Huffington Post: Farewell To A Pro-Slavery, Genocidal Monster

The SJWs were never going to stop with the Confederacy:

“Lew announced last summer that he was considering redesigning the $10 bill to include the portrait of a woman. The decision to make the historic change at the expense of Hamilton drew angry rebukes from fans of the former Treasury Secretary. The pro-Hamilton movement gained steam after the smash success of the hip-hop Broadway musical about his life this year.

Those pressures led Lew to determine that Hamilton should remain on the front of the bill. Instead, a mural-style depiction of the women’s suffrage movement — including images of leaders such as Susan B. Anthony — will be featured on the back of the bill. …”

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  1. I say this is a good thing just another milemarker along the road to disunion and hopefully secession.

  2. Notice that when the Northerner Hamilton is targeted, there’s an outcry against it. Northern Nationalism is a major component of Leftism/radicalism. Northern Nationalism exists, despite all denials to the contrary, and it’s been conflated with American® Nationalism. Somebody else said that when Northerners spoke about Jackson, or even Washington or Jefferson, they were speaking about distant foreigners about whom they knew very little, and what they did know, was superficial and distorted. Things like this ought to make it as plain as day that we’re dealing with two different countries with two distinct origins, histories and cultures. But for the Union® this would be a non issue. Like so many others. If I have offended any if our Northern friends, I apologise. That was not my intent.

    • Personally I think Texas made a horrible mistake in 1861 by joining the Confederacy as a STATE when in fact it was it’s own Republic. As Texas was already recognized by sovereign states, had it maintained the Republic it could have turned around and given the CSA international recognition. When the war ended, the fiction that Texas was a state was compounded of course by the fact its troops fought under the Confederate Flag and it was represented there by a star. Fighting under its own flag in an ironclad alliance would have forced the world to recognize that the war was one of conquest.

      Unfortunately the Pro-Confeds in Texas seemed to miss the point.

      • Coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’ . Texas was, and is, a Southern republic. North Texas was settled by people from Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The same people who settled Missouri. Which accounts for the relationship between Texas and Missouri. My own ancestors came from Rockbridge County, Virginia. I’m from Grayson County, Texas. There’s a Grayson County in Virginia and Kentucky, also. In 1861, 60% of the population of Lamar County, Texas had been born in South Carolina. Lots of counties in Texas were like this. Central and South Texas was a colony of Alabama. East Texas is a whole lot like Mississippi and Alabama, crop wise and culture wise. Hell, we even have piney woods, red dirt and blackland prairie/black belt. Texans saw themselves as being a part of the South, and Texas as an expansion of the South into the West. You can’t ignore family and cultural connections. Texas was going to be Confederate by default. I know people who moved here from Alabama. I didn’t know they weren’t from Texas, until they told me. Blood, soil and culture trumps all. No matter how much we say we’re unique and different, Texans are still Southrons by nature, culture and blood.

        Another thing to remember. In Southern politics, Blood, Soil, family, culture, and above all, tradition, dictates the proceedings. Even if it leads to bad political decisions and wrong policy.

        • Exactly my friend you are 100% correct that blood and honor trumps political necessities. The only sad part about 1861 was it continued the fiction of 1845 that an Independent Nation could be annexed by a foreign nation. Texas only became a part of the federal union in 1845 under an agreement that said federal government would help provide security against the Indians and Mexicans, but otherwise would leave her alone. When she broke that deal, Texas again became an independent Republic.

          There is some debate historically whether Texas was actually a Confederate State or a Republic within the Confederacy. Technically my understanding of the Confederate Constitution meant that in a Confederation every state was in a sense it’s own Republic, but at the same time they were all equal partners. The only sad part was that as Texas under international law was established in the community of nations, it could have recognized the Confederacy which would have forced the entire world to see what the war really was and that was a war of conquest. Under a military alliance Texas would have fought in the war, just under the Lone Star.

          I know there was a heated debate about this in Austin in ’60 and early ’61 about Republic vs Confederacy and the pros and cons of each stance, I’ve only read a bit of that history. I believe the main advantage of being part of the Confederacy was that the money and military support from a larger government was decided that it would help Texas against the Indians and Mexicans just as the Federals had done.

          There is no doubt that Dixie extends from the Chesapeake to the New Mexico State line to the Iowa and Kansas State line, and anyone who denies is a fool and knows absolutely nothing about history.

          • Don’t forget, at the time that Texas joined the Union, the South dominated the Presidency and Captitol Hill. The South was America. Texas didn’t join a Union with Connecticut. It joined with the rest of Dixie. Watch Gone to Texas with Sam Elliott. It shows how Yankees were treated in Washington, when it was still a Southern city, and the Congress and Senate spoke mostly Southron. They were the outsiders and oddballs.

          • 1845 was the last time we had a dominant Southern balance in Washington as every state admitted from ’46-61 was in the North. One could argue of course that West Virginia and Oklahoma are the two new Southern states, but of course then you get into the whole thing of how West Virginia was stolen illegally from Virginia. However Oklahoma is definately part of the modern South as the dominant tribe the Cherokees fought for the CSA and they were the last Confederate Soldiers to leave the field in June, 1865.

          • The South leaving the Union she founded was about like kicking a man out of the house he built and paid for, an insult that is almost second to none. There was debate among the members of the KGC and Fire-Eaters in 1860 about the possibility of a coup d etat to take the government, install a Southern leader and expel the Northeast from the Union.

            The coup plan was supposedly as I have read from some books to have entailed murdering Lincoln and Hamlin and then seizing the Congress. That was according to a supposed KGC expose written in 1861 or so, the validity of which is questionable at best. The benefit would have been keeping the nation, its international recognition and the rest, but the downside was that the Southern military and political leadership was so Conservative, they would have never went along with it.

            Secession was the only way to get all of the opposing sides from the Fire-Eaters to the Moderates to agree on something and as it was legal and bloodless it simply worked better. It was the more difficult way as it was starting from scratch and building a new nation but it was in the end the only workable option.

          • Another interesting point is in the period of Jackson 1830’s the Northwest Territory ie OH IN IL were the only states formed out of that land the northern tier was still frontier. Farmers in Ohio made a lot of money selling grain, hay and hogs down in Cincinnati which were taken down to New Orleans and sold to Southern planters as plantations never had enough grain or hay. Barrels of salted pork from Cincinnati were used as slave food.

            That is why Proctor and Gamble came to be in Cincinnati, was the presence of all the pigs not to mention cattle as well. They used fat to make soaps and candles, P and G Star Candles were very popular in the South as were P and G soaps and other products.

            In 1830-1840 no one in Ohio seemed to have a problem with this trade, in fact farmers seemed to like it as they made a lot of money trading to the South. What happened? I believe it was a combination of public schools and religious groups combined with the media that changed things so fast. New England provided many of the Schoolteachers to the Northwest Territory States and New Englanders established themselves in business politics and controlled newspapers there.

            Same old story isn’t it? Yankee trader moves in, makes a bunch of money then tries to run the town.

        • The cultural purge that happened first in Maryland where the Yankee population exploded because of big business, railroads and Washington DC was the first loss and Missouri was the second.

          All of Missouri once spoke Southron, but today only Southern Missouri does. The Missouri River Valley from STL to KC was largely cotton, hemp and tobacco plantations and the accent was almost identical to Kentucky.

          These areas were depopulated during the war and following the war, so many bankrupt Southrons left Missouri for Texas that their plantations and farms were purchased up by land hungry Union vets and German immigrants, who were joined by the accompanying horde of Yankee schoolteachers. Friend of mine in MO believes he is Midwestern bc thats what Missouri History said. Somewhere between 1865 and 1940 the Southern accent died in the Missouri River Valley.

          Florida has of course been the worst. South Florida itself was originally settled by Yankees after Henry Flagler built his railroad to the Keys. When they arrived only a smattering of Whites and Seminoles lived there. This Northern colony in Miami then became a Jewish city and after WW2 with the invention of air conditioning suddenly Florida which had always been considered a godawful swamp was booming. Today its booming with Latins and West Indian Negroes. North FLA still maintains her culture but who knows for how long.

          Ironically states like Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi Alabama etc with low in migration have actually become more distinct culturally. These trends go both ways.

      • Have you ever seen that Clark Gable movie where a guy shows a map during after dinner cigars and its The United States of Texas?!?…

        • The most interesting thing about Texas is the state was at most 1/8th to 1/4 settled in 1860 James probably knows the exact percentage but I don’t.

          Florida was in the same situation in 1860 it was still basically Pensacola to Jacksonville and Saint Augustine and a bunch of swamps where people raised Hogs and Cracker cattle

          The basic problem the South had was that at 1860 technology, gigantic swaths of land were all but worthless. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s with the invention of heavy equipment to enable building large networks of drainage canals and dry farming techniques were we able to put what was then worthless land into production.

          • Here’s a map of the Texas frontier in 1852. It shows the line of settlement and the location of Comanche, Mescalero Apache and Kiowa territory.

          • I reckon thats about 1/4 if I eyeball it right but even then most of South TX was still barely settled so its hard to say the exact number. Anywhere South of San Antonio was under bandit attacks at that time as well re: Cortina Wars

          • The first Cortina war was in 1859. Second one in 61′. The second one involved Confederate forces. The
            Mexicans were the first foreign enemies to be killed in combat, by Confederate forces, in defense of Dixie. Before that, there was the Republic of The Rio Grande in 1839, which had its Capitol in Laredo and involved Texans on the side of the Mexican secessionists. See map below.

          • That I believe was one of the reasons the Pro-Confederate group eventually won out over the Pro-Republic group in Austin and that was military aid. The Texas Republic struggled for 10 years to maintain her borders and was chronically short of cash, a Confederacy would allow a semi-centralized government to allocate funds and obtain loans from banks and could raise a large number of troops. Both sides had their good points but in the end if you cannot finance the raising of an army nor do you have enough men to adequetly man one, you’re screwed.

            This also accounts for one of the reasons folks along the Texas frontier did not view the Bluecoats as bitterly as the people in the East did. Just as we hate law enforcement when they ticket us or harass us but like them when they arrest some murderer it was the same thing. After 1865, the Federal Army provided security against the Indians and bandits from both Mexico and the Indian Territory in Oklahoma. Youths in Texas actually I believe were the first Southrons to begin joining the Federal Army in any large number after ’65 both to escape poverty and the next generation began seeing them somewhat positively for their war against the Indians. Again not sure on this but I would bet the enrollment of Whites in the rest of the South into the Federal Army remained low until probably the Spanish American War

          • During the war, The Texas Confederate Army took over the frontier forts. Some regiments fought the Comanche more than they did the Yankees. If you can, read Horse Sweat and Powder Smoke: The First Texas Cavalry in The Civil War. They spent the majority of their service out on the line, fighting the Comanche.

          • Found it!! “Lone Star” 1952… Broderick Crawford is the cattle baron who wants to manipulate events so that America becomes part of Texas instead of the other way around…

    • George Washington and Andrew Jackson had more in common with Abraham Lincoln and Northern Nationalists than with Southern Nationalism, in fact they should be considered honorary Yankees. Let us not forget in 1794 Washington marched troops into Western PA and Virginia to enforce the Whiskey Tax. Washington held that the Federal Government in case of insurrection could mobilize the state militias against the people. Jackson felt the same way in 1833 during the Nullification Crisis when the Force Bill he requested gave him authority to call up state militias to invade South Carolina and to set aside a State Government. When Abraham Lincoln came to power in 1861, he merely followed the precendents of Washington and Jackson.

      As for Thomas Jefferson he was Atheistic Antiwhite scum and even John C. Calhoun interrated as much. I can explain more on this later.

      History has shown that John C. Calhoun was RIGHT ALL ALONG.

      • However true that might be, perception is what counts. To most Northerners, they’re distant strangers.. To Northern SJWs, they’re evil Southrons, period. If you’ve seen “American” history books in school, then you know that it’s simply the history of the old Union states, and that America® scarcely exists South of the Ohio river, or west of the Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota line. According to the book, anyway. The South and West are mere footnotes, to the extent that their existence is acknowledged at all.

        • Maybe it’s because I’m 40 I see it different because I remember Washington and Jackson in our history books and they were portrayed positively at that time however since the Scalawags Bill Clinton and Al Gore came to power, all things uniquely Southron became evil. Evidently the books I remember from school weren’t that bad YET but as I said, I’ve only seen a few of the new books. The College History Books were worse than even what you described I could barely read them without wanting to curse a blue streak when I was in College.

          Clinton/Gore along with Scalawags Jimmy Negro Kissing Carter and LBJ did more damage than a trainload of Northern SJW’s because they were the equivlent of the traitors who opens the city gate to the conquerors. The entire Civil Rights Movement would have flopped without white Southrern traitors. This is why I told Hunter he should do a Scalawag Wall of Shame on here. They should be outed. A Southron who turns against Dixie is as bad as a man who spits in his mother’s face.

          The Founding Father’s vision for the so-called Union accidently caused some of this very problem. When our nation was founded, there were only 2 cultural regions, Puritan New England and Dixie. The Middle States including Delaware were a hodgepodge of ethnics I call it the Pennsylvania Model. Thomas Jefferson and the rest when they sat aside the Northwest Ordinance, ironically forcing Virginia to cede her own land, the idea was that the West would belong in kind to all the states and contain all their cultures. What happened was pretty obvious, all of the new States above Ohio and above the Missouri State line west to California had no unifying culture.

        • New England provided a large portion of the Schoolteachers and Business leaders in the New States. Although culturally their influence was minimal as their numbers were smaller, their indoctrination was unchecked. Just like Jews, the Yankees always migrated to cities where they consolidated power, controlled the media, books, schools etc.

          Southern Aristocrats typically educated their daughters in the feminine arts and classics, Yankees educated theirs just like boys. After the Northern conquest, most Southern states had few schools, so Yankee schoolteachers suddenly showed up by the hundred to “teach”, but of course most left following Reconstruction, when it became obvious that their real intention was indoctrination. Problem was they still maintained control of the textbooks. Same —- today

      • Have you not read some of the Jefferson’s thoughts on race contained in his autobiography Notes on the State of Virginia? He predicted continuous “convulsions” if blacks were allowed to remain as part of the body politic.That along with his disdain of banks and moneyed elites almost sound like a modern Alt Right speaker. (And by the way I did a research project on his alleged affair with Sally Hemmings as part of a college project and can discount said event even with all the so called DNA evidence-which I also looked at) On an unrelated note I notice many Southern Nationalists are not aware that Jefferson Davis and Varina adopted a black child and raised it as their own.

        • Well here’s the deal on that Thomas Jefferson said ONE THING and did ANOTHER. He endorsed interracial marriage with Native Americans as the solution to the race problem and although he didn’t support interracial marriage with Negroes, he had no problem supporting the French Revolutionary Government which not only proclaimed full complete racial equality but had Negroes in their government look up Revolutionary Jean-Baptiste Belley who was worshipped by the Revolutionaries as Mars.

          George Washington wisely did not recognize the French Cabal, John Adams only recognized France once Napoleon seized power and the Revolutionaries were either dead or fleeing for their lives.

          Thomas Jefferson also hated Christianity and it was his and Madison’s influence that kept Almighty God and Jesus Christ out of the Federal Constitution of 1787. His ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL was the greatest lie ever spoken in the history of mankind and an affront to the Bible. John C. Calhoun gave a speech on the Oregon Bill stating this. Plus the fact that Jefferson gave us Open Borders in 1801, after repealing the Alien and Sedition Act’s 14 year Immigration Law, makes him one of my most disliked people in our nation’s history. States Rights was both a good and a bad idea as it only works when you have equal partners.

          Jefferson believed that states could choose to outlaw or allow slavery and he did designate the Northwest Territory as FREE, although until 1784 that land was under Virginia Law. Technically under law, a state could no more outlaw slavery than it could outlaw me buying a Chevrolet. Unfortunately Southern leaders cooperated with this idea that states could regulate slavery, which was a matter of personal property until the point the cabal gained control and decided it could deprive a man of property. When Taney made Dred Scott he was Right, but because of States Rights, the Court had no enforcement mechanism to the states.

          • Jefferson was not a good man. He wanted us to side with the godless nun raping, priest killing French and his successor Madison did just that. He may have said a few nice things about Christianity but siding with the godless Atheists of France says otherwise. Wisely George Washington told him no and for this Jefferson’s allies called Washington a British loving traitor.

            I quote Martha Washington who called him one of the most destestable of mankind and who also said his visit at Mount Vernon on his way to Washington City was the second worst day in her entire life, the first being when General Washington died.

          • He had his faults but one thing they always leave out when they talk about his support for Emancipation is that he insisted Expatriation must be part of any Emancipation program. In the Jefferson Memorial we can find his quote”
            “Nothing is less certain in the book of fate that these people (Negroes) will be free!” But that is not where his quote ended, a semicolon was there, not an exclamation point.(and the rest is) Nor is it any less certain that once free they cannot abide in the same government with whites. History, nature, and opinion has drawn indelible lines of differences between the races which I believe will forever prevent them from living in peace with one other.

            Now I am reciting this quote from memory so it is not exact. Now did he screw sally Hemmings like even the excellent John Adams series on the History channel insinuated.
            One again I recommend The Jefferson Lies; Exposing the Myths You’ve always Believed About Thomas Jefferson by David Barton.
            Jefferson also talks about race in many parts of his autobiographical Notes on the State of Virginia

          • Thomas Jefferson while claiming he didn’t stand for Racial Equality did demand Washington recognize the French Revolutionary Convention which had Negroes sitting in the government and murdered hundreds of Priests and Nuns. George Washington rightfully told him NO! and sent John Jay to Britain to negotiate the Jay Treaty. Jefferson also endorsed Interracial Marriage between Whites and Native Americans to stop Indian wars, so did Patrick Henry.

            The Alien and Sedition Acts were also part of America’s first Immigration Restriction, President Adams demanded Immigrants wait 14 years for citizenship and demanded that any immigrant promoting insurrection be kicked out. Jefferson stripped our Immigration laws to the bone and from 1801-1924 it was almost impossible under US Law to rid ourselves of evil immigrants. Thus hordes of Jews swarmed over here in 1848 and after 1881 and we had no laws to stop them. In fact Jefferson thought this was a good idea, Immigrants were good Democrats.

            I stand with John C. Calhoun on Jefferson with the Oregon Bill, no bigger lie was ever penned than All Men Are Created Equal. As Calhoun pointed out only ONE MAN was created, all have since been born and their place in society is defined by their birth and skill.

        • (JOHN C CALHOUN 6-27-1848 Oregon Bill)

          The proposition to which I allude, has become an axiom in the minds of a vast majority on both sides of the Atlantic, and is repeated daily from tongue to tongue, as an established and incontrovertible truth; it is, that “all men are born free and equal.” Taking the proposition literally (it is in that sense it is understood), there is not a word of truth in it. It begins with “all men are born,” which is utterly untrue. Men are not born. Infants are born. They grow to be men. And concludes with asserting that they are born “free and equal,” which is not less false. They are not born free. While infants they are incapable of freedom, being destitute alike of the capacity of thinking and acting, without which there can be no freedom. Besides, they are necessarily born subject to their parents.

          f we trace it back, we shall find the proposition differently expressed in the Declaration of Independence. That asserts that “all men are created equal.” The form of expression, though less dangerous, is not less erroneous. All men are not created. According to the Bible, only two, a man and a woman, ever were, and of these one was pronounced subordinate to the other. All others have come into the world by being born, and in no sense, as I have shown, either free or equal.


    • True the notion that there is only one kind of nationalism, that being American nationalism, that was once threatened by a brief variant form of Southern Nationalism which was defeated, so that the only true and legitimate nationalism could once again rule the roost. In reality there was Southern Nationalism and Northern Nationalism reflected at one time or another in various presidential administrations but once Southern Nationalism was crushed Northern Nationalism became the dominant form of nationalism and then created the fiction that is was ALWAYS the predominate form of nationalism. Read the book North Over South.

  3. I hope that they pick Golda Meir, Emma Lazarus, Ethel Rosenberg, or some other appropriate replacement. Someone in keeping with the state of affairs in the USA today.

    A hip hop musical about Hamilton? What a zoo.

    • CBS morning news is always harping on about that “Hamilton” musical. That awful newsmagazine claiming to be “real news” that is only slightly more news oriented than the other broadcast networks morning shows. With Charlie Rose all henpecked next to that fat negress whose face is dripping with too much eye makeup and that grinning white airhead who tries to look “sexy” in these skirts, yet her legs look like “Big Bird’s” from Sesame Street. The seem to have a segment about this “Hamilton” musical theater show every few weeks, gloating over this queer, ponytailed Puerto Rican who wrote the thing. Seems to be a song and dance number staring queer blacks and hispanics in 200 year old costumes. Broadway’s audience is jews and gays so it’s no wonder this thing is so popular. Stuff like this doesn’t Play in Peoria.

      • Spike Lee seems to have been hanging around in Manhattan too much recently. He loves that “Hamilton” and one of the black guys I work with came in after having watched his controversial “CHIRAQ” movie about gang violence in Chicago. The black guy was super disappointed and said “The movie was a god damn musical! It was so bad I couldn’t watch the thing and turned it off!” It seems everyone had assumed it was going to be anther gangster flick, I too had no idea Spike Lee had jumped the shark and was now making black “Moulin Rouges.”

      • Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs FAMOUS 1943 Cartoon spoofing Snow White written by Bob Clampett. This was pulled from the rotation and placed in the Censored 11 in 1968 by United Artists. Clampett actually wrote it as a salute to Jazz, the guy was a Liberal yet by 1960s the Colored folks saw it differently

      • I was subjected to black “history” once where it was asserted that “president” Hamilton was black, but we’re not told about it because of “racism.” It makes me wonder how a black Hamilton got elected president in the face of all that “racism.” lol

        • Maybe I was just lucky going to a Country School I never heard any of that mess, Black History was never even discussed except for in World History when we had the dumb chapter on Africa. Thing was back then at our school the N word was like hello, it wasn’t considered foul language and thus we could use it and did. Daily

  4. Use the image of Bruce Jenner for the $20. That will cover a lot of bases in this formerly great nation.

  5. A black or a Jew, It is in your face time whitey. You are going to be made to eat shit and you are going to have to smile while you eat it.

    • All part of the Jewish Transhumanist plan to exterminate mankind my friend. White Genocide comes first, then human population reduction and transhumanist hell ie cyborgs androids and a dead earth. Asimov Jew will be vindicated. Ray Kurizwell another Jew believes this is our future, Jett and Jahn had a good article about Jewish transhumanism

  6. If Trump wins, our currency will stay the same. But I bet his advisors are telling him to avoid this one for now because they are trying to patch up his unfavorability with women voters created by the horrid leftist press coverage.

  7. Settle down. According to the US Treasury, the soonest that the new design could even appear wouldn’t be until 2030. It takes that long to produce a design that cannot be counterfeited.

    At the rate this country is going, do any of you mouth-breathers honestly believe there’s even going to be a functioning US Treasury in 2030?

    • Back in Oct. 1982 while in the US Army in a nuclear-missile battallion I went on leave using a Eurail pass for 30 days. I was in Italy and the exchange rate was 1290 lira to a ZOGbuck. The smallest coin was a 10 lira coin made out of aluminum which wasn’t worth even a penny Amurrikwan. I gave a 10-lira coin to an Italian beggar and the drunken begger looked disappointed at the coin.

      Fifteen Greek drachmas or a dime Amurrikwan got me a half-liter of “retzina” or cheap Greek wine flavored in pine casks that tasted like turpentine. I somehow managed to drink all that pine-cone flavored shit. Fifty cents Amurrikwan bought me a liter of cheap Spanish red wine, I forgot how much it was in pesatas. Probably a couple hundred.

      In any case, I ate what the locals ate, which meant a lot of goat and beans in South Mediterranean nations, a lot of pork in Germanic countries, and Serbian carp in Vienna, which was a square of carp with tomato sauce on top. Grandma Serbess should have stuck with biting necks of Rumanians. In Denmark and Sweden I ate a lot of lutefisk, or herring on wheat biscuits, which cost far more than in Spain or Greece. However, i did buy a tube of caviar which cost a quarter in kroner, which was pretty vile and stank of fish. Never finished it, but on the ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki I bought a buffet for three dollars, while the Swedes smoked Marlboros and swilled Johnny Walker Red once the ferry got over three miles out of Stockholm in the Baltic. The food was cheap, but the smokes and whiskey were expensive, yet cheaper duty-free in international waters.

      “Lira” meant the same as what a “pound” meant in England in medieval times, namely a pound of silver bullion. But by 1982 AD ten of them were worth not even a few grams of copper.

      So by 2030 a 20 ZOGbux coin will likely be made of aluminum, have a lesbo or jew or nigger skank on itz face and for “tails” I shudder to think what will be shown and worth twice as much as the 10 ZOGbux coin of the jewboy bastard Hamilton who was the Rothschild agent setting up the First National Bank of ZOG, namely five grams of aluminum or half a beer-can’s bullion. However a copper Aaron Burr will be worth a thousand times as much.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • We must stop the Jew’s Planet Zion master plan, the idea that once they start a worldwide confligraton they will eliminate humanity and replace us with andriods and cyborgs and merge themselves with machines to live for eternity. If you don’t believe me brother look up Ray Kurizwell The Jews believe this

  8. So, Jew Lew wants to take Andrew Jackson off the currency…if you look at practically anyone’s old family portrait from South of the Mason Dixon Line, the family’s progenitor looks suspiciously like Andrew Jackson. I wonder why?

  9. Jews got the money .

    Alt Right may grow in numbers, but it has no organization and no money.

    Also, anyone labeled Alt Right will banned from institutions and industries.

    Alt Right, as White Right, is squeezed between elite power and rising non-white mass power.

    If Alt Right can have elite power, like Jews do, that’s something. But Alt Right is banned from elite power.

    If Alt Right and White Right have the power of numbers, that is something. But with the darkening of the West, white right is losing the numbers game too. Diversity is drowning whites in what were once white nations.

    If you don’t have quality power, settle for quantity power, like Mexican-Americans in California.

    If you don’t have quantity power, settle for quality power, like the Jews in America.

    White Right is squeezed by both rising non-white quantity and by elitist Jewish & Cuck quality.

    White Right has to gain some kind of advantage in one direction or other. It has to break out to gain in either quality power or quantity power.

  10. Didn’t Washington own slaves?

    Didn’t Jefferson own slaves?

    Didn’t Lincoln start a war that killed 650,000 whites?

    And if Andrew Jackson was so bad, why is US supporting Israel founded on massive ethnic cleansing? Surely, what Jews did to Palestinians is as bad as what Jackson did to the Indians.

    • Actually Andrew Jackson CARED for the Indians, he removed them from the South because they were being murdered by night riders and land speculators wanting their land. Jackson believed that by putting the Five Civilized Tribes in the Indian Territory, it would stop the anarchy that was reigning in parts of the Deep South and elsewhere and allow them self-government Jackson was right. The Five Tribes rebuilt their lives and basically governed themselves for another 70 years or so and today Oklahoma has many people of partial Native descent in positions of power and in companies it would be impossible to name them.

      If people were REALLY HONEST You would see that Andrew Jackson was not greedy for the Indians land, he made a harsh decision that in the end saved lives. It wasn’t as if the Indians all were expelled either. Thousands of Indians stayed, you could find Cherokees and Shawnees as far north as Ohio and as far south as Georgia in scattered settlements, usually in marginal land, but many remained most famous being the Remnant Cherokee in NC.

  11. The scurrilous Jew, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and his fictional s.hit piece, The Harbinger, created a bunch of brainwashed white zombies who are maniacally against the Great Leader, Andrew Jackson. Jackson was the greatest and bravest president to date. Probably always will be. Of course, anything good written about him probably got the Jew treatment:

    “Now, a feature of the parasite is his mobility. When the host moves, the parasite follows, catches up with him, and reestablishes his attachment. The American pioneers resented the efforts of the parasites to follow them, and one of the
    longest debates at the Continental Congress concerned a proposal for permanent exclusion of the Jews. It was finally defeated by the curious argument that, as the Jews were not presently a problem, they would be unlikely to become so in the future. This certainly went against the grain of everything that was known about the Jews and their methods.

    The records of these debates have survived only in a few notes taken by some of the delegates. The drafts of the Constitution which contains the proposal for Jewish exclusion have all been destroyed. One of the Jewish vocations is that of
    dealer in old books and rare documents. In these dealings, records containing unfavorable references to the past can be sequestered and destroyed. Other rare documents, which contain no unfavorable references to the Jews, are sold to gentile collectors at huge profits. As usual, the Jew has it both ways, protecting his flanks by destroying all references to his activities, and financing this task with the gentile’s money.” – The Biological Jew by Eustace Mullins, pages 43-44.

  12. If they really want to take a genocidal monster off of our money they would take Lincoln off of the five.

    • Not to mention the Penny, bring back the Indian head. I have one upstairs my mom found when she was 6 digging in the dirt, sadly from a bad year 1865. Can’t have everything perfect. Why stop with Lincoln? Grant has to get off the 50 as well not to mention Commie POS FDR off our dimes,.

  13. Mental secession must always secede political secession. The vision creates the reality. So have you seceded from the system yet? If not, why? If not now then when?

    • I could Hunter if you would like. By the way I wonder whatever happened to Miss Crimson Tide she was a fireball when it came to this stuff.

  14. Hello.

    Look at the GOP and you could swear it is run by a bunch of homosexists.

    Homosexism drives so much of our politics.

    Btw, if Alt Right is made up of skinheads, what should Zionists be called? Clothheads for their yarmulkas?

    Homosexual: a person who is homosexual.

    Homosexist: a person who believes homosexuality should be celebrated and worshiped by society.

  15. Put regional dignitaries on US currency. Have a Southern theme:

    Jefferson Davis on the $1, Robert E Lee on the $5, Stonewall Jackson on the $10, George Wallace on the $20, Jesse Helms on the $50. and to get really politically incorrect, John Wilkes Booth on the $100.

  16. Guess the removal of our Southern Heritage & Culture is just the beginning. Our enemies support the removal of all White Heritage & Culture. The end result? The Genocide of the White Race! NOT ON MY WATCH ! WPWW !

  17. Now, many of the South’s enemies call the South a traitor for seceding from the
    union back in the early 1860’s. However, it was the North who was the traitor. The Constitution did not prohibit secession or slavery. The North betrayed the Constitution and fought an unholy war trying to force the South back into the union and it was Lincoln who was the driving force in this tyranny.

    Plus, the minority of Southerners that owned slaves at that time were not sinning. You will not find any verses in the Bible promoting abolition or condemning slavery. Not one! I have never lost a debate on this point.

    And in fact, there is a scripture in Isaiah that shows that when Christ returns, He will allow regathered Israel to take and possess servants once again (Isaiah 14:1-3, esp. verse 2). What are all of you holier-than-thou liberal abolitionists going to say then, should you still be living? Will you apologize to the white Southern people for all these put downs and stunts like today of putting a black abolitionist on US currency just to rub it in as you have been doing for the last 150 years?

    God and Christ are not abolitionists!

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