Trump Rejects Putting Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill As “Pure Political Correctness”

Trump was asked this morning about the brewing controversy over Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill:

“Republican front-runner Donald Trump opposes the decision to replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with 19th-century abolitionist Harriet Tubman, calling it “pure political correctness.”

Tubman, who helped many slaves escape via the Underground Railroad in the years before the Civil War, is “fantastic,” Trump said on NBC’s Today show, but “I’d love to leave Andrew Jackson” on the $20.

The businessman who has often railed against “political correctness” suggested Tubman could go on a new denomination, “maybe we do the $2 bill or we do another bill” — a suggestion that one of Trump’s supporters, former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, also has made. …”


Leon Wolf of RedState has another article up accusing Trump of “actively courting racists” by opposing Tubmans on the $20:

“However, if you look at what Donald Trump has said today about Tubman on the $20 bill, versus what he said about men being in women’s restrooms, it is evident that he is once again signaling to his white supremacist basis of support. The specific reason that Trump opposes Tubman on the $20 bill is that he says that the whole move smacks of “political correctness.” …”


Jim Geraghty of National Review, a fine specimen of #CuckFace, sums up the #TruConservative position this morning on Harriet Tubman:

“Perhaps some of the voices calling for Tubman on the $20 just wanted any prominent African-American woman to replace one of the white males on our currency. If it was political correctness that drove this decision, who cares? The Obama administration has inadvertently given Tubman fans of all political stripes an opportunity to tell the story of a deeply-religious, gun-toting Republican who fought for freedom in defiance of the laws of a government that refused to recognize her rights.”

Who cares if we remove another Dead White Male from our currency? He is being replaced by a badass, gun-slinging, Christian, black female Republican.


In National Review, which is tripling down this morning on their defense of Tubmans, Eli Lehrer wants to remove Jackson for being an “overheated, pompous populist” and replace him with Harriet Tubman who is imagined as a gun-slinging, freedom-fighting, black female Republican ninja:

“Harriet Tubman is a good choice to replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill. Jackson, the first Democratic president, is exactly the sort of overheated, pompous populist that has tended to screw up the American political system. His demotion to the back of the bill is long overdue. …”

In short, Harriett Tubman was a black, Republican, gun-toting, veterans’ activist, with ninja-like spy skills and strong Christian beliefs. She probably wouldn’t have an ounce of patience for the obtuse posturing of some of the tenured radicals hanging around Ivy League faculty lounges. But does she deserve a place on our money? Hell yeah.” …”

In other words, replacing Jackson on the $20 with Harriet Tubman is all about snubbing all those Jacksonian racists who are supporting Donald Trump, and striking a blow against populist nationalism. It is about a certain type of effeminate, chubby, nerdy White male conservative who is intimidated by Jackson and Trump’s masculinity, and who would rather identify with a gun-slinging, freedom-fighting, black female Republican ninja.

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  1. Listening to these cucks on Tubman, you now know why Michonne is such a popular character on the Walking Dead.

  2. Must we go through hell to get to heaven? Perhaps, like the Russians, we do.

    I’ll offer the following sequence.

    1. Russia
    2. The Russian Empire
    3. Communism
    4. Russia

    Insert any white nation for Russia and you get the same pattern.

  3. Surely you heard of the ‘gay black pastor’ and cake hoax at Whole Foods.

    It seems our schizo culture encourages general hoaxery but punishes specific hoaxery.

    So, the general hoax of “1 out of 4 college women are raped” is pushed by the feminist NOW, Biden, Hillary, Hollywood, Time magazine, and Obama.

    But if a woman made a false claim about rape, she can get in trouble under the law.

    So, the general hoax that KKK is everywhere haunting everything from Oberlin college to Whole Foods is encouraged.

    But if an individual ‘gay pastor’ messes with the pastry, he gets in trouble.

    So, the powers-that-be create a General Climate of Hoaxery and encourages people to see bogeymen everywhere.

    But when some one gets over-zealous and make up stuff or hallucinate stuff, he or she must be prosecuted.

    Sort of reminds me of the Cultural Revolution. Mao created a climate of hysteria and paranoia where China was supposedly infiltrated with capitalist-roaders and American/Soviet/British spies everywhere. So, the Red Guards went nuts and saw ‘reactionaries’ everywhere and even attacked communists.

    When things got too out of hand, certain individuals were prosecuted for ‘going too far’.

    But who created the climate of hysteria in the first place?

    The powers-that-be in the US are no different.

    They encourage people to be like mad dogs. They tell the mad dogs that there is rabbit pestilence and rabbits must be stamped out. So, the mad dogs go crazy and attack everything as ‘rabbits’. But individual dogs are admonished for mistaking non-rabbits for rabbits.

  4. The $20 is only the beginning. The Cultural Marxists have changes planned for the other bills highlighting Feminism and Voting. Also putting MLK on the back of the $5. Wouldn’t that make Karl Marx proud? What A Joke ! WPWW !

    • I realize you’re being facetious. And, just for the record: talk is cheap. Trump as Prez would DO nothing to alter this Tubman thing or any other anti-White abomination. Including the daily legal/illegal insourcing of 7,000 non-Whites

      • Trumpenfaggots are pathetic. Mark my words: Sometime this fall, Trump is going to make some overture to niggers, or reversal on immigration, that is going to absolutely shatter these true believer assclowns on this blog. And they’ll deserve it when it happens, for being so desperate and weak.

        • Bernie got blown away by Shrillary. In his home state. He got kicked out of a commune, years ago, for refusing to do ANY work .

        • ‘Mark my words: Sometime this fall, Trump is going to make some overture to niggers, or reversal on immigration, that is going to absolutely shatter these true believer assclowns on this blog.’

          How do you know what he will do?

          He may pander to the left. That’s how it’s done. I doubt he will go back on his word to build the wall make a reversal on immigration.

          ‘And they’ll deserve it when it happens, for being so desperate and weak.’

          Desperate and weak? WTF?

          You voted for Romney, several times, didn’t you?

          Don’t lecture us on being weak and desperate.

          We are well aware of political realities.

          • Nigger please. All I did was vote for Romney. I never referred to him in jackass terms like “Fürher” or “God Emperor”, like all you fucktards continually do with Trump. How do I know Trump will fuck all you slaves over? Because Bush campaigned as a moderate conservative, and it didn’t him long for that costume to come off. The Tea Party was just neo-cons with Gadsden flags. Romney and Ryan have shown their true colors with their recent behavior. I could go on and on but I’d be stating the patently obvious. You’re a fool if you believe Trump will be any different. You can get as angry at me as you want, but when you’re crying in your drink this September, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

          • I don’t think anybody here calls him “Fürher” or “God Emperor” as Anglin does.

            Actually, I hope Trump will get the ball rolling for us. Not totally believing or trusting … just hoping.

            You can call it grasping at straws, I suppose.

            We’ve been lied to in the past. Nothing new.

            But, he’s already stretched the ‘Overton Window’ far beyond existing limits.

            A this point we don’t exactly have a plethora of choices.

            Oh wait! Bernie be da man.

          • It’s possible that he could go back on his word, but that doesn’t make us assclowns for supporting him. He has at least stood his ground this far on deporting mestizos–that’s a huge improvement over our next best alternative. If he breaks his word, then he has at least moved the O-window. That’s a huge victory already.

  5. Some on the Right say immigrants aren’t good cuz too many are Muslims who are into crime and terrorism.

    Terrorist or non-terrorist, criminal or non-criminal, these aren’t the main issues.

    The only reason should be TOO MANY FOREIGNERS alter the character of the nation.

    Look at Hawaii. It’s no longer Hawaiian cuz too many whites and yellows. Hawaiians can’t be happy about what diversity did to their ancestral homeland. Modern Hawaii is the product of white imperialism and yellow mass immigration.

    Suppose 20 million wonderful nice kindly Hindus move to Hungary. It doesn’t matter how nice and productive they are. Hungary won’t be Hungary anymore.

    So, race, culture, and territory are what it’s about.

    This hype about terrorism and crime won’t work in the long run. After all, even most Arabs are NOT terrorists. And even if many of them have nutty attitudes, the West is filled with nutty ideas too. I mean what do expect of Americans who think 25% of Americans are ‘gay’? And where is sanity among whites who cheer Clinton’s commencement speech that whites will be a minority? I think whites are nuttier than Muslims. Gayria and PC are as nuts as Sharia and Islamia.

    Creating homogeneous communities in foreign territory is imperialism and could even amount to genocide in extreme means. After all, the Creation of Israel entailed massive expulsion of Palestinians, what would count as ‘genocide’ by UN law.

    But ensuring that your homeland belongs to your people is what patriotism, freedom, and liberation are all about.

    The invasion of Europe is globalist-led genocide. It is foreigners invading and messing up European homelands(even nations that never held overseas empires). They must be called ‘invaders’, ‘intruders’, ‘conquerors’, or ‘trespassers’, not ‘migrants’ or ‘refugees’(though US and its allies must take responsibility for messing up Middle East and North Africa).

    20th century liberation movements were about driving out foreign imperialists(Western and Japanese) to secure native-dominant homelands in Africa and Asia and Middle East.

    What is good for non-whites is good for whites ON WHITE LANDS.

    The idea that white people don’t even have the right to keep white countries white is globalist imperialism and amounts to UN definition of ‘genocide’.

    And people who push this nonsense are not national patriotic leaders but traitor collaborators of globalists.

    Miscegenation as the product of imperialism. Latin America became racially mixed cuz of conquest, rape, loss of native identity, and etc.

    Should the natives of Latin America celebrate the fact that they were conquered and raped into this new breed called the ‘mestizo’?

    Should white European males celebrate the fact that all these big muscular black men are coming from Africa to impregnate white wombs infected with jungle fever promoted by Jewish-run media?

    Imperialism and mass-rape of a race is good?

    • ‘Look at Hawaii. It’s no longer Hawaiian cuz too many whites and yellows. Hawaiians can’t be happy about what diversity did to their ancestral homeland. Modern Hawaii is the product of white imperialism and yellow mass immigration.’

      I don’t think the island niggers care too much about the situation. They are fat as hell and get plenty of gov. assistance. That’s the bottom line.

      They also like all the tourists who come to watch them dance, light torches on beaches and sing ‘Tiny Bubbles’ in clubs.

  6. More troubling.

    What should the death of white race via jungle fever — black male conquest of white wombs shut off to white seed — be called?


    A black woman on a 20 is less damaging than black seed in white wombs.

    • The time for talking is OVER, the time for confrontation is here and that is full fledged confrontation at each and every level. Including eventually marching on the government itself.

      • Better count to 10 first. We definitely want to make sure we are good to win this time around. Our primary focus for now should be to cultivate and mature the SN movement so that it grows more and more powerful while the US leaders are busy promoting the first Black lesbian Muslim general.

    • True dat. Once (or before) the US collapses, we can easily make better $20s, but what will we do with all the white women clinging to their mulatto babies?

    • Yeah…

      “To African Americans, Harriet Tubman was our Moses, guiding the enslaved to freedom by faith and the light of the North Star. Why cheapen her by putting her on the face on the 20-dollar bill – the very symbol of the racialized capitalism she was fleeing?”

      …pass the popcorn.

  7. Tubman led about seventy slaves out of the slave holding states. That’s it. Not hundreds. Not thousands. A few score is all it was. A personal accomplishment for her? Sure, no one would argue with that. But it was not a pivotal historical act which was the life’s work of Jackson. Replacing Jackson with Tubman is pure Affirmative Action.

    • The problem is the same as for black history month. There are way too few noteworthy historical black figures to honor. The problem could be solved by honoring fictional black characters created by Hollywood. How about Axel Foley, Mars Blackmon, or the black brain surgeon from House, Eric Foreman?? I personally was hoping Lew would forsaken the blacks and put an ugly Jew woman on the twenty. Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug or even Andrea Dworkin. America needs to be reminded just how ugly the people who wish to manipulate us are.

  8. He is going for the remnant white Republican vote in the North East that lives near vibrancy. Very cynical.

  9. I’m reminded of the theory espoused by, I believe, Pat Buchanan, who believed that many people in the West, when confronted with the obvious decline and takeover of their culture and civilization, by a process of cognitive dissonance, began to actually celebrate and embrace the very movement and ideas that were actively undermining them and leading to the destruction of the West.

  10. I say just rid the One Dollar Bill and the Presidents on the money altogether and just go with artistic pictures or the depiction of Columbia, which was a goddess like figure common in our 1800s paintings and on our money. Return to the Indian Penny, Buffalo Nickel, Liberty Dime, Liberty Quarter, Half Dollar and Dollar. Put artwork and imagery on our new bills. This would say for all time that every single administration that we hear about this debate of putting male/female images on our money that ITS OVER

  11. It’s not political correctness, it’s pandering to Blacks to get them to stop their civilisation ending behaviours. Of course, it will fail, like all the other appeasement schemes.

  12. As I have stated before on another post in 1928 all of the men on our money weren’t just dead men, they were still alive to us. In 1928, George Washington’s Presidency had ended 140 years before, this year the War of Northern Aggression ended 151 years ago. Abe Lincoln had been dead 63 years, Andrew Jackson 83 years, and US Grant 43 years.

    A baby born in 1928 Alabama or Mississippi likely had Uncles and Grandfathers who fought in the War of Northern Aggression. STILL ALIVE. The war was still real. The last Mexican War Vet died in 1929!

    This is the year 2016. WWI ended 98 years ago this November 11th and all of them are dead. WWII ended 71 years ago this September, Korea ended 65 years ago July 27th, and Vietnam ended 41 years ago this year. To all of us on this website, WWII is still remotely real, Korea and Vietnam are real. Everything before that is only real to those who care, students of history and tradition.

    I say scrap the money and go generic. Those men on the bills mean absolutely nothing to the average American Moron in 2016. Most children are so stupid aside from Washington and Lincoln, they can’t identify anyone on the bills

  13. Personally I would rather see Scrooge McDuck on the twenty. However, to cheer you up a bit I offer this video:

    The New Confederacy, which we all want to see, is treated respectfully in it, and Vlad the Impaler makes a brief appearance as well. Can’t beat that.

    • One solution would be to have commemorative banknotes as well as coins. Since it’s paper, they could just charge $30 for the Tubman $20, and SJWs could help refill the Fed’s coffers.

  14. Trump is really foolish to come out against the tranny restroom law. How is this supposed to help him win the nomination? He can’t go one week without giving the cucks more ammunition. For the first time Cruz looks more credibly anti-PC than Trump. He’s not going to get to 1237 now. Unless Montgomery Sibley releases the black book before the Indiana primary Trump will fall short and the cucks will win.

    • The rest room thing is not a big deal. The way this country is today it might get him more votes judging from what I heard on talk radio today in WI. Lots of side issues on that matter.

      What he said about Tubman replacing Jackson was a better gauge for judging politically correctness.

  15. Just more examples of the meaning of “principled conservatism” in case you didn’t know. It won’t be be long before we will hear about how Obama was a real conservative that the racist Democrats tried to appropriate.

  16. Leave Washington on the $1, do away with the $2 and put Jefferson on the $5 replacing Lincoln, put John Adams on the $10 replacing Hamilton, leave Jackson on the $20, put Madison on the $50 replacing Grant and Monroe on the $100 replacing Franklin.

    Make it a law that we can only put presidents who served before the WBTS/ACW on US currency. No more of these cheap anti-South PC games.

    (maybe substitute another president for John Adams, even though he was #2)

    • I say do away with Presidents altogether and use artwork. All of these men have been dead over 160 years, Washington and Franklin well over 200. Images of Buffaloes, Eagles, and such would do away with the debate once and for all. Indian Head Penny, Buffalo Nickel, Mercury Dime, Liberty Quarter, Half Dollar and Dollar Coin. The dollar bill should be done away with altogether.

      Jefferson was one of the worst enemies the South ever had and Madison did it no favors with his Constitution either. A Constitution that omitted God and Jesus Christ and basically said that a man could be any faith whatsoever in the USA. How has that worked out? Not Good. Madison also referred to the Slaves in Section 9 as Persons. This right here was the root of the problem

      • With all due respect, don’t you think European white men, especially the founding fathers of this nation, shouldn’t they keep their place of honor even if it is just to have their faces printed on our currency. I see putting unknown blacks on our currency as a threat to white Europeans.

        (The best solution is to secede and put Confederate statesmen/generals of the 1860’s on the currency of the new CSA.)

        I haven’t read much about Madison on slavery but I do know that he owned slaves and was doing his best to fix the problem of slavery/black citizenship by trying to send the free blacks back to Africa.

        Here is a short section from Wikipedia:

        “Madison was very concerned about the continuing issue of slavery in Virginia and the South. He believed that transportation of free American blacks to Africa offered a solution, as promoted by the American Colonization Society (ACS). He told Lafayette at the time of the convention that colonization would create a “rapid erasure of the blot on our Republican character.” The British sociologist Harriet Martineau visited with Madison during her tour of the United States in 1834. She characterized his faith in colonization as the solution to slavery as “bizarre and incongruous.” Madison may have sold or donated his gristmill in support of the ACS. The historian Drew R. McCoy believes that “The Convention of 1829, we might say, pushed Madison steadily to the brink of self-delusion, if not despair. The dilemma of slavery undid him.” Like most African Americans of the time, Madison’s slaves wanted to remain in the U.S. where they had been born and believed their work earned them citizenship; they resisted “repatriation”.

        • I agree, but we must take away from the Left this currency issue and I think plain artwork, using Columbia and the Eagle as they did Pre 1913 would be one way of doing this. Now do I support it? Nope not really but it beats having this entire issue come up every few years about honoring nonwhites or women. By the way White or Negro, a woman has as much place on my currency as a dead dog does. I don’t care whether its Harriet Tubman or Susan B. Anthony the answer is the same. If we cannot have white men on there, then we take away people from the currency altogether.

          The ideal solution is a NEW CSA on that we agree.

        • The US Constitution is in my mind an evil document as it forsakes God and Jesus Christ . Now understand when our Constitution was written States were completely Sovereign, the Constitution did NOT end this. Excluding VA, SC and GA Free Negroes were citizens with voting rights in all the other states. They were also Citizens in Kentucky until 1799 and Tenn until 1834. All of the new Territories banned nonwhite citizenship, including Miss Terr and Northwest Terr.

          By 1857 at the time of Dred Scott Negroes remained full citizens in ME, MASS, NH, VT, RI and partial citizens in NY as NY based her citizenship law on possessions. Although a Negro was not a Federal Citizen ie he couldn’t sue in Federal Court, he was eligible for State Citizenship and could vote as States were the final arbiters in citizenship.

          James Madison, when writing the Constitution referred to Negroes as PERSONS in Section 9 dealing with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This word PERSONS was used by the Abolitionists as a weapon against the South. By the time Judge Taney got around to Dred Scott, his decision declaring Negroes property was absolutely worthless. The USSC had no authority over State Law Pre 14th amend states could simply ignore it. Federal jurisdiction only extended over the states in regards to treason or interfering with interstate commerce or the US Mail.

          Thomas Jefferson and James Madison hold no respect from me. Jefferson held that the US Government could outlaw slavery in the Territories 1784 and Madison referred to slaves as persons. Now if the Southern theory that they were property, which was enshrined by Judge Taney years later, then Jefferson was wrong as was Madison, which is what I believe.

          I won’t even get into how Jefferson attempted to manuever Washington into accepting the Negro Worshipping Communists in France as her legitimate government or how Madison and Jefferson joined forces to open our borders wide open and allow French Communists to enter our nation and teach in our schools after their Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions called John Adams Alien and Sedition Acts, which prevented Communist Atheistic literature from circulating and required a 14 yr wait to become a citizen unconstitutional. These atheistic French Revolutionaries were part of the roots of Abolitionism. Jefferson also encouraged and wished to fund miscgenation in Virginia between Native Americans and Whites to end the Indian Problem

          Jefferson and Madison in my mind were traitors to the South and the White Race.

          • Thanks, I will study into the information you gave.

            What is your opinion of Jefferson Davis — the statesmen? Seems like most condemn him as a military leader.

          • Jefferson Davis was a brilliant leader, problem was he was too loyal to his fellow West Pointers and the extreme Jeffersonian States Rights crowd in the Confederate Congress had him by the shorthairs.

            Davis didn’t realize what a pickle he was in until he had State governors openly refusing to resupply the Confederate Army and assigning men to State Guard Units so that they couldn’t be used to reinforce the main army. Namely Governor Vance of NC and Governor Brown of GA did this.

            After the war, the Union Army found warehouses around Atlanta and in Wilmington full of new weapons and uniforms, but because of the worn-out railroads and obstructionism by Vance and Brown, they never got to where they needed to be. So many in fact, most were saved and when Birth of a Nation came out in 1915 they used actual Confederate Uniforms that had been seized from these very warehouses in #1 condition.

            The main things I criticize President Davis for was his extreme devotion to Southern Honor and not putting Nathan Bedford Forrest in command of the Western Theater, instead of Bragg who couldn’t win to save his life.

            Stonewall Jackson wanted to do a Sherman-style march from the Shenandoah all the way to Lake Erie but both Davis and General Lee refused, saying that they didn’t want to wage war on civilians. Stonewall understood it was these very civilians who were the strength of the Union Army and that a show of force in the North would bring the Union to it’s knees. The argument that both Lee and Davis gave was that it was DISHONORABLE to make war on civilians.

            Davis did change his tune on the strict honor later, and even sanctioned Partisan Rangers but by then it was too late.

          • I haven’t read enough to make a judgment on Jefferson Davis but from what I have read it seems like everything points to him as the man destined to lead the South in the WBTS — being a war hero of the Mexican War, a US Senator, a Secretary of War under Pierce and being the son-in-law (1st wife who died) of President Zachary Taylor.

          • He was brilliant in every way, unfortunately the States Rights Crowd called him a dictator and obstructed him at every turn. Had he taken Lincoln’s stance and revoked Habeus Corpus on day one, which General Winder gladly would have enforced, Winder hated Yankees, the South would have won the war in short order. Mr. Davis tried to be conciliatory to the States Rights boys until the point that the States Rights bunch had harmed the war effort.

            Davis’s only real failing was his loyalty to West Pointers even when there were men who were not West Point, namely Forrest, who could have defeated the Yankees. Lee after the war said that Forrest was underutilized and that he was his most successful General.

  17. The cucks and their SJW leadership thrive on our “outrage.”
    Learn how to disqualify their authority to set the agenda and they will crumble faster than the Berlin Wall.

  18. Of course it was a dirty Jew secretary of the treasury who also did this..Too bad we stopped Hitler before he could remove this scourge of Western Civilization

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