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  1. Except for Pennsylvania, where he came in second, Cruz is at the bottom of tonight’s primaries.

    • And PA is the state where Kasich was born and raised. “Where they know him best…”. NTM a neighboring state to Ohio….

  2. Simple fact, the system wants Hillary. They have since her husband first set foot in the White House. They called her Mrs. President, back then. That’s why Bernie will never be allowed a chance. Trump is the fly in the ointment. He gets in the way of selecting a clown that can comfortably and credibly loose to Clinton. Think about it. Obama is the first Black President. Hillary would be the first woman. The point they’re trying to make is that the Presidency is no longer the exclusive purview of White men. White, male led America, is being dismantled, even in Washington D.C. After Clinton, in 2024, the next President will be a Mestizo or Mongolian of some kind or other. Assuming there’s no national collapse beforehand.

  3. I’m confused.

    Pennsylvania held an election for 71 delegates. Trump won the election. Trump got 17 delegates. Nobody else got any delegates.

    Does not compute.

    • 17 delegates for winning the statewide vote. The other 54 delegates are directly elected in the congressional districts. We will only get to know how some (probably most) will vote before the convention. A weird system. The ballot did not list the preferences of the delegate candidates. The Democrat side showed which presidential candidate each delegate was pledged to.

        • That’s right. Unbound.

          Each camp tried to find out who-supports-whom and made little voter guides pushing their own preferred delegate candidates. But it is possible– though highly unlikely- that Cruz comes out of PA with more delegates than Trump even though he was clobbered!

    • Although I myself am not clear on the details, I’ll basically restate what Steve has just said:

      The 17 delegates are statewide delegates: they go to the statewide winner, who, tonight, turned out to be Trump. At the Republican convention, they’ll be required–or maybe, basically required–to vote for Trump on the first ballot.

      The remaining 54 delegates are “unbound” delegates. That means, apparently, that they themselves were on the ballot in the state’s congressional districts–three each of them in each of the 18 districts. Being unbound, they will be free to vote for anyone at the convention, even on the first ballot.

      Apparently, that’s part of the campaigning: the task for the Trump campaign, for example, was not only to get voters to vote for Trump but to get voters in each congressional district to vote for unbound delegates who would likely vote for Trump on the first ballot.

      From what I’ve heard on cable TV tonight, Trump’s campaign–probably because of the influence of this new honcho Paul Manafort–did a good job in Pennsylvania. It seems at least 29 of the 54 unbound delegates will go to Trump on the first ballot. Those 29 are delegates who are either Trump-inclined or who had indicated they’d vote for whichever candidate would win the majority vote in their congressional districts. Trump got the majority in every one of the eighteen districts, so any delegate who’s said he’ll cast his first-ballot convention vote for his district’s majority-winner will vote for Trump; plus, there are a few of these unbound delegates who’ve indicated Trump will be their man. Combined, as I say, those are 29 delegates Trump will have, more or less for sure, on the first ballot. Maybe some of the other unbound delegates will go for him on the first ballot, too.

        • Holy cow. That gives him quite a bit of leeway on the 1,237 target for bound delegates. I think I just heard, on CNN, that Trump won every county and every congressional district in every one of the five states tonight.

          • Yes, CNN has state primary maps divided into counties (but towns in CT) Everything is colored Trump in all 5 states, except for a handful of towns in CT for Kasich. Breathtaking victory. Even better than anticipated. All delegates in MD, CT and DE. Proportional in RI. PA as above.

          • Not quite. Kasich won Barrington County in Rhode Island (by 13 votes), and Westport County (by 24 votes) and West Hartford (by 79 votes) in Connecticut. So far; still some results outstanding from PA, CT and MD. But pretty much a clean sweep. Cruz won nothing.

    • It’s retarded. The other delegates are “unbound” free agents. They can vote the way they want. Highly subject to bribery.

  4. Some SWPLs on Twitter are wailing/gnashing that Trump even won Greenwich (48-44 over Kasich). Very white, upper class….

  5. O. T… sort of. But a great article to describe the Rise of Trump:


    Here’s my comment I left over at AmRen:

    This is, by far, one of the most important and necessary articles to have come by my screen in years!

    As a cleric, I (of course) see the intimate connection between theology and the World. Most Americans (hell, most White Westerners, outside of Russia!) prefer to pretend that one’s belief system can be kept in a small black box, trotted out occasionally to show that, ‘Well, yes, I’m a civilized human being- I’m ‘religious’ at times.” But such a (frankly) blasphemous as well as disingenuous statement has been the REASON why we are in the mess we are in, in the first place. As Gary North has said, ‘It’s not religion vs. no religion… in actuality, it’s WHICH religion do you serve?’

    Because the West has listened to the fallacy that ‘all men…. err, hominids’ are ‘created equal,’ instead of what our Augustinian, Anglican, and Calvinist forebears knew-

    “Those of mankind that are predestinated unto life, God, before the foundation of the world was laid, according to His eternal and immutable purpose, and the secret counsel and good pleasure of His will, hath chosen, in Christ, unto everlasting glory, out of His mere free grace and love, without any foresight of faith, or good works, or perseverance in either of them, or any other thing in the creature, as conditions, or causes moving Him thereunto: and all to the praise of His glorious grace.” Westminster Confession of Faith, III, 5.

    It was THIS knowledge (that God had ELECTED the White/European/Christian peoples to our position in the world) that rankled the ‘lesser races’ even among the White Englishmen who possessed so much. The American colonies were, by and large, CALVINIST colonies- fully 90-some % of the Americans were Calvinist at the time of the Revolution: “King George III and other highly placed Britons called the colonists’ rebellion a ‘Presbyterian War.’” — https://allthingsliberty.com/2

    And, if nothing else, Calvinism is NOT a fan of Universalism!!!

    We were great because were ELECTED BY GOD to be great; what we made of it, after the fact, was our own problem. And it was those OUTSIDE OF THE COVENANT (including those not Christian, and historically Christendom’s enemies- i.e., the JEWS) that really found this concept annoying, and it is to their feet that the heresy of Universalism can be laid, along with all the rest of the errors we now find ourselves enmeshed in.

    This is, (of course) why TRUMP is winning. As a WASP (as a self-defined Presbyterian) he wants to MAGA. And the voters are agreeing. Even I, as an Orthodox cleric, would prefer a White Calvinist society to the morass of the Obamanation. THEY ALL HAVE TO GO is the secular equivalent to the overtly Christian, ‘For US and OUR Posterity.’

    This article (like so much of the discourse, post-Trump) is lifting the lid off of Pandora’s Multicultural Box- THANK GOD!

    • Unless my Bible is completely wrong Christ commanded His disciples to go and teach ALL nations. That sounds pretty Universal to me.
      One could argue, and many WN’s do, that Christianity is a large part of the problem along with the Jews.

      • The Bible tells you to go to all Nations, and spread the Word. Not your legs. Race mixing is forbidden, in the OT and the NT.

      • It’s not your Bible, but your TRANSLATIONm that is in error. The wordmyou translate as ‘nations,’ is, in Greek, ‘ethne’ meaning ‘a RACE’ or ‘a TRIBE.’ note- not ALL races, and ALL tribes) Christ therefore told the Disciples to preach to the ETHNICALLY RELATED TRIBES that were of the same ETHNOS as Biblical Israel, i.e., ADAM’s sons. Which is why the ONLY two peoples St. Paul included as part of the “Israel of God,” [Gal. 6:16] were the Hellenes (the Greco-Roman peoples) and the Judeans (residents of Judea, NOT ‘Jew’ as we think of it today). As only White People fit that description (for the Hebrew word, ‘a-dam’ means ‘fair, ruddy, able to ‘visibly’ blush’) it was to Europe, and that continent alone that the Orthodox Christians went. Q.E.D.

        Even the Holy Spirit FORBADE the Apostles from preaching in ASIA, [Acts 16:6] though they COULD preach in Asia MINOR, which was part of the ROMAN Empire (i.e., Modern Turkey/Armenia) SO, you need (as all of the apostate liberal West) to revise your eisogesis of Holy Scripture.

    • There you go. Christianity has no brakes on “race mixing”. As long as you’re “saved” that’s all that matters, blah, blah, blah.

      Save your soul.

      Genocide your race.

  6. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Trump’s full magnificent foreign policy speech here: DONALD J. TRUMP FOREIGN POLICY SPEECH – http://bit.ly/243smNe

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter

    JPOD melting down today.

    John Podhoretz ?@jpodhoretz
    John Podhoretz Retweeted Jonah Goldberg

    I agree with myself, who said, “This speech is terrible.”John Podhoretz added,

    Jonah Goldberg @JonahNRO
    You agree with Ann?

    ?@jpodhoretz John Podhoretz Retweeted Erik Meyer

    Oh, really? Tell Thomas Jefferson, you Nazi motherfuckerJohn Podhoretz added,

    Erik Meyer @ErikScottMeyer

    @jpodhoretz Propositional Nation Universalism was a core value of Jacobinism and Bolshevism, not Western Civilization.

    • It was a good speech. My question is the Ron Paul types. This is something they should be absolutely on board with. They destroyed their “brand” the last 4 years, but the people, the energy, and the ideas of their movement are not without value.

      Failure to endorse and support Trump will be fatal to a dying movement.

  7. Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent

    @jpodhoretz is triggered. Check it out

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent

    Trump basically told the neocons to GIT

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99

    TRUMP TO NEOCONS: “Geeeeeeeeet ’em outta here. OUT! OUT! OUT!”

    Hunter Wallace Retweeted
    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99


  8. In another post, below, I included a link to “Why Today’s Romp by Trump Doesn’t Matter.” That’s at The Resurgent, a website that, according to Wikipedia, Erick Erickson launched this past January.

    What came into my mind today, as I thought about that piece, were its two following statements:

    “[Tuesday’s group of five primaries] is rightfully being dubbed the Acela primary (for those of you that live in real America, Google that one).”

    “61% of Republican voters, and by that I mean actual, registered Republican voters, don’t want Donald Trump as their nominee. The 39% that support Trump [are] the about 15% of Republican voters who rarely vote and the Independents and Democrats who crossed over in open primary states ….”

    Maybe actual, registered Republicans, who live in real America, should quit grousing about Trump and form their own party, the Real American Party; then they can show the rest of us how it’s done–winning a national election, that is.

    Here, again, is the link: http://theresurgent.com/why-todays-romp-by-trump-doesnt-matter/

    • The anti-Trump brigade is grasping at straws.

      The last 6 GOP primaries were closed and Trump blew the socks off of Cruz and Kasich in every category.

      At this point Trump has won 10,121,996 votes. Cruz has 6,919,935. That’s 3 million more votes for Trump over Cruz.

      Sure, it’s possible the Democrats could beat Trump because there are so damn many of them. Because of crossover appeal Trump would make it close, Cruz would get totally obliterated.

      It’s mathematically impossible for Cruz to hit the 1237 mark to win the nomination outright. His only hope is a contested nomination process.

      So yeah, Indiana is in play as a spoiler.

      Trump can still get the required delegates without it.

  9. David Limbaugh ?@DavidLimbaugh

    Has Trump ever — even once — talked about the principles of limited government and liberty?

  10. When Trump wins next Tuesday will they write an article on why Indiana didn’t matter?

    Cruz is, of course, no anti-establishment candidate. He is the neocon establishment on steroids. A fake phony fraud. Belongs on late-night tv begging for money.

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