Tennessee State Legislators Pull Transgender Bathroom Bill

As we have seen time and again on these issues, the CEOs have spoken and the #TruConservatives have folded on the issue:

“The House sponsor of a bill that would require students in public school grades K-12 and higher education institutions to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth is killing the controversial legislation.

Rep. Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, said Monday she plans on delaying any action on the highly contentious measure in an effort to further study the issue. …

In recent weeks, opposition to the legislation mounted. Last week, executives from 60 businesses, including Cigna, Hilton Hotels, Dow Chemical Co. and Alcoa Inc., signed a letter that was delivered to the Republican leaders of both chambers expressing their concerns about the bill.

In addition to company executives, elected officials, musicians and businesses — including Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, Viacom and Miley Cyrus — have also criticized the measure.”

I’ve never understood what has been called the “Reagan coalition.” It has always struck me as the sucker coalition.

The “social conservatives” supply the votes the Republican Party needs to win elections. Once in power, the Republicans spend all their time pushing through their low-tax/free-market/pro-business economic agenda. Then whenever issues like immigration, gay marriage, or religious liberty come up, Big Business consistently takes the side of the Left and throws all of its economic weight behind the SJW agenda.

It’s not like the #TruConservatives and #TruChristians are a powerless minority in Tennessee. The voters have given them complete control over the state government. Just like in Georgia, they have all the power in the state, but they are incapable of even conserving the privacy of women’s restrooms. They just don’t want to represent the voters who elected them because doing so would anger powerful donors and business interests.

Am I the only one who sees this?

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  1. Why are we surprised? Governor Bill Haslam of the Flying J Haslams, this is Jewish Wall Street putting a gun to the heads of our legislators and of course the lust for money is too strong for these whores aka politicians to resist. Nothing too degrading or disgusting for them. I am waiting for the day the first politician comes out and says pedophilia should be legalized. Oh wait they already did that, it’s called transgendered perverts in your kids school restrooms

  2. Nothing to see here. If it hadn’t sunk in before, the past 6 months or so should have made it abundantly clear that the GOP holds its own voters in extraordinary contempt.

    And didn’t their own “autopsy” of the 2012 loss recommend that they dump the social issues entirely? They were just campaign slogans to get the yahoos to the polls anyway.

    And look at all those “Tea Party” frauds from Rubio to Ernst to Ayotte.

  3. “Am I the only one who sees this?”

    I don’t know whether you’re the only one, but I myself hadn’t seen it until you just now pointed it out. Below, in graphic form, in case you will want to attach it to a tweet or whatever, is your two-paragraph description of the operation of the sucker coalition.

    • Who runs and finances big business? Look no further than the Jews.

      I always muse about the Confederacy’s alternate future. Would the Confederacy had it won saw it’s aristocracy decay like England’s did, as aristocrats tend to become liberal as time goes by? The Aristocratic Bourbons were moderates after 1877 it was the party of the commoners the Populists who defended white interests and were for the most part Conservative. Would the Populists have gained control in a free Confederacy? Would international finance infiltrated her and brought her down? They already had one Jew Judah P Benjamin practically 2 heartbeats from the Presidency. Benjamin managed to have the Jesus Christ loyalty oath defeated, which Stonewall Jackson himself demanded as he said without Christ the Confederacy would be destroyed. Benjamin only allowed the generic God insertion in the Constitution.

      These were the problems facing the Confederacy going forward among many. Dixie’s greatest problem was that all her warnings about the Negroes went unheeded as she had no real voice in media or world affairs. As humans tend to only see problems in the immediate and as Northern whites favored a limited form of Jim Crow at home, it was not until the 1950s that the worst of what the South feared began to manifest. Lincoln and Union supporters were SHORT TERM THINKERS and in the SHORT TERM, yes to some there were some of the Union’s ideas looked to be correct. The Confederates were LONG TERM THINKERS as she could see the eventual fruits of the tiny trees the Republicans planted in 1856. Long term thinkers are never appreciated in their time. John C Calhoun was not completely appreciated until 1860 proved his prophecies correct

      • If the Confederates were “LONG TERM THINKERS”, they wouldn’t have kept nigger slaves in the first place.

        • The Slavery Issue can be approached from different sides. From the extreme Pro-White Side you can say that any contact with nonwhites is evil.

          The Confederacy wasn’t strictly Pro-White it was Pro-Tradition which was slightly different. Mixed race Creoles in New Orleans who looked white were still allowed a modicum of rights and there were Negro slave owners. This was because the ideas of Race did not solidify until the Eugenics movement of the 1870s and 80s. Under most Southern states law a person who was an Octoroon 1/8th Negro was a white person, Most of these laws changed following the Eugenics movement.

          As for slavery itself what other option was there? European whites were as a whole too weak in the heat to be used in plantation agriculture, the Barbados experiment by England proved this. Let’s say we had replaced four million basically Christian Negro slaves with four million Europeans. Well Europeans were all considered equal under US Law and State Law, you would have to pay them. Southern plantations so far from Northern Markets had to factor in shipping costs, which means more money. Factoring all these things in the South would have been in abject poverty. Slavery was necessary in the Cotton States to keep costs low enough to make money,

          Although the Upper and Middle South, Virginia Kentucky Missouri Maryland Tennesee North Carolina could have freed and removed all of their slaves and done well as their agriculture was diversified the Deep South couldn’t as its economy was entirely based on cotton.

          The question is if not Negro slaves then what? Mexicans? Filipinos? Hindus? There was no other good option

          • Yeah “like that”, hayseed. The North invested in manufacturing technology, and built factories which attracted white immigration. The South invested in pigs and cotton and had to import nigger slaves. 150+ years later, and you jackasses still get can’t get a clue why you lost.

          • Your white immigrants that you attracted were treated worse then the Negro slaves in the South! Englishmen, women and children in their own country (England) during the time period were treated much worse than the average nigger slave. How much gall does some pow dunk yellow bellied Yankee require to continue to spout such drivel as you have been so willing to spout? There’s a reason why socialism, communism, and radicalism became so prevalent in the North and elsewhere and that was because whites as a whole were treated like shit for MONEY. You would most likely claim that Negroes ain’t white and that they ain’t our brothers of which I would agree, but then what type of hypocrite are you to defend the system which so viciously attacked your ancestors who were abused everyday by the vulgar “progressive” (((Jewish))) system that employed them, and then claim that it was better for them to be attacked, mutilated, even killed rather than for them to own a foreign people.

            If there is blood on Southern hands it is the blood of animals and savages, but the blood which stains your Yankee hands is your continued attack on your distant kin’s institutions and way of life. Why are you even here 313Chris? Really what does your continued abuse of the comment sections mean, but that you are some low life that will most likely never amount to anything.

          • I’ll sum it all up for you then seeing how you’re illiterate and “sheeit”. You are acting niggardly. You should refrain from acting so and proceed to get a life, it involves you not constantly undermining your fellow whites.

          • Yes but some folks here didn’t get the memo that all of this was IMPOSSIBLE before the petrochemical and engine boom of the 1940s. The different types of cotton also employ different types of harvesting equipment as well. When the first cotton picking machines were rolled out, it would pick only certain types of cotton but not others

            Petrochemical fertilizers eliminated the need for teams of workers to hoe the fields,and later improved harvesters could pick the bolls without damaging them but it took until THE SIXITIES! to completely have machines that could do this well. As late as 1965 as much as a fourth was still hand picked.

            The South had two options, subsistence farm and struggle or use slaves and build a nation. Only one choice was logical. Yes there were drawbacks but there was NO OTHER OPTION. No money=no nothing

          • “No money=no nothing”

            So the South and its South American and Caribbean predecessors brought to an end the evolutionary isolation of the negro for money.

            We know that.

          • “There was no other good option”

            There was the option not to engage in agriculture in those areas–but choosing that option called for long-term thinking.

        • Actually, they shouldn’t have had to defend themselves from attack by people who were supposedly their “fellow countrymen.” It was hard enough having to fight off the British, Spanish, Creeks, Cherokees, Kiowa, Apache’s, Comanche’s and Mexicans, without throwing crazed New Englanders into the mix.

          • Then the South should have thought about that before it’s unprovoked artillery bombardment of Ft. Sumter. Lesson? Don’t throw a punch if you can’t take one, and don’t start a fight if you can’t finish it.

          • Long before Sumter, there was a private, little army known as the New England Immigrant Aid Company. They levelled war against the state of Missouri, overthrew the territorial government of Kanas, committed arson and muder in and around Denton, Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. Then tried to do the same to Virginia, and the Federal Government in Washington, for which John Brown was duly tried, convicted and hanged. Add all the calls by Northern newspapers, and other authorities for the slaves to be turned loose to slaughter the white population, and there’s not much left to think about.

          • Sam Houston was one of the first who told the truth about the Abolitionists. You see history makes it seem as if it was simply New England, well it wasn’t. There was BIG TIME FOREIGN FINANCING going into the Abolitionist movement from the House of Rothschild in London and the other groups. You see with a wealthy South you had DECENTRALIZED WEALTH, as a result of the war you had CENTRALIZED WEALTH. Now which do you think was easier to control?

            Was the Confederacy perfect? No. Did it have a Jew problem? Answer it likely would have as Jews can never be trusted. Was it still a better option in the Long Run? Answer YES!

          • That is ridiculous, you lowlife. None of that was state-sponsored or an official act of war in any way. So fuckin’ typical for you people to resort to lowball tactics.

            Alex Linder was absolutely right about you Southerners — you are of the lowest, sleaziest character, and you simply do not, and will not ever have what it takes to win.

          • Linder is a nutjob. The North has no unifying culture, it is a bunch of white people with nothing in common living together who before the 1950s were busy hating each other for being Catholics Wops or Micks. Now you have to try to get a bunch of feuding people who never liked one another to forge together? Never happen

          • Chris I support any movement to bring this system down. As for Southern nationalism I have a stake in that as most of my family still lives there and that my family has been there since Jamestown. I am first generation here so anything that benefits my family I am in support of. Hunter wisely has stated that if we are different people, then each side should cooperate but also work separetely. Imposing National Socialism in the South would be like putting a dress on a pig, it just won’t work its two different places. However in my opinion Fascism could work in the North for various reason. The reason why the North’s so messed up is Yankees spent 160 years plus fighting over whether Irish and Italian Roman Catholics were human or not, they allowed themselves to be needlessly divided. In the 1960s people still didn’t sell homes in the North to Catholics. Now how are you going to get Pan-White to work with people who hated one another for 160 years?

    • Hunter needs to do a piece about SHORT TERM vs LONG TERM Thinkers. The problems facing the Segregationists like Wallace in 1963 were that problems have a time lag. Thus his warnings about interracial marriage and such in 1963 seemed ridiculous to SHORT TERM THINKERS. Even after it was legalized in 1967 the acceptance was slow.

      I will give you an example. I live in a Northern State, my family moved here for employment in 1967. Interracial marriage was legalized here in 1887 yet as it was so rare, few even realized or thought about it. There were at least six efforts to recriminalize it between 1887 and 1954 and of course the Yankee argument always was, if PARENTS RAISED THEIR CHILDREN RIGHT THEY WOULDN’T ASSOCIATE WITH COLOREDS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Thus the onus was on the parents not on the state.

      Growing up I seldom remember ever seeing an IR Couple in public maybe 2 times and that was because it was a rarity and our county seat was about 20% Negro. When and where that behavior existed, it was in the slums and those freaks only came out after dark, they didnt show themselves in the light of day. If you accused someones sister of being an N Lover, that was an instant fistfight. Only after 1992 and the ascendency of Rap Music did I begin to see it in public. Other more liberal areas of the US saw it quicker but im saying that the affects of our laws and social decisions often have a lag and are not visible at the time

  4. “Then whenever issues like immigration, gay marriage, or religious liberty come up, Big Business consistently takes the side of the Left and throws all of its economic weight behind the SJW agenda.”

    Wisconsin senator Joe McCarthy tried to cleanse the communist infestation that had been growing in America since the turn of the 20th century.
    His failure to do so resulted in America being a fully communist nation with some pseudo capitalist leanings for appearances sake.
    The “right wing” or Republican/Conservative party is nothing but leftists in disguise.
    That’s why they ALWAYS side with the Leftist.
    They aren’t “sellouts” or traitors because they NEVER were on the Right to begin with.
    You just thought they were.

    • McCarthy eventually found out the truth and that was that Communism is merely a tentacle of the hydra that is the Jewish/Satanic Illuminati that has been directing affairs for hundreds possibly thousands of years. Unfortunately he was likely heart attacked by them, his death was suspicious.

  5. The naval blockade was effective a little over 150 years ago during the WBTS. We are in another “undeclared” war.

    After NC moved their legislation through rapidly these people are putting the pressure on early to force their liberal anti-family will on a conservative state. If enough Red states joined NC we could break this economic “blockade”…

    The Red states need to fight back and start passing “sin” taxes to make these big corporations pay through the nose to do business in their states. Turn this economic blackmail around.

    We are still fighting the war…

    • The War never ended but the Southern leadership thought they had won when Reconstruction ended because the South did in a sense WIN Reconstruction. The problem was the win was purely cosmetic as the problems remained. The Radicals were all driven from power in North and South in 1877 but just like 1815 France when the revolutionaries were exiled to England and USA and got into our Colleges, they retreated to the walls of the Ivy League and adopted new causes.

      The Progressive Movement was largely Pro-White but below the surface the Anti-Whites and the Jews continued like mice to eat away slowly and win tiny victories. Thing is alot of tiny victories eventually add up to a big one. Woodrow Wilson was an Anti-White who spoke like a Pro-White. Yes Wilson liked Jim Crow, but he also put a Jew on the USSC and wanted us in the New World Order and open immigration re:more Jews.

      Fraklin D Roosevelt was also an Anti-White who duped most of Dixie because of his Texan Vice President John Nance Garner but behind the scenes he began chipping away at our White government. A good example is FDR’s prosecutions of Ohio and Michigan’s Black Legion, which were KKK Nighthawks who declared war on the United States Government bombed buildings and churches, notedly Catholic Churches. The Black Legion were all tried and convicted by the Feds, they were all considered Nazis although no links existed.

      Bob Chambliss was influenced by the Black Legion as he was in the KKK during the time of their movement. In 1935 the Dixie Klans were still old-fashioned and lived by honor, bombing and war were beyond their scope. Because of the Black Legion you have men like Sam Bowers and Robert Shelton who believed in war, not opposition.

    • Although the KKK proved that the Black Legion was a separate organization made up of disgruntled Klansman who felt the Klan wasn’t radical enough FDR in 1944 had the Klan name and facilities seized by the IRS for back taxes. There has not been a Ku Klux Klan since 1944 there are groups who use names like United Klans or Knights of X Klan but no one National Ku Klux Klan because that copyright to the name is still owned by the IRS.

      After 1945 Harry Truman, another race traitor who unfortunately was an SCV member became President, he moved to have his Justice Department prosecute Klansmen and although unsuccessful his moves integrating the US military prompted Strom Thurmond to oppose him as a Dixiecrat.

      Every single US President since Abraham Lincoln has either been Anti-White or tacitly Pro-White or neutral. Even though one could argue Lincoln didn’t like Negroes or want equality, his war enfranchised them. Even though Woodrow Wilson liked Birth of a Nation and segregated DC, he still got us into WW1 and truckled to the Jews. FDR and Truman, the same thing, THE RESULTS ARE WHAT COUNTS

      • Lincoln was just pure anti-God.

        Suffer me a little to set up exactly what Lincoln and the North did to our country spiritually.

        The Bible allows for slavery. You can read from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find any verses promoting abolition or condemning slavery. Not one! I have never lost an argument on slavery to this day. They start throwing what they think are verses condemning slavery and there are verses so clear to beat back their arguments. It is incredible.

        Now, the Bible is not a book that embraces the ideals of freedom that we seem to be so obsessed over today but rather is a book about service — we are all to become servants of God bought ant paid for.

        God does allow for buying, inheriting and possessing of servants. Even in two of the Ten Commandments which were written on two tables of stone with the very finger of God, He acknowledges that men can possess servants and maidservants. And when ancient Israel was freed from Egyptian bondage God did not have the Israelites force abolition on Egypt but rather God made Israel His servants and He even allowed them to take servants but would not allow them to treat their fellow Israelites as they would bondservants.

        But here is the real eyeopener. If you think taking and possessing servants is gone with the wind then think again. When Jesus Christ returns to this earth, He is going to allow regathered Israel to take and possess servants and maid servants once again. (see Isaiah 14:1-3, esp verse 2) Can you imagine the look on all these modern day liberals when that happens, should they still be alive?

        So, basically Lincoln in the middle of the War, losing badly, played the race/slave card against the South and declared slaves free just in the states that had seceded. People could read the Scriptures and felt that the South was not sinning in owning slaves. God never told King David to free all the slaves during his reign over Israel and King David did have God’s Holy Spirit and God surely would have pointed out to him his “sin” if were truly a sin.

        So, Lincoln basically trumped the Scriptures and set up a false theology based on feel good secular values and our country has been in a spiritual decline ever since.

        Abolition is just PC on steroids and this “moral” clubbing and the sicing of former slaves on conservative whites who get in their way will not end until this nation is destroyed or should we find a way to escape through secession or Christ returns.

        The South was right. The Constitution did nor prohibit slavery or secession. The North was the traitor. They betrayed the Constitution and waged an unholy war against the Southern people who desired to leave in peace. And it is not a sin to possess servants and even Christ Himself will allow regathered Israel in the future to take and possess servants once again.

        Lincoln was a tyrant who died by the sword for lifting up the sword against the Southern people.

        • Ye shall know them by their fruits. As I have said before and say it again we must not judge these people by what THEY SAY but what THEY DO.

          I have seen every school of thought on Lincoln from the Thomas Dixon school to the Thomas DiLorenzo school and have even read some of David Duke’s and Dr William Pierce’s thoughts on that period of time. Then you have the buffoon school who says he was a buffoon used by others and the evil mastermind school of which John Tyler’s grandson belonged.

          Myself I belong to the Lincoln Poor Southern White Trash school of thought. I see the man as a lifelong social climber, attempting to marry into the Aristocracy, eventually spurned by said Aristocracy and wanting revenge. White Trash with money and an Aristocratic wife are still White Trash. Andrew Johnson was this as well, Poor Southern White Trash with an ax to grind. The South had to constantly gain more territory so that this problem of White Trash could be sent onto the frontier, thus by spreading it thin, they didn’t attempt to destroy society, In fact Hinton Helper a North Carolinian in 1857 wrote a scathing book about slavery and tried to incite a white trash uprising luckily as most couldn’t read it went nowhere,

        • In the end it matters not why someone does what they do or their motives only the results matter. If you burned down a million dollar mansion, does it matter that you were merely trying to fix a light socket? Nope you still burnt down the mansion. In life results are all that matter not the reasons how or why they happened. That’s what i interrated above.

          Woodrow Wilson is one I will focus on, as Wilson was involved with Confederate causes and supported old Jim Crow and liked Birth of a Nation. So what? He still lured us into a war of conquest and attempted to enroll us in the New World Order, which his protege FDR accomplished less than 30 yrs later.


        • The Slavery Issue was complicated by the fact that we had two types of Citizenship from 1781 with the Articles of Confederation until the Fourteenth Amendment, these were Federal Citizenship and State Citizenship. State citizenship was supreme and Federal technically existed only in theory.

          Free Negroes were citizens of 10 of the original 13 states, the exceptions being Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia and were allowed to vote. The independent states as 13 independent nations did in theory have the right to do this. The sticky issue came to the frontier. When Virginia ceded all of her western land, Virginia land above the Ohio, what became the Northwest Territory was designated by the Confederation Government at the behest of Thomas Jefferson free. Jefferson also attempted to do this in the Mississippi Territory and Kentucky and Tennessee as well but he failed.

          Thomas Jefferson was 100% wrong in doing this. If slaves were property, he had no business to exclude them from the frontier it would have been as ridiculous as trying to exclude horses or pigs. Unfortunately, all laws passed before the 1787 Constitution were carried over into our laws. The United States Constitution did not outlaw slavery, but neither did it adequetly protect the institution. If all of the US States were in theory part of one nation and if selling slaves was interstate commerce, like selling horses then no state had the right to outlaw it.

          The problem of States Rights again raised it’s head. As the US Constitution could not be enforced to the states and could only regulate the frontier until as such time the areas were organized into states a new state entered with full rights except in one thing. There was a silent agreement that no new states would enter allowing Negro voting or citizenship but this did not affect the 10 states who had been grandfathered in in 1787

        • When Kentucky and Tennessee entered the Union, free Negroes were citizens in both states, Kentucky’s first Constitution simply had ignored the issue and Tennessee allowed it as it was under North Carolina law, which allowed free Negro citizenship. These states quickly corrected this oversight. From 1800 until 1840 this was corrected except in Vermont, which had been grandfathered in in 1791 under its Republic status, Massachusetts, Maine (under Mass law grandfathered in) and New Hampshire. Rhode Island outlawed it then re-legalized Negro citizenship in 1842 and it could do this because as an original state it was covered via grandfather clause. New York considered Negroes citizens who owned property. North Carolina didnt correct the Negro citizenship problem until 1835!!!

          The problem was this. Negroes were considered state citizens in the above states, but were not federal citizens which meant no recognition in Federal Court. Federal law could not regulate state citizenship laws or state voting laws and thus in these original states they were allowed to make Negroes citizens.

          The Dred Scott Decision displayed this problem. Judge Taney was Correct Negroes were not US Citizens and no state had the right to outlaw slavery but pre 14th Amendment States could choose to follow the Courts or not to. Although he technically declared Negro state citizenship void he had no authority to enforce his ruling under States Rights and as there was no Federal army to do so, it was impossible. Thus the opinion was a dead letter

        • This is why I am not a fan of Thomas Jefferson and extreme States Rights as States Rights are only good between equal partners. The Northern States, Jefferson believed would somehow keep the bargain under a gentlemen’s agreement. He was a fool for believing so.

    • This was absolutely 100% correct but we must also remember that in the issue of female suffrage ironically started with SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED TEXAS COWBOYS in Wyoming Territory in 1869 who in a territory with more cows than women, had to entice women to move there and suffrage was how they did it, Of the 1860 original 33 States only California and Oregon Michigan and New York granted full suffrage, the rest were partial or none at all. The rest were all western states

    • The other interesting point was the 15th Amendment granting Negro males voting rights. Kentucky, Tennessee West Virginia and Missouri had a less strict Jim Crow policy in fact Kentucky used what was called the Local Option allowing some areas to fully integrate. My father’s county Bell Co Kentucky was completely racially integrated by 1950 long before Civil Rights. This was done because there wasn’t enough money to provide seperate facilities in the county’s tax coffers for the small Negro population. Other counties around it were fully segregated. Commonwealth Ky Law is very confusing because her laws are based on antiquated Virginia colonial law,.

      • The less strict Jim Crow policy caused another problem and that was Negroes were allowed to vote. As they voted Republican as did much of Appalachia from 1864-1933 it was a nightmare in these states at election time. Female voting was proposed by Southern leaders in these states and elsewhere as a firewall against the Appalachian/Negro votes for the Republicans.

        In 1948 Roy Acuff ran for Tennessee Governor as a Republican and the old Jim Crow Democrats had to pull out the stops to defeat him. Following the end of Tennessee Reconstruction in 1871, from 1871-1965 Appalachia and the Negroes had elected three Republican governors in 1880, 1910 and 1920. Kentucky during the same period elected six Republican governors.because of the same coalition. Missouri elected six because of a coalition of Germans, Yankee migrants Negroes and business. This example did not include W Va Maryland or Oklahoma which are even more complicated. Oklahoma had full female suffrage I believe from 1907

      • Over in Red River County, the courthouse in Clarksville, Texas, still has it’s segregation signs and separate restroom facilities in tact. However, like most rural counties, the blacks are small in number and mostly old folks.

  6. Here we are. The general welfare of women and children is fed to {{{Moloch}}} for the depraved fetishes of {{{politically well-connected))) mutant freaks.

  7. Who would have ever thought girls using the girls room and boys using the boys room was “controversial”? You can always depend on “truconservatives”, aka cuckservatives, to back down whenever they are in danger of disrespecting the Left.

    • As I stated below, the fruits of evil often do not ripen for years. Thus warnings go unheeded for decades and as humans are immediate problem solvers mostly incapable of LONG TERM THOUGHT things are not confronted until they are immediate.

      Homosexual rights began in the 1920s in Greenwich Village and in San Francisco. In Southern WIDE OPEN towns like Baltimore and New Orleans there were already homosexual clubs by the 1950s. At any point during this time this could have been stopped but as it was a nuisance as seen by the old folks and not a threat it wasn’t. Homosexuals are often wealthy and have influence. It wasnt until SOAP in 1977 that we realized there was a problem. Where I live I think I have seen at most two-four gay male couples in my life seen quite a few lesbian couples but only since 1990.

      The Fruits of the evil didnt ripen for decades. Some mans sins find them out immediately others never pay until the afterlife

  8. This has the effect of excluding conservatives from public spaces and turning those spaces into sewers of depravity, ultimately to the conservatives’ benefit.

    It’s like SJWs bragging about working in HR or college admissions, accepting all non-white women and tossing all white male applications in the trash, thereby denying whites the chance of a worthless degree and a lifetime of debt-slavery. Gee, thanks!

  9. The trend is troubling and the cultural rot is advancing at breakneck speed. We are now debating the appropriateness of a bill that would prohibit biological males from using biological females restrooms. And big business is actively lobbying against the law.

  10. Am I the only one who sees this?

    Nope. As part of my red pulling, I began to understand how the political system really works. Social conservatism is used only for signaling. Republican politicians claim to stand for conservative social values while doing absolutely nothing. For example, for over 40 years Republucans signaled their opposition to abortion, promising to overturn Roe v Wade, while actually doing nothing about it. When they had opportunities to change the ideological bent of the SCOTUS to overturn Roe, they did nothing. Reagan but justices Kennedy and Sandra Day O’Connor on the bench. Bush 41′ put Souter on the bench. Bush 43′ tried his hardest to put Harriet Myers on the bench. It was only a revolt within the base of his party that forced him to seat Alito. And Chief Justicd Scalia doesn’t have the backbone to overturn Roe. In any case, there are legislative means that could have removed abortion from the purview of the Federal courts but Republicans have not exercised it. Based on all of this there are two things that I can conclude.

    1. Republican have a quid pro quo agreement with the Democrats to not change the ideological make up of the SCOTUS.
    2. Republican’s agree to conserve all past liberal SCOTUS rulings.
    3. Abortion is a permanent campaign issue but they have no intention on overturning/undoing Roe v Wade.

  11. Is it remotely possible that Big Business/Finance might fear the Left? Maybe their pandering is some kind of ass kissing.

  12. We are living in an Empire of Deception.

    We need the politics of do-ism than say-ism.

    Say-ism masks the doings of lots of Americans.

    It’s like this.

    If someone says “stealing is wrong, and I don’t steal” but steals anyway, he is an anti-theft sayist but a pro-theft do-ist.

    So, is he a thief or not? According to say-ism, he isn’t because he doesn’t ‘believe in stealing’. But according to do-ism, he is a thief because he really did steal. He done it.

    What one does should trump what one says.

    Like the saying goes, ‘action speaks louder than words’. Well, action should speak louder than words, but PC megaphone has turned it around, so we live in a world of ‘words speak louder than action’.

    As long one says the Correct words, one can get away with a lot of do-do.

    Most urban white Liberals are race-ist in terms of what they DO. But because they SAY all the PC tripe, they pass as ‘anti-racist progressives’. Bernie Sanders became a Vermonter in a state full of affluent white people who practice riches but talk fashionable ‘socialism’.

    Stop-and-Frisk in NY was totally race-ist. It was race-conscious in realizing that young black males pose the greatest threat to public peace.

    Clinton’s law-and-order policies stole thunder from the GOP because Liberals had to admit blacks were destroying big cities, the bastion of Democratic power.

    And Ivy Leagues are totally elitist in what they DO. But because they SAY all the egalitarian crap, they can get away with producing the kinds of sharks and operators who take over Wall Street and rule the world — and spread wars all over.

    And US is now imperialist in what it chooses to DO. But because it SAYS stuff about ‘spreading democracy’, it poses as a liberating force.

    And US is now in the game of War FOR Terror, creating conditions in Iraq, Liyba, Syria, and Yemen that has been a great boon to terrorists at war with mostly secular governments that Israel hates. But because US SAYS stuff about ‘war on terror’, never mind what it actually DOES.

    We need Do-ism. Whenever some Lib or Prog bitches or SAYS something about ‘racism’, we need to expose what they really DO in order to live in privilege, safety, and affluence. It seems even bringing in Somali immigrants is paradoxically race-ist in that northern white states would prefer to have African immigrants(with more traditional values) for diversity than American-born blacks in the Soooooouth or cities like Detroit(who run on fumes of anti-family thug culture).

    And despite all the SAYING about US as a democracy, it is a semi-democracy at best, like Iran. Iran has free elections, but the final word is always with the Islamic mullahs.

    In the US, we have free elections, but at the end of the day, all politicians and both parties must follow the agendas of a Certain People and their homo allies. We are electing either a cuckeral or a cuckservative who serves the overlords than the people.

    Look at recent events in North Carolina. Its democratic process of protecting women in restrooms from men-in-dress has been destroyed by the power of the Certain People and their homo allies. Some democracy.

    A semi-democracy at best.

    US also says it has given up on old ‘racist’ ideas and is now into abstract universal principles that favors no race, culture, or people.

    Then, how come all politicians and prominent figures all prostrate themselves before AIPAC and sing hosannas to how Israel must remain a Jewish state and why US must favor Israeli/Zionist interests over all others despite the fact that US is made up of peoples from other parts of the world, some of which have been hurt badly by Israel?

    So, never what America SAYS. Just focus on what it DOES. In the US, universalism is used to deracinate whites so that they will channel their repressed nationalism onto Israel and Zionism. It’s not universalism for universalism’s sake but universalism for Zionist sake.

    It’s like Russian Communist Domination essentially turned into Russian Imperialism pressuring vassal states to serve Russia.

    It’s like Japanese project of Great Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere was really meant to serve Japanese supremacy.

    We need to break out of the shell of Sayism.

    But Sayism gets stronger-and-stronger, especially with the growing power of homos and trannies.

    Homo/tranny agenda favors fantasy over reality.

    If two homo men or homo women SAY they had a child together, we must make believe that they did. Never mind that in what the actually DID, the process involved real sexuality involving female egg and male sperm. If two lesbians wanna pretend that they had the kid together, we must cheer and go along. It’s like Romania under Ceucescu where, if the state said Ceucescu’s wife is a great chemist, everyone had to make believe it’s real.

    In the West, if some guy puts on a dress and wears a wig and SAYS he is a woman, we better believe it. We better use ‘she’ instead of ‘he’. Never mind what he still DOES, like wee-wee through his penis. If he SAYS he’s a woman, we must choose fantasy over reality.

    And if he gets his penis lopped off and gets a fake vagina, we better believe it is a real vagina. Never mind what he DID. If he says his ‘vagina’ is real, we better believe it.

    This is Alice in Wonderland craziness.

    In a way, I’m glad the globo-elites have taken up tranny-ism. I wonder what the world thinks when they learn that local governments and businesses are ruined in the US if they don’t accommodate men in dress who say they are girls.

  13. The GOP is in love with Corporate Money. Not much space for God in God’s Own Party these days! We’ve been warning voters for years. Now it should be obvious the GOP is just as liberal as the Democrats. WPWW !

  14. No you’re not at all the only one who sees this–Big Corporate Liberalism is a very serious problem and “free market” Conservatives are mostly just useful idiots.

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