ESPN Fires Curt Schilling

Defending Women and Children

ESPN fired baseball analyst Curt Schilling for maintaining that males don’t belong in the women’s room and females don’t belong in the men’s room. (link)

“ESPN is an inclusive company,” network spokesman Josh Krulewitz strangely claimed after excluding the former World Series co-MVP. “Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

I respond:

Vladimir Putin effectively put the stops to the LGBT extremist mafia in Russia and Russian sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. While we can’t (yet) do the same, we can express our disproval to ESPN executives and tell them we will be boycotting their station.

I did.

Call 888 549 3776

Be a bit patient you’ll get a live person.

Executives John Skipper – President Patrick Steigman – Editor-in-Chief Christine Driessen – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Edward Ernhardt – Customer Marketing and Sales President Patricia Betron – Senior Vice President Christopher Bush – Senior Vice President Artie Bulgrin – Senior Vice President Tim Bunnell – Senior Vice President Brian Carr – Senior Vice President Paul Cushing – Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Morris Davenport – Senior Vice President Oliver Dizon – Senior Vice President Vince Doria – Senior Vice President Bill Geist – Senior Vice President Matt Genova – Senior Vice President Thomas Hennessy – Senior Vice President Traug Keller – Senior Vice President John Kosner – Executive Vice President Lynne Kraselsky – Senior Vice President Carol Kruse – Senior Vice President Chris Laplaca – Senior Vice President Board of Directors George Ward Bodenheimer Sean Bratches”>(link)


  1. ESPN is the Jew-iest channel on Television. Literally it seems as if everyone working at this channel is a Hebrew or a Negro. 99% of the Original ESPN Sportscasters were Jews. Curt Schilling has been JEWED, SCREWED and TATTOOED

    • ESPN is Kosher has been since DAY 1. Chris Berman, Linda Cohn, Charlie Steiner, Rich Eisen and about every show on that channel has since 1980s been JEWISH. There are no White people working at ESPN I swear only JEWS and their pets.

  2. Fighting the economic war is the key: this is the one-two punch I propose; mass movements punish SJW businesses, while activist shareholders sue the CEOs for a failure of fiduciary responsibility – losing money because of politics.

    Think of it as Chick-Fil-A plus legal penalties.

    Likewise, we need the legislatures of all the states friendly to us to act en masse, and not one by one. What, is PayPal not going to do business with half the country? The CEO would be run out on a rail! These types of peaceful activities can grow and strengthen the infrastructure of Partition, even if not ostensibly “successful”.

    If one cannot refuse to make a cake for a gay marriage, one should not be able to fire people, kick them out of school, or otherwise exclude them from employment for their political beliefs. The Sanhedrin (Supreme Court) doesn’t care about that, but perhaps, Saul Alisnky style, we can turn their rules against them.

    • Think the key is to make things


      Stop fighting Paypal,Coka Cola, ESPN.

      There are individual bad guys that need to be outed doxed.

      The LGBT mafia just targeted Curt Schilling and got him fired from his media job for just saying different sexes should be safe in different bath rooms. Craig James lost his job for something similar.

      Make it personal.

  3. Had a professor today absolutely cackle about how lawyers were able to use Title IX to pressure the TruConservatives in NC to cuck themselves concerning the Toilet Laws, and how she loved ESPN firing Curt.
    At least twice per class in order to show solidarity/submission to our diverse students she claims being out of touch and privileged because she is a “white person”, and then will repeatedly identify as a Jewish Long Islander if she has anything positive to claim about her identity. I am sure this is shocking to readers of OD.

  4. I’m waiting for the day one of these talking heads gets fired for bringing up White Genocide. Far fetched? No more so than transgender bathrooms.

  5. You can’t be famous and have Freedom of Speech in America. That’s especially true for Conservative minded people in entertainment and sports. The Cultural Marxists / Government uses entertainment / sports in promoting a liberal / multicultural view of the World. Anyone with a right wing / nationalist opinion is removed from the TV. That’s called censorship. The only people with Free Speech in these industries are in line with Liberalism. WPWW !

  6. Well, there you have it.

    Put Curt Schilling on the $20 — the only man with enough guts to stand up for real women in this country even though it cost him his job!

  7. I wish I could boycott the station, but I don’t own a TV and have never been a follower of professional sports.

    What’s a barely-plugged-in dissenter to do?

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