/Rhodesia/Birmingham/Memphis/Camden NJ.

    • Bill Moyers is Southern Scalawag Trash, the lowest of the low like Lincoln and the WALL OF SHAME mentioned above. He believed in FORCED INTEGRATION and all the malarky that the worst Northern leftist did, but let us never forget. The NY Jews and the Northern liberals couldn’t have done sheet to Dixie without their Scalawag fellow travelers. Unfortunately too many Southern Nationalists either downplay or ignore the Scalawag problem but know this. Every Southern school and university, every town council every rotary club and Masonic hall is rife with Scalawags.

      In 1963 George Wallace was heralded as a hero in Alabama and other Deep South states but in the South as a whole especially Texas which was under LBJ Wallace was a peckerwood who needed to be silenced. in 1968 Texas supported Hubert Humphrey a radical antiwhite. By the 1970s outside of Alabama Wallace was persona non grata. When Lester Maddox became governor of Georgia as a result of a technicality, Georgia changed her laws to never allow it to happen again. Again the Scalawags could not accept any Pro-White Populist ever and will do anything including LIE CHEAT and STEAL to prevent them from happening again.

    • Another point to consider is that yes – you are right, Bill Moyers only told the racial truth once in 30 years, but he’s probably due for another.

      Honest liberals do tell the truth once every 30 years, so let’s give these people the benefit of the doubt and not say that they always lie.

  4. Ban white sheets on bed. It might trigger sleeping negroes with dreams of KKK.

    We have to keep in mind that college kids are now treated like kindergarteners.

    Pride is like teeth. You have lose your baby teeth to have a stronger set of adult teeth.

    Similarly, you have to lose your baby pride to gain adult pride.

    To lose baby pride, young people have to swallow their immature pride and learn to take orders and criticism and realize there’s more to truth, humanity, and the world than their childish rants and righteous posturing.

    When kids act lazy and stupid, they must be criticized and made to realize the insipidity of their childish ways. They must let go of baby pride and develop real virtues and abilities that will imbue them with adult responsibilities that will serve as the basis for adult pride.

    But our culture encourages young people to stick with their baby pride. So, we have all this babytalk as political discourse: ‘micro-aggressions’ gaga-goo-goo, ‘triggering’ waaaaaah we cwy, ‘safe spaces’ me and my sandbox goo goo, ‘slut pride’ me dwess and talk anyway I want but want respect goo, bogeyman of ‘KKK’ and ‘white supremacist everywhere mommy mommy there is monster under my bed me cwy goo goo gaga.

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    Real pride is about growing up and growing a new set of teeth. It’ s not about holding onto baby teeth and demanding that food be soft and tender so that baby teeth can chew pablum forever. Goo goo ga.

    • Negroes are by nature childlike and that is why slavery wasn’t the cruel system as it was and is portrayed. Now were their hideous cruel masters who tortured slaves? Yes there were a tiny minority of them just like their are people who torture dogs or beat their children with their fists till their faces look purple. Does that make all dog owners or parents bad? Nope. The logic for outlawing slavery because of the evil behavior of a few makes absolutely no sense when you look at it logically.

  5. He told LBJ’s lies to us about Vietnam for years while thousands of young Americans died. He should serve prison time.

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